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EverQuest 2 Factions - All

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NameMobs UpMobs DownQuests UpQuests Down
" + Factionname + "0000
" + Mobname)0000
Arcanists of Tunaria01400
Bathezid's Watch15570
Bazzt Bzzt Bixie Brood1200
Brell Serilis0020
Clan Brokenskull62000
Clan Crushbone06500
Clan Grobb32200
Clan Skleross2000
Clan Smokehorn28700
Clan Ykesha0400
Clann Grobb0000
Dalnir's Wheel Taskmasters0400
Drednever Expedition1110
Exiles Of Droga16000
Fae of Kelethin0010
Frogloks Of Krupp0100
Gazers Of The Overrealm0400
Gloompall Fairies0800
Goblins Of Fire Peak1100
Guktan Guard33300
Hidden Plunderers' Camp0120
House Of Falling Stars1000
Kunzar Jungle Villagers0120
Legion of Danak6300
Lost Children of Marr16010
Maj'Dul Citizens28600
Mithaniel Marr0020
New Tunarian Citizens01500
Order Of Arcane1000
Outer Sebilis Residents0010
Pirates Of Gunthak0400
Protectors Of Growth4200
Rallos Zek0010
Residents of Teren's Grasp0050
Ry'zilk's Renegades7500
Solusek Ro0060
Survival Accord28000
Sylvan Hunters2000
Synod Reet0600
Tabernacle Of Pain0200
Temple of Scale01300
The Academy Of Arcane Science19400
The Alliz Raef Ew6700
The Anaz Mal Gnolls7600
The Aravu Naga28900
The Ashen Disciples0500
The Ashen Order5010
The Asilian Fairies4300
The Awakened0700
The Bellywhumpers5100
The Blackshield Smugglers0300
The Blacktalon02400
The Bloodskull Orcs09000
The Celestial Watch3000
The Char'Gin31100
The City of Freeport00213
The City of Gorowyn5000
The City of Jinisk5720
The City of Kelethin0010
The City of Qeynos00132
The Coalition Of Tradesfolke0001
The Concordium6000
The Court Of The Blades0500
The Court Of The Coin0300
The Court Of The Master Djinn31000
The Court Of Truth0000
The D'Vinnian Court02100
The Deathfist Orcs011000
The Dervish Cutthroats01400
The Dismal Rage1251
The Dreadnaughts0600
The Enchanted Reapers04500
The Evol Ew Lizardmen01100
The Far Seas Trading Company111200
The Forsaken City92100
The Freeport Militia05401
The Fugutr Tribe04000
The Great Herd1162600
The Green Hoods120600
The Guardians Of The Vale852900
The Guardians Of Thyr02200
The Ironforge Exchange0000
The Irontoe Brigade441750
The Kaentrik Bards10000
The Kromise01800
The League of Freethinkers0050
The Lost Children Of Marr47000
The Lucanic Knights0000
The Lyrech73720
The Marked0500
The Minions Of Fear01000
The Myntr Tribe1100
The Mystic Guardians9710
The Nizari0900
The Order Of Rime01000
The Order Of The Blade0500
The Ortallians261600
The Pirates of Gunthak0601
The Qeynos Guard22901
The Ree Orcs01100
The Royal Antonican Guard0000
The Rujarkian Orcs62600
The Runnyeye Goblins03400
The Sabertooth Gnolls269800
The Sandscrawlers362600
The Seafury Buccaneers30351
The Seamist Faeries51500
The Sel'Nok Brigade1600
The Spirits Of Marr01000
The Steppes Settlers261700
The Strifewing02700
The Sullian Fairies3400
The Swiftrider Mercenaries261460
The Tae Ew Lizardmen02100
The Temple Of Scale04600
The Thexians02900
The Tunarian Alliance3101
The Whistling Fists Clan0100
The Windgazer57210
The Windsisters0600
Thulian Knights0300
Thullosian Warlord Clan0800
Wantia Defenders0500
Whistling Fists Clan0740