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EverQuest 2 Appearance Sets

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NameAppearance Sets

These are all the sets I found that are complete or mostly complete appearance wise.
You can paste each link for a set in the game and look at the set's appearance in the dressing room.

<<< Faction Sets >>>

Academy of Logistics Ceremonial Smithing Set (Same appearance as Coalition Ceremonial Forge Set & Dark Bargainers Ceremonial Smithing Set & Ironforge Ceremonial Smithing Set & Tunare's Pages Ceremonial Smithing Set)

\aITEM -432041757 759992831:Academy of Logistics Ceremonial Smithing Pants\/a
\aITEM 470647038 -445871217:Academy of Logistics Ceremonial Smithing Tunic\/a

Arcane Ceremonial Officer Set

\aITEM -977191635 -467959805:arcane ceremonial officer boots\/a
\aITEM -2073610476 1485889638:arcane ceremonial officer gloves\/a
\aITEM -201221397 -1706556961:arcane ceremonial officer robe\/a

Arcane Scientist's Ceremonial Set

\aITEM 1673658144 1750103209:arcane scientist's ceremonial gloves\/a
\aITEM 281083001 -1681034723:arcane scientist's ceremonial robe\/a
\aITEM 1219144632 50201463:arcane scientist's ceremonial shoes\/a

Celestial Ceremonial Officer Set

\aITEM -211523610 891042842:celestial ceremonial officer barbute\/a
\aITEM 717747689 -322982379:celestial ceremonial officer cuirass\/a
\aITEM 160572155 1294123598:celestial ceremonial officer gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1092678672 -2024230932:celestial ceremonial officer greaves\/a
\aITEM 69994407 -1034658725:celestial ceremonial officer gussets\/a
\aITEM 1070250093 -1962443263:celestial ceremonial officer sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1901140380 -1902210669:celestial ceremonial officers spaulders\/a

Celestial Watch Ceremonial Set

\aITEM 1473038606 1827063003:celestial watch ceremonial boots\/a
\aITEM 1925925762 -925085832:celestial watch ceremonial chestguard\/a
\aITEM 413786398 -1564547612:celestial watch ceremonial handguards\/a
\aITEM -1995393610 -851597162:celestial watch ceremonial helm\/a
\aITEM 1723883957 -2087247410:celestial watch ceremonial leggings\/a
\aITEM -1164590259 -1627717076:celestial watch ceremonial shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 39804093 1603096763:celestial watch ceremonial wristguards\/a

Coalition Ceremonial Forge Set (Same appearance as Academy of Logistics Ceremonial Smithing Set & Dark Bargainers Ceremonial Smithing Set & Ironforge Ceremonial Smithing Set & Tunare's Pages Ceremonial Smithing Set)

\aITEM -1067497195 -1566689017:coalition ceremonial forge boots\/a
\aITEM -1402990082 1606132166:coalition ceremonial forge gloves\/a
\aITEM 996315379 1503912161:coalition ceremonial forge pants\/a
\aITEM 1705366414 -841781997:coalition ceremonial forge vest\/a

Coalition Ceremonial Negotiator Set

\aITEM 67446996 -1358807365:coalition ceremonial negotiator boots\/a
\aITEM 1544021829 2058058813:coalition ceremonial negotiator pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 149020872 -1545144665:coalition ceremonial negotiator shirt\/a

Concordium Ceremonial Officer Set

concordium ceremonial officer boots
\aITEM 2110165100 -1420476097:concordium ceremonial officer gloves\/a
\aITEM 995193148 -1766415343:concordium ceremonial officer robe\/a

Concordium Student's Ceremonial Set

\aITEM -111332536 1839061222:concordium student's ceremonial gloves\/a
\aITEM -1233534322 -1214830872:concordium student's ceremonial robe\/a
\aITEM 1809151289 -821731408:concordium student's ceremonial shoes\/a

Dark Bargainers Ceremonial Smithing Set (Same appearance as Academy of Logistics Ceremonial Smithing Set & Coalition Ceremonial Forge Set & Ironforge Ceremonial Smithing Set & Tunare's Pages Ceremonial Smithing Set)

\aITEM 2144456954 2041631190:Dark Bargainers ceremonial smithing pants\/a
\aITEM -1249671952 -1318590106:Dark Bargainers ceremonial smithing vest\/a

Dismal Ceremonial Officer Set

\aITEM -1261954748 -1922064778:dismal ceremonial officer breastplate\/a
\aITEM -921415937 740343961:dismal ceremonial officer gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1234626964 -1003822191:dismal ceremonial officer helm\/a
\aITEM -363733475 258297979:dismal ceremonial officer legplates\/a
\aITEM 568395887 -992639479:dismal ceremonial officer pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 1661999831 1575210908:dismal ceremonial officer tonlets\/a
\aITEM 2065856704 -1642662234:dismal ceremonial officer vambraces\/a

Dismal Rage Ceremonial Set

\aITEM 339270507 -2087523485:dismal rage ceremonial boots\/a
\aITEM -1777301190 2014356532:dismal rage ceremonial bracers\/a
\aITEM 532180612 1733422735:dismal rage ceremonial coat\/a
\aITEM 618173892 1546720719:dismal rage ceremonial coif\/a
\aITEM 453585495 356845653:dismal rage ceremonial gloves\/a
\aITEM -352833813 229508033:dismal rage ceremonial leggings\/a
\aITEM -601067373 -765439343:dismal rage ceremonial mantle\/a

Exquiste Woven Set

\aITEM -732999537 -641177090:exquisite woven boots\/a
\aITEM 796035433 586526744:exquisite woven pants\/a
\aITEM 825678290 -326090862:exquisite woven shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -414018791 -355095960:exquisite woven tunic\/a

Female Tradesman Set

\aITEM 845664216 719051531:female tradesman gloves\/a
\aITEM -1558918126 -1471715131:female tradesman boots\/a
\aITEM 1479087604 1400549667:female tradesman pants\/a
\aITEM -1878454396 -1688556717:female tradesman tunic\/a

Freeport Militia Cenemonial Set

\aITEM -1811967967 1283828222:freeport militia ceremonial boots\/a
\aITEM 249887484 -677080823:freeport militia ceremonial chestguard\/a
\aITEM 1686524000 -1111082091:freeport militia ceremonial handguards\/a
\aITEM -620551601 -1042989341:freeport militia ceremonial helm\/a
\aITEM -2122782809 -1174830867:freeport militia ceremonial leggings\/a
\aITEM -1292557109 -1968369205:freeport militia ceremonial shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -1247924425 2022730191:freeport militia ceremonial wristguards\/a

Ironforge Ceremonial Bargainer Set

\aITEM 51139435 -1653869730:ironforge ceremonial bargainer boots\/a
\aITEM 842986069 -1261525353:ironforge ceremonial bargainer pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 266902391 -1852884158:ironforge ceremonial bargainer shirt\/a

Ironforge Ceremonial Smithing Set (Same appearance as Academy of Logistics Ceremonial Smithing Set & Coalition Ceremonial Forge Set & Dark Bargainers Ceremonial Smithing Set & Tunare's Pages Ceremonial Smithing Set)

\aITEM -231788719 1608147197:ironforge ceremonial smithing boots\/a
\aITEM -572267503 36634269:ironforge ceremonial smithing gloves\/a
\aITEM 152237751 -1528317669:ironforge ceremonial smithing pants\/a
\aITEM 148744739 -344724215:ironforge ceremonial smithing vest\/a

Luminous Vanguard Set

\aITEM -1095599574 -792742669:luminous vanguard barbute\/a
\aITEM 1729226789 152839932:luminous vanguard cuirass\/a
\aITEM 232496054 570254426:luminous vanguard gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 217508316 1660626693:luminous vanguard greaves\/a
\aITEM 1241127531 670553266:luminous vanguard gussets\/a
\aITEM -1386880789 1379174229:luminous vanguard sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1964548305 1497259837:luminous vanguard spaulders\/a

Male Tradesman Set

\aITEM -2040351818 -779008480:male tradesman boots\/a
\aITEM -470163882 -87942190:male tradesman gloves\/a
\aITEM 2103405136 715956166:male tradesman pants\/a
\aITEM -1249939424 -494107210:male tradesman tunic\/a

Militia Ceremonial Officer Set

\aITEM 1785955284 878917519:militia ceremonial officer barbute\/a
\aITEM -1278209573 -306141824:militia ceremonial officer cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1132841468 -691641114:militia ceremonial officer gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -667480030 -2044222343:militia ceremonial officer greaves\/a
\aITEM -1657019499 -1020569650:militia ceremonial officer gussets\/a
\aITEM -142279159 191063745:militia ceremonial officer sabatons\/a
\aITEM 994505371 1443389167:militia ceremonial officers spaulders\/a

Obulent Female Gold Set (Same appearance as Opulent Male Gold Set)

\aITEM -956040118 -225743816:opulent female gold blouse\/a
\aITEM -1045756093 -57438357:opulent female gold skirt\/a

Opulent Male Gold Set (Same appearance as Obulent Female Gold Set)

\aITEM -1133082270 -20492933:opulent male gold pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1448713428 -363282999:opulent male gold shirt\/a

Polished Parade Set

\aITEM -1601399029 -510789895:polished parade barbute\/a
\aITEM 2033124612 942564598:polished parade cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1610550958 1136696670:polished parade gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1472526154 382047928:polished parade gussets\/a
\aITEM 315098365 1405707535:polished parade greaves\/a
\aITEM -517812648 -1294967799:polished parade sabatons\/a
\aITEM 658257353 990094905:polished parade spaulders\/a

Qeynos Ceremonial Knight Set

\aITEM 339197719 1435480240:qeynos ceremonial knight breastplate\/a
\aITEM -2097415768 -1849735143:qeynos ceremonial knight gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1154294383 -707978679:qeynos ceremonial knight helm\/a
\aITEM -1581356726 -1292183301:qeynos ceremonial knight legplates\/a
\aITEM 1779351352 2034896521:qeynos ceremonial knight pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 238419986 627672618:qeynos ceremonial knight tonlets\/a
\aITEM 818794391 596213286:qeynos ceremonial knight vambraces\/a

Qeynos Guard Ceremonial Set

\aITEM 518749500 -404230347:qeynos guard ceremonial breastplate\/a
\aITEM 955955334 -1521281733:qeynos guard ceremonial gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 429362693 1914203484:qeynos guard ceremonial helm\/a
\aITEM 465512548 -2045344295:qeynos guard ceremonial legplates\/a
\aITEM -804258282 1302746027:qeynos guard ceremonial pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -1032190538 -1455214980:qeynos guard ceremonial tonlets\/a
\aITEM -1966305607 392504068:qeynos guard ceremonial vambraces\/a

Seafury Ceremonial Leather Set

\aITEM -589431059 1236618607:seafury ceremonial leather pants\/a
\aITEM 676738529 -1374244814:seafury ceremonial leather shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -1374597463 -1071540797:seafury ceremonial leather skullcap\/a
\aITEM 352183453 -2120919265:seafury ceremonial leather tunic\/a
\aITEM 2070137958 2050403974:seafury ceremonial leather wristguards\/a

Seafury Ceremonial Officer Set

\aITEM -1802889165 31632305:seafury ceremonial officer boots\/a
\aITEM 2117681490 2098908141:seafury ceremonial officer gloves\/a
\aITEM 1874313685 -86019497:seafury ceremonial officer pants\/a
\aITEM -42358733 1567760169:seafury ceremonial officer shoulderpads\/a
\aITEM 1909479496 534807330:seafury ceremonial officer skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1483220059 855599143:seafury ceremonial officer tunic\/a
\aITEM -519112733 1275547518:seafury ceremonial officer wristpads\/a

Striking Woven Set

\aITEM -1231762791 -432671319:striking woven tunic\/a
\aITEM 377678782 1555372006:striking woven shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 2125779177 773189593:striking woven pants\/a
\aITEM -2054616817 -718784961:striking woven boots\/a

Tunare's Pages Ceremonial Smithing Set (Same appearance as Academy of Logistics Ceremonial Smithing Set & Coalition Ceremonial Forge Set & Dark Bargainers Ceremonial Smithing Set & Ironforge Ceremonial Smithing Set)

\aITEM -1653623081 -510181568:Tunare's Pages ceremonial smithing pants\/a
\aITEM 521097909 1151976228:Tunare's Pages ceremonial smithing vest\/a

Tunarian Ceremonial Set

\aITEM -951420699 -2001219708:tunarian ceremonial cap\/a
\aITEM 1215342023 -1501938096:tunarian ceremonial leggings\/a
\aITEM -238155715 -181095617:tunarian ceremonial sandals\/a
\aITEM 1503783648 1883429332:tunarian ceremonial shawl\/a
\aITEM 1251427115 1315829801:tunarian ceremonial sleeves\/a
\aITEM -869485288 -153740959:tunarian ceremonial vest\/a
\aITEM 1372348649 2016367581:tunarian ceremonial wraps\/a

Tunarian Ceremonial Officer Set

\aITEM -778536570 -1441502444:tunarian ceremonial officer boots\/a
\aITEM -982051792 -619877814:tunarian ceremonial officer gloves\/a
\aITEM -1407615241 -1860156867:tunarian ceremonial officer robe\/a

<< Class Sets >>

< Level 20 > (Armor Quest Sets)

Deceitful Phantasma Set (Treasured) (Assassin)

\aITEM 635079881 -816607952:Deceitful Boots of Phantasma\/a
\aITEM -1779162012 -1121134101:Deceitful Bracers of Phantasma\/a
\aITEM 349656342 -803991486:Deceitful Coat of Phantasma\/a
\aITEM -916246503 -1952209679:Deceitful Gloves of Phantasma\/a
\aITEM 179985882 -237089593:Deceitful Leggings of Phantasma\/a
\aITEM -1344706029 -317063429:Deceitful Mantle of Phantasma\/a

Feral Strength Set (Treasured) (Berserker)

\aITEM 2117927059 1848984067:Bracers of Feral Strength\/a
\aITEM -658226245 1629569218:Breastplate of Feral Strength\/a
\aITEM -629010461 1628013297:Gauntlets of Feral Strength\/a
\aITEM -802984160 796355932:Greaves of Feral Strength\/a
\aITEM -1697997406 557912240:Pauldrons of Feral Strength\/a
\aITEM -1846121723 1888046699:Sabatons of Feral Strength\/a

Novice Shadowbinder Set (Treasured) (Brigand)

\aITEM 67910080 478858550:Novice Shadowbinder's Boots\/a
\aITEM -1779990664 1842419648:Novice Shadowbinder's Bracers\/a
\aITEM -249520354 -1064100151:Novice Shadowbinder's Coat\/a
\aITEM 1511875797 249279752:Novice Shadowbinder's Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1915353505 -1217661833:Novice Shadowbinder's Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1657258479 -906039348:Novice Shadowbinder's Mantle\/a

Dreadnaught Set (Treasured) (Bruiser)

\aITEM -471927787 -1811860459:Armwraps of the Dreadnaught\/a
\aITEM -1684510655 -1540740192:Gi of the Dreadnaught\/a
\aITEM -1603599791 -1906504722:Handwraps of the Dreadnaught\/a
\aITEM 380750001 1634601137:Leggings of the Dreadnaught\/a
\aITEM 122389346 -619213600:Mantle of the Dreadnaught\/a
\aITEM -1007091099 -288200167:Sandals of the Dreadnaught\/a

Allurement Set (Treasured) (Coercer)

\aITEM -1796019301 1116731807:Gloves of Allurement\/a
\aITEM 1912535411 717527807:Pantaloons of Allurement\/a
\aITEM 1718587268 410035242:Robe of Allurement\/a
\aITEM -1077058140 -1841832363:Shawl of Allurement\/a
\aITEM 1095162046 -1663648077:Slippers of Allurement\/a
\aITEM 322941217 1208341165:Wristwraps of Allurement\/a

Ensorcelled Adept Set (Treasured) (Conjuror)

\aITEM -1636999472 -371145042:Ensorcelled Gloves of the Adept\/a
\aITEM -1558629591 -1581756864:Ensorcelled Pantaloons of the Adept\/a
\aITEM 2000176446 -23625686:Ensorcelled Robes of the Adept\/a
\aITEM 1307745570 -1000515530:Ensorcelled Shawl of the Adept\/a
\aITEM -1595225049 -264851964:Ensorcelled Slippers of the Adept\/a
\aITEM -1085489547 -1108491492:Ensorcelled Wristwraps of the Adept\/a

Runic Ceremonial Set (Treasured) (Defiler)

\aITEM 568888908 -323461924:Runic Ceremonial Boots\/a
\aITEM 1473555444 1313365830:Runic Ceremonial Bracers\/a
\aITEM 2051388332 -40783783:Runic Ceremonial Coat\/a
\aITEM -1103736983 1324649727:Runic Ceremonial Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1763375746 -1282192598:Runic Ceremonial Leggings\/a
\aITEM 2031293869 -1982736837:Runic Ceremonial Mantle\/a

Mournful Cantor Set (Treasured) (Dirge)

\aITEM -1902177053 -1269977720:Boots of Mournful Cantor\/a
\aITEM 94444581 1837203041:Bracers of Mournful Cantor\/a
\aITEM -1138314200 -1085757407:Coat of Mournful Cantor\/a
\aITEM 1563230891 -998635759:Gloves of Mournful Cantor\/a
\aITEM -1585798120 -1817285088:Leggings of Mournful Cantor\/a
\aITEM -1333727285 702016113:Mantle of Mournful Cantor\/a

Nature's Fatebinder Set (Treasured) (Fury)

\aITEM -245743820 -1980892603:Boots of Nature's Fatebinder\/a
\aITEM 1841316590 890604972:Bracers of Nature's Fatebinder\/a
\aITEM -1239120664 1565023701:Gloves of Nature's Fatebinder\/a
\aITEM 2087590757 1115879154:Leggings of Nature's Fatebinder\/a
\aITEM 1531358498 209309390:Shoulderpads of Nature's Fatebinder\/a
\aITEM 419060404 1690097920:Tunic of Nature's Fatebinder\/a

Befuddler Set (Treasured) (Illusionist)

\aITEM -963146976 -1592571589:Gloves of the Befuddler\/a
\aITEM 270808613 1176117775:Pantaloons of the Befuddler\/a
\aITEM 1589784261 1083291918:Robe of the Befuddler\/a
\aITEM -87641762 575984550:Shawl of the Befuddler\/a
\aITEM -1066001061 1036764915:Slippers of the Befuddler\/a
\aITEM -1411384398 -35524712:Wristwraps of the Befuddler\/a

Dark Arbitration Set (Treasured) (Inquisitor)

\aITEM 1683083299 -729509448:Boots of Dark Arbitration\/a
\aITEM 383617454 227215287:Bracers of Dark Arbitration\/a
\aITEM -1537895977 828673920:Breastplate of Dark Arbitration\/a
\aITEM -1453504138 -1335539452:Gauntlets of Dark Arbitration\/a
\aITEM -2144357330 -1686554057:Greaves of Dark Arbitration\/a
\aITEM 1581155602 1191609696:Pauldrons of Dark Arbitration\/a

Sturdy Warplate Set (Treasured) (Guardian)

\aITEM -681507262 610229889:Sturdy Warplate Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1902843878 1367471611:Sturdy Warplate Chestguard\/a
\aITEM -885892481 1314255882:Sturdy Warplate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -2076234330 839747282:Sturdy Warplate Greaves\/a
\aITEM 600251631 -1499417958:Sturdy Warplate Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 1213045713 1255356035:Sturdy Warplate Sabatons\/a

Armor of the Silent Fist Initiate (Treasured) (Monk)

\aITEM -67000475 350391443:Armwraps of the Silent Fist Initiate\/a
\aITEM 1799018830 2051686413:Gi of the Silent Fist Initiate\/a
\aITEM -1107627930 445919803:Handwraps of the Silent Fist Initiate\/a
\aITEM -1349876207 1198108135:Leggings of the Silent Fist Initiate\/a
\aITEM -25980417 932238873:Mantle of the Silent Fist Initiate\/a
\aITEM 940604249 -2098681588:Sandals of the Silent Fist Initiate\/a

Spiritweaver Set (Treasured) (Mystic)

\aITEM 174628237 -126532496:Boots of the Spiritweaver\/a
\aITEM 2028258304 561697407:Bracers of the Spiritweaver\/a
\aITEM 116145941 1467243065:Coat of the Spiritweaver\/a
\aITEM 1924982329 1909872698:Gloves of the Spiritweaver\/a
\aITEM 539513769 543132777:Leggings of the Spiritweaver\/a
\aITEM 1071852172 1015649423:Mantle of the Spiritweaver\/a

Shadeweave Set (Treasured) (Necromancer)

\aITEM -2079263979 805089515:Shadeweave Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1959206047 -747796462:Shadeweave Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 925895914 -1862077297:Shadeweave Robe\/a
\aITEM -555103846 -476614987:Shadeweave Shawl\/a
\aITEM 427862867 2087378086:Shadeweave Slippers\/a
\aITEM -189536535 1394176612:Shadeweave Wristwraps\/a

Supernal Armor of the Squire (Treasured) (Paladin)

\aITEM -1406501510 1643601715:Supernal Boots of the Squire\/a
\aITEM 800115432 228762927:Supernal Bracers of the Squire\/a
\aITEM -568090933 1481604568:Supernal Breastplate of the Squire\/a
\aITEM 1895189052 -7781668:Supernal Gauntlets of the Squire\/a
\aITEM 289025982 858275961:Supernal Greaves of the Squire\/a
\aITEM -913896414 1190659266:Supernal Pauldrons of the Squire\/a

Highland Stalker's Set (Treasured) (Ranger)

\aITEM 331794882 1576557284:Highland Stalker's Boots\/a
\aITEM 443349036 -1330317368:Highland Stalker's Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1938891136 -1233212318:Highland Stalker's Coat\/a
\aITEM -1274753271 1715958887:Highland Stalker's Gloves\/a
\aITEM 513861579 -1184032347:Highland Stalker's Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1931580877 -1587401053:Highland Stalker's Mantle\/a

Infernal Armor of the Squire (Treasured) (Shadowknight)

\aITEM -1944792402 -1375290007:Infernal Bracers of the Squire\/a
\aITEM -136454051 1907426126:Infernal Breastplate of the Squire\/a
\aITEM -977692339 1254527405:Infernal Gauntlets of the Squire\/a
\aITEM -88605921 -1869850561:Infernal Greaves of the Squire\/a
\aITEM 2093539155 -206055501:Infernal Pauldrons of the Squire\/a
\aITEM -662358359 -1345467725:Infernal Sabatons of the Squire\/a

Merciful Armor of Shadows (Treasured) (Swashbuckler)

\aITEM -1426643657 -1372929422:Merciful Boots of Shadows\/a
\aITEM -689485075 -1431868615:Merciful Bracers of Shadows\/a
\aITEM -1094623694 1977182656:Merciful Coat of Shadows\/a
\aITEM -1752119802 -964181316:Merciful Gloves of Shadows\/a
\aITEM -1929806853 1520320853:Merciful Leggings of Shadows\/a
\aITEM -1865218377 -1044119027:Merciful Mantle of Shadows\/a

Armor of the Righteous (Treasured) (Templar)

\aITEM 1241714063 -1835962505:Boots of the Righteous\/a
\aITEM -1622631398 -1049560221:Bracers of the Righteous\/a
\aITEM -631450689 -712307158:Breastplate of the Righteous\/a
\aITEM -243039876 -45531862:Gauntlets of the Righteous\/a
\aITEM -652368975 -2027567928:Greaves of the Righteous\/a
\aITEM 1713022614 1792023232:Pauldrons of the Righteous\/a

Concordance Set (Treasured) (Troubador)

\aITEM -1184130889 1945936006:Boots of Concordance\/a
\aITEM -582998003 473588789:Bracers of Concordance\/a
\aITEM -1337172275 -2124624119:Coat of Concordance\/a
\aITEM -490503803 -445106034:Gloves of Concordance\/a
\aITEM 1903124411 251900768:Leggings of Concordance\/a
\aITEM -1819101345 -1809248684:Mantle of Concordance\/a

Blessed Ivy Engraved Set (Treasure) (Warden)

\aITEM -2110109973 510060070:Blessed Ivy Engraved Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1415464433 -1323849892:Blessed Ivy Engraved Bracers\/a
\aITEM 772136296 2074327468:Blessed Ivy Engraved Boots\/a
\aITEM -427001057 1309601192:Blessed Ivy Engraved Leggings\/a
\aITEM -587787324 1953788086:Blessed Ivy Engraved Shoulderpads\/a
\aITEM 488120062 1220442682:Blessed Ivy Engraved Tunic\/a

Defiled Sanguine Set (Treasured) (Warlock)

\aITEM -1879239373 -1212006718:Defiled Sanguine Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1825086249 841774420:Defiled Sanguine Slippers\/a
\aITEM -1601704400 -627465135:Defiled Sanguine Wristwraps\/a
\aITEM 552801350 1525505575:Defiled Sanguine Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 226309440 1550159950:Defiled Sanguine Robe\/a
\aITEM -388968875 255458295:Defiled Sanguine Shawl\/a

Spellbound Cerise Set (Treasured) (Wizard)

\aITEM 276237602 1900229598:Spellbound Cerise Gloves\/a
\aITEM 2076125280 409332700:Spellbound Cerise Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1147242856 -2134483119:Spellbound Cerise Robe\/a
\aITEM -584287725 -2098375219:Spellbound Cerise Shawl\/a
\aITEM -746438629 -1427467723:Spellbound Cerise Slippers\/a
\aITEM -70528490 -1743711830:Spellbound Cerise Wristwraps\/a

< Level 37 > (DFC Blood Iron Ore Sets)

Nightbane Blood Mail (Mastercrafted) (Assassin & Rouge)

\aITEM 961023522 -291236165:Nightbane Blood Mail Boots\/a
\aITEM 1457672507 -1222105382:Nightbane Blood Mail Coif\/a
\aITEM 337945526 -1658821554:Nightbane Blood Mail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1586534231 -310384194:Nightbane Blood Mail Hauberk\/a
\aITEM 972675311 -526619315:Nightbane Blood Mail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -754845326 1510293130:Nightbane Blood Mail Mantle\/a

Harmonious Blood Mail (Mastercrafted) (Bard)

\aITEM 479030329 -439865709:Harmonious Blood Mail Boots\/a
\aITEM -61674871 13578005:Harmonious Blood Mail Coif\/a
\aITEM -1637568712 -1465999220:Harmonious Blood Mail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1411021180 -1742670618:Harmonious Blood Mail Hauberk\/a
\aITEM -1789940927 -2057704554:Harmonious Blood Mail Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1497495036 1874590280:Harmonious Blood Mail Mantle\/a

Adept Blood Hide (Mastercrafted) (Brawler)

\aITEM -1979753246 -383517811:Adept Blood Hide Cap\/a
\aITEM -1507471995 -1823201900:Adept Blood Hide Fist Wraps\/a
\aITEM 1964171362 719975744:Adept Blood Hide Gi\/a
\aITEM 2020548558 1390377245:Adept Blood Hide Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1535895762 -2067353815:Adept Blood Hide Sandals\/a
\aITEM -1189945154 412067824:Adept Blood Hide Shoulder Pads\/a

Mossy Blood Hide (Mastercrafted) (Druid)

\aITEM -921083181 1674461996:Mossy Blood Hide Boots\/a
\aITEM -1976499355 -353524726:Mossy Blood Hide Cap\/a
\aITEM -563204016 -205125380:Mossy Blood Hide Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1490781233 1919673058:Mossy Blood Hide Leggings\/a
\aITEM 424372884 887312952:Mossy Blood Hide Mantle\/a
\aITEM -100359867 1356038330:Mossy Blood Hide Tunic\/a

Consecrated Boon Iron (Mastercrafted) (Inquisitor & Paladin & Templar)

\aITEM -979272491 -1879449209:Consecrated Blood Iron Chestplate\/a
\aITEM 1035799662 -1165680886:Consecrated Blood Iron Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1305215557 -1216707244:Consecrated Blood Iron Greaves\/a
\aITEM -768754429 -1694350908:Consecrated Blood Iron Helmet\/a
\aITEM 2117980420 1317889941:Consecrated Blood Iron Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1886700975 145959221:Consecrated Blood Iron Vambraces\/a

Darkruned Blood Iron (Mastercrafted) (Inquisitor & Shadowknight)

\aITEM 1574274676 2062534265:Darkruned Blood Iron Chestplate\/a
\aITEM -1687744212 -1553549731:Darkruned Blood Iron Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -30567839 1304620168:Darkruned Blood Iron Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1521338078 743898842:Darkruned Blood Iron Helmet\/a
\aITEM 410514593 -1055768317:Darkruned Blood Iron Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 693184275 290488418:Darkruned Blood Iron Vambraces\/a

Blood Threaded Set of Alteration (Mastercrafted) (Mage)

\aITEM 1116964830 -235349282:Blood Threaded Cap of Alteration\/a
\aITEM 1007761255 -626278485:Blood Threaded Gloves of Alteration\/a
\aITEM 1921585272 756451942:Blood Threaded Pants of Alteration\/a
\aITEM 1009747415 544654527:Blood Threaded Robe of Alteration\/a
\aITEM -696494647 -1981558825:Blood Threaded Shawl of Alteration\/a
\aITEM -1349902042 1642287344:Blood Threaded Slippers of Alteration\/a

Thistle Etched Blood Mail (Mastercrafted) (Ranger)

\aITEM 1242832202 -599909553:Thistle Etched Blood Mail Boots\/a
\aITEM -689456452 -179752458:Thistle Etched Blood Mail Coif\/a
\aITEM 1463686863 667076678:Thistle Etched Blood Mail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1997161594 -484539616:Thistle Etched Blood Mail Hauberk\/a
\aITEM 2081365577 -148524444:Thistle Etched Blood Mail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1877259253 -521694590:Thistle Etched Blood Mail Mantle\/a

Umbrae Blood Mail (Mastercrafted) (Shaman)

\aITEM 953202988 1698235602:Umbrae Blood Mail Boots\/a
\aITEM 354703738 -1803377280:Umbrae Blood Mail Coif\/a
\aITEM -207809018 -1446698848:Umbrae Blood Mail Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1793680018 -1426472059:Umbrae Blood Mail Hauberk\/a
\aITEM 1714935533 1372586563:Umbrae Blood Mail Leggings\/a
\aITEM 884493506 1860205156:Umbrae Blood Mail Mantle\/a

Warborn Blood Iron (Mastercrafted) (Warrior)

\aITEM -1079457877 1900512405:Warborn Blood Iron Chestplate\/a
\aITEM 1583143653 -788825198:Warborn Blood Iron Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1337137227 -1829500125:Warborn Blood Iron Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1062946368 2053019254:Warborn Blood Iron Helmet\/a
\aITEM -1719172327 -2134307452:Warborn Blood Iron Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -328536870 1657621933:Warborn Blood Iron Vambraces\/a

< Level 67 >

Relic Chain Molds

\aITEM 1949175607 818550813:Relic Chain Boots\/a
\aITEM -771895068 -317136718:Relic Chain Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1929949870 -447546882:Relic Chain Chestguard\/a
\aITEM -2092485548 1656243511:Relic Chain Coif\/a
\aITEM -1190410295 -1572139875:Relic Chain Gloves\/a
\aITEM -970597607 165686672:Relic Chain Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1121817544 1701729881:Relic Chain Mantle\/a

Relic Leather Molds

\aITEM -737293048 -357609568:Relic Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM 774528544 390178555:Relic Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1185300780 205790797:Relic Leather Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1363900548 1393786954:Relic Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 995544818 813384011:Relic Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1713494405 -642610122:Relic Leather Tunic\/a
\aITEM -1501858788 -67478337:Relic Leather Wristguards\/a

Relic Plate Molds

\aITEM -711808399 331403001:Relic Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM -1428755826 538086150:Relic Plate Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 1625683652 1807931277:Relic Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 477341920 -1585160945:Relic Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1370257527 -460804424:Relic Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM -1091778205 -1306390223:Relic Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 416479710 318893290:Relic Plate Spaulders\/a

Relic Silk Molds

\aITEM 1254375204 -280782926:Relic Silk Cap\/a
\aITEM -1811280861 609945481:Relic Silk Cowl\/a
\aITEM 1461085235 -2048666061:Relic Silk Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -406402372 -41005938:Relic Silk Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1498175708 379563291:Relic Silk Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1855148359 -2104006205:Relic Silk Robe\/a
\aITEM -58178497 -789893375:Relic Silk Slippers\/a

Nightfall Set (Fabled) (Assassin)

\aITEM 1802964066 340494535:Customized Nightfall Hood\/a
\aITEM -1386926869 -440958098:Nightfall Boots\/a
\aITEM -1907699805 -1898490570:Nightfall Bracers\/a
\aITEM 345761778 1140992341:Nightfall Coat\/a
\aITEM -167197568 1804751232:Nightfall Gloves\/a
\aITEM 804986034 272077758:Nightfall Hood\/a
\aITEM 1664311117 -480860900:Nightfall Leggings\/a
\aITEM 825073220 -1397290172:Nightfall Mantle\/a

Annihilation Set (Fabled) (Berserker)

\aITEM 628059800 1742996876:Barbute of Annihilation\/a
\aITEM -63608641 -184228318:Breastplate of Annihilation\/a
\aITEM 64750307 -1435720394:Customized Barbute of Annihilation\/a
\aITEM -1243635017 898594842:Gauntlets of Annihilation\/a
\aITEM 1906792837 858534545:Greaves of Annihilation\/a
\aITEM -229967332 -1329491704:Gussets of Annihilation\/a
\aITEM 793585234 1281322702:Sabatons of Annihilation\/a
\aITEM 1030242891 -1120364314:Spaulders of Annihilation\/a

Undaunted Set (Fabled) (Brigand)

\aITEM -104176723 -640600764:Boots of the Undaunted\/a
\aITEM -1503270651 -1976524464:Bracers of the Undaunted\/a
\aITEM 1292816575 -1194901591:Coat of the Undaunted\/a
\aITEM 1876490913 -1710156361:Coif of the Undaunted\/a
Customized Coif of the Undaunted
\aITEM -502245021 -270781762:Gloves of the Undaunted\/a
\aITEM -1705212309 1431002127:Leggings of the Undaunted\/a
\aITEM 1451069502 1538391011:Mantle of the Undaunted\/a

Renegade Set (Fabled) (Bruiser)

\aITEM -1796484923 -533165392:Boots of the Renegade\/a
\aITEM -1436407358 1800735233:Customized Skullcap of the Renegade\/a
\aITEM 1333028240 -294287846:Gloves of the Renegade\/a
\aITEM -170850197 -2130554338:Pants of the Renegade\/a
\aITEM 250505493 82238909:Shoulder Pads of the Renegade\/a
\aITEM -312269563 1076680755:Skullcap of the Renegade\/a
\aITEM -2091235806 -142009257:Tunic of the Renegade\/a
\aITEM 1546851247 -1688262504:Wristguards of the Renegade\/a

Meridian Set (Fabled) (Coercer)

\aITEM 1745099962 -1372627475:Cowl of the Meridian\/a
\aITEM -1414910469 -545687666:Cuffs of the Meridian\/a
Customized Hat of the Meridian
\aITEM -1391936915 201939431:Gloves of the Meridian\/a
\aITEM 105111295 1552361970:Hat of the Meridian\/a
\aITEM -1568716986 -1118868759:Pantaloons of the Meridian\/a
\aITEM 1179268603 -2141096788:Robe of the Meridian\/a
\aITEM 1892664597 -578799581:Slippers of the Meridian\/a

Runesilk Set (Fabled) (Conjuror)

\aITEM 330431526 10460867:Customized Runesilk Hat\/a
\aITEM 1542980051 400995497:Runesilk Cowl\/a
\aITEM 237161951 -1094825144:Runesilk Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1421419462 979548583:Runesilk Gloves\/a
\aITEM 642283262 1523939623:Runesilk Hat\/a
\aITEM 884599468 -1889462425:Runesilk Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -46895207 -1322591517:Runesilk Robe\/a
\aITEM 893796338 1501196693:Runesilk Slippers\/a

Acrid Sanguine Set (Fabled) (Defiler)

\aITEM -524479580 -1728597814:Acrid Sanguine Boots\/a
\aITEM -16601264 473246591:Acrid Sanguine Chestguard\/a
\aITEM -1788869172 1985446371:Acrid Sanguine Handguards\/a
\aITEM 1167467720 150792320:Acrid Sanguine Helm\/a
\aITEM -285551221 -1081052035:Acrid Sanguine Leggings\/a
\aITEM -332239262 -473870532:Acrid Sanguine Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 1779377825 -1052955524:Acrid Sanguine Wristguards\/a
\aITEM -532650773 1117908624:Customized Acrid Sanguine Helm\/a

Sonorant Set (Fabled) (Dirge)

\aITEM -1923731287 309341148:Customized Sonorant Hat\/a
\aITEM 227689402 -1123105491:Sonorant Boots\/a
\aITEM -253263944 -901974548:Sonorant Bracers\/a
\aITEM -652816878 -1794606232:Sonorant Coat\/a
\aITEM -356228467 -2078279444:Sonorant Gloves\/a
\aITEM -495569582 1211812920:Sonorant Hat\/a
\aITEM -383239407 -2062256778:Sonorant Leggings\/a
\aITEM 769734729 1127916072:Sonorant Mantle\/a

Stormwrath Set (Fabled) (Fury)

\aITEM 154106915 -1449718676:Customized Stormwrath Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 180005656 -1323758596:Stormwrath Boots\/a
\aITEM -769947487 1975979360:Stormwrath Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1866046714 -537569926:Stormwrath Leggings\/a
\aITEM 26231691 1653487899:Stormwrath Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -1392952320 -473298308:Stormwrath Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 967272590 -2113615766:Stormwrath Tunic\/a
\aITEM 504552373 1966455469:Stormwrath Wristguards\/a

Mithrian Veteran Set (Fabled) (Guardian)

\aITEM 584379591 -175299155:Customized Mithrian Barbute of the Veteran\/a
\aITEM 1294466287 376866419:Mithrian Barbute of the Veteran\/a
\aITEM 20810529 -192146609:Mithrian Breastplate of the Veteran\/a
\aITEM -416829295 -1346720445:Mithrian Gauntlets of the Veteran\/a
\aITEM 1531430937 1487493:Mithrian Greaves of the Veteran\/a
\aITEM 1700894222 1043393682:Mithrian Gussets of the Veteran\/a
\aITEM -180413497 -1468122362:Mithrian Sabatons of the Veteran\/a
\aITEM 1486727753 268482459:Mithrian Spaulders of the Veteran\/a

Opulent Splendor Set (Fabled) (Illusionist)

\aITEM 1506237459 1054110069:Cowl of Opulent Splendor\/a
\aITEM 1831857793 -377597482:Cuffs of Opulent Splendor\/a
Customized Hat of Opulent Splendor
\aITEM 2013955538 -1385793491:Gloves of Opulent Splendor\/a
\aITEM 1913922479 1346065377:Hat of Opulent Splendor\/a
\aITEM 1122287566 1909538638:Pantaloons of Opulent Splendor\/a
\aITEM -2133664 -1731437562:Robe of Opulent Splendor\/a
\aITEM -168440532 113860907:Slippers of Opulent Splendor\/a

Regal Scathing Set (Fabled) (Inquisitor)

Customized Regal Cap of Scathing
\aITEM -1077352183 396617717:Regal Breastplate of Scathing\/a
\aITEM -1538059186 -203848061:Regal Cap of Scathing\/a
\aITEM 1968419733 -2002965144:Regal Gauntlets of Scathing\/a
\aITEM -888820428 919286729:Regal Legplates of Scathing\/a
\aITEM 1358595595 -1389094666:Regal Pauldrons of Scathing\/a
\aITEM 1268961984 178291677:Regal Tonlets of Scathing\/a
\aITEM -800161317 763371302:Regal Vambraces of Scathing\/a

Crescent Moon Set (Fabled) (Monk)

\aITEM 1169678829 -975533002:Crescent Moon Boots\/a
\aITEM 528712568 235070793:Crescent Moon Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1098237941 1055348176:Crescent Moon Pants\/a
\aITEM 811446228 1601674381:Crescent Moon Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 1808881222 157123608:Crescent Moon Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 1990861435 -154710112:Crescent Moon Tunic\/a
\aITEM -1063124521 -243242343:Crescent Moon Wristguards\/a
Customized Crescent Moon Skullcap

Clandestine Rites Set (Fabled) (Mystic)

\aITEM 79056879 1329272481:Boots of Clandestine Rites\/a
\aITEM 368575456 1182104038:Chestguard of Clandestine Rites\/a
Customized Helm of Clandestine Rites
\aITEM -1748328343 -1001923985:Handguards of Clandestine Rites\/a
\aITEM -721542952 -833733826:Helm of Clandestine Rites\/a
\aITEM 186249472 730371241:Leggings of Clandestine Rites\/a
\aITEM 1616679389 1551158233:Shoulder Pads of Clandestine Rites\/a
\aITEM 863328293 -658776462:Wristguards of Clandestine Rites\/a

Deathcaster Set (Fabled) (Necromancer)

\aITEM -299071248 958441992:Customized Deathcaster Cap\/a
\aITEM 1757140532 285024139:Deathcaster Cap\/a
\aITEM 537385437 2074161417:Deathcaster Cowl\/a
\aITEM -371122432 1745137445:Deathcaster Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1110585169 162995878:Deathcaster Gloves\/a
\aITEM 831995396 -1468699733:Deathcaster Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 49314191 148063562:Deathcaster Slippers\/a
\aITEM -2033469545 1727090208:Deathcaster Vest\/a

Intrepid Soul Set (Fabled) (Paladin)

Customized Intrepid Soul Cuirass
\aITEM 2102232746 746719222:Intrepid Soul Barbute\/a
\aITEM -1527901019 -182348295:Intrepid Soul Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -2108457419 249728532:Intrepid Soul Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -821488292 -1631153152:Intrepid Soul Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1979324693 -607492169:Intrepid Soul Gussets\/a
\aITEM 1076796471 581062249:Intrepid Soul Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -91208366 1981920627:Intrepid Soul Spaulders\/a

Vigilant Set (Fabled) (Ranger)

\aITEM 1923106811 108207502:Boots of the Vigilant\/a
\aITEM -660412478 1416903036:Bracers of the Vigilant\/a
\aITEM -1112710649 2072388432:Coat of the Vigilant\/a
Customized Hood of the Vigilant
\aITEM -1455426898 138285348:Gloves of the Vigilant\/a
\aITEM 1771161009 1200108508:Hood of the Vigilant\/a
\aITEM -500606746 1332127184:Leggings of the Vigilant\/a
\aITEM -817325998 1850309592:Mantle of the Vigilant\/a

Dark Malevolent Set (Fabled) (Shadowknight)

Customized Dark Malevolent Barbute
\aITEM -1202834989 -232339003:Dark Malevolent Barbute\/a
\aITEM -1258209516 1082743838:Dark Malevolent Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 699096998 -2041193929:Dark Malevolent Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 168469029 1080187443:Dark Malevolent Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1325814162 91138436:Dark Malevolent Gussets\/a
\aITEM 1764906520 -1649636431:Dark Malevolent Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1365796033 -23666352:Dark Malevolent Spaulders\/a

Maelstrom Armor of Espionage (Fabled) (Swashbuckler)

Customized Maelstrom Hat of Espionage
\aITEM -1852493963 -860800467:Maelstrom Boots of Espionage\/a
\aITEM 1938315266 -157922315:Maelstrom Bracers of Espionage\/a
\aITEM -639743460 223712566:Maelstrom Coat of Espionage\/a
\aITEM 1599587232 -1125029598:Maelstrom Gloves of Espionage\/a
\aITEM -1853129126 -889679441:Maelstrom Hat of Espionage\/a
\aITEM -86333834 1607305355:Maelstrom Leggings of Espionage\/a
\aITEM 971872682 -632605912:Maelstrom Mantle of Espionage\/a

Truefaith Set (Fabled) (Templar)

\aITEM -1572122939 77935593:Customized Truefaith Cap\/a
\aITEM -1449171503 392871222:Truefaith Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -2008332972 -1550295185:Truefaith Cap\/a
\aITEM 1879851253 1826636909:Truefaith Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1397346327 1336267919:Truefaith Legplates\/a
\aITEM -1728510363 -2078997763:Truefaith Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 141545946 150096719:Truefaith Tonlets\/a
\aITEM -1036355894 -556371374:Truefaith Vambraces\/a

Resounding Presence Set (Fabled) (Troubador)

\aITEM 1798453982 2078158458:Boots of Resounding Presence\/a
\aITEM 398680496 -953788013:Bracers of Resounding Presence\/a
\aITEM 1228129303 -1479305261:Coat of Resounding Presence\/a
\aITEM -1016535918 763934550:Coif of Resounding Presence\/a
\aITEM -1942348918 -775292189:Customized Hat of Resounding Presence\/a
\aITEM -220467119 -1350858262:Gloves of Resounding Presence\/a
\aITEM -1643297575 -1330568499:Leggings of Resounding Presence\/a
\aITEM -1378543424 -260742789:Mantle of Resounding Presence\/a

Elder's Armor of Nature (Fabled) (Warden)

\aITEM 1777283123 1962707:Customized Elder's Skullcap of Nature\/a
\aITEM -509605761 -1830309545:Elder's Boots of Nature\/a
\aITEM 683181016 -794358801:Elder's Gloves of Nature\/a
\aITEM -9234885 376131124:Elder's Leggings of Nature\/a
\aITEM -1420324019 -1109455913:Elder's Shoulder Pads of Nature\/a
\aITEM 1822975532 -2052047325:Elder's Skullcap of Nature\/a
\aITEM -764783511 -1590825663:Elder's Tunic of Nature\/a
\aITEM -1249842962 -584356138:Elder's Wristguards of Nature\/a

Blackheart Set (Fabled) (Warlock)

\aITEM -1215145203 527809720:Blackheart Cowl\/a
\aITEM 1873107030 -737740622:Blackheart Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -1061380137 1734351382:Blackheart Gloves\/a
\aITEM 803245631 -1528806038:Blackheart Hat\/a
\aITEM -1706197446 -696413590:Blackheart Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 291386695 -1179004174:Blackheart Robe\/a
\aITEM -1538754752 -344243908:Blackheart Slippers\/a
\aITEM 1802280687 -1600365037:Customized Blackheart Hat\/a

Lunarspun Set (Fabled) (Wizard)

Customized Lunarspun Hat
\aITEM -695325903 -2045254250:Lunarspun Cowl\/a
\aITEM 1084962977 139040548:Lunarspun Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -481626616 2127586056:Lunarspun Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1483694561 -806825623:Lunarspun Hat\/a
\aITEM 1140658195 -1120540831:Lunarspun Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1769581414 384020171:Lunarspun Slippers\/a
\aITEM 1883391355 -1689806145:Lunarspun Vest\/a

< Level 69 >

Vhalen's Thunderous Coda (Legendary) (Bard)

\aITEM -1854869311 1622392299:Vhalen's Thunderous Armguards\/a
\aITEM 1713891474 -667816884:Vhalen's Thunderous Boots\/a
\aITEM 1977964044 -700760036:Vhalen's Thunderous Cap\/a
\aITEM 697175555 1042376402:Vhalen's Thunderous Leggings\/a
\aITEM 531313899 1842042222:Vhalen's Thunderous Lutepluckers\/a
\aITEM 357056746 140283544:Vhalen's Thunderous Vest\/a
\aITEM -556681828 94093063:Vhalen's Thunderous Wristbands\/a

Wu's Fighting Gear (Legendary) (Brawler)

\aITEM 1002825620 1889828115:Wu's Fighting Armguards\/a
\aITEM -80663104 1049390638:Wu's Fighting Cap\/a
\aITEM -1974456467 -104376204:Wu's Fighting Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -899965268 -445409959:Wu's Fighting Shirt\/a
\aITEM 1420307654 -1431187554:Wu's Fighting Sleeves\/a
\aITEM 1491949883 1034131742:Wu's Fighting Slippers\/a
\aITEM -1572984562 -1927929093:Wu's Fighting Wraps\/a

Aegis of Nem Anhk (Legendary) (Cleric)

\aITEM -837805309 -1271568914:Armplates of Nem Anhk\/a
\aITEM 2069132141 -3442809:Breastplate of Nem Anhk\/a
\aITEM 1917370052 35307454:Circlet of Nem Anhk\/a
\aITEM -2109922519 619657810:Hands of Nem Anhk\/a
\aITEM 441877394 1618214271:Legplates of Nem Anhk\/a
\aITEM -2119587667 -74656192:Pauldrons of Nem Anhk\/a
\aITEM -1229652941 2123693040:Sabatons of Nem Anhk\/a

Kyle Bayle's Dogma (Legendary) (Crusader)

\aITEM 728051306 -1960892698:Kyle Bayle's Dogmatic Boots\/a
\aITEM -132949702 1068253579:Kyle Bayle's Dogmatic Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -485249477 1233765524:Kyle Bayle's Dogmatic Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1418615270 -849107223:Kyle Bayle's Dogmatic Greaves\/a
\aITEM -65509768 -1930259816:Kyle Bayle's Dogmatic Helm\/a
\aITEM 1502521919 -911713711:Kyle Bayle's Dogmatic Manacles\/a
\aITEM -1680829092 826998771:Kyle Bayle's Dogmatic Spaulders\/a

Jale Phlintoes' Wildfire (Legendary) (Druid)

\aITEM -427438303 1492413702:Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire Boots\/a
\aITEM -2040788875 1682032293:Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1913503795 675740420:Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1801859012 -299112626:Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire Hood\/a
\aITEM 210452075 -1967459983:Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1256088505 1463571095:Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire Sleeves\/a
\aITEM -711455561 1810476688:Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire Tunic\/a

Opal Darkbriar's Masquerade (Legendary) (Enchanter)

\aITEM 1445243819 -1361906611:Darkbriar's Masquerade Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1014753116 1467324281:Darkbriar's Masquerade Guise\/a
\aITEM -373233655 2088022400:Darkbriar's Masquerade Robe\/a
\aITEM 1009724962 -1461804545:Darkbriar's Masquerade Silks\/a
\aITEM 288067262 1488601004:Darkbriar's Masquerade Sleeves\/a
\aITEM 108405655 -175717522:Darkbriar's Masquerade Slippers\/a
\aITEM -880239999 253370585:Darkbriar's Masquerade Wristlets\/a

Kithicor's Nighthunter (Legendary) (Predator)

\aITEM -276672104 -706838225:Kithicor's Nighthunter Boots\/a
\aITEM 39965699 -958549965:Kithicor's Nighthunter Chestguard\/a
\aITEM 1061565307 1786333572:Kithicor's Nighthunter Gloves\/a
\aITEM 625689136 -859161775:Kithicor's Nighthunter Hood\/a
\aITEM -1214068278 -1806239323:Kithicor's Nighthunter Leggings\/a
\aITEM 483137631 -1990897839:Kithicor's Nighthunter Shoulderpads\/a
\aITEM -1735375468 -1098004132:Kithicor's Nighthunter Wristguards\/a

Carson McCane's Doubledealer (Legendary) (Rouge)

\aITEM -214734525 -656698322:McCabe's Double-Dealing Armguards\/a
\aITEM -953252222 1105272331:McCabe's Double-Dealing Boots\/a
\aITEM -790277790 -860943182:McCabe's Double-Dealing Cowl\/a
\aITEM 641831286 -1601304065:McCabe's Double-Dealing Hands\/a
\aITEM 1007902564 -1159936019:McCabe's Double-Dealing Pants\/a
\aITEM 1730539098 695116195:McCabe's Double-Dealing Shackleguards\/a
\aITEM -843764149 -771787877:McCabe's Double-Dealing Vest\/a

Ykesha's Spiritwalker (Legendary) (Shaman)

\aITEM -492273165 -1587210309:Ykesha's Spiritwalker Boots\/a
\aITEM -1756801820 -729496916:Ykesha's Spiritwalker Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 63411719 1074397263:Ykesha's Spiritwalker Hands\/a
\aITEM -1448877617 367308389:Ykesha's Spiritwalker Leggings\/a
\aITEM -260454627 -2009218263:Ykesha's Spiritwalker Shroud\/a
\aITEM -1756671136 -1232608303:Ykesha's Spiritwalker Sleeves\/a
\aITEM -2027840140 593411868:Ykesha's Spiritwalker Veil\/a

Al'Kabor's Spellborn Garb (Legendary) (Sorceror)

\aITEM 1161678098 97436301:Al'Kabor's Spellborn Cowl\/a
\aITEM 344610199 1928109600:Al'Kabor's Spellborn Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1820587716 208898846:Al'Kabor's Spellborn Pants\/a
\aITEM -470703272 -1560105785:Al'Kabor's Spellborn Robe\/a
\aITEM 70290105 1690367843:Al'Kabor's Spellborn Shoes\/a
\aITEM 1040604359 1801788451:Al'Kabor's Spellborn Sleeves\/a
\aITEM -1988074472 1354776442:Al'Kabor's Spellborn Wristbands\/a

Najena's Voidcaller (Legendary) (Summoner)

\aITEM 1873527535 1906249329:Najena's Voidcaller Boots\/a
\aITEM -1899703013 -1863313019:Najena's Voidcaller Hands\/a
\aITEM 1774190245 1551960119:Najena's Voidcaller Hood\/a
\aITEM -665021498 -966238376:Najena's Voidcaller Silks\/a
\aITEM -1628859628 -470178769:Najena's Voidcaller Sleeves\/a
\aITEM 1613701194 -782640807:Najena's Voidcaller Vestment\/a
\aITEM -137405097 1380050699:Najena's Voidcaller Wristcuffs\/a

Ebon Strongbear's Steelskin (Legendary) (Warrior)

\aITEM -45355105 1752150337:Strongbear's Steelskin Arms\/a
\aITEM 2085799228 497819313:Strongbear's Steelskin Chest\/a
\aITEM 793279864 -1167318106:Strongbear's Steelskin Feet\/a
\aITEM -162186536 -1704719822:Strongbear's Steelskin Forearms\/a
\aITEM -516405901 -2134466818:Strongbear's Steelskin Hands\/a
\aITEM -324572611 2038641891:Strongbear's Steelskin Legs\/a
\aITEM -870856472 -1377234075:Strongbear's Steelskin Skull\/a

< Level 70 > (EOF Dropped)

Cunning Set (Fabled) (Assassin)

\aITEM 1499731833 -334308112:Boots of the Cunning\/a
\aITEM 1083870904 -2083252157:Bracers of the Cunning\/a
\aITEM -891506012 515027839:Coat of the Cunning\/a
\aITEM 1296819911 -1725569252:Coif of the Cunning\/a
\aITEM 1256499043 2056668408:Gloves of the Cunning\/a
\aITEM 518128832 -1863463146:Leggings of the Cunning\/a
\aITEM 1001755065 197620258:Mantle of the Cunning\/a

Vehement Set (Fabled) (Berserker)

\aITEM 1512195029 1888364247:Barbute of the Vehement\/a
\aITEM 1372096828 -496056967:Breastplate of the Vehement\/a
\aITEM 2016090508 585456449:Gauntlets of the Vehement\/a
\aITEM 250246344 608571850:Greaves of the Vehement\/a
\aITEM -1928865967 -1481919917:Gussets of the Vehement\/a
\aITEM 873149887 1530219925:Sabatons of the Vehement\/a
\aITEM -258147984 -1437418563:Spaulders of the Vehement\/a

Wayward Set (Fabled) (Brigand)

\aITEM -603004431 1769482872:Boots of the Wayward\/a
\aITEM -974096336 113176267:Bracers of the Wayward\/a
\aITEM 1337345068 -1680325129:Coat of the Wayward\/a
\aITEM -937357233 474943892:Coif of the Wayward\/a
\aITEM -812756501 -216464:Gloves of the Wayward\/a
\aITEM -1685523896 361183646:Leggings of the Wayward\/a
\aITEM -1092655311 -1901230934:Mantle of the Wayward\/a

Indomitable Set (Fabled) (Bruiser)

\aITEM -1974570458 1166764869:Boots of the Indomitable\/a
\aITEM -813047208 901562844:Gloves of the Indomitable\/a
\aITEM -700083064 427855339:Pants of the Indomitable\/a
\aITEM 575317760 -641545038:Shoulder Pads of the Indomitable\/a
\aITEM 670173339 883893655:Skullcap of the Indomitable\/a
\aITEM -1113711982 1918567409:Tunic of the Indomitable\/a
\aITEM 689577914 1009932022:Wristguards of the Indomitable\/a

Force Set (Fabled) (Coercer)

\aITEM -1003351909 1354729372:Cap of Force\/a
\aITEM -769459134 1119028099:Cowl of Force\/a
\aITEM -1059150899 575416289:Cuffs of Force\/a
\aITEM -908609765 -175329655:Gloves of Force\/a
\aITEM -239401206 -1883428911:Pantaloons of Force\/a
\aITEM -835236078 714322832:Slippers of Force\/a
\aITEM -1744322466 -2062791499:Vest of Force\/a

Silent Incantations Set (Fabled) (Conjuror)

\aITEM 838569031 792411523:Cap of Silent Incantations\/a
\aITEM 1169027774 -1939944941:Cowl of Silent Incantations\/a
\aITEM 162370929 -186169431:Cuffs of Silent Incantations\/a
\aITEM -951242016 442293345:Gloves of Silent Incantations\/a
\aITEM 605203474 -1158654423:Pantaloons of Silent Incantations\/a
\aITEM 1210601781 -1011304679:Slippers of Silent Incantations\/a
\aITEM 542959272 -882934039:Vest of Silent Incantations\/a

Totemic Etchings Set (Fabled) (Defiler)

\aITEM -2141339565 282022606:Boots of Totemic Etchings\/a
\aITEM -1755068777 -387170622:Chestguard of Totemic Etchings\/a
\aITEM -1389064511 -759466348:Handguards of Totemic Etchings\/a
\aITEM 2123802720 -604766182:Helm of Totemic Etchings\/a
\aITEM -2052657993 -924476713:Leggings of Totemic Etchings\/a
\aITEM 1392001403 864713942:Shoulder Pads of Totemic Etchings\/a
\aITEM 2034715473 1121847749:Wristguards of Totemic Etchings\/a

Requiem Set (Fabled) (Dirge)

\aITEM -40738176 1222945033:Boots of the Requiem\/a
\aITEM -462619839 656567738:Bracers of the Requiem\/a
\aITEM 1848297309 -1169897850:Coat of the Requiem\/a
\aITEM -373451970 1037275877:Coif of the Requiem\/a
\aITEM -300756326 -564121343:Gloves of the Requiem\/a
\aITEM -1173065415 874232559:Leggings of the Requiem\/a
\aITEM -1622940608 -1355741221:Mantle of the Requiem\/a

Raging Storm Set (Fabled) (Fury)

\aITEM 1285019378 -1554599143:Boots of the Raging Storm\/a
\aITEM -76591783 720744275:Gloves of the Raging Storm\/a
\aITEM 1231878678 2071755520:Leggings of the Raging Storm\/a
\aITEM -1640867878 -2146198271:Shoulder Pads of the Raging Storm\/a
\aITEM -102062663 -872799057:Skullcap of the Raging Storm\/a
\aITEM -2136182513 1869419748:Tunic of the Raging Storm\/a
\aITEM -1249026576 -246945774:Wristguards of the Raging Storm\/a

Eternal Sentinel Set (Fabled) (Guardian)

\aITEM 287516366 -1186215277:Barbute of the Eternal Sentinel\/a
\aITEM 635359668 -1991840683:Breastplate of the Eternal Sentinel\/a
\aITEM 1088509302 -33839812:Gauntlets of the Eternal Sentinel\/a
\aITEM -1418630086 52002919:Greaves of the Eternal Sentinel\/a
\aITEM -1318991859 420029520:Gussets of the Eternal Sentinel\/a
\aITEM -653139330 -1654723905:Sabatons of the Eternal Sentinel\/a
\aITEM 1843145466 -792274256:Spaulders of the Eternal Sentinel\/a

Illusory Vexation Set (Fabled) (Illusionist)

\aITEM -1228537167 1620897848:Cap of Illusory Vexation\/a
\aITEM -1568110913 1092767441:Cowl of Illusory Vexation\/a
\aITEM -740599508 237639331:Cuffs of Illusory Vexation\/a
\aITEM 784589816 604054814:Gloves of Illusory Vexation\/a
\aITEM -1194870052 -261709125:Pantaloons of Illusory Vexation\/a
\aITEM -739688456 -842453198:Slippers of Illusory Vexation\/a
\aITEM 1797438996 1558023721:Vest of Illusory Vexation\/a

Chaplain's Armor of Piety (Fabled) (Inquisitor)

\aITEM 817643096 747095014:Chaplain's Breastplate of Piety\/a
\aITEM 788177320 -552788192:Chaplain's Gauntlets of Piety\/a
\aITEM 1355512810 444328224:Chaplain's Helm of Piety\/a
\aITEM -2102292110 1933979642:Chaplain's Legplates of Piety\/a
\aITEM -942889875 909843173:Chaplain's Pauldrons of Piety\/a
\aITEM -1282847146 867887709:Chaplain's Tonlets of Piety\/a
\aITEM 6411847 -241801009:Chaplain's Vambraces of Piety\/a

Perception Set (Fabled) (Monk)

\aITEM 1144763575 -1326536146:Boots of Perception\/a
\aITEM -1475086161 1037970532:Gloves of Perception\/a
\aITEM -1119465338 1234390559:Pants of Perception\/a
\aITEM 425173968 1224659403:Shoulder Pads of Perception\/a
\aITEM -502093051 31924924:Skullcap of Perception\/a
\aITEM -634767886 788474731:Tunic of Perception\/a
\aITEM 824015829 -271873906:Wristguards of Perception\/a

Primeval Set (Fabled) (Mystic)

\aITEM 466116505 1802588120:Boots of Primeval\/a
\aITEM 1273714227 -1227879157:Chestguard of Primeval\/a
\aITEM 766747669 -796328147:Handguards of Primeval\/a
\aITEM -706882454 1369208365:Helm of Primeval\/a
\aITEM -1177477600 852629610:Leggings of Primeval\/a
\aITEM -863260641 -1181083874:Shoulder Pads of Primeval\/a
\aITEM 505856952 -1369651795:Wristguards of Primeval\/a

Spirit Siphoning Set (Fabled) (Necromancer)

\aITEM 1302469533 -24273877:Cap of Spirit Siphoning\/a
\aITEM 41572993 -188235745:Cowl of Spirit Siphoning\/a
\aITEM -534757179 594403516:Cuffs of Spirit Siphoning\/a
\aITEM -1704726817 1735772487:Gloves of Spirit Siphoning\/a
\aITEM -1752021867 -1144877532:Pantaloons of Spirit Siphoning\/a
\aITEM -1537050638 1390407020:Robe of Spirit Siphoning\/a
\aITEM -767126331 -858075071:Slippers of Spirit Siphoning\/a

Set of Righteousness (Fabled) (Paladin)

\aITEM 1974359291 -1387819279:Barbute of Righteousness\/a
\aITEM -1401690899 -1665408771:Breastplate of Righteousness\/a
\aITEM 1731966193 -1267084291:Gauntlets of Righteousness\/a
\aITEM 385675285 -837473761:Greaves of Righteousness\/a
\aITEM -1616103850 1195764828:Gussets of Righteousness\/a
\aITEM -660081205 901649702:Sabatons of Righteousness\/a
\aITEM -742867674 16439850:Spaulders of Righteousness\/a

Outrider Set (Fabled) (Ranger)

\aITEM -120056582 1812552117:Boots of the Outrider\/a
\aITEM 346167365 1041136967:Bracers of the Outrider\/a
\aITEM 2687542 301754219:Coat of the Outrider\/a
\aITEM -736778880 -977223459:Coif of the Outrider\/a
\aITEM 94989616 1648645407:Gloves of the Outrider\/a
\aITEM 1243781569 622649835:Leggings of the Outrider\/a
\aITEM 1675495372 70467555:Mantle of the Outrider\/a

Grim Reproach Set (Fabled) (Shadowknight)

\aITEM 1687625888 -607941665:Barbute of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM -1631188363 -47566496:Cuirass of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM -1877028404 -1023551789:Gauntlets of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM -612559836 -1198444751:Greaves of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM -1902820851 834791794:Gussets of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM -571147581 1127878664:Sabatons of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM 614324251 1988026116:Spaulders of Grim Reproach\/a

Daring Set (Fabled) (Swashbuckler)

\aITEM 1083216822 1923771857:Boots of Daring\/a
\aITEM 834724281 -620365106:Bracers of Daring\/a
\aITEM -1604462498 1286519687:Coat of Daring\/a
\aITEM 1355535274 -1137135501:Coif of Daring\/a
\aITEM 1172416983 1541144742:Gloves of Daring\/a
\aITEM -1054405189 -1032500405:Leggings of Daring\/a
\aITEM 1810170323 1977133218:Mantle of Daring\/a

Divination Set (Fabled) (Templar)

\aITEM 1085259717 -1636217698:Breastplate of Divination\/a
\aITEM -1395259228 40033328:Gauntlets of Divination\/a
\aITEM -557031497 1496105200:Helm of Divination\/a
\aITEM -507181511 1332859565:Legplates of Divination\/a
\aITEM 363286202 -1156343250:Pauldrons of Divination\/a
\aITEM 78063618 342807771:Tonlets of Divination\/a
\aITEM 184262322 -1538307546:Vambraces of Divination\/a

Fascination Set (Fabled) (Troubador)

\aITEM 1308702889 -953760169:Boots of Fascination\/a
\aITEM 1476370792 -1461714204:Bracers of Fascination\/a
\aITEM -575038092 898017752:Coat of Fascination\/a
\aITEM 1513015575 -1307443781:Coif of Fascination\/a
\aITEM 1568770227 1369595487:Gloves of Fascination\/a
\aITEM 159853328 -1143351887:Leggings of Fascination\/a
\aITEM 751877737 552822917:Mantle of Fascination\/a

Sacred Grove Set (Fabled) (Warden)

\aITEM 1181926184 -1447844157:Boots of the Sacred Grove\/a
\aITEM -242591613 537967241:Gloves of the Sacred Grove\/a
\aITEM 1133113292 1905880794:Leggings of the Sacred Grove\/a
\aITEM -1797832192 -1963554597:Shoulder Pads of the Sacred Grove\/a
\aITEM -217075613 -1054920331:Skullcap of the Sacred Grove\/a
\aITEM -1974901547 1703412030:Tunic of the Sacred Grove\/a
\aITEM -1083684822 -73204280:Wristguards of the Sacred Grove\/a

Dark Arts Set (Fabled) (Warlock)

\aITEM 1829781471 -1436237720:Cap of Dark Arts\/a
\aITEM 681723656 456002233:Cowl of Dark Arts\/a
\aITEM -1312270575 1809008423:Cuffs of Dark Arts\/a
\aITEM 29800725 -1461180163:Gloves of Dark Arts\/a
\aITEM -847778870 1043902511:Pantaloons of Dark Arts\/a
\aITEM 117682872 1244774672:Slippers of Dark Arts\/a
\aITEM 1642515378 -738885027:Vest of Dark Arts\/a

Temporal Foresight Set (Fabled) (Wizard)

\aITEM 959094182 -1382482736:Cap of Temporal Foresight\/a
\aITEM -561578459 1953437874:Cowl of Temporal Foresight\/a
\aITEM -1208914172 -903151366:Cuffs of Temporal Foresight\/a
\aITEM 917660019 2144462072:Gloves of Temporal Foresight\/a
\aITEM 170361339 -642132968:Pantaloons of Temporal Foresight\/a
\aITEM -1622462851 899860714:Robe of Temporal Foresight\/a
\aITEM 911166383 1306542097:Slippers of Temporal Foresight\/a

< Level 70 > (PVP Quested)

Nightshade Set (Fabled) (Assassin)

\aITEM -1683108645 1469161879:Nightshade Boots\/a
\aITEM -251253296 -1630929920:Nightshade Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1641354084 -550766356:Nightshade Coat\/a
\aITEM -732833256 -464845908:Nightshade Coif\/a
\aITEM -790164276 -1354679014:Nightshade Gloves\/a
\aITEM 121691393 754724396:Nightshade Leggings\/a
\aITEM 398611976 1751410654:Nightshade Mantle\/a

Frezied Wrath Set (Fabled) (Berserker)

\aITEM -860815272 -1296894728:Barbute of Frenzied Wrath\/a
\aITEM 988968745 -380980385:Cuirass of Frenzied Wrath\/a
\aITEM -2008963878 -1155692914:Gauntlets of Frenzied Wrath\/a
Greaves of Frenzied Wrath
\aITEM 1681710447 440347087:Gussets of Frenzied Wrath\/a
\aITEM 414405472 -1432532460:Sabatons of Frenzied Wrath\/a
\aITEM -1874698076 -1558297872:Spaulders of Frenzied Wrath\/a

Interloper's Set (Fabled) (Brigand)

\aITEM -1367826355 -380683733:Interloper's Boots\/a
\aITEM -1843848982 -1318786650:Interloper's Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1609247291 178279582:Interloper's Coat\/a
Interloper's Coif
Interloper's Gloves
Interloper's Leggings
Interloper's Mantle

Maligned Intention Set (Fabled) (Bruiser)

\aITEM 1922859128 248140686:Boots of Maligned Intention\/a
\aITEM 1474601192 274538989:Gloves of Maligned Intention\/a
\aITEM -818445790 1121627738:Pants of Maligned Intention\/a
Shoulder Pads of Maligned Intention
\aITEM 201080899 -767675141:Skullcap of Maligned Intention\/a
\aITEM 1787239030 -412469746:Tunic of Maligned Intention\/a
\aITEM -1536820852 294080552:Wristguards of Maligned Intention\/a

Alluring Set (Fabled) (Coercer)

\aITEM -1324381133 -909305233:Alluring Blouse\/a
Alluring Cap
\aITEM 983639214 125719784:Alluring Cowl\/a
\aITEM 553097595 -1082809682:Alluring Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -497104656 2111632165:Alluring Mitts\/a
Alluring Pantaloons
Alluring Slippers

Incantations Set (Fabled) (Conjuror)

Blouse of Incantations
Cap of Incantations
\aITEM -1869188935 -1309621513:Cowl of Incantations\/a
\aITEM 678032699 -1062803308:Cuffs of Incantations\/a
\aITEM -2066258651 1813543050:Mitts of Incantations\/a
\aITEM 814237669 -1567558157:Pantaloons of Incantations\/a
\aITEM -756189794 -1033918663:Slippers of Incantations\/a

Languid Cloud Set (Fabled) (Defiler)

\aITEM 389462059 -1408120258:Languid Cloud Boots\/a
\aITEM 1023083878 -1287208193:Languid Cloud Chestguard\/a
\aITEM 1842767268 11576893:Languid Cloud Gloves\/a
Languid Cloud Helm
Languid Cloud Leggings
Languid Cloud Shoulder Pads
Languid Cloud Wristguards

Harmonious Auras Set (Fabled) (Dirge)

\aITEM 1231007087 -1850759740:Boots of Harmonious Auras\/a
\aITEM -586158700 1218458571:Bracers of Harmonious Auras\/a
Coat of Harmonious Auras
\aITEM -777533693 684559900:Coif of Harmonious Auras\/a
\aITEM 215047409 403487118:Gloves of Harmonious Auras\/a
\aITEM -315296599 1233481181:Leggings of Harmonious Auras\/a
Mantle of Harmonious Auras

Moon Sundered Set (Fabled) (Fury)

\aITEM -898833048 1052338118:Moon Sundered Boots\/a
\aITEM -2099367981 -1287359298:Moon Sundered Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1672359258 -981156320:Moon Sundered Pants\/a
\aITEM -1803105322 272590482:Moon Sundered Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -113098246 -710349322:Moon Sundered Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 1416743126 228893776:Moon Sundered Tunic\/a
\aITEM 1617117273 722747794:Moon Sundered Wristguards\/a

Doomguard Set (Fabled) (Guardian)

\aITEM 1883298599 800393545:Barbute of the Doomguard\/a
\aITEM -1978535438 157070326:Cuirass of the Doomguard\/a
\aITEM -2067191221 915100741:Gauntlets of the Doomguard\/a
\aITEM -810881117 1290251687:Greaves of the Doomguard\/a
\aITEM -1706903158 -977835036:Gussets of the Doomguard\/a
\aITEM -920452796 -1219718498:Sabatons of the Doomguard\/a
\aITEM 810165148 -2113380974:Spaulders of the Doomguard\/a

Illuminating Set (Fabled) (Illusionist)

\aITEM -1047189233 566825348:Illuminating Blouse\/a
Illuminating Cap
Illuminating Cowl
\aITEM -316833399 61504233:Illuminating Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 800378882 -1056756894:Illuminating Mitts\/a
\aITEM 1725010158 -1057626660:Illuminating Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1210236889 1564972464:Illuminating Slippers\/a

Zealot Set (Fabled) (Inquisitor)

\aITEM 888395950 -907222611:Zealot's Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 183005980 1982561800:Zealot's Gauntlets\/a
Zealot's Helm
\aITEM -1836497563 1433333482:Zealot's Legplates\/a
Zealot's Pauldrons
\aITEM -540957881 -404683884:Zealot's Tonlets\/a
\aITEM -1193392861 -1004713929:Zealot's Vambraces\/a

Whispered Echoes Set (Fabled) (Monk)

\aITEM -1836440428 1816336859:Boots of Whispered Echoes\/a
\aITEM -687549174 -438303343:Gloves of Whispered Echoes\/a
\aITEM 235114827 1567726802:Pants of Whispered Echoes\/a
\aITEM 2059257092 1325807555:Shoulder Pads of Whispered Echoes\/a
\aITEM -1936312539 82808429:Skullcap of Whispered Echoes\/a
\aITEM -217402433 -1602699738:Tunic of Whispered Echoes\/a
\aITEM 669647784 1045578448:Wristguards of Whispered Echoes\/a

Stoic Pride Set (Fabled) (Mystic)

\aITEM 1119998864 -887339280:Stoic Pride Boots\/a
Stoic Pride Chestguard
\aITEM 825293003 2081113094:Stoic Pride Gloves\/a
Stoic Pride Helm
\aITEM 1791613480 -481138269:Stoic Pride Leggings\/a
Stoic Pride Shoulder Pads
\aITEM -404480533 -869467238:Stoic Pride Wristguards\/a

Bile Drenched Set (Fabled) (Necromancer)

\aITEM -601379628 -660250707:Bile Drenched Blouse\/a
Bile Drenched Cap
\aITEM 1310035565 1327657339:Bile Drenched Cowl\/a
\aITEM 586071771 -700760971:Bile Drenched Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -532156592 345140734:Bile Drenched Mitts\/a
\aITEM -980428802 1793248177:Bile Drenched Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1534118996 -2006605920:Bile Drenched Slippers\/a

Ardent Blessing Set (Fabled) (Paladin)

Barbute of the Ardent Blessing
Cuirass of the Ardent Blessing
\aITEM -841311115 -1868990671:Gauntlets of the Ardent Blessing\/a
\aITEM 1130649853 -1498981719:Greaves of the Ardent Blessing\/a
\aITEM -1389841436 1826033853:Gussets of the Ardent Blessing\/a
\aITEM 1260228474 -2057821778:Sabatons of the Ardent Blessing\/a
Spaulders of the Ardent Blessing

Infiltrator Set (Fabled) (Ranger)

\aITEM 2078291120 578760834:Infiltrator Boots\/a
\aITEM -999750177 779406376:Infiltrator Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1489095911 1528394030:Infiltrator Coat\/a
\aITEM 1279307538 1618578030:Infiltrator Coif\/a
\aITEM 174586340 -1024903328:Infiltrator Gloves\/a
\aITEM 265480580 435764198:Infiltrator Leggings\/a
\aITEM -851270880 97283492:Infiltrator Mantle\/a

Grim Reproach Set (Fabled) (Shadowknight)

\aITEM 1687625888 -607941665:Barbute of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM -1631188363 -47566496:Cuirass of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM -1877028404 -1023551789:Gauntlets of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM -612559836 -1198444751:Greaves of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM -1902820851 834791794:Gussets of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM -571147581 1127878664:Sabatons of Grim Reproach\/a
\aITEM 614324251 1988026116:Spaulders of Grim Reproach\/a

Ringleader Set (Fabled) (Swashbuckler)

\aITEM 849575034 -1747352201:Boots of the Ringleader\/a
\aITEM 654641427 -1924091746:Bracers of the Ringleader\/a
\aITEM 467044447 1224936888:Coat of the Ringleader\/a
\aITEM 391686785 -1288771855:Coif of the Ringleader\/a
\aITEM 1095265099 -897084558:Gloves of the Ringleader\/a
\aITEM 2134777742 1985709830:Leggings of the Ringleader\/a
\aITEM 1411787723 -538323982:Mantle of the Ringleader\/a

Wondrous Faith Set (Fabled) (Templar)

Breastplate of Wondrous Faith
\aITEM -1126498816 -1886987180:Gauntlets of Wondrous Faith\/a
Helm of Wondrous Faith
\aITEM 1633118530 -1548700520:Legplates of Wondrous Faith\/a
Pauldrons of Wondrous Faith
\aITEM -1500953304 -661999224:Tonlets of Wondrous Faith\/a
\aITEM 799632947 485837927:Vambraces of Wondrous Faith\/a

Jester Set (Fabled) (Troubador)

\aITEM 538909981 -207631145:Jester's Boots\/a
\aITEM -1653472024 1572014830:Jester's Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1091223621 8574346:Jester's Coat\/a
\aITEM 1841766317 1004678858:Jester's Coif\/a
\aITEM -1571038824 -650546457:Jester's Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1378916565 1804442533:Jester's Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1702789980 505161763:Jester's Mantle\/a

Whistered Grasp Set (Fabled) (Warden)

\aITEM -872220708 -1121041412:Boots of Withered Grasp\/a
\aITEM -1075191571 -529508871:Gloves of Withered Grasp\/a
\aITEM 437516361 94562631:Pants of Withered Grasp\/a
\aITEM -1673572608 -40952520:Shoulder Pads of Withered Grasp\/a
\aITEM -1697971764 686102712:Skullcap of Withered Grasp\/a
\aITEM -1429465575 -1250097385:Tunic of Withered Grasp\/a
\aITEM -191403866 -659860235:Wristguards of Withered Grasp\/a

Diabolic Set (Fabled) (Warlock)

Diabolic Cap
Diabolic Cowl
\aITEM -967510338 1507249515:Diabolic Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1585299849 -1692254271:Diabolic Drape\/a
\aITEM -1935974703 -2080832966:Diabolic Leggings\/a
\aITEM 83732277 -1686135584:Diabolic Mitts\/a
\aITEM -108550884 1304518508:Diabolic Slippers\/a

Incandescent Set (Fabled) (Wizard)

\aITEM -25308500 505539111:Incandescent Blouse\/a
\aITEM 143164045 -200242693:Incandescent Cap\/a
\aITEM -1831149151 725659043:Incandescent Cowl\/a
\aITEM -1327431889 1582761039:Incandescent Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1917431460 -1661053500:Incandescent Mitts\/a
\aITEM -1604325651 108764127:Incandescent Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 412662641 -234721562:Incandescent Slippers\/a

< Level 77 > (ROK Crafted)

Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Set (Mastercrafted) (Mage)

\aITEM -1913960458 -944861268:Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Cap\/a
\aITEM -1759122354 1120819543:Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1435286981 -2140731172:Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Mitts\/a
\aITEM 1704790913 2067353281:Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -213629798 2024847800:Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Robe\/a
\aITEM -1909928722 1539537399:Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Shawl\/a
\aITEM -613650964 1727108299:Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Slippers\/a

Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Set (Mastercrafted) (Cleric & Crusader & Warrior)

\aITEM -1302596307 -1840197923:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1067294505 -1708476485:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 2057947 538205483:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1158911340 1696116380:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM 859675847 -1902090784:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1197384782 -488010532:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Spaulders\/a
\aITEM 1811441442 1274240210:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Cuirass\/a

Rilissian Manslayer Set (Mastercrafted) (Brawler & Priest) (Brawler for Gi)

\aITEM -1360338952 -1360674100:Rilissian Manslayer Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM -888066520 322810121:Rilissian Manslayer Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM 418675267 1657821011:Sathirian Manslayer Leather Gi\/a
\aITEM 1924479661 1392623877:Rilissian Manslayer Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1440155166 1440226090:Rilissian Manslayer Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM 323920755 1042704655:Rilissian Manslayer Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 623051010 1771191747:Rilissian Manslayer Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1644749714 -1644691110:Rilissian Manslayer Leather Tunic\/a

Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Set (Mastercrafted) (Scout & Shaman)

\aITEM -1241544474 1664889641:Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM -1970696969 -2122018707:Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Bracer\/a
\aITEM 158899493 476101253:Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM 840459877 654328261:Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 91249337 1832011380:Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1752957155 137153231:Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1334069341 1149850823:Rilissian Trooper Chainmail Mantle\/a

< Level 77 Dropped >

Blistered Strand Set (Legendary) (Mage)

\aITEM 719545449 -2242050:Blistered Strand Cap\/a
\aITEM 899656742 1528927340:Blistered Strand Cowl\/a
\aITEM -1013207839 1442626135:Blistered Strand Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -1793751284 -1216219485:Blistered Strand Gloves\/a
\aITEM 501813425 -1650518657:Blistered Strand Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1823227284 -34735578:Blistered Strand Robe\/a
\aITEM -706173333 -613063309:Blistered Strand Slippers\/a

Divine Rhapsody Set (Legendary) (Cleric)

\aITEM -936021728 -719919261:Divine Rhapsody Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -97307189 405774658:Divine Rhapsody Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -22543513 -701142695:Divine Rhapsody Helm\/a
\aITEM -646535895 996815264:Divine Rhapsody Legplates\/a
\aITEM 314995547 -254089262:Divine Rhapsody Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -1318923996 -1908705982:Divine Rhapsody Tonlets\/a
\aITEM 1208288244 -1441163395:Divine Rhapsody Vambraces\/a

Enigmatic Sacrifice Set (Legendary) (Cleric & Shaman) (Same appearance as Cabalistic Sacrifice Set)

\aITEM -1623796455 889723878:Boots of Enigmatic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM -1997467528 1463662499:Chestguard of Enigmatic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM 762266394 -224140095:Handguards of Enigmatic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM 1434237717 -2045882317:Helm of Enigmatic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM -1525612740 -26798255:Leggings of Enigmatic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM 1558407397 713839934:Shoulder Pads of Enigmatic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM 1671212586 178409528:Wristguards of Enigmatic Sacrifice\/a

Impetuous Strikes Set (Legendary) (Scout)

\aITEM 2041406848 486627527:Boots of Impetuous Strikes\/a
\aITEM 308221577 -1922610496:Bracers of Impetuous Strikes\/a
\aITEM -1272787585 313434349:Coat of Impetuous Strikes\/a
\aITEM -1572734738 -1783603190:Coif of Impetuous Strikes\/a
\aITEM -764485179 -1954458795:Gloves of Impetuous Strikes\/a
\aITEM 1781951814 2041764559:Leggings of Impetuous Strikes\/a
\aITEM -1624167056 818367386:Mantle of Impetuous Strikes\/a

Quarrelsome Set (Legendary) (Brawler)

\aITEM 109439672 352794537:Quarrelsome Boots\/a
\aITEM 79762440 1851962919:Quarrelsome Gloves\/a
\aITEM -38259874 -298127793:Quarrelsome Pants\/a
\aITEM 2038268595 -1393536734:Quarrelsome Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 713372181 4301343:Quarrelsome Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 899164462 639300671:Quarrelsome Tunic\/a
\aITEM -1009800655 588292990:Quarrelsome Wristguards\/a

Ravaged Onslaught Set (Legendary) (Crusader & Warrior)

\aITEM 1651211931 1488802356:Barbute of Ravaged Onslaught\/a
\aITEM 1654985881 -1175083731:Breastplate of Ravaged Onslaught\/a
\aITEM 1654985881 -1175083731:Breastplate of Ravaged Onslaught\/a
\aITEM -695422440 -329605449:Greaves of Ravaged Onslaught\/a
\aITEM -456078871 -569973434:Gussets of Ravaged Onslaught\/a
\aITEM -328020099 701678983:Sabatons of Ravaged Onslaught\/a
\aITEM -451986233 995222880:Spaulders of Ravaged Onslaught\/a

Sanctificatrion Set (Legendary) (Crusader & Warrior)

\aITEM 2137428069 -562461093:Barbute of Sanctification\/a
\aITEM 1109837482 -671205858:Breastplate of Sanctification\/a
\aITEM -1003223275 -673778643:Gauntlets of Sanctification\/a
\aITEM 951520702 -1717036160:Greaves of Sanctification\/a
\aITEM -672445102 1995725676:Gussets of Sanctification\/a
\aITEM 1160361606 -967427913:Sabatons of Sanctification\/a
\aITEM -600325269 -808112045:Spaulders of Sanctification\/a

Sylvan Moon Set (Legendary) (Druid) (Same appearance as Wayward Moon Set)

\aITEM 548140411 296652175:Sylvan Moon Boots\/a
\aITEM 109750557 -1133798816:Sylvan Moon Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1797306755 -1315005903:Sylvan Moon Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1877315746 -595604229:Sylvan Moon Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -1461708421 -1918778057:Sylvan Moon Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 330708717 582176281:Sylvan Moon Tunic\/a
\aITEM -902945753 -1611093069:Sylvan Moon Wristguards\/a

Wayward Moon Set (Legendary) (Priest) (Same appearance as Sylvan Moon Set)

\aITEM 865735013 1569137483:Wayward Moon Boots\/a
\aITEM -57236070 539932007:Wayward Moon Gloves\/a
\aITEM -374604090 1427025386:Wayward Moon Leggings\/a
\aITEM 425527525 -2002269005:Wayward Moon Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -711679552 1764881132:Wayward Moon Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 8901363 1855643869:Wayward Moon Tunic\/a
\aITEM 2018616382 2116829942:Wayward Moon Wristguards\/a

Cabalistic Sacrifice Set (Legendary) (Shaman) (Same appearance as Enigmatic Sacrifice Set)

\aITEM 1191676502 -845438394:Boots of Cabalistic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM 2107972701 -884006155:Chestguard of Cabalistic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM -558071174 1750514898:Handguards of Cabalistic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM 1316719635 999391830:Helm of Cabalistic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM 205092923 -1739199643:Leggings of Cabalistic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM -204480036 1166834926:Shoulder Pads of Cabalistic Sacrifice\/a
\aITEM -131382981 -1395656738:Wristguards of Cabalistic Sacrifice\/a

< Level 78 >

Taleweaver's Set (Fabled) (Bard)

\aITEM -1013456620 1698907652:Taleweaver's Boots\/a
\aITEM -121904610 -87334704:Taleweaver's Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1118765211 -710899520:Taleweaver's Coat\/a
\aITEM -2043673563 -289377408:Taleweaver's Coif\/a
\aITEM -614143552 -965399293:Taleweaver's Gloves\/a
\aITEM -694853295 -1437860252:Taleweaver's Leggings\/a
\aITEM 474067716 22050759:Taleweaver's Mantle\/a

Juggernaut Set (Fabled) (Brawler)

\aITEM -1256302566 -1882020267:Juggernaut Boots\/a
\aITEM 1017793918 -621552255:Juggernaut Gloves\/a
\aITEM 2103992920 507767351:Juggernaut Leggings\/a
\aITEM 104441999 -1798398078:Juggernaut Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 1096236382 578598193:Juggernaut Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -2046583924 -1127258685:Juggernaut Tunic\/a
\aITEM 1346725708 1277689905:Juggernaut Wristguards\/a

Transcending Set (Fabled) (Cleric)

\aITEM 66058722 -2106349143:Transcending Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -902134146 -1901401144:Transcending Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1728492689 1987095526:Transcending Helm\/a
\aITEM -377547108 -1376814294:Transcending Legplates\/a
\aITEM 584040686 1717546328:Transcending Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -1682103147 -1086075876:Transcending Tonlets\/a
\aITEM 2014097473 1016913399:Transcending Vambraces\/a

Demonguard's Set (Fabled) (Crusader)

\aITEM -465722165 -1853981483:Demonguard's Barbute\/a
\aITEM -1111814763 1977405636:Demonguard's Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 735444039 2006772797:Demonguard's Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1450784573 591064867:Demonguard's Greaves\/a
\aITEM 326485130 1714822292:Demonguard's Gussets\/a
\aITEM 2047000027 -2139569312:Demonguard's Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1394001696 257939290:Demonguard's Spaulders\/a

Stormcalling Set (Fabled) (Druid)

\aITEM -141580590 1836313762:Boots of Stormcalling\/a
\aITEM 1244363508 1665064968:Gloves of Stormcalling\/a
\aITEM -1766490500 206124044:Pants of Stormcalling\/a
\aITEM -1406324598 -1985102929:Shoulder Pads of Stormcalling\/a
\aITEM 288011388 -848839135:Skullcap of Stormcalling\/a
\aITEM -532795339 2059565637:Tunic of Stormcalling\/a
\aITEM -1227662019 370429578:Wristguards of Stormcalling\/a

Mindbending Set (Fabled) (Enchanter)

\aITEM -1344587543 -441816289:Mindbending Cap\/a
\aITEM -660465830 -1942605536:Mindbending Cowl\/a
\aITEM -1698321331 708943945:Mindbending Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1244411599 1307670234:Mindbending Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1520072831 415925021:Mindbending Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 2121169168 721051498:Mindbending Robe\/a
\aITEM -1990623547 -936321380:Mindbending Slippers\/a

Dead-Eye Set (Fabled) (Predator)

\aITEM 1595186398 -1571089664:Boots of the Dead-Eye\/a
\aITEM 1045187149 -262391822:Bracers of the Dead-Eye\/a
\aITEM -72202926 -542233122:Coat of the Dead-Eye\/a
\aITEM 797893348 194153064:Coif of the Dead-Eye\/a
\aITEM -723127477 -1407836246:Gloves of the Dead-Eye\/a
\aITEM -1455732349 -347165858:Leggings of the Dead-Eye\/a
\aITEM -1299015241 -899582634:Mantle of the Dead-Eye\/a

Tomb Raider's Set (Fabled) (Rouge)

\aITEM 1493563298 -733077125:Tomb Raider's Boots\/a
\aITEM -1091517213 -2118500321:Tomb Raider's Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1862926364 -751905797:Tomb Raider's Coat\/a
\aITEM -1416297308 -397530949:Tomb Raider's Coif\/a
\aITEM -100897425 108940489:Tomb Raider's Gloves\/a
\aITEM 366978262 -1578413979:Tomb Raider's Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1054422955 -1050995187:Tomb Raider's Mantle\/a

Mist Covered Set (Fabled) (Shaman)

\aITEM -41506163 -1324740137:Mist Covered Boots\/a
\aITEM -2063891112 -2000127676:Mist Covered Chestguard\/a
\aITEM -291950652 -492121128:Mist Covered Handguards\/a
\aITEM -918591016 747924985:Mist Covered Helm\/a
\aITEM 1567249452 -545372290:Mist Covered Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1227602225 -2139163474:Mist Covered Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 1689212857 1889679370:Mist Covered Wristguards\/a

Focused Mind Set (Fabled) (Sorceror)

\aITEM -873338489 187126184:Focused Mind Cap\/a
\aITEM 1926001108 -639788491:Focused Mind Cowl\/a
\aITEM -1871746036 1204399881:Focused Mind Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1274932489 994099013:Focused Mind Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1732564926 657429712:Focused Mind Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -738189410 2131883135:Focused Mind Robe\/a
\aITEM 100140160 -598653716:Focused Mind Slippers\/a

Leviathan Sealed Set (Fabled) (Summoner)

\aITEM -1562061607 2025100230:Leviathan Sealed Cap\/a
\aITEM -25815014 1940145576:Leviathan Sealed Cowl\/a
\aITEM -331400750 -908248785:Leviathan Sealed Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 719995535 -373084626:Leviathan Sealed Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1113911648 1336561253:Leviathan Sealed Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1488614992 -714593310:Leviathan Sealed Robe\/a
\aITEM 776528931 -581924911:Leviathan Sealed Slippers\/a

Wrathbringer Set (Fabled) (Warrior)

\aITEM 1876096182 2017717258:Barbute of the Wrathbringer\/a
\aITEM -1857062966 1043131713:Breastplate of the Wrathbringer\/a
\aITEM -474852268 -1087558715:Gauntlets of the Wrathbringer\/a
\aITEM -2086649782 -1808705290:Greaves of the Wrathbringer\/a
\aITEM 129454694 270944986:Gussets of the Wrathbringer\/a
\aITEM -1543137910 -1504586162:Sabatons of the Wrathbringer\/a
\aITEM -838394234 -1835507433:Spaulders of the Wrathbringer\/a

< Level 80 > (PVP Quested)

Executioner Set (Fabled) (Assassin)

Boots of the Executioner
Bracers of the Executioner
\aITEM 831070821 -433247090:Coat of the Executioner\/a
Coif of the Executioner
Gloves of the Executioner
\aITEM -1289632665 -892605809:Leggings of the Executioner\/a
Mantle of the Executioner

Gladiator Set (Fabled) (Berserker)

\aITEM 775058013 -655180393:Gladiator's Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1354616078 1285198454:Gladiator's Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 1669229621 1504737808:Gladiator's Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -646311396 800775638:Gladiator's Gussets\/a
\aITEM -1669930581 1790324321:Gladiator's Greaves\/a
Gladiator's Sabatons
Gladiator's Spaulders

Blackguard Set (Fabled) (Brigand)

Boots of the Blackguard
\aITEM -1834548546 -2111565126:Bracers of the Blackguard\/a
\aITEM 35864213 1182248860:Coat of the Blackguard\/a
\aITEM -133245476 -1134934827:Coif of the Blackguard\/a
\aITEM 1218659739 -973917866:Gloves of the Blackguard\/a
\aITEM -1953915818 2033132834:Leggings of the Blackguard\/a
\aITEM 1573717275 -794988074:Mantle of the Blackguard\/a

Antagonist Set (Fabled) (Bruiser)

\aITEM -666273334 884846857:Boots of the Antagonist\/a
Gloves of the Antagonist
\aITEM 1623577457 -1942938702:Pants of the Antagonist\/a
\aITEM -778353493 1948053453:Shoulder Pads of the Antagonist\/a
\aITEM -1872581502 -1586042291:Skullcap of the Antagonist\/a
\aITEM -803586783 1022293474:Tunic of the Antagonist\/a
\aITEM 1815891659 1362667008:Wristguards of the Antagonist\/a

Enticing Set (Fabled) (Coercer)

\aITEM -461161099 -514808431:Cap of the Enticing\/a
\aITEM -327209481 -905482899:Cowl of the Enticing\/a
\aITEM 716697719 -1152301298:Cuffs of the Enticing\/a
Gloves of the Enticing
\aITEM 639312880 -647538071:Pantaloons of the Enticing\/a
\aITEM -1036974922 -464960468:Robe of the Enticing\/a
Slippers of the Enticing

? (Fabled) (Conjuror)

Witchdoctor Set (Fabled) (Defiler)

Witchdoctor's Boots
\aITEM -98553081 632268592:Witchdoctor's Chestguard\/a
Witchdoctor's Handguards
\aITEM -472059421 2064309690:Witchdoctor's Helm\/a
Witchdoctor's Leggings
\aITEM -1923755360 535505125:Witchdoctor's Shoulder Pads\/a
Witchdoctor's Wristguards

Bladesinger Set (Fabled) (Dirge)

Boots of the Bladesinger
\aITEM -1987988226 -1459263914:Bracers of the Bladesinger\/a
\aITEM 1161823011 2077011990:Coat of the Bladesinger\/a
Coif of the Bladesinger
Gloves of the Bladesinger
\aITEM -1589244064 1462400535:Leggings of the Bladesinger\/a
Mantle of the Bladesinger

Stormbringer Set (Fabled) (Fury)

Stormbringer's Boots
Stormbringer's Gloves
Stormbringer's Leggings
Stormbringer's Shoulder Pads
\aITEM -881117785 1741717272:Stormbringer's Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1282791391 700752807:Stormbringer's Tunic\/a
Stormbringer's Wristguards

Protector Set (Fabled) (Guardian)

\aITEM -1600277938 52006504:Barbute of the Protector\/a
\aITEM 1170836545 853925988:Breastplate of the Protector\/a
\aITEM -680043671 438817636:Gauntlets of the Protector\/a
\aITEM -1009838432 1615538822:Greaves of the Protector\/a
Gussets of the Protector
Sabatons of the Protector
Spaulders of the Protector

Enlightening Set (Fabled) (Illusionist)

Cap of the Elightening
\aITEM -1499615162 -953303482:Cowl of the Enlightening\/a
Cuffs of the Enlightening
Gloves of the Enlightening
Pantaloons of the Enlightening
Robe of the Elightening
Slippers of the Enlightening

Exorcist Set (Fabled) (Inquisitor)

\aITEM 462105523 -631530147:Exorcist's Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1981240807 692367394:Exorcist's Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -2042873521 1090399306:Exorcist's Helm\/a
Exorcist's Leggings
\aITEM 1629351049 -1045301582:Exorcist's Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 1442271008 300140677:Exorcist's Tonlets\/a
Exorcist's Vambraces

Tranquil Set (Fabled) (Monk)

Tranquil Boots
Tranquil Gloves
Tranquil Pants
\aITEM 153144222 979693190:Tranquil Shoulder Pads\/a
Tranquil Skullcap
Tranquil Tunic
Tranquil Wristguards

Oracle Set (Fabled) (Mystic)

Oracle's Boots
\aITEM -462758771 970513096:Oracle's Chestguard\/a
Oracle's Handguards
Oracle's Helm
Oracle's Leggings
Oracle's Shoulder Pads
Oracle's Wristguards

Lich Set (Fabled) (Necromancer)

Lich's Cap
Lich's Cowl
Lich's Cuffs
Lich's Gloves
Lich's Pantaloons
Lich's Robe
\aITEM 974560181 -1739183442:Lich's Slippers\/a

Knight Set (Fabled) (Paladin)

Knight's Barbute
\aITEM 243268680 -1181177727:Knight's Breastplate\/a
Knight's Gauntlets
Knight's Greaves
Knight's Gussets
Knight's Sabatons
Knight's Spaulders

Hunter Set (Fabled) (Ranger)

\aITEM 1678273401 876692146:Hunter's Boots\/a
\aITEM 629488213 1329200373:Hunter's Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1174205313 161744113:Hunter's Coat\/a
Hunter's Coif
Hunter's Gloves
\aITEM 927385489 -503654209:Hunter's Leggings\/a
\aITEM 803549547 587424634:Hunter's Mantle\/a

Despiteful Set (Fabled) (Shadowknight)

\aITEM -780176798 2078226725:Despiteful Barbute\/a
\aITEM -1876886724 1915228038:Despiteful Breastplate\/a
Despiteful Gauntlets
Despiteful Gussets
\aITEM 1664868756 -912545069:Despiteful Greaves\/a
Despiteful Sabatons
\aITEM 1130594851 492136793:Despiteful Spaulders\/a

Fencer Set (Fabled) (Swashbuckler)

Fencer's Boots
Fencer's Bracers
\aITEM 1617945672 975732524:Fencer's Coat\/a
Fencer's Coif
Fencer's Gloves
\aITEM 872603254 1166444571:Fencer's Leggings\/a
Fencer's Mantle

? (Fabled) (Templar)

Minstrel Set (Fabled) (Troubador)

\aITEM 992534561 -438162303:Minstrel's Boots\/a
Minstrel's Bracers
\aITEM 1627366328 296601173:Minstrel's Coat\/a
Minstrel's Coif
Minstrel's Gloves
Minstrel's Leggings
Minstrel's Mantle

Animalist Set (Fabled) (Warden)

Boots of the Animalist
\aITEM -2009645852 576580641:Gloves of the Animalist\/a
\aITEM -1988817649 -1731558768:Leggings of the Animalist\/a
Skullcap of the Animalist
Shoulder Pads of the Animalist
\aITEM -877722981 707341718:Tunic of the Animalist\/a
Wristguards of the Animalist

Occultist Set (Fabled) (Warlock)

\aITEM -79750187 50684158:Cap of the Occultist\/a
Cowl of the Occultist
\aITEM -206989820 1676668873:Cuffs of the Occultist\/a
Gloves of the Occultist
Pantaloons of the Occultist
\aITEM -827433150 -1227835858:Robe of the Occultist\/a
\aITEM 1008723999 -880096813:Slippers of the Occultist\/a

Invoker Set (Fabled) (Wizard)

\aITEM -629790456 1519858221:Invoker's Cap\/a
Invoker's Cowl
Invoker's Cuffs
Invoker's Gloves
\aITEM 477032597 269962402:Invoker's Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1458174225 -493734989:Invoker's Robe\/a
\aITEM -140450864 -365252122:Invoker's Slippers\/a

< Level 80 > (ROK Veeshan's Peak Sets)

Insidious Set (Fabled) (Assassin)

\aITEM 329030646 -1858263964:Insidious Boots\/a
\aITEM 606288729 1015742333:Insidious Bracers\/a
\aITEM -700650880 2138552790:Insidious Coat\/a
\aITEM -312733248 1142375062:Insidious Coif\/a
\aITEM -1783602706 -1959579079:Insidious Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1055993275 48914606:Insidious Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1385511722 1276537085:Insidious Mantle\/a

Furious Execution Set (Fabled) (Berserker)

\aITEM 1181336262 700626832:Barbute of Furious Execution\/a

\aITEM 172564463 1567656449:Berserker Breastplate of Furious Execution\/a
\aITEM 726219016 2106112859:Berserker Gauntlets of Furious Execution\/a
\aITEM -225571259 462648033:Berserker Greaves of Furious Execution\/a
\aITEM -1059949132 701434128:Berserker Gussets of Furious Execution\/a
\aITEM 1496915256 194512154:Berserker Sabatons of Furious Execution\/a
\aITEM 1136213946 360234473:Berserker Spaulders of Furious Execution\/a

Obstinate Resolution Set (Fabled) (Brigand)

\aITEM 1363014549 -1195164023:Boots of Obstinate Resolution\/a
\aITEM 1797035044 1638505506:Bracers of Obstinate Resolution\/a
\aITEM -224577389 387262588:Coat of Obstinate Resolution\/a
\aITEM 1875186716 -1974663949:Coif of Obstinate Resolution\/a
\aITEM -2057433075 1209534570:Gloves of Obstinate Resolution\/a
\aITEM -573907598 -317884502:Leggings of Obstinate Resolution\/a
\aITEM 34192695 -816863920:Mantle of Obstinate Resolution\/a

Abrupt Persuasion Set (Fabled) (Bruiser)

\aITEM 989983564 -295267514:Boots of Abrupt Pursuasion\/a
\aITEM 1323612641 2028378324:Gloves of Abrupt Pursuasion\/a
\aITEM 1122793837 -1752491673:Pants of Abrupt Pursuasion\/a
\aITEM -127635646 -47624642:Shoulder Pads of Abrupt Pursuasion\/a
\aITEM 361691262 -871618200:Skullcap of Abrupt Pursuasion\/a
\aITEM -121551286 765863488:Tunic of Abrupt Pursuasion\/a
\aITEM -1729734251 2045139861:Wristguards of Abrupt Pursuasion\/a

Spectral Coercion Set (Fabled) (Coercer)

\aITEM 1347325997 811387619:Cap of Spectral Coercion\/a
\aITEM 440803583 300053514:Cowl of Spectral Coercion\/a
\aITEM -466737241 1592405112:Cuffs of Spectral Coercion\/a
\aITEM 353353107 1958813637:Gloves of Spectral Coercion\/a
\aITEM -864134467 -1599694752:Pantaloons of Spectral Coercion\/a
\aITEM -739501996 -666350431:Robe of Spectral Coercion\/a
\aITEM 758343126 -1660348951:Slippers of Spectral Coercion\/a

Elemental Fascination Set (Fabled) (Conjuror)

\aITEM 732579118 -682718774:Cap of Elemental Fascination\/a
\aITEM -218841622 -2049521910:Cowl of Elemental Fascination\/a
\aITEM 2016509523 150275612:Cuffs of Elemental Fascination\/a
\aITEM 1520557849 1812725549:Gloves of Elemental Fascination\/a
\aITEM 991612690 1506209970:Pantaloons of Elemental Fascination\/a
\aITEM -189351503 -2087402671:Robe of Elemental Fascination\/a
\aITEM 164476074 1368223207:Slippers of Elemental Fascination\/a

Prophetic Reliance Set (Fabled) (Defiler)

\aITEM -133599277 1004743159:Boots of Prophetic Reliance\/a
\aITEM -2089543447 -749554773:Chestguard of Prophetic Reliance\/a
\aITEM 395448782 1203026572:Handguards of Prophetic Reliance\/a
\aITEM -176416516 1540542991:Helm of Prophetic Reliance\/a
\aITEM -1436887271 895226439:Leggings of Prophetic Reliance\/a
\aITEM 281843734 1697554212:Shoulder Pads of Prophetic Reliance\/a
\aITEM 1541170958 615393873:Wristguards of Prophetic Reliance\/a

Lamenting Ballads Set (Fabled) (Dirge)

\aITEM -570311538 1274793062:Boots of Lamenting Ballads\/a
\aITEM -1297529083 -610410911:Bracers of Lamenting Ballads\/a
\aITEM -719906013 1146369100:Coat of Lamenting Ballads\/a
\aITEM 1376377796 -1018497877:Coif of Lamenting Ballads\/a
\aITEM 995694784 -579090444:Gloves of Lamenting Ballads\/a
\aITEM 764973240 793267822:Leggings of Lamenting Ballads\/a
\aITEM -2145452017 1715330875:Mantle of Lamenting Ballads\/a

Dark Tempest Set (Fabled) (Fury)

\aITEM -641205103 1797472765:Dark Tempest Boots\/a
\aITEM 1185730162 35260348:Dark Tempest Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1519614520 313344426:Dark Tempest Leggings\/a
\aITEM -763424299 687558785:Dark Tempest Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -1722557746 781328044:Dark Tempest Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -354795769 1480491627:Dark Tempest Tunic\/a
\aITEM -1157333418 -1281195581:Dark Tempest Wristguards\/a

Vigilant Set (Fabled) (Guardian)

\aITEM -1002368012 1010687182:Barbute of the Vigilant\/a
\aITEM 367922490 -1361232032:Breastplate of the Vigilant\/a
\aITEM 352634696 1851171160:Gauntlets of the Vigilant\/a
\aITEM -1870060311 1760947155:Greaves of the Vigilant\/a
\aITEM 325355376 -350730166:Gussets of the Vigilant\/a
\aITEM 1349035922 394704780:Sabatons of the Vigilant\/a
\aITEM -1649203276 -421445212:Spaulders of the Vigilant\/a

Shimmering Hues Set (Fabled) (Illusionist)

\aITEM -754701183 321803743:Cap of Shimmering Hues\/a
\aITEM -779736980 1507608145:Cowl of Shimmering Hues\/a
\aITEM -1568201352 -30536784:Cuffs of Shimmering Hues\/a
\aITEM 1937791175 -500530212:Gloves of Shimmering Hues\/a
\aITEM 1543810138 -2090848270:Pantaloons of Shimmering Hues\/a
\aITEM 1979464905 -39431436:Robe of Shimmering Hues\/a
\aITEM 1970395711 -1676747533:Slippers of Shimmering Hues\/a

Judgement Set (Fabled) (Inquisitor)

\aITEM 1007072439 -779995443:Breastplate of Judgement\/a
\aITEM 243960255 -1022086903:Gauntlets of Judgement\/a
\aITEM -85375802 1403448502:Helm of Judgement\/a
\aITEM -1343927073 1652290665:Legplates of Judgement\/a
\aITEM 421043913 -729405825:Pauldrons of Judgement\/a
\aITEM -1148072286 -1546412074:Tonlets of Judgement\/a
\aITEM -1622411238 1389707436:Vambraces of Judgement\/a

Intuitive Grace Set (Fabled) (Monk)

\aITEM -1774622112 1581875134:Boots of Intuitive Grace\/a
\aITEM -1918361726 780064039:Gloves of Intuitive Grace\/a
\aITEM -902656818 37918992:Pants of Intuitive Grace\/a
\aITEM -1334352352 -1040132023:Shoulder Pads of Intuitive Grace\/a
\aITEM -1851723396 795685228:Skullcap of Intuitive Grace\/a
\aITEM -1578564908 1771640586:Tunic of Intuitive Grace\/a
\aITEM 1267976010 670056973:Wristguards of Intuitive Grace\/a

Soothsayer's Set (Fabled) (Mystic)

\aITEM 1141681133 -1507573256:Soothsayer's Boots\/a
\aITEM 2094014167 923017551:Soothsayer's Chestguard\/a
\aITEM 380810315 1567001555:Soothsayer's Handguards\/a
\aITEM 636092590 -1250295449:Soothsayer's Helm\/a
\aITEM 30131402 -1979574737:Soothsayer's Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1656008731 1822114359:Soothsayer's Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 424731283 -405852710:Soothsayer's Wristguards\/a

Grave Reckoning Set (Fabled) (Necromancer)

\aITEM -1849814468 -53501771:Cap of Grave Reckoning\/a
\aITEM 1632399577 -1237470405:Cowl of Grave Reckoning\/a
\aITEM 476349849 298843866:Cuffs of Grave Reckoning\/a
\aITEM -1586805709 231438006:Gloves of Grave Reckoning\/a
\aITEM 1831085713 1820449432:Pantaloons of Grave Reckoning\/a
\aITEM -986291076 306685854:Robe of Grave Reckoning\/a
\aITEM 1061773095 1945053593:Slippers of Grave Reckoning\/a

Benevolence Set (Fabled) (Paladin)

\aITEM -2050719326 1790147751:Barbute of Benevolence\/a
\aITEM -497476572 1490962795:Breastplate of Benevolence\/a
\aITEM -126717948 1764547604:Gauntlets of Benevolence\/a
\aITEM -1817922220 2094221393:Greaves of Benevolence\/a
\aITEM -1383929021 1123358278:Gussets of Benevolence\/a
\aITEM 1135083878 1703062557:Sabatons of Benevolence\/a
\aITEM 1204316892 -694761780:Spaulders of Benevolence\/a

Enlivened Chance Set (Fabled) (Ranger)

\aITEM -1207424606 -2002298459:Boots of Enlivened Chance\/a
\aITEM -755821993 1370017706:Bracers of Enlivened Chance\/a
\aITEM -10687392 665208812:Coat of Enlivened Chance\/a
\aITEM -381691407 835023485:Coif of Enlivened Chance\/a
\aITEM 1260993179 17057263:Gloves of Enlivened Chance\/a
\aITEM 1199243623 1351455164:Leggings of Enlivened Chance\/a
\aITEM 108459566 1281067354:Mantle of Enlivened Chance\/a

Apathetic Set (Fabled) (Shadowknight)

\aITEM -2021578940 1269413987:Barbute of the Apathetic\/a
\aITEM -1320898246 2052445807:Breastplate of the Apathetic\/a
\aITEM -922500643 1385686383:Gauntlets of the Apathetic\/a

\aITEM -455900246 1795517584:Shadowknight Greaves of the Apathetic\/a

\aITEM 1837319657 -1582572850:Gussets of the Apathetic\/a
\aITEM -1565748201 -749722700:Sabatons of the Apathetic\/a
\aITEM 2105591818 -434836296:Spaulders of the Apathetic\/a

Reckless Plunder Set (Fabled) (Swashbuckler)

\aITEM 747868507 -460987856:Reckless Plunder Boots\/a
\aITEM -547409940 -1873119984:Reckless Plunder Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1815124518 -1391300332:Reckless Plunder Coat\/a
\aITEM 1464885606 -1770878380:Reckless Plunder Coif\/a
\aITEM 1038660017 -415228142:Reckless Plunder Gloves\/a
\aITEM -2063526228 826650049:Reckless Plunder Leggings\/a
\aITEM -87168139 543507926:Reckless Plunder Mantle\/a

Enlightened Credence Set (Fabled) (Templar)

\aITEM 564386023 -28398591:Breastplate of Enlightened Credence\/a
\aITEM -1178546489 -1963727512:Gauntlets of Enlightened Credence\/a
\aITEM -565091108 -1518520514:Helm of Enlightened Credence\/a
\aITEM -1832962947 -1584652334:Legplates of Enlightened Credence\/a
\aITEM -130507156 -888425021:Pauldrons of Enlightened Credence\/a
\aITEM -1910047982 -1383592627:Tonlets of Enlightened Credence\/a
\aITEM 1828164879 1606729376:Vambraces of Enlightened Credence\/a

Magnetism Set (Fabled) (Troubador)

\aITEM 1471340849 -1422902276:Boots of Magnetism\/a
\aITEM 1188064915 -1004307012:Bracers of Magnetism\/a
\aITEM -1327891509 319737664:Coat of Magnetism\/a
\aITEM -124989555 1532754694:Coif of Magnetism\/a
\aITEM -254152859 -1816427293:Gloves of Magnetism\/a
\aITEM -1558260976 -1912190453:Leggings of Magnetism\/a
\aITEM -1771850385 -184426775:Mantle of Magnetism\/a

Natura's Grace Set (Fabled) (Warden)

\aITEM 447832344 -196432066:Boots of Natura's Grace\/a
\aITEM -2053116500 -1458259653:Gloves of Natura's Grace\/a
\aITEM -1168810751 365473103:Leggings of Natura's Grace\/a
\aITEM -1230226847 -1259605510:Shoulder Pads of Natura's Grace\/a
\aITEM 1121907330 1635906682:Skullcap of Natura's Grace\/a
\aITEM 617129813 -65410091:Tunic of Natura's Grace\/a
\aITEM 474543306 -1848657865:Wristguards of Natura's Grace\/a

Sepulchral Judgement Set (Fabled) (Warlock)

\aITEM 444112232 -457256182:Cap of Sepulchral Judgement\/a
\aITEM 990876802 336733625:Cowl of Sepulchral Judgement\/a
\aITEM 44385586 1071564454:Cuffs of Sepulchral Judgement\/a
\aITEM -779129760 -1433454657:Gloves of Sepulchral Judgement\/a
\aITEM -1108927949 -769109353:Pantaloons of Sepulchral Judgement\/a
\aITEM -809578297 -526163460:Robe of Sepulchral Judgement\/a
\aITEM -180021098 -192402726:Slippers of Sepulchral Judgement\/a

Nexus Disruption Set (Fabled) (Wizard)

\aITEM 1554179696 -705737515:Cap of Nexus Disruption\/a
\aITEM -127048600 -542830367:Cowl of Nexus Disruption\/a
\aITEM 498183670 135213122:Cuffs of Nexus Disruption\/a
\aITEM 32751349 1276582329:Gloves of Nexus Disruption\/a
\aITEM 773408106 -1868538150:Pantaloons of Nexus Disruption\/a
\aITEM 1584744731 2042445202:Robe of Nexus Disruption\/a
\aITEM 51080634 -407371585:Slippers of Nexus Disruption\/a

<<< Crafted Sets >>>

<< Cloth Sets >>

< Tier 1 >

Tailored Magician Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -977662344 1883153369:pristine magician's cap\/a
\aITEM 1025894638 576589719:pristine magician's cuffs\/a
\aITEM -7554715 -520659428:pristine magician's mitts\/a
\aITEM 606652494 995307319:pristine magician's shawl\/a

Tailored Threadbare Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Sackcloth Set)

\aITEM -1110547440 -1606253929:Pristine Tailored Threadbare Blouse\/a
\aITEM -52974434 -315674404:Pristine Tailored Threadbare Cap\/a
\aITEM 232343341 909091901:Pristine Tailored Threadbare Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -814737754 -192481866:Pristine Tailored Threadbare Mitts\/a
\aITEM 370503740 1069869362:Pristine Tailored Threadbare Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 349464461 790791325:Pristine Tailored Threadbare Shawl\/a
\aITEM 1745208090 1437505367:Pristine Tailored Threadbare Slippers\/a

Tailored Sackcloth Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Threadbare Set)

\aITEM 1442949889 -420548105:Pristine Tailored Sackcloth Blouse\/a
\aITEM 496578268 -938598691:Pristine Tailored Sackcloth Cap\/a
\aITEM -870290968 -203244142:Pristine Tailored Sackcloth Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 243873891 827059225:Pristine Tailored Sackcloth Mitts\/a
\aITEM 536437194 -816259208:Pristine Tailored Sackcloth Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -718452408 -353395406:Pristine Tailored Sackcloth Shawl\/a
\aITEM 805819620 -111174950:Pristine Tailored Sackcloth Slippers\/a

< Tier 2 >

Tailored Burlap Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Roughspun Set)

\aITEM -352798903 1168095488:Pristine Tailored Burlap Blouse\/a
\aITEM -1006052439 -233091429:Pristine Tailored Burlap Cap\/a
\aITEM 1405041497 1051344624:Pristine Tailored Burlap Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -1860801838 -66883717:Pristine Tailored Burlap Mitts\/a
\aITEM 1405939295 -744777733:Pristine Tailored Burlap Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1253186553 665263696:Pristine Tailored Burlap Shawl\/a
\aITEM 480702815 -626686093:Pristine Tailored Burlap Slippers\/a

Tailored Roughspun Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Burlap Set)

\aITEM -317456571 -367860336:Pristine Tailored Roughspun Blouse\/a
\aITEM 105907088 1385336120:Pristine Tailored Roughspun Cap\/a
\aITEM -718066083 -1175592359:Pristine Tailored Roughspun Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 396001238 2068100050:Pristine Tailored Roughspun Mitts\/a
\aITEM 1149055515 -1019610636:Pristine Tailored Roughspun Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -868348163 -1595882759:Pristine Tailored Roughspun Shawl\/a
\aITEM -938184678 -918962373:Pristine Tailored Roughspun Slippers\/a

< Tier 3 >

Tailored Canvas Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Ruckas Set)

\aITEM 2047884603 -1913063736:Pristine Tailored Canvas Blouse\/a
\aITEM -1656168592 1139780588:Pristine Tailored Canvas Cap\/a
\aITEM 69785686 -1900775742:Pristine Tailored Canvas Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -964589091 1276979017:Pristine Tailored Canvas Mitts\/a
\aITEM 418443966 -1532548083:Pristine Tailored Canvas Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 489027830 -1749461406:Pristine Tailored Canvas Shawl\/a
\aITEM 214044925 1071992403:Pristine Tailored Canvas Slippers\/a

Tailored Ruckas Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Canvas Set)

\aITEM -396164985 -223143861:Pristine Tailored Ruckas Blouse\/a
\aITEM -186146516 -408700264:Pristine Tailored Ruckas Cap\/a
\aITEM -1516503142 -1353232754:Pristine Tailored Ruckas Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1731374609 1845370629:Pristine Tailored Ruckas Mitts\/a
\aITEM 2046078210 721433105:Pristine Tailored Ruckas Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1130963142 -1235587538:Pristine Tailored Ruckas Shawl\/a
\aITEM 484060971 1761162735:Pristine Tailored Ruckas Slippers\/a

< Tier 4 >

Tailored Broadcloth Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Cloth Set)

\aITEM 1340614378 1852073850:Pristine Tailored Broadcloth Blouse\/a
\aITEM 206158129 912125988:Pristine Tailored Broadcloth Cap\/a
\aITEM 1234957182 1898894922:Pristine Tailored Broadcloth Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -1959615755 -1282963519:Pristine Tailored Broadcloth Mitts\/a
\aITEM 482201413 200936975:Pristine Tailored Broadcloth Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1352061918 1747187434:Pristine Tailored Broadcloth Shawl\/a
\aITEM 511973559 1847509543:Pristine Tailored Broadcloth Slippers\/a

Tailored Cloth Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Broadcloth Set)

\aITEM -1439457461 1835958127:Pristine Tailored Cloth Blouse\/a
\aITEM -21266913 -1513887520:Pristine Tailored Cloth Cap\/a
\aITEM 1201430451 -841691192:Pristine Tailored Cloth Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -2060120520 259890755:Pristine Tailored Cloth Mitts\/a
\aITEM -1857454439 502194778:Pristine Tailored Cloth Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1586593555 -723914904:Pristine Tailored Cloth Shawl\/a
\aITEM 455441388 1254604655:Pristine Tailored Cloth Slippers\/a

< Tier 5 >

Tailored Rough Linen Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Linen Set)

\aITEM 909756093 -264750789:Pristine Tailored Rough Linen Blouse\/a
\aITEM 550947097 2047214652:Pristine Tailored Rough Linen Cap\/a
\aITEM 1153630327 1239757901:Pristine Tailored Rough Linen Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -2039852548 -1957927482:Pristine Tailored Rough Linen Mitts\/a
\aITEM 1384060216 1338613494:Pristine Tailored Rough Linen Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1573789911 1357386989:Pristine Tailored Rough Linen Shawl\/a
\aITEM 1265911949 196042444:Pristine Tailored Rough Linen Slippers\/a

Tailored Linen Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Rough Linen Set)

\aITEM -1003705316 -54822697:Pristine Tailored Linen Blouse\/a
\aITEM 586621708 -752417153:Pristine Tailored Linen Cap\/a
\aITEM 866774820 2092949638:Pristine Tailored Linen Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -251609425 -1105809139:Pristine Tailored Linen Mitts\/a
\aITEM -2031202166 -1155530718:Pristine Tailored Linen Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 715444100 1706213414:Pristine Tailored Linen Shawl\/a
\aITEM 1359986550 -121659479:Pristine Tailored Linen Slippers\/a

< Tier 6 >

Tailored Sandcloth Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Cambric Set)

\aITEM 1852819457 1986286745:Pristine Tailored Sandcloth Blouse\/a
\aITEM 598648231 -225376169:Pristine Tailored Sandcloth Cap\/a
\aITEM 2055318858 -967163235:Pristine Tailored Sandcloth Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -1205273407 83038998:Pristine Tailored Sandcloth Mitts\/a
\aITEM -2045449724 -93248698:Pristine Tailored Sandcloth Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1670155754 -547921347:Pristine Tailored Sandcloth Shawl\/a
\aITEM -457384856 -1533207778:Pristine Tailored Sandcloth Slippers\/a

Tailored Cambric Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Sandcloth Set)

\aITEM 528215391 -761247532:Pristine Tailored Cambric Blouse\/a
\aITEM 1271782857 -1842520172:Pristine Tailored Cambric Cap\/a
\aITEM -551454194 -746429701:Pristine Tailored Cambric Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 495463301 288043888:Pristine Tailored Cambric Mitts\/a
\aITEM -1695776671 -132215799:Pristine Tailored Cambric Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -970171730 -896581029:Pristine Tailored Cambric Shawl\/a
\aITEM -1954543135 -179580195:Pristine Tailored Cambric Slippers\/a

< Tier 7 >

Tailored Windcloth Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -231088374 -2045913272:pristine tailored windcloth blouse\/a
\aITEM 138335163 805607304:pristine tailored windcloth cap\/a
\aITEM 630198158 -1605708019:pristine tailored windcloth cuffs\/a
\aITEM -415670779 1659078278:pristine tailored windcloth mitts\/a
\aITEM 1562705229 -1905755503:pristine tailored windcloth pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1016934190 -1186465875:pristine tailored windcloth shawl\/a
\aITEM -2070209486 1208995251:pristine tailored windcloth slippers\/a

Tailored Dragon's Breath Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -176672514 1821644841:pristine tailored dragon's breath blouse\/a
\aITEM 431039464 1984343747:pristine tailored dragon's breath cap\/a
\aITEM 163308170 -322793591:pristine tailored dragon's breath cuffs\/a
\aITEM -887966975 778821122:pristine tailored dragon's breath mitts\/a
\aITEM -2120744761 2002583999:pristine tailored dragon's breath pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 280412714 -170938583:pristine tailored dragon's breath shawl\/a
\aITEM -989937629 1060283117:pristine tailored dragon's breath slippers\/a

< Tier 8 >

Tailored Damask Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -1354745142 -1823773979:Pristine Tailored Damask Cap\/a
\aITEM -899499365 -1290408183:Pristine Tailored Damask Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 147581712 1908194946:Pristine Tailored Damask Mitts\/a
\aITEM -1339157622 1215833088:Pristine Tailored Damask Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -603352224 2011473257:Pristine Tailored Damask Robe\/a
\aITEM -747660741 -1441214551:Pristine Tailored Damask Shawl\/a
\aITEM 1417131147 -1555196446:Pristine Tailored Damask Slippers\/a
\aITEM 1737851395 -864504822:Pristine Tailored Damask Vest\/a

Tailored Swiftcloth Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 1850131030 828878758:Pristine Tailored Swiftcloth Cap\/a
\aITEM -1527724891 -2091948068:Pristine Tailored Swiftcloth Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1717146926 1105606231:Pristine Tailored Swiftcloth Mitts\/a
\aITEM 540469365 -1611802776:Pristine Tailored Swiftcloth Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 628181751 -1735157370:Pristine Tailored Swiftcloth Robe\/a
\aITEM -1107434491 -1706932356:Pristine Tailored Swiftcloth Shawl\/a
\aITEM -717235601 1357629600:Pristine Tailored Swiftcloth Slippers\/a
\aITEM -1628611692 588220645:Pristine Tailored Swiftcloth Vest\/a

<< Leather Sets >>

< Tier 1 >

Tailored Pontiff Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Rawhide Leather Set & Tailored Waxed Leather Set)

\aITEM -1553439694 -842753418:pristine pontiff's bracer\/a
\aITEM -1589577124 -806616040:pristine pontiff's gloves\/a
\aITEM -72026915 -725624922:pristine pontiff's helm\/a
\aITEM 1956267504 -18159286:pristine pontiff's shoulder pads\/a

Tailored Rawhide Leather Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Pontiff Set & Tailored Waxed Leather Set)

\aITEM 1451973813 1777187848:Pristine Tailored Rawhide Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM -92850789 186005616:Pristine Tailored Rawhide Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM 2048943619 -808464430:Pristine Tailored Rawhide Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1380547245 -1831836178:Pristine Tailored Rawhide Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM -1547418813 -872727278:Pristine Tailored Rawhide Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 2004518191 1079238610:Pristine Tailored Rawhide Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 1704369955 1525710750:Pristine Tailored Rawhide Leather Tunic\/a

Tailored Waxed Leather Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Pontiff Set & Tailored Rawhide Leather Set)

\aITEM 595601573 1403776416:Pristine Tailored Waxed Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM -404887580 1906595253:Pristine Tailored Waxed Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1742896403 402170457:Pristine Tailored Waxed Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM -658640573 -1466551226:Pristine Tailored Waxed Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM -1666377428 90270334:Pristine Tailored Waxed Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -1210236080 -1423484032:Pristine Tailored Waxed Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 278784819 1622552118:Pristine Tailored Waxed Leather Tunic\/a

< Tier 2 >

Tailored Tanned Leather Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Cured Leather Set)

\aITEM 1182705733 -1471624319:Pristine Tailored Tanned Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM 1411117782 792084040:Pristine Tailored Tanned Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM -947035669 1533694241:Pristine Tailored Tanned Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1119653469 1400181351:Pristine Tailored Tanned Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM -383691029 870583408:Pristine Tailored Tanned Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 1372868272 668330680:Pristine Tailored Tanned Leather Skull Cap\/a
\aITEM 1969449939 -1688926185:Pristine Tailored Tanned Leather Tunic\/a

Tailored Cured Leather Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Tanned Leather Set)

\aITEM 1129132670 -1096380657:Pristine Tailored Cured Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM 2020827783 -75032342:Pristine Tailored Cured Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1988344661 1367085378:Pristine Tailored Cured Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1200559208 1167808233:Pristine Tailored Cured Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM 808504001 117428770:Pristine Tailored Cured Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 41655689 1776903583:Pristine Tailored Cured Leather Skull Cap\/a
\aITEM 1884353000 -1917104999:Pristine Tailored Cured Leather Tunic\/a

< Tier 3 >

Tailored Boiled Leather Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Cuirboilli Leather Set)

\aITEM 2077986151 1841459524:Pristine Tailored Boiled Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM -1196597996 -1307606437:Pristine Tailored Boiled Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM 315655466 -1331565148:Pristine Tailored Boiled Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM -2132388735 -1761630046:Pristine Tailored Boiled Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM -543696495 460916184:Pristine Tailored Boiled Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -294540877 -2064791116:Pristine Tailored Boiled Leather Skull Cap\/a
\aITEM 1220955889 1591718610:Pristine Tailored Boiled Leather Tunic\/a

Tailored Cuirboilli Leather Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Boiled Leather Set)

\aITEM -338344771 -1461221056:Pristine Tailored Cuirboilli Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM 566401691 1694890068:Pristine Tailored Cuirboilli Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1950789673 -1224143803:Pristine Tailored Cuirboilli Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM 283680091 1406816422:Pristine Tailored Cuirboilli Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM -87871619 -1103721294:Pristine Tailored Cuirboilli Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 1466622795 -1280992685:Pristine Tailored Cuirboilli Leather Skull Cap\/a
\aITEM -657946837 -1678095658:Pristine Tailored Cuirboilli Leather Tunic\/a

< Tier 4 >

Tailored Etched Leather Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Engraved Leather Set)

\aITEM 356654287 1421776305:Pristine Tailored Etched Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM 1501275838 2091092158:Pristine Tailored Etched Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM -894224543 2102368211:Pristine Tailored Etched Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM -293616343 -1350349737:Pristine Tailored Etched Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM -202647929 -1949529409:Pristine Tailored Etched Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 1021140475 1022920149:Pristine Tailored Etched Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1398104467 1415151814:Pristine Tailored Etched Leather Vest\/a

Tailored Engraved Leather Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Etched Leather Set)

\aITEM 73230026 1048402196:Pristine Tailored Engraved Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM -1797465146 1023485002:Pristine Tailored Engraved Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1161241452 -610729096:Pristine Tailored Engraved Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM -10436820 -985628430:Pristine Tailored Engraved Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM 1544772090 639800670:Pristine Tailored Engraved Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 1657668488 -2039934596:Pristine Tailored Engraved Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1294219338 666228695:Pristine Tailored Engraved Leather Vest\/a

< Tier 5 >

Tailored Strengthened Leather Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Augmented Leather Set)

\aITEM 279802347 1868718343:Pristine Tailored Strengthened Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM -1685037294 1961659481:Pristine Tailored Strengthened Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM -155894563 1601592734:Pristine Tailored Strengthened Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM -342841331 -1805666079:Pristine Tailored Strengthened Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM 1262793001 -1201070442:Pristine Tailored Strengthened Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -478193215 43957514:Pristine Tailored Strengthened Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 598782589 1551868561:Pristine Tailored Strengthened Leather Tunic\/a

Tailored Augmented Leather Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Strengthened Leather Set)

\aITEM -1571031033 -1418607181:Pristine Tailored Augmented Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM -46175616 637420551:Pristine Tailored Augmented Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1606116359 -1816249937:Pristine Tailored Augmented Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1499865569 1347165269:Pristine Tailored Augmented Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM 729386838 -1058664552:Pristine Tailored Augmented Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -48757604 -1910713551:Pristine Tailored Augmented Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1857668207 -1737751003:Pristine Tailored Augmented Leather Tunic\/a

< Tier 6 >

Tailored Stonehide Leather Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Scaled Leather Set)

\aITEM -1448260373 -957973255:Pristine Tailored Stonehide Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM -1007113725 -1646951113:Pristine Tailored Stonehide Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM -166970144 98174616:Pristine Tailored Stonehide Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1385207053 1037804831:Pristine Tailored Stonehide Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM -1624825890 -1399370039:Pristine Tailored Stonehide Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -1986588218 -1468151716:Pristine Tailored Stonehide Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1699704963 -168050833:Pristine Tailored Stonehide Leather Tunic\/a

Tailored Scaled Leather Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Tailored Stonehide Leather Set)

\aITEM 183254565 536567628:Pristine Tailored Scaled Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM 680190866 -1509918811:Pristine Tailored Scaled Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1972137435 -1106748232:Pristine Tailored Scaled Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM -237901885 -456751446:Pristine Tailored Scaled Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM 2021635926 -143017626:Pristine Tailored Scaled Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 242532445 -1236799546:Pristine Tailored Scaled Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 972160435 753310938:Pristine Tailored Scaled Leather Tunic\/a

< Tier 7 >

Tailored Horned Leather Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -885964881 858302177:pristine tailored horned leather boots\/a
\aITEM -1629396456 2043204458:pristine tailored horned leather bracers\/a
\aITEM -2015419110 373510164:pristine tailored horned leather gloves\/a
\aITEM 806151753 -938115321:pristine tailored horned leather pants\/a
\aITEM 1713826666 125712267:pristine tailored horned leather shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 61850082 -1119619005:pristine tailored horned leather skullcap\/a
\aITEM -131269575 3499383:pristine tailored horned leather tunic\/a

Tailored Dragonhide Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -179883389 -871913195:pristine tailored dragonhide boots\/a
\aITEM -647935107 -1717103251:pristine tailored dragonhide bracers\/a
\aITEM -1254539276 -1402189538:pristine tailored dragonhide gloves\/a
\aITEM 242936677 926576883:pristine tailored dragonhide pants\/a
\aITEM 1782715784 -1232523843:pristine tailored dragonhide shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1043387420 600244774:pristine tailored dragonhide skullcap\/a
\aITEM -967118571 -15046013:pristine tailored dragonhide tunic\/a

< Tier 8 >

Bristled Leather Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 188130138 863441795:Pristine Bristled Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM 244541576 -1794597613:Pristine Bristled Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM 230825446 -252596180:Pristine Bristled Leather Gi\/a
\aITEM 1254630421 -1241575467:Pristine Bristled Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM -267683140 -934622619:Pristine Bristled Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM 232076655 -1172839082:Pristine Bristled Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -214949716 -1804144235:Pristine Bristled Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 942366924 7000085:Pristine Bristled Leather Tunic\/a

Hidebound Leather Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -297381901 301361558:Pristine Hidebound Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM -655743989 309182884:Pristine Hidebound Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1948789723 165785887:Pristine Hidebound Leather Gi\/a
\aITEM -450408523 -671061436:Pristine Hidebound Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM 360420885 -355749776:Pristine Hidebound Leather Pants\/a
\aITEM -1748942651 -1464209819:Pristine Hidebound Leather Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -2024305798 -1040928026:Pristine Hidebound Leather Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -581202843 585869824:Pristine Hidebound Leather Tunic\/a

<< Chain Sets >>

< Tier 1 >

Reconnoiter Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 1648126743 1512521586:pristine reconnoiterer's coif\/a
\aITEM -1701378641 -475655679:pristine reconnoiterer's gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 742162352 1487949220:pristine reconnoiterer's mantle\/a
\aITEM -1104105229 -2030427225:pristine reconnoiterer's wristguard\/a

Forged Tin Chainmail Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 888347716 1382185549:Pristine Forged Tin Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM -2129869169 -199237830:Pristine Forged Tin Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1141181711 749154603:Pristine Forged Tin Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM -2137388623 398969451:Pristine Forged Tin Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM -1325867831 -918358773:Pristine Forged Tin Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1373926823 -358997571:Pristine Forged Tin Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM 2011006477 241676239:Pristine Forged Tin Chainmail Mantle\/a

Forged Bronze Chainmail Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -378657266 2136094907:Pristine Forged Bronze Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM 1301701935 774608013:Pristine Forged Bronze Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM 733770142 503990996:Pristine Forged Bronze Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM 282888926 627749268:Pristine Forged Bronze Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 640477565 -1649307040:Pristine Forged Bronze Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM -2013377300 -1085983783:Pristine Forged Bronze Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -519457863 1519700132:Pristine Forged Bronze Chainmail Mantle\/a

< Tier 2 >

Forged Iron Chainmail Set

\aITEM 821061208 -884566265:Pristine Forged Iron Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM -676657165 540180308:Pristine Forged Iron Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1671887735 18596136:Pristine Forged Iron Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM 1489371191 981154408:Pristine Forged Iron Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM -1526889476 1607629160:Pristine Forged Iron Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 134344561 1078214722:Pristine Forged Iron Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1675155768 -1728633940:Pristine Forged Iron Chainmail Mantle\/a

Forged Blackened Iron Chainmail Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -652527398 873954613:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM 1389193250 -1919033582:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM -346207119 1604027377:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM -801261775 1694202033:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM -1482519890 -1745192702:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM -112170148 -548009145:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1619513450 1356800966:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Chainmail Mantle\/a

< Tier 3 >

Forged Carbonite Brigandine Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Carbonite Chainmail Set)

\aITEM 1454859565 -1113280802:Pristine Forged Carbonite Brigandine Boots\/a
\aITEM 485146045 802029544:Pristine Forged Carbonite Brigandine Bracers\/a
\aITEM 580797613 1063487592:Pristine Forged Carbonite Brigandine Coat\/a
\aITEM 436125677 67334952:Pristine Forged Carbonite Brigandine Coif\/a
\aITEM -2064367284 -1599344351:Pristine Forged Carbonite Brigandine Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1716600228 -2103689115:Pristine Forged Carbonite Brigandine Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1137777544 1737403365:Pristine Forged Carbonite Brigandine Mantle\/a

Forged Carbonite Chainmail Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Carbonite Chainmail Set)

\aITEM 641922705 -608538012:Pristine Forged Carbonite Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM 1033694722 -1098759877:Pristine Forged Carbonite Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1107724376 663025842:Pristine Forged Carbonite Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM -2036757272 484705266:Pristine Forged Carbonite Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 1179863928 -1954957969:Pristine Forged Carbonite Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1034872302 -1646818123:Pristine Forged Carbonite Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM 9133207 1281159083:Pristine Forged Carbonite Chainmail Mantle\/a

Forged Steel Brigandine Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Steel Chainmail Set)

\aITEM 1041794802 1806573211:Pristine Forged Steel Brigandine Boots\/a
\aITEM 592035584 1772233006:Pristine Forged Steel Brigandine Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1355703167 -479189560:Pristine Forged Steel Brigandine Coat\/a
\aITEM 1806604351 -669983096:Pristine Forged Steel Brigandine Coif\/a
\aITEM -1829756438 -1496625522:Pristine Forged Steel Brigandine Gloves\/a
\aITEM 742501999 -253933506:Pristine Forged Steel Brigandine Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1440054062 1642992714:Pristine Forged Steel Brigandine Mantle\/a

Forged Steel Chainmail Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Steel Brigandine Set)

\aITEM 1410519363 128573380:Pristine Forged Steel Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM 731418276 -1193083244:Pristine Forged Steel Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM -356966290 -500918372:Pristine Forged Steel Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM -774251730 -649827108:Pristine Forged Steel Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 788310183 1567819050:Pristine Forged Steel Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM -34465617 -608677261:Pristine Forged Steel Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -523192657 -1705615378:Pristine Forged Steel Chainmail Mantle\/a

< Tier 4 >

Forged Feyiron Brigandine Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Feyiron Chailmail Set)

\aITEM 1711345505 431676982:Pristine Forged Feyiron Brigandine Boots\/a
\aITEM -314505916 -378580178:Pristine Forged Feyiron Brigandine Bracers\/a
\aITEM 554426690 -254341874:Pristine Forged Feyiron Brigandine Coat\/a
\aITEM 443226626 -877136306:Pristine Forged Feyiron Brigandine Coif\/a
\aITEM -72418659 249464091:Pristine Forged Feyiron Brigandine Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1564353372 -262306484:Pristine Forged Feyiron Brigandine Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1015783513 -906240033:Pristine Forged Feyiron Brigandine Mantle\/a

Forged Feyiron Chailmail Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Feyiron Brigandine Set)

\aITEM 634868606 336525058:Pristine Forged Feyiron Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM 254138360 284636417:Pristine Forged Feyiron Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1631677398 697567108:Pristine Forged Feyiron Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM -1512149142 318045380:Pristine Forged Feyiron Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 1994727732 795329927:Pristine Forged Feyiron Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 872063723 1534402675:Pristine Forged Feyiron Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1312785424 -398287037:Pristine Forged Feyiron Chainmail Mantle\/a

Forged Feysteel Brigandine Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Feysteel Chainmail Set)

\aITEM -1397575173 1533760718:Pristine Forged Feysteel Brigandine Boots\/a
\aITEM 1245066220 946278516:Pristine Forged Feysteel Brigandine Bracers\/a
\aITEM 678949299 -1815766745:Pristine Forged Feysteel Brigandine Coat\/a
\aITEM 320277235 -1465556377:Pristine Forged Feysteel Brigandine Coif\/a
\aITEM -339856519 -1107677505:Pristine Forged Feysteel Brigandine Gloves\/a
\aITEM -2053865552 2066888165:Pristine Forged Feysteel Brigandine Leggings\/a
\aITEM 748382653 2061464699:Pristine Forged Feysteel Brigandine Mantle\/a

Forged Feysteel Chainmail Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Feysteel Brigandine Set)

\aITEM 749421455 1998349099:Pristine Forged Feysteel Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM -381857527 -1546412379:Pristine Forged Feysteel Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1424117286 1030551449:Pristine Forged Feysteel Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM 1870837094 101453017:Pristine Forged Feysteel Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM -1135173714 1840664447:Pristine Forged Feysteel Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1802660797 -1971494103:Pristine Forged Feysteel Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM 2071184746 -1433201221:Pristine Forged Feysteel Chainmail Mantle\/a

< Tier 5 >

Forged Fulginate Brigandine Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Fulginate Chainmail Set)

\aITEM 1760650825 -1160174172:Pristine Forged Fulginate Brigandine Boots\/a
\aITEM -2072871710 -2139671743:Pristine Forged Fulginate Brigandine Bracers\/a
\aITEM 183171914 791473004:Pristine Forged Fulginate Brigandine Coat\/a
\aITEM 831127562 340529196:Pristine Forged Fulginate Brigandine Coif\/a
\aITEM -837443058 276567176:Pristine Forged Fulginate Brigandine Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1658984184 758768101:Pristine Forged Fulginate Brigandine Leggings\/a
\aITEM 154204362 -682013108:Pristine Forged Fulginate Brigandine Mantle\/a

Forged Fulginate Chainmail Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Fulginate Brigandine Set)

\aITEM 238438774 -873131680:Pristine Forged Fulginate Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM 2004684096 240493714:Pristine Forged Fulginate Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM -872542576 -1298291160:Pristine Forged Fulginate Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM -258017840 -1979884184:Pristine Forged Fulginate Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 2014660636 -1945879019:Pristine Forged Fulginate Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1523178317 846020636:Pristine Forged Fulginate Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1087368488 1260479697:Pristine Forged Fulginate Chainmail Mantle\/a

Forged Ebon Brigandine Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Ebon Chainmail Set)

\aITEM 458931050 -1094532047:Pristine Forged Ebon Brigandine Boots\/a
\aITEM -1028008383 1531747307:Pristine Forged Ebon Brigandine Bracers\/a
\aITEM 2099338189 -269784086:Pristine Forged Ebon Brigandine Coat\/a
\aITEM 1178706061 -729050966:Pristine Forged Ebon Brigandine Coif\/a
\aITEM 1812035745 -1877120862:Pristine Forged Ebon Brigandine Gloves\/a
\aITEM 763047680 467767483:Pristine Forged Ebon Brigandine Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1423695259 1463300710:Pristine Forged Ebon Brigandine Mantle\/a

Forged Ebon Chainmail Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Ebon Brigandine Set)

\aITEM 2046683633 187863526:Pristine Forged Ebon Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM -714483729 -1909139272:Pristine Forged Ebon Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM 124657553 -814641833:Pristine Forged Ebon Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM 1007609041 -200182249:Pristine Forged Ebon Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 197039423 -2011177088:Pristine Forged Ebon Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 469922286 -380180298:Pristine Forged Ebon Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -862203909 1329235268:Pristine Forged Ebon Chainmail Mantle\/a

< Tier 6 >

Forged Indium Brigandine Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Indium Chainmail Set & Forged Indium Melodic Set & Forged Indium Reverent Set)

\aITEM 1526096349 2051217743:Pristine Forged Indium Brigandine Boots\/a
\aITEM 255562840 311600507:Pristine Forged Indium Brigandine Bracers\/a
\aITEM -712930202 259829011:Pristine Forged Indium Brigandine Coat\/a
\aITEM -287213786 874272339:Pristine Forged Indium Brigandine Coif\/a
\aITEM 960885332 660911428:Pristine Forged Indium Brigandine Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1239221634 -341320255:Pristine Forged Indium Brigandine Leggings\/a
\aITEM -27219824 -532549760:Pristine Forged Indium Brigandine Mantle\/a

Forged Indium Chainmail Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Indium Brigandine Set & Forged Indium Melodic Set & Forged Indium Reverent Set)

\aITEM 9601582 -341485793:Pristine Forged Indium Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM -2144510694 961348958:Pristine Forged Indium Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1066999492 -1923192227:Pristine Forged Indium Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM -83486084 -1237413603:Pristine Forged Indium Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 1242713992 1285423870:Pristine Forged Indium Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM -780127241 -1601645018:Pristine Forged Indium Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1925769908 -1950656454:Pristine Forged Indium Chainmail Mantle\/a

Forged Indium Melodic Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Indium Brigandine Set & Forged Indium Chainmail Set & Forged Indium Reverent Set)

\aITEM 907597214 -1940485436:Pristine Forged Indium Melodic Boots\/a
\aITEM 409179109 -1545351152:Pristine Forged Indium Melodic Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1033904690 -1547076154:Pristine Forged Indium Melodic Coat\/a
\aITEM 113301874 -1733720442:Pristine Forged Indium Melodic Coif\/a
\aITEM -688124726 1576598143:Pristine Forged Indium Melodic Gloves\/a
\aITEM -65367372 829822052:Pristine Forged Indium Melodic Leggings\/a
\aITEM 299456014 -1696751429:Pristine Forged Indium Melodic Mantle\/a

Forged Indium Reverent Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Indium Brigandine Set & Forged Indium Chainmail Set & Forged Indium Melodic Set)

\aITEM 1867916043 -1033117606:Pristine Forged Indium Reverent Boots\/a
\aITEM 1082909661 -515460609:Pristine Forged Indium Reverent Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1066688434 -1709131996:Pristine Forged Indium Reverent Coat\/a
\aITEM -83141874 -1589621660:Pristine Forged Indium Reverent Coif\/a
\aITEM 1455433207 1241610582:Pristine Forged Indium Reverent Gloves\/a
\aITEM -733953446 25251564:Pristine Forged Indium Reverent Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1847230669 -1927011438:Pristine Forged Indium Reverent Mantle\/a

Forged Cobalt Brigandine Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 773683747 -268182506:Pristine Forged Cobalt Brigandine Boots\/a
\aITEM 258073964 -1830420711:Pristine Forged Cobalt Brigandine Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1891047195 711989256:Pristine Forged Cobalt Brigandine Coat\/a
\aITEM -1272441947 286319432:Pristine Forged Cobalt Brigandine Coif\/a
\aITEM 1664403028 895032529:Pristine Forged Cobalt Brigandine Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1751755590 1218161391:Pristine Forged Cobalt Brigandine Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1542349680 -226736619:Pristine Forged Cobalt Brigandine Mantle\/a

Forged Cobalt Chainmail Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 1610599069 -827727356:Pristine Forged Cobalt Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM -631477990 728804555:Pristine Forged Cobalt Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM 215841218 -298200593:Pristine Forged Cobalt Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM 935166594 -715576657:Pristine Forged Cobalt Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 1056527478 -958478425:Pristine Forged Cobalt Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM -774225213 553618500:Pristine Forged Cobalt Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -103018830 33267043:Pristine Forged Cobalt Chainmail Mantle\/a

Forged Cobalt Melodic Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Cobalt Reverent Set)

\aITEM -2114470358 -310255143:Pristine Forged Cobalt Melodic Boots\/a
\aITEM 1118500710 -2031131381:Pristine Forged Cobalt Melodic Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1872211276 526234392:Pristine Forged Cobalt Melodic Coat\/a
\aITEM 1425495564 607995992:Pristine Forged Cobalt Melodic Coif\/a
\aITEM 440898612 1050624461:Pristine Forged Cobalt Melodic Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1997436598 -1154035395:Pristine Forged Cobalt Melodic Leggings\/a
\aITEM -580727056 -105243895:Pristine Forged Cobalt Melodic Mantle\/a

Forged Cobalt Reverent Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Cobalt Melodic Set)

\aITEM -1544700939 -1593025560:Pristine Forged Cobalt Reverent Boots\/a
\aITEM 878770211 1795585190:Pristine Forged Cobalt Reverent Bracers\/a
\aITEM 2005191674 -67642311:Pristine Forged Cobalt Reverent Coat\/a
\aITEM 1290023098 -1063835783:Pristine Forged Cobalt Reverent Coif\/a
\aITEM 201933172 1863175245:Pristine Forged Cobalt Reverent Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1909328294 331147129:Pristine Forged Cobalt Reverent Leggings\/a
\aITEM -886301776 -1473735031:Pristine Forged Cobalt Reverent Mantle\/a

< Tier 7 >

Forged Adamantine Brigandine Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 957938436 -96049204:pristine forged adamantine brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM 1327231930 -1249791283:pristine forged adamantine brigandine bracers\/a
\aITEM 1031244923 1868948870:pristine forged adamantine brigandine coat\/a
\aITEM 102201147 1409621702:pristine forged adamantine brigandine coif\/a
\aITEM -970361154 1398104736:pristine forged adamantine brigandine gloves\/a
\aITEM 127510193 -922560401:pristine forged adamantine brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM 17575034 -1804584860:pristine forged adamantine brigandine mantle\/a

Forged Adamantine Chainmail Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 967523911 -363880528:pristine forged adamantine chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM 2135022064 -2056393200:pristine forged adamantine chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM -1900884101 -1125661924:pristine forged adamantine chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM -1244515269 -2021181348:pristine forged adamantine chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM 704435537 183916111:pristine forged adamantine chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM -1851763691 827365978:pristine forged adamantine chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM -287731819 -841806709:pristine forged adamantine chainmail mantle\/a

Forged Adamantine Melodic Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -424294788 -1560457842:pristine forged adamantine melodic boots\/a
\aITEM -258632712 -1401614809:pristine forged adamantine melodic bracers\/a
\aITEM -257607721 -1140607301:pristine forged adamantine melodic coat\/a
\aITEM -876229481 -2023535109:pristine forged adamantine melodic coif\/a
\aITEM -1742200179 -874514122:pristine forged adamantine melodic gloves\/a
\aITEM -1611397011 -1983633483:pristine forged adamantine melodic leggings\/a
\aITEM 1594718281 217752562:pristine forged adamantine melodic mantle\/a

Forged Adamantine Reverent Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 562171212 -1843279583:pristine forged adamantine reverent boots\/a
\aITEM 593852676 1866455524:pristine forged adamantine reverent bracers\/a
\aITEM 281457580 -713494444:pristine forged adamantine reverent coat\/a
\aITEM 732317932 -300414188:pristine forged adamantine reverent coif\/a
\aITEM -1103747606 -1920558133:pristine forged adamantine reverent gloves\/a
\aITEM 724321968 -1955922328:pristine forged adamantine reverent leggings\/a
\aITEM 2031320878 1252245775:pristine forged adamantine reverent mantle\/a

Forged Xenonite Brigandine Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -1424753480 1753216788:pristine forged xegonite brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM -1727064666 208665767:pristine forged xegonite brigandine bracers\/a
\aITEM -453071945 -2072271286:pristine forged xegonite brigandine coat\/a
\aITEM -543272713 -1088725750:pristine forged xegonite brigandine coif\/a
\aITEM 74220062 -607190570:pristine forged xegonite brigandine gloves\/a
\aITEM 323939864 1692188263:pristine forged xegonite brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM -1018570534 485120786:pristine forged xegonite brigandine mantle\/a

Forged Xegonite Chainmail Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -534636149 22142076:pristine forged xegonite chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM -1123799728 234327398:pristine forged xegonite chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM -774905966 -1399705383:pristine forged xegonite chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM -357620526 -1745695847:pristine forged xegonite chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM -1141386515 -1731213673:pristine forged xegonite chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM 1203024393 -2000759760:pristine forged xegonite chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM 2094172201 1609210963:pristine forged xegonite chainmail mantle\/a

Forged Xegonite Melodic Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -1641207995 225759764:pristine forged xegonite melodic boots\/a
\aITEM 689746996 1198214635:pristine forged xegonite melodic bracers\/a
\aITEM 1871555743 1065836562:pristine forged xegonite melodic coat\/a
\aITEM 1424840671 82287442:pristine forged xegonite melodic coif\/a
\aITEM -950717852 -609613069:pristine forged xegonite melodic gloves\/a
\aITEM 234819537 469612397:pristine forged xegonite melodic leggings\/a
\aITEM 7366816 479154231:pristine forged xegonite melodic mantle\/a

Forged Xegonite Reverent Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 2130648485 -2108409116:pristine forged xegonite reverent boots\/a
\aITEM -1318158664 -213616895:pristine forged xegonite reverent bracers.\/a
\aITEM 1751011989 2062643150:pristine forged xegonite reverent coat\/a
\aITEM 1396615637 1100059790:pristine forged xegonite reverent coif\/a
\aITEM 1740571174 1121190068:pristine forged xegonite reverent gloves.\/a
\aITEM -378949104 66100510:pristine forged xegonite reverent leggings\/a
\aITEM -1600497438 -1581415741:pristine forged xegonite reverent mantle\/a

< Tier 8 >

Ferrite Brigandine Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 1627859904 396662925:Pristine Ferrite Brigandine Boots\/a
\aITEM 1481699753 1347120951:Pristine Ferrite Brigandine Bracer\/a
\aITEM 1256937798 890864646:Pristine Ferrite Brigandine Coat\/a
\aITEM 1904976390 242843462:Pristine Ferrite Brigandine Coif\/a
\aITEM 114045978 -1796812912:Pristine Ferrite Brigandine Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1659940705 1702510931:Pristine Ferrite Brigandine Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1654835965 -1790530659:Pristine Ferrite Brigandine Mantle\/a

Ferrite Chainmail Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 1312287610 -775913974:Pristine Ferrite Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM 1942723579 592518482:Pristine Ferrite Chainmail Bracer\/a
\aITEM 358048890 1562816828:Pristine Ferrite Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM 775397178 1715882620:Pristine Ferrite Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM -1858402546 982590502:Pristine Ferrite Chainmail Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1192899436 -1006912069:Pristine Ferrite Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1228513455 -430122504:Pristine Ferrite Chainmail Mantle\/a

Ferrite Melodic Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 1742501820 -1801774047:Pristine Ferrite Melodic Boots\/a
\aITEM 31791074 -1884766352:Pristine Ferrite Melodic Bracer\/a
\aITEM 654457347 -652677359:Pristine Ferrite Melodic Coat\/a
\aITEM 476234051 -495446959:Pristine Ferrite Melodic Coif\/a
\aITEM -919845621 1493705431:Pristine Ferrite Melodic Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -940844887 1553044902:Pristine Ferrite Melodic Leggings\/a
\aITEM -991374520 1252359130:Pristine Ferrite Melodic Mantle\/a

Ferrite Reverent Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -1167612339 303250235:Pristine Ferrite Reverent Boots\/a
\aITEM -880644423 1917636141:Pristine Ferrite Reverent Bracer\/a
\aITEM -1850801556 -2098388543:Pristine Ferrite Reverent Coat\/a
\aITEM -1429210836 -1181885823:Pristine Ferrite Reverent Coif\/a
\aITEM -2064731436 -1406144225:Pristine Ferrite Reverent Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1216520247 1954941681:Pristine Ferrite Reverent Leggings\/a
\aITEM 244296211 -1220474233:Pristine Ferrite Reverent Mantle\/a

Incarnadine Brigandine Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -640797869 -1861024760:Pristine Incarnadine Brigandine Boots\/a
\aITEM 837745231 -853561596:Pristine Incarnadine Brigandine Bracer\/a
\aITEM 1045874033 1364710870:Pristine Incarnadine Brigandine Coat\/a
\aITEM 87440945 1782001302:Pristine Incarnadine Brigandine Coif\/a
\aITEM 1687084833 355980903:Pristine Incarnadine Brigandine Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 49919171 175471495:Pristine Incarnadine Brigandine Leggings\/a
\aITEM -186433819 135424942:Pristine Incarnadine Brigandine Mantle\/a

Incarnadine Chainmail Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 982153037 -1248972838:Pristine Incarnadine Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM -889027736 -1511620137:Pristine Incarnadine Chainmail Bracer\/a
\aITEM 421120505 2027921701:Pristine Incarnadine Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM 578368185 1136613989:Pristine Incarnadine Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 248374098 1436425970:Pristine Incarnadine Chainmail Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -236636718 2092337261:Pristine Incarnadine Chainmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM 235882434 1626031485:Pristine Incarnadine Chainmail Mantle\/a

Incarnadine Melodic Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -1620390793 39429523:Pristine Incarnadine Melodic Boots\/a
\aITEM 229358177 -1437487255:Pristine Incarnadine Melodic Bracer\/a
\aITEM -216557346 302633819:Pristine Incarnadine Melodic Coat\/a
\aITEM -931699810 694757403:Pristine Incarnadine Melodic Coif\/a
\aITEM -1601024275 -1000545564:Pristine Incarnadine Melodic Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 2132983866 -635041501:Pristine Incarnadine Melodic Leggings\/a
\aITEM -928612661 1868327875:Pristine Incarnadine Melodic Mantle\/a

Incarnadine Reverent Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -1238823986 938093346:Pristine Incarnadine Reverent Boots\/a
\aITEM -1086328178 369270781:Pristine Incarnadine Reverent Bracer\/a
\aITEM 1763293607 338663539:Pristine Incarnadine Reverent Coat\/a
\aITEM 1383678695 793731891:Pristine Incarnadine Reverent Coif\/a
\aITEM -840021102 325240009:Pristine Incarnadine Reverent Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -557624273 -372061502:Pristine Incarnadine Reverent Leggings\/a
\aITEM 2050111012 -753968297:Pristine Incarnadine Reverent Mantle\/a

<< Plate Sets >>

< Tier 1 >

Champion Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Tin Vanguard Set)

\aITEM -995459835 -1440756781:pristine champion's barbute\/a
\aITEM 213415404 -771210117:pristine champion's bracer\/a
\aITEM -356267156 1958958837:pristine champion's gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -643274513 -1233737032:pristine champion's spaulder\/a

Forged Tin Vanguard Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Champion Set)

\aITEM 547241174 -26932672:Pristine Forged Tin Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM -113398055 667326543:Pristine Forged Tin Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 711806862 -1026807440:Pristine Forged Tin Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1831162080 1277270454:Pristine Forged Tin Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM -673817449 153971201:Pristine Forged Tin Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM 432042650 7520221:Pristine Forged Tin Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1387164905 -1173417449:Pristine Forged Tin Vanguard Spaulders\/a

Forged Bronze Vanguard Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -1236661918 -1432982229:Pristine Forged Bronze Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1877580653 1932918564:Pristine Forged Bronze Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -59279675 -1760347372:Pristine Forged Bronze Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 68065940 416480989:Pristine Forged Bronze Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1090677027 1574833514:Pristine Forged Bronze Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM -715468486 -632884118:Pristine Forged Bronze Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -2068558430 -271581069:Pristine Forged Bronze Vanguard Spaulders\/a

< Tier 2 >

Forged Iron Vanguard Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 882598883 1760921123:Pristine Forged Iron Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM -315035156 -1319758804:Pristine Forged Iron Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1938347352 1746028687:Pristine Forged Iron Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -2032144363 -625928747:Pristine Forged Iron Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1009581150 -1614944670:Pristine Forged Iron Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM 1332196326 -731963469:Pristine Forged Iron Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 189525567 282162152:Pristine Forged Iron Vanguard Spaulders\/a

Forged Blackened Iron Vanguard Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 935619249 -1596094903:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM -295176002 2038305862:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -2099687051 -150994038:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -2055145145 312022463:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1064563984 1469441544:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM -905847753 2045820917:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -98932206 -1883031315:Pristine Forged Blackened Iron Vanguard Spaulders\/a

< Tier 3 >

Forged Carbonite Plate Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 1870251076 479798351:Pristine Forged Carbonite Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM -1227205045 -986008000:Pristine Forged Carbonite Plate Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -629370145 -1719477620:Pristine Forged Carbonite Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -583182414 -1361201223:Pristine Forged Carbonite Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1741577211 -338607090:Pristine Forged Carbonite Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM 126773002 -1875943838:Pristine Forged Carbonite Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1564497480 -515776021:Pristine Forged Carbonite Plate Spaulders\/a

Forged Carbonite Vanguard Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -701125785 -1134671324:Pristine Forged Carbonite Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM 261503336 1711134763:Pristine Forged Carbonite Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -1177018309 -1249803144:Pristine Forged Carbonite Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1685141649 236640722:Pristine Forged Carbonite Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM 561892134 1259743845:Pristine Forged Carbonite Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM -1521460713 1257185756:Pristine Forged Carbonite Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1055188132 -851263713:Pristine Forged Carbonite Vanguard Spaulders\/a

Forged Steel Plate Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 1201350448 114144503:Pristine Forged Steel Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM -1640450753 -546429192:Pristine Forged Steel Plate Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -1473465075 1167161132:Pristine Forged Steel Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -169888570 -1266079999:Pristine Forged Steel Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1328330895 -242887498:Pristine Forged Steel Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM 1355690188 1435447628:Pristine Forged Steel Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -789606806 1028803659:Pristine Forged Steel Plate Spaulders\/a

Forged Steel Vanguard Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -1097185096 1783954017:Pristine Forged Steel Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1731844791 -1275631506:Pristine Forged Steel Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -2038750586 -202483010:Pristine Forged Steel Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 215931726 -670013033:Pristine Forged Steel Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1238509817 -1659069920:Pristine Forged Steel Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM -1286325583 1284480627:Pristine Forged Steel Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -21489183 -1959960103:Pristine Forged Steel Vanguard Spaulders\/a

< Tier 4 >

Forged Feyiron Plate Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -235013709 -672260025:Pristine Forged Feyiron Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM 677276604 239972936:Pristine Forged Feyiron Plate Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -639027408 1446404074:Pristine Forged Feyiron Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1136224837 1705685937:Pristine Forged Feyiron Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM 112564722 547766278:Pristine Forged Feyiron Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM 617186440 -1639997100:Pristine Forged Feyiron Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1591079849 787833997:Pristine Forged Feyiron Plate Spaulders\/a

Forged Feyiron Vanguard Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -427572949 406862540:Pristine Forged Feyiron Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1059083044 -1042044733:Pristine Forged Feyiron Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1215535298 1931684030:Pristine Forged Feyiron Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1422349021 -1442535110:Pristine Forged Feyiron Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM 298557802 -284665203:Pristine Forged Feyiron Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM -636821050 -459647514:Pristine Forged Feyiron Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 816882597 199234521:Pristine Forged Feyiron Vanguard Spaulders\/a

Forged Feysteel Plate Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 400916290 776106587:Pristine Forged Feysteel Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM -834212531 -136191916:Pristine Forged Feysteel Plate Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -795531327 891603907:Pristine Forged Feysteel Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1516114764 -1677270611:Pristine Forged Feysteel Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM -525525245 -653651430:Pristine Forged Feysteel Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM -292200828 -1966649015:Pristine Forged Feysteel Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1470751578 1307046052:Pristine Forged Feysteel Plate Spaulders\/a

Forged Feysteel Vanguard Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 741375921 1519497268:Pristine Forged Feysteel Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM -174854722 -2093866437:Pristine Forged Feysteel Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -284905878 -1574212636:Pristine Forged Feysteel Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1636504505 -388684862:Pristine Forged Feysteel Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM -612884496 -1378234251:Pristine Forged Feysteel Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM -904255454 1472134722:Pristine Forged Feysteel Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1748527859 -622309245:Pristine Forged Feysteel Vanguard Spaulders\/a

< Tier 5 >

Forged Fulginate Plate Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -1270780924 -1165149049:Pristine Forged Fulginate Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1843592715 1664003720:Pristine Forged Fulginate Plate Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -234345160 -1983006328:Pristine Forged Fulginate Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 101056498 147435377:Pristine Forged Fulginate Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1124666437 1304779974:Pristine Forged Fulginate Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM 1904811570 87425272:Pristine Forged Fulginate Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1966401953 -250707217:Pristine Forged Fulginate Plate Spaulders\/a

Forged Fulginate Vanguard Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -395073533 -1155284642:Pristine Forged Fulginate Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM 835729932 1652577105:Pristine Forged Fulginate Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 557900132 440092881:Pristine Forged Fulginate Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1513569269 157766312:Pristine Forged Fulginate Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM 524011586 1282122015:Pristine Forged Fulginate Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM -273565355 -96942987:Pristine Forged Fulginate Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1501813251 1660449718:Pristine Forged Fulginate Vanguard Spaulders\/a

Forged Ebon Plate Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 673708208 1362686472:Pristine Forged Ebon Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM -242980161 -2003083257:Pristine Forged Ebon Plate Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -2050781761 1225406734:Pristine Forged Ebon Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1704760506 -478387714:Pristine Forged Ebon Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM -546334479 -1502571959:Pristine Forged Ebon Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM -1122431181 2027563911:Pristine Forged Ebon Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -50284840 835256937:Pristine Forged Ebon Plate Spaulders\/a

Forged Ebon Vanguard Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -1680313056 -1086840629:Pristine Forged Ebon Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1115416367 1721479876:Pristine Forged Ebon Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1737182151 -1056907141:Pristine Forged Ebon Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 698148566 226276157:Pristine Forged Ebon Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1821381985 1215316106:Pristine Forged Ebon Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM 1302684666 2052700255:Pristine Forged Ebon Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 524841120 -1178346724:Pristine Forged Ebon Vanguard Spaulders\/a

< Tier 6 >

Forged Indium Devout Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Indium Devout Set)

\aITEM 1310196092 1650321565:Pristine Forged Indium Devout Barbute\/a
\aITEM -1749314701 -1140950382:Pristine Forged Indium Devout Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 653080954 -1201762994:Pristine Forged Indium Devout Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -61042038 -803636373:Pristine Forged Indium Devout Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1185914563 -1793750820:Pristine Forged Indium Devout Gussets\/a
\aITEM 799915601 -125032106:Pristine Forged Indium Devout Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1580073501 -1063406039:Pristine Forged Indium Devout Spaulders\/a

Forged Indium Plate Set (Handcrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Indium Devout Set)

\aITEM -143531573 -867724255:Pristine Forged Indium Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM 785544132 367265326:Pristine Forged Indium Plate Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 761485844 -1449263113:Pristine Forged Indium Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1161130557 2114127831:Pristine Forged Indium Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM 3768714 990901344:Pristine Forged Indium Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM 2047996318 989187213:Pristine Forged Indium Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1436574067 -782318448:Pristine Forged Indium Plate Spaulders\/a

Forged Indium Vanguard Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -629887081 2075786677:Pristine Forged Indium Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM 64437656 -1575325766:Pristine Forged Indium Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -1442248226 -1998659861:Pristine Forged Indium Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1747991649 -906138045:Pristine Forged Indium Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM 758960086 -1930322444:Pristine Forged Indium Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM 417458447 -853514823:Pristine Forged Indium Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -758500679 -266476148:Pristine Forged Indium Vanguard Spaulders\/a

Forged Cobalt Devout Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Cobalt Plate Set)

\aITEM -2103207550 20599599:Pristine Forged Cobalt Devout Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1526729613 -661012192:Pristine Forged Cobalt Devout Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1376133764 840845335:Pristine Forged Cobalt Devout Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 820447860 -1283538727:Pristine Forged Cobalt Devout Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1978399171 -160287890:Pristine Forged Cobalt Devout Gussets\/a
\aITEM 1969543890 -578773939:Pristine Forged Cobalt Devout Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 717560291 1256026992:Pristine Forged Cobalt Devout Spaulders\/a

Forged Cobalt Plate Set (Mastercrafted) (Same appearance as Forged Cobalt Devout Set)

\aITEM 1084131967 -1383006404:Pristine Forged Cobalt Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM -1724049296 1949527347:Pristine Forged Cobalt Plate Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 2007645847 -1936635156:Pristine Forged Cobalt Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -220587639 534015178:Pristine Forged Cobalt Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1210652098 1524146045:Pristine Forged Cobalt Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM -1230345888 1502771007:Pristine Forged Cobalt Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 258541040 -195923573:Pristine Forged Cobalt Plate Spaulders\/a

Forged Cobalt Vanguard Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -1365265303 -235325204:Pristine Forged Cobalt Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM 2000430694 677030627:Pristine Forged Cobalt Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -1437370134 145327241:Pristine Forged Cobalt Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 484124575 1136503578:Pristine Forged Cobalt Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1507316776 112285869:Pristine Forged Cobalt Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM 1116790031 -551695316:Pristine Forged Cobalt Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -762297459 1886044142:Pristine Forged Cobalt Vanguard Spaulders\/a

< Tier 7 >

Forged Adamantine Devout Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 13381435 1013700478:pristine forged adamantine devout barbute\/a
\aITEM -646988492 -439859855:pristine forged adamantine devout cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1157866403 2070634090:pristine forged adamantine devout gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1299661619 -1909504888:pristine forged adamantine devout greaves\/a
\aITEM -142323846 -886851777:pristine forged adamantine devout gussets\/a
\aITEM -950288820 -1043223381:pristine forged adamantine devout sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1036032196 61367565:pristine forged adamantine devout spaulders\/a

Forged Adamantine Plate Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM 668791337 -326089229:pristine forged adamantine plate barbute\/a
\aITEM -25206746 892590076:pristine forged adamantine plate cuirass\/a
\aITEM -980067831 -347628801:pristine forged adamantine plate gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1785175585 1591006725:pristine forged adamantine plate greaves\/a
\aITEM -795569560 467150258:pristine forged adamantine plate gussets\/a
\aITEM 885383129 1376299172:pristine forged adamantine plate sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1118412434 -1820024424:pristine forged adamantine plate spaulders\/a

Forged Adamantine Vanguard Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -1181076146 -171928146:pristine forged adamantine vanguard barbute\/a
\aITEM 1614391105 744687521:pristine forged adamantine vanguard cuirass\/a
\aITEM -366383556 1652650594:pristine forged adamantine vanguard gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 199141048 1199834712:pristine forged adamantine vanguard greaves\/a
\aITEM 1322407183 42530287:pristine forged adamantine vanguard gussets\/a
\aITEM -410161691 1204540733:pristine forged adamantine vanguard sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1830136485 440551685:pristine forged adamantine vanguard spaulders\/a

Forged Xegonite Devout Set (Mastercraft) (Same appearance as Forged Xegonite Plate set)

\aITEM 1605451730 740172987:pristine forged xegonite devout barbute\/a
\aITEM -2045596195 -172116300:pristine forged xegonite devout cuirass\/a
\aITEM -687299553 -380449102:pristine forged xegonite devout gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -302666716 -1638222003:pristine forged xegonite devout greaves\/a
\aITEM -1460052077 -615103238:pristine forged xegonite devout gussets\/a
\aITEM 517118336 718270311:pristine forged xegonite devout sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1345609864 -1852705323:pristine forged xegonite devout spaulders\/a

Forged Xegonite Plate set (Mastercraft) (Same appearance as Forged Xegonite Devout Set)

\aITEM 1598296848 1125767785:pristine forged xegonite plate barbute\/a
\aITEM -2031648481 -1699067802:pristine forged xegonite plate cuirass\/a
\aITEM 471629253 5888307:pristine forged xegonite plate gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -318734106 -245544545:pristine forged xegonite plate greaves\/a
\aITEM -1475579055 -1269712344:pristine forged xegonite plate gussets\/a
\aITEM 1807273776 1115511649:pristine forged xegonite plate sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1692354210 2023416404:pristine forged xegonite plate spaulders\/a

Forged Xegonite Vanguard Set (Mastercraft)

\aITEM 730936050 1744373110:pristine forged xegonite vanguard barbute\/a
\aITEM -231563011 -1101359239:pristine forged xegonite vanguard cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1010665504 -613467128:pristine forged xegonite vanguard gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1714052860 -708995456:pristine forged xegonite vanguard greaves\/a
\aITEM -589737293 -1867422409:pristine forged xegonite vanguard gussets\/a
\aITEM 633903429 -816728501:pristine forged xegonite vanguard sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1157542727 -1549006993:pristine forged xegonite vanguard spaulders\/a

< Tier 8 >

Ferrite Devout Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -1691777990 -1306184708:Pristine Ferrite Devout Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1116345909 1803985395:Pristine Ferrite Devout Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 488403815 -709292916:Pristine Ferrite Devout Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 695015372 6397962:Pristine Ferrite Devout Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1818354811 1164792765:Pristine Ferrite Devout Gussets\/a
\aITEM -1329108111 -1024917437:Pristine Ferrite Devout Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1709131776 -1384499221:Pristine Ferrite Devout Spaulders\/a

Ferrite Plate Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -1498070039 -729152828:Pristine Ferrite Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM 2132201958 220827851:Pristine Ferrite Plate Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -1307996364 -1812408606:Pristine Ferrite Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 351391775 1724813618:Pristine Ferrite Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1375544232 599941765:Pristine Ferrite Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM -1356827432 -359852052:Pristine Ferrite Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -892685229 -348394107:Pristine Ferrite Plate Spaulders\/a

Ferrite Vanguard Set (Handcrafted)

\aITEM -511318646 375290999:Pristine Ferrite Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM 942045061 -805441928:Pristine Ferrite Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -1016269123 -340937354:Pristine Ferrite Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1405187708 -1541738623:Pristine Ferrite Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM 382567883 -518644682:Pristine Ferrite Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM 2078045340 -1205395036:Pristine Ferrite Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1146106406 -1821471215:Pristine Ferrite Vanguard Spaulders\/a

Incarnadine Devout Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -1754846791 -1747180571:Pristine Incarnadine Devout Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1321515958 1316991466:Pristine Incarnadine Devout Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -1512739852 1393463305:Pristine Incarnadine Devout Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 623098447 630763539:Pristine Incarnadine Devout Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1613711864 1620329380:Pristine Incarnadine Devout Gussets\/a
\aITEM -998574266 -1498984045:Pristine Incarnadine Devout Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -585740141 734899054:Pristine Incarnadine Devout Spaulders\/a

Incarnadine Plate Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 1577318434 1112062838:Pristine Incarnadine Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM -2019530195 -1679087239:Pristine Incarnadine Plate Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -961277181 -139032782:Pristine Incarnadine Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -330863660 -267638656:Pristine Incarnadine Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1454663581 -1258235081:Pristine Incarnadine Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM -1553016485 -814479371:Pristine Incarnadine Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1099487132 -1888109483:Pristine Incarnadine Plate Spaulders\/a

Incarnadine Vanguard Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM 1498217753 -1863720718:Pristine Incarnadine Vanguard Barbute\/a
\aITEM -2131792106 1229615869:Pristine Incarnadine Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -1972629509 1423999136:Pristine Incarnadine Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -351768849 581792516:Pristine Incarnadine Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1375429288 1738637491:Pristine Incarnadine Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM 308445050 628351383:Pristine Incarnadine Vanguard Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -223398756 740539335:Pristine Incarnadine Vanguard Spaulders\/a

<<< Dropped Sets >>>

< Cloth Sets >

Absorbed Undertow Set (Same appearance as Cloth Set & Craftsman Set & Griffawn Feathered Set & Inventor's Set & Qeynos Embroidered Set & Tradesman's Set)

\aITEM -1146245769 -24649861:absorbed undertow bloomers\/a
\aITEM -1340232821 -960470231:absorbed undertow cap\/a
\aITEM 1191367380 2142031320:absorbed undertow cape\/a
\aITEM 689215426 145354133:absorbed undertow gloves\/a
\aITEM 1114048732 1273621224:absorbed undertow shoes\/a
\aITEM 624584574 -803987885:absorbed undertow sleeves\/a
\aITEM 1716629140 1593815448:absorbed undertow vest\/a

Architect's Set (Treasured) (Same appearance as Constructor's Set & Fabricator's Set & Merchantine Set)

\aITEM 1847810474 -2046872758:architect's bloomers\/a
\aITEM 765803157 -1550254779:architect's cap\/a
\aITEM -1114613978 1003337781:architect's cape\/a
\aITEM -1840473664 -1021926938:architect's gloves\/a
\aITEM 288229737 -1793714856:architect's shoes\/a
\aITEM -879796644 433291673:architect's sleeves\/a
\aITEM -1664930970 446612597:architect's vest\/a

Awakened Scaleguard Cloth Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1445820158 -1075296540:Awakened Scaleguard cloth cap\/a
\aITEM 1768011361 1285066978:Awakened Scaleguard cloth gloves\/a
\aITEM -2130792117 369791737:Awakened Scaleguard cloth pants\/a
\aITEM 211685171 13579987:Awakened Scaleguard cloth robe\/a
\aITEM -397554378 2126114436:Awakened Scaleguard cloth shoes\/a
\aITEM 1789255693 506579889:Awakened Scaleguard cloth sleeves\/a

Broadcloth Set (Same appearance as D'Morte Kindred Silk Set)

\aITEM 114696469 1433941176:broadcloth blouse\/a
\aITEM 154293001 -366302041:broadcloth cap\/a
\aITEM 517685656 56482922:broadcloth cuffs\/a
\aITEM -596504557 -1040937503:broadcloth mitts\/a
\aITEM -1993196168 -298316782:broadcloth pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 131490104 441515210:broadcloth shawl\/a
\aITEM 331626840 1706052793:broadcloth slippers\/a

Burlap Set

\aITEM 1009508716 1994839226:burlap blouse\/a
\aITEM 1367297022 755677327:burlap cap\/a
\aITEM 1447753465 1155162525:burlap cuffs\/a
\aITEM -1797019790 -2039271402:burlap mitts\/a
\aITEM 1773404780 -1602829601:burlap pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1330107993 1574388029:burlap shawl\/a
\aITEM 1985807274 -141758499:burlap slippers\/a

Canvas Set

\aITEM 1461331981 -1098802318:canvas blouse\/a
\aITEM -918349189 -1661051400:canvas cap\/a
\aITEM 215114665 -188470865:canvas cuffs\/a
\aITEM -830787038 913143844:canvas mitts\/a
\aITEM 1752006823 -682985175:canvas pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 366953225 -305592049:canvas shawl\/a
\aITEM -402438039 315369213:canvas slippers\/a

Clockwork Spidersilk (Legendary)

\aITEM 412268483 -931881694:Clockwork Spidersilk Cap\/a
\aITEM 61773571 -730618937:Clockwork Spidersilk Cowl\/a
\aITEM -2002171491 343380480:Clockwork Spidersilk Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -856848130 1120909788:Clockwork Spidersilk Gloves\/a
\aITEM -200799419 1982335824:Clockwork Spidersilk Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1520240311 1925172621:Clockwork Spidersilk Robe\/a
\aITEM 1675452733 -1783518971:Clockwork Spidersilk Slippers\/a

Cloth Set (Same appearance as Absorbed Undertow Set & Craftsman Set & Griffawn Feathered Set & Inventor's Set & Qeynos Embroidered Set & Tradesman's Set)

\aITEM -1990103336 -1011902131:Cloth Cap\/a
\aITEM -560957052 -243324246:Cloth Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -1462757106 1948908434:Cloth Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1347188085 2141398619:Cloth Pants\/a
\aITEM 204498557 -178962192:Cloth Sandals\/a
\aITEM -945989340 -395179510:Cloth Shawl\/a
\aITEM -1483381617 -2005256287:Cloth Shirt\/a

Cloth Set (Treasured) (Not Finished)

\aITEM 1070556698 -780989904:cloth blouse\/a
\aITEM -1532901772 2031312142:cloth cap\/a
\aITEM 70225019 -1239250311:cloth cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1619105659 -519977810:cloth pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 488811739 -1355830567:cloth shawl\/a

Constructor's Set (Same appearance as Architect's Set & Fabricator's Set & Merchantine Set)

\aITEM 571550621 659013191:constructor's bloomers\/a
\aITEM 1886157826 586601478:constructor's cap\/a
\aITEM -744056697 -728119754:constructor's cape\/a
\aITEM 780903807 1602634058:constructor's gloves\/a
\aITEM -1332630312 217059484:constructor's shoes\/a
\aITEM -1863501955 -969933126:constructor's sleeves\/a
\aITEM -218766137 -171263370:constructor's vest\/a

Craftsman Set (Same appearance as Absorbed Undertow Set & Cloth Set & Griffawn Feathered Set & Inventor's Set & Qeynos Embroidered Set & Tradesman's Set)

\aITEM 654601459 1833157134:craftsman bracers\/a
\aITEM -582989588 -2139365240:craftsman cap\/a
\aITEM -1799783476 -566500059:craftsman cape\/a
\aITEM 67487596 -1676772600:craftsman gloves\/a
\aITEM 1373121315 -2008747167:craftsman shoes\/a
\aITEM 343537857 1581143612:craftsman sleeves\/a
\aITEM -1242953844 -9922203:craftsman vest\/a

Crystalized Aqueous Set (Same appearance as Renegade Diviner Set & Soft Fur set)

\aITEM -2047204289 410635364:crystalized aqueous blouse\/a
\aITEM -338987563 453911678:crystalized aqueous cap\/a
\aITEM -141984880 -1233271647:crystalized aqueous cowl\/a
\aITEM -514085745 -1329309686:crystalized aqueous cuffs\/a
\aITEM 603127044 1919748481:crystalized aqueous mitts\/a
\aITEM 234228221 672867383:crystalized aqueous pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 214270675 -77860475:crystalized aqueous slippers\/a

D'Morte Kindred Silk Set (Same appearance as Broadcloth Set)

\aITEM 466467240 -116680547:D'Morte kindred silk blouse\/a
\aITEM 1203471456 -813125404:D'Morte kindred silk cap\/a
\aITEM 1278102626 -1502398353:D'Morte kindred silk cowl\/a
\aITEM -1303144312 -871843519:D'Morte kindred silk cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1895483651 245491914:D'Morte kindred silk mitts\/a
\aITEM 1595598132 1925460716:D'Morte kindred silk pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1132728384 1378082798:D'Morte kindred silk slippers\/a

Dracomancer Set (Legendary & Fabled) (Mage) (Sorceror for Cap)

\aITEM -1949106137 -2114962206:Dracomancer Bindings\/a
\aITEM -571413842 -1946690861:Dracomancer Boots\/a
\aITEM -1784025313 -567484696:Dracomancer Gloves\/a
\aITEM 938184349 420054060:Dracomancer Mantle\/a
\aITEM 650982216 1892287285:Dracomancer Pants\/a
\aITEM -1332485671 -1382499876:Dracomancer Vestment\/a
\aITEM -616433950 1321738909:Grand Dracomancer's Cap\/a

Elaborate Velvet Set (Fabled) (Same appearance as Iceloom Set)

\aITEM -928226666 1432703002:Elaborate Velvet Blouse\/a
\aITEM 208232876 -1900394560:Elaborate Velvet Cap\/a
\aITEM -558428132 -1708003767:Elaborate Velvet Cowl\/a
\aITEM 92036591 507084394:Elaborate Velvet Cuffs\/a
\aITEM -942338972 -594530335:Elaborate Velvet Mitts\/a
\aITEM -323015552 -1285671026:Elaborate Velvet Slippers\/a

Fabricator's Set (Same appearance as Architect's Set & Constructor's Set & Merchantine Set)

\aITEM 566697722 105070842:fabricator's bloomers\/a
\aITEM -1018705715 1163420348:fabricator's bracers\/a
\aITEM 1527275706 -901104985:fabricator's cap\/a
\aITEM 372754213 1973479846:fabricator's cape\/a
\aITEM 1232007904 -2062133456:fabricator's gloves\/a
\aITEM -2004025533 -60900617:fabricator's shoes\/a
\aITEM -264610561 1982199438:fabricator's sleeves\/a
\aITEM 929348453 1425249766:fabricator's vest\/a

Fog Grimmin Cloth Set

\aITEM 1847828743 -1912430365:fog grimmin cloth bloomers\/a
\aITEM -792902775 -781940183:fog grimmin cloth cap\/a
\aITEM -1452535024 2142988593:fog grimmin cloth cape\/a
\aITEM 1793169856 1454293718:fog grimmin cloth gloves\/a
\aITEM -562011980 -1841322096:fog grimmin cloth shoes\/a
\aITEM -881331364 1067387222:fog grimmin cloth sleeves\/a
\aITEM -2009108656 1592268145:fog grimmin cloth vest\/a

Gossamer Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1148436578 2038412272:Dirtied Gossamer Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1891756652 1495186300:Ripped Gossamer Leggings\/a
\aITEM -183759639 1611921821:Torn Gossamer Shirt\/a
\aITEM -143325649 -381028300:Mangled Gossamer Sleeves\/a

Griffawn Feathered Set (Same appearance as Absorbed Undertow Set & Cloth Set & Craftsman Set & Griffawn Feathered Set & Inventor's Set & Qeynos Embroidered Set & Tradesman's Set)

\aITEM 1268535987 -602372911:griffawn feathered bloomers\/a
\aITEM 857925136 1190015110:griffawn feathered cap\/a
\aITEM 542943061 960847346:griffawn feathered cape\/a
\aITEM 736353317 -1748110320:griffawn feathered gloves\/a
\aITEM -658512609 -1877685586:griffawn feathered shoes\/a
\aITEM 458680302 1297681893:griffawn feathered sleeves\/a
\aITEM 2016183058 814197923:griffawn feathered tunic\/a

Ice Threaded Set

\aITEM 811065336 -127979003:ice threaded bloomers\/a
\aITEM -1951490665 -1487038390:ice threaded cap\/a
\aITEM 1396194733 -1418305343:ice threaded cape\/a
\aITEM -413352274 1003376386:ice threaded gloves\/a
\aITEM 1806367659 794204293:ice threaded shoes\/a
\aITEM 1643119140 -1102282986:ice threaded sleeves\/a
\aITEM 1919631853 -1977279359:ice threaded vest\/a

Iceloom Set (Fabled) (Same appearance as Elaborate Velvet Set)

\aITEM 1003803187 -1456506457:Iceloom Blouse\/a
\aITEM 2118625570 -2105410213:Iceloom Cowl\/a
\aITEM -994201347 -308756687:Iceloom Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 102031734 791801530:Iceloom Mitts\/a
\aITEM 677235739 1436953845:Iceloom Neckguard\/a
\aITEM -776524160 -537845524:Iceloom Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -189913896 -1601731747:Iceloom Slippers\/a

Inventor's Set (Same appearance as Absorbed Undertow Set & Cloth Set & Craftsman Set & Griffawn Feathered Set & Qeynos Embroidered Set & Tradesman's Set)

\aITEM 1384641822 207574085:inventor's bloomers\/a
\aITEM 1567482008 1432735386:inventor's cape\/a
\aITEM -1123034076 1408220001:inventor's gloves\/a
\aITEM 247705959 1808834090:inventor's hat\/a
\aITEM 1024944725 -753859753:inventor's shoes\/a
\aITEM 1824996216 1788833280:inventor's sleeves\/a
\aITEM 2084478168 1949741786:inventor's vest\/a

Linen Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1328835526 1084624264:linen blouse\/a
\aITEM 1229203441 267891601:linen cap\/a
\aITEM -1781080194 122266935:linen cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1467977461 -975113028:linen mitts\/a
\aITEM -1550431421 1204758230:linen pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1931739170 507807127:linen shawl\/a
\aITEM 802705128 -437000292:linen slippers\/a

Merchantine Set (Treasured) (Same appearance as Architect's Set & Constructor's Set & Fabricator's Set)

\aITEM 1905776400 -937452434:merchantine cape\/a
\aITEM -152549486 -1504038278:merchantine gloves\/a
\aITEM 761967321 -1007303249:merchantine hat\/a
\aITEM -564618384 1767657216:merchantine shoes\/a
\aITEM 1317980762 -535883163:merchantine sleeves\/a
\aITEM 1355066192 -380837842:merchantine vest\/a

Moss-covered Cloth Set

\aITEM 1364551780 -1042207435:moss-covered cloth gloves\/a
\aITEM 499009726 -1196949248:moss-covered cloth headband\/a
\aITEM -2106093992 23634071:moss-covered cloth robe\/a
\aITEM -80520008 -261382985:moss-covered cloth shawl\/a
\aITEM 1215921261 -311478829:moss-covered cloth slippers\/a
\aITEM 2035372388 -599320358:moss-covered cloth trousers\/a
\aITEM 1654627313 400114917:moss-covered cloth wristbands\/a

Nymph Glyphed Set

\aITEM 786348409 -1240238076:nymph glyphed blouse\/a
\aITEM 984116860 379876700:nymph glyphed cap\/a
\aITEM 1481769927 1662005012:nymph glyphed cowl\/a
\aITEM 352039840 186282722:nymph glyphed cuffs\/a
\aITEM -699211221 -911006871:nymph glyphed mitts\/a
\aITEM -156320135 2132183098:nymph glyphed pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 609758861 1386890205:nymph glyphed slippers\/a

Qeynos Embroidered Set (Same appearance as Absorbed Undertow Set & Cloth Set & Craftsman Set & Griffawn Feathered Set & Inventor's Set & Tradesman's Set)

\aITEM 884718799 641805357:Qeynos embroidered cap\/a
\aITEM 1689333777 -486627883:Qeynos embroidered gloves\/a
\aITEM 1024655297 -1588203759:Qeynos embroidered pants\/a
\aITEM -2114712927 494617501:Qeynos embroidered sandals\/a
\aITEM -1430006896 914670400:Qeynos embroidered shawl\/a
\aITEM -892604869 1452080875:Qeynos embroidered shirt\/a
\aITEM 812664476 1102917641:Qeynos embroidered wristbands\/a

Qeynosian Pioneer Set

\aITEM -1876721743 -77823606:qeynosian pioneer bracers\/a
\aITEM -442179631 913086610:qeynosian pioneer crown\/a
\aITEM -1639268846 1900832383:qeynosian pioneer gloves\/a
\aITEM -912154657 443144348:qeynosian pioneer pants\/a
\aITEM -886189185 -711038184:qeynosian pioneer robe\/a
\aITEM -399656447 1645697628:qeynosian pioneer shoulderpads\/a
\aITEM 1588337379 116898537:qeynosian pioneer slippers\/a

Renegade Diviner Set (Same appearance as Crystalized Aqueous Set & Soft Fur Set)

\aITEM 1767452151 -1549370164:renegade diviner's blouse\/a
\aITEM 1843227262 -381085345:renegade diviner's cap\/a
\aITEM -1240786961 -85552190:renegade diviner's cowl\/a
\aITEM 564150862 1681126335:renegade diviner's cuffs\/a
\aITEM -485944379 -1499815372:renegade diviner's mitts\/a
\aITEM 1983548306 1457835831:renegade diviner's slippers\/a

Rough Linen Set

\aITEM 1051831774 1430872486:rough linen blouse\/a
\aITEM 51626766 350603911:rough linen cap\/a
\aITEM -1584050630 839434858:rough linen cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1664884657 -257846303:rough linen mitts\/a
\aITEM -1024461979 -220936361:rough linen pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1197969766 721806026:rough linen shawl\/a
\aITEM -540753743 -1427057108:rough linen slippers\/a

Roughspun Set (Treasured) (Not Finished)

\aITEM -2044307168 1577895298:roughspun blouse\/a
\aITEM -1211636759 -717640127:Roughspun Cap\/a
\aITEM -1950040307 -1401698395:roughspun cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1231941254 1859819054:roughspun mitts\/a
\aITEM -282361328 -1969005762:roughspun slippers\/a

Ruckas Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1574067219 -1043696143:ruckas blouse\/a
\aITEM 1846095984 951209100:ruckas cap\/a
\aITEM 882758910 -718859805:ruckas cuffs\/a
\aITEM -164330123 395198568:ruckas mitts\/a
\aITEM 245535577 1491953461:ruckas pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -870902758 1171283265:ruckas slippers\/a

Rune-painted Linen Set

\aITEM -958185008 153334781:rune-painted linen cap\/a
\aITEM -1144150974 -19056443:rune-painted linen cape\/a
\aITEM -1217817960 974259819:rune-painted linen gloves\/a
\aITEM 1663070900 -1412228372:rune-painted linen leggings\/a
\aITEM 553830753 1678923238:rune-painted linen robe\/a
\aITEM 1542975963 678361028:rune-painted linen shoes\/a
\aITEM -1373986159 -1977386333:rune-painted linen sleeves\/a

Sackcloth Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1645074041 1391514085:sackcloth blouse\/a
\aITEM -88477612 -996790095:sackcloth cap\/a
\aITEM 1578197848 -428042130:sackcloth cuffs\/a
\aITEM -1665649965 617990629:sackcloth mitts\/a
\aITEM 106819205 357060294:sackcloth pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1193034744 -9324338:sackcloth shawl\/a
\aITEM 1583923926 -1161462049:sackcloth slippers\/a

Sigil-painted Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -2045637418 452552030:sigil-painted linen cap\/a
\aITEM 1391390778 -1324281791:sigil-painted linen cape\/a
\aITEM 1015618984 1346944018:sigil-painted linen gloves\/a
\aITEM -1050586858 2124081307:sigil-painted linen leggings\/a
\aITEM -937321191 736001378:sigil-painted linen robe\/a
\aITEM 96480129 -1024164651:sigil-painted linen shoes\/a
\aITEM -2008517966 -1550784127:sigil-painted linen sleeves\/a

Soft Fur Set (Same appearance as Crystalized Aqueous Set & Renegade Diviner Set)

\aITEM 1581130684 -1182631083:soft fur amice\/a
\aITEM -1006554933 1791568717:soft fur cap\/a
\aITEM -549841432 101446508:soft fur gloves\/a
\aITEM 1047935651 -932128225:soft fur pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1419386116 -1357902606:soft fur robe\/a
\aITEM -708609783 847192544:soft fur shoes\/a
\aITEM 1847149934 -773872965:soft fur wristpads\/a

Sol Weave Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1646097503 1815787148:sol weave blouse\/a
\aITEM 50654877 -754844273:sol weave cap\/a
\aITEM -1889108567 2081360370:sol weave cowl\/a
\aITEM 2089785866 -2134541566:sol weave mitts\/a
\aITEM 1966981822 -292943483:sol weave pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 39018343 -584293376:sol weave slippers\/a

Spurned Set

\aITEM -1136723122 937925973:Silk Blouse of the Spurned\/a
\aITEM 1751427442 2040744261:Silk Cap of the Spurned\/a
\aITEM 104663515 439535072:Silk Cowl of the Spurned\/a
\aITEM 1705077135 1880433075:Silk Cuffs of the Spurned\/a
\aITEM 1741174692 1920761752:Silk Mitts of the Spurned\/a
\aITEM -1889234727 1793989814:Silk Pantaloons of the Spurned\/a
\aITEM -914644003 -517653436:Silk Slippers of the Spurned\/a

Thexian Battlemage Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1369558399 -401803370:Thexian Battlemage Boots\/a
\aITEM 1282059943 98207261:Thexian Battlemage Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1258179724 978471364:Thexian Battlemage Cap\/a
\aITEM 26634044 -654733094:Thexian Battlemage Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1687993141 1331777935:Thexian Battlemage Leggings\/a
\aITEM -961331720 534563358:Thexian Battlemage Mantle\/a
\aITEM -255177630 992259092:Thexian Battlemage Robe\/a

Thulzite Embroidered Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1388274159 -289414066:thulzite embroidered blouse\/a
\aITEM 782062822 214476903:thulzite embroidered cap\/a
\aITEM 1218202791 -771642643:thulzite embroidered cowl\/a
\aITEM 1499012279 -808834593:thulzite embroidered cuffs\/a
\aITEM -1678750404 224622676:thulzite embroidered mitts\/a
\aITEM -1370667778 414473172:thulzite embroidered pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 745994711 -1585093743:thulzite embroidered slippers\/a

Tradesman's Set (Same appearance as Absorbed Undertow Set & Cloth Set & Craftsman Set & Griffawn Feathered Set & Inventor's Set & Qeynos Embroidered Set)

\aITEM -128615881 1467365776:tradesman's bloomers\/a
\aITEM 1708035693 1673448208:tradesman's cap\/a
\aITEM 247350972 537672568:tradesman's cape\/a
\aITEM 1934780556 -227517963:tradesman's gloves\/a
\aITEM 21454114 -1654593034:tradesman's shoes\/a
\aITEM -1274786538 -1654872385:tradesman's sleeves\/a
\aITEM 804076284 23021368:tradesman's vest\/a

Tunarian Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -162288405 1541945859:Tunarian Cap\/a
\aITEM -1075403020 1673486553:Tunarian Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1948472795 -638498026:Tunarian Leggings\/a
\aITEM 647290129 -1453375681:Tunarian Shirt\/a
\aITEM -367656746 -1357576859:Tunarian Sleeves\/a
\aITEM 1172633459 399054400:Tunarian Slippers\/a

Tundra Walker's Set

\aITEM 246474502 1504322784:Tundra Walker's Cowl\/a
\aITEM -120675486 -1309606164:Tundra Walker's Cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1433497708 40612746:Tundra Walker's Hood\/a
\aITEM 979890921 1935257447:Tundra Walker's Mitts\/a
\aITEM -452343354 -571069284:Tundra Walker's Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1468233396 -10073430:Tundra Walker's Robe\/a
\aITEM -1442661827 -1881296308:Tundra Walker's Slippers\/a

Velvet Set (Fabled) (Not Finished)

\aITEM 1797359546 1795284771:velvet cap\/a
\aITEM 1351469117 -1782701944:velvet cuffs\/a
\aITEM -1843095114 1461154051:velvet mitts\/a
\aITEM -1485839194 -64785705:velvet pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1539411618 1323062674:velvet slippers\/a

Vine Lined Set

\aITEM -486866877 -682904002:vine lined cowl\/a
\aITEM -23831142 -803872595:vine lined cuffs\/a
\aITEM 1010633745 314356006:vine lined mitts\/a
\aITEM -863650002 -613665436:vine lined pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 1144483337 1904728180:vine lined robe\/a
\aITEM 274001034 -89883406:vine lined slippers\/a

Warp Wing Patchwork Set

\aITEM 2012054900 342158891:wasp wing patchwork bloomers\/a
\aITEM -313243853 183142942:wasp wing patchwork cap\/a
\aITEM -2098880378 -941800898:wasp wing patchwork cape\/a
\aITEM 529694179 2106236735:wasp wing patchwork gloves\/a
\aITEM -943202442 37280810:wasp wing patchwork shoes\/a
\aITEM 1768288714 -429754409:wasp wing patchwork sleeves\/a
\aITEM -1548297018 -426885506:wasp wing patchwork vest\/a

Web-Covered Set

\aITEM -430523002 -1609070049:web-covered blouse\/a
\aITEM -924620020 778746198:web-covered cap\/a
\aITEM 145046014 -2080569146:web-covered cowl\/a
\aITEM 1269746834 1663511613:web-covered cuffs\/a
\aITEM -1995989735 -1584497226:web-covered mitts\/a
\aITEM 1229408405 -554266801:web-covered pantaloons\/a
\aITEM -1341005970 -1473311373:web-covered slippers\/a

< Chain Sets >

Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -764211739 1848547385:Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM 1488409278 1671533583:Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Coat\/a
\aITEM 298831782 -1642722100:Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 693031939 -1793900065:Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Pants\/a
\aITEM -823664736 -1674394764:Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 184597792 -1770052898:Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1062830528 1235212927:Ancient Dragoon Chainmail Wristguards\/a

Awakened Scaleguard Chain Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1048838789 -1469046473:Awakened Scaleguard chain boots\/a
\aITEM 1385124466 -1840184668:Awakened Scaleguard chain chestguard\/a
\aITEM -148181185 178377589:Awakened Scaleguard chain coif\/a
\aITEM 1553029617 2036891506:Awakened Scaleguard chain gloves\/a
\aITEM -609660262 420100374:Awakened Scaleguard chain leggings\/a
\aITEM -1700822106 -301225958:Awakened Scaleguard chain sleeves\/a

Bark Coated Chain Set

\aITEM 227184391 -1438741018:bark coated chain boots\/a
\aITEM 861807054 -1707792901:bark coated chain bracers\/a
\aITEM -1042648302 318698486:bark coated chain coat\/a
\aITEM -88438702 698222774:bark coated chain coif\/a
\aITEM 1595192688 -2000759908:bark coated chain gloves\/a
\aITEM 1351439942 110623073:bark coated chain leggings\/a
\aITEM -1741557836 1335593304:bark coated chain mantle\/a

Black Iron Chain Set

\aITEM 1111517256 -1224562547:black iron chain boots\/a
\aITEM -160865018 -599055529:black iron chain breastplate\/a
\aITEM 1101148647 -1643736441:black iron chain gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1820561990 1097500351:black iron chain greaves\/a
\aITEM -543376661 -1835521860:black iron chain helm\/a
\aITEM -338090849 798328627:black iron chain pauldron\/a
\aITEM -208402472 741385400:black iron chain vambraces\/a

Blackened Aviak Set

\aITEM -1382517025 -1647234021:Blackened Aviak Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1827010085 -1749050752:Blackened Aviak Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -519379390 1085492545:Blackened Aviak Gussets\/a
\aITEM -338087236 -277044761:Blackened Aviak Spaulders\/a

Blackened Iron Brigandine Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 785812820 -6203214:blackened iron brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM -390352881 1457226171:blackened iron brigandine footpads\/a
\aITEM 1152657352 -1782320594:blackened iron brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM -907954703 -2049227510:blackened iron brigandine helm\/a
\aITEM 460886109 -1525112343:blackened iron brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM -851995006 703895706:blackened iron brigandine shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1840461466 604702210:blackened iron brigandine wristguards\/a

Bloodskull Excavator Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1076288609 -121901938:Bloodskull Excavator's Boots\/a
\aITEM 1436974156 228902687:Bloodskull Excavator's Bracers\/a
\aITEM 796771243 -8540859:Bloodskull Excavator's Coat\/a
\aITEM 337459435 -1004710395:Bloodskull Excavator's Coif\/a
\aITEM -1586299478 -880427113:Bloodskull Excavator's Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1398623255 -1587065118:Bloodskull Excavator's Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1717020526 211871059:Bloodskull Excavator's Mantle\/a

Bracken Entwined Chainmail Set (Same appearance as D'Morte Kindred Chainmail Set)

\aITEM 464918665 1291258217:bracken entwined chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM -130710320 -855965553:bracken entwined chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM -1853703987 -1205436999:bracken entwined chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM -1428012147 -2092529927:bracken entwined chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM 1426204608 -178289495:bracken entwined chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM -1438056320 1370063457:bracken entwined chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM -1842905852 846913133:bracken entwined chainmail mantle\/a

Carbonite Brigandine Set (Same appearance as Feyiron Brigandine Set & Manticore Scale Set & Rustic Brigandine Set & Snakeweave Banded Set)

\aITEM 1352848846 344510059:carbonite brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM -1944503405 302625500:carbonite brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM -428109553 2020284480:carbonite brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM -1966576462 -1526809890:carbonite brigandine helm\/a
\aITEM -1156389136 372013939:carbonite brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM -527187718 388058849:carbonite brigandine shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1745989183 -1897078089:carbonite brigandine wristguards\/a

Carbonite Chainmail Set

\aITEM -2058941740 713495730:carbonite chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM 77154416 -852420878:carbonite chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM 67454666 -838833053:carbonite chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM 1063632266 -178219229:carbonite chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM 1078393755 -466026520:carbonite chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM 2086866852 2132559350:carbonite chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM -2023513761 589145388:carbonite chainmail mantle\/a

Crushbone Chain Set

\aITEM 1432817993 1963604196:Crushbone Chain Boots\/a
\aITEM 468766597 -1122663528:Crushbone Chain Leggings\/a
\aITEM -500197931 -1035813768:Crushbone Chain Mitts\/a
\aITEM 2037264857 544557948:Crushbone Chain Sleeves\/a
\aITEM 1719325407 1175976818:Crushbone Chain Tunic\/a
\aITEM 1649910054 -904916134:Crushbone Chain Wrists\/a

Crushbone Ringmail Set (Legendary)

\aITEM -1747699743 -482977777:Crushbone Ringmail Boots\/a
\aITEM -20917180 -483393011:Crushbone Ringmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM 464640211 1208790096:Crushbone Ringmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 384281733 1361150357:Crushbone Ringmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1563271821 1378921327:Crushbone Ringmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -775752127 -1778066607:Crushbone Ringmail Mantle\/a
\aITEM -1530268553 -802448487:Crushbone Ringmail Tunic\/a

D'Morte Kindred Chainmail Set (Same appearance as Bracken Entwined Chainmail Set)

\aITEM 2035090111 -1019360186:D'Morte kindred chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM -1941205468 904495383:D'Morte kindred chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM -1215999599 394112357:D'Morte kindred chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM -1931105583 740120101:D'Morte kindred chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM -1696970429 1577153333:D'Morte kindred chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM 283986063 -1350268010:D'Morte kindred chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM 1576997767 -1725683215:D'Morte kindred chainmail mantle\/a

Doomseer Set (Legendary & Fabled) (Shaman)

\aITEM -271015305 -248728207:Doomseer Boots\/a
\aITEM -1226026754 -1942496598:Doomseer Bracers\/a
\aITEM -2007671518 -426850493:Doomseer Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1863790617 -2039848645:Doomseer Helmet\/a
\aITEM -1590471485 451779324:Doomseer Leggings\/a
\aITEM -925447003 564895111:Doomseer Mantle\/a
\aITEM -591044127 -1036945689:Doomseer Tunic\/a

Ebon Brigandine Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1342169910 -807087666:ebon brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM -2010958833 -2118792349:ebon brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM -499016045 -338206209:ebon brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM 226359905 1932052980:ebon brigandine helm\/a
\aITEM -1677494085 1086441422:ebon brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM 1426998295 -452343225:ebon brigandine shoulder pads\/a

Ebon Chainmail Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 49454087 -44996712:ebon chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM -1210028184 1800809866:ebon chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM -1188018341 362915970:ebon chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM -2108638181 784421826:ebon chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM 1595657571 1062527053:ebon chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM 1874652885 560257987:ebon chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM -1740728409 -126764407:ebon chainmail mantle\/a

Emblazoned Freeport Set

\aITEM 1835570273 1660335728:emblazoned freeport bracers\/a
\aITEM 1909178329 -601190670:emblazoned freeport chestguard\/a
\aITEM 784817576 -1854425169:emblazoned freeport crown\/a
\aITEM 1805280639 -316471275:emblazoned freeport gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 381345418 2080727130:emblazoned freeport leggings\/a
\aITEM 1887260364 -291083387:emblazoned freeport mantle\/a

Enchanted Banded Bramble Set

\aITEM -1901566899 1924733188:enchanted banded bramble boots\/a
\aITEM -843205271 -1528393498:enchanted banded bramble chestguard\/a
\aITEM -1478549515 -830195078:enchanted banded bramble handguards\/a
\aITEM 1005005407 -1827528956:enchanted banded bramble helm\/a
\aITEM 1164588304 -905927446:enchanted banded bramble leggings\/a
\aITEM 746316937 -1445292072:enchanted banded bramble shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 892866995 1213649959:enchanted banded bramble wristguards\/a

Enchanted Black Iron Chain Set (Treasured) (Same appearance as Feysteel Chainmail Set)

\aITEM -1784204685 882476403:enchanted black iron chain boots\/a
\aITEM 689512246 1135637495:enchanted black iron chain breastplate\/a
\aITEM 237750141 774809579:enchanted black iron chain gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -611380621 -1903520414:enchanted black iron chain greaves\/a
\aITEM 890531594 -634383957:enchanted black iron chain helm\/a
\aITEM -1109529540 -684144311:enchanted black iron chain pauldron\/a
\aITEM -1138888382 -1676111404:enchanted black iron chain vambraces\/a

Enchanted Grove Set

\aITEM -1167768122 471823112:enchanted grove boots\/a
\aITEM 827853397 319163771:enchanted grove chestguard\/a
\aITEM 1530568905 2036639719:enchanted grove handguards\/a
\aITEM -1742774986 1585378451:enchanted grove helm\/a
\aITEM -1052742997 1673386000:enchanted grove leggings\/a
\aITEM -1304994815 955558627:enchanted grove shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 447449227 -966796477:enchanted grove wristguards\/a

Enigmatic Set (Fabled)

\aITEM -806616493 -1184594923:Enigmatic Boots\/a
\aITEM -1831768307 454278987:Enigmatic Chestguard\/a
\aITEM -122436207 1903236567:Enigmatic Handguards\/a
\aITEM 2080068852 792494772:Enigmatic Helm\/a
\aITEM 298119811 -345426088:Enigmatic Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1551271884 126077076:Enigmatic Shoulder Pads\/a

Feerrott Ringmail Set

\aITEM -1793199216 -1831646496:Feerrott Ringmail Boots\/a
\aITEM 1424857235 -915411581:Feerrott Ringmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM -2071570352 670773588:Feerrott Ringmail Coat\/a
\aITEM -1075404016 479971860:Feerrott Ringmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 837231851 1642437486:Feerrott Ringmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1160825014 1478122151:Feerrott Ringmail Leggings\/a
\aITEM -155025873 -1497316950:Feerrott Ringmail Mantle\/a

Feyiron Brigandine Set (Same appearance as Carbonite Brigandine Set & Manticore Scale Set & Rustic Brigandine Set & Snakeweave Banded Set)

\aITEM -857265084 1268173176:feyiron brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM 662978736 -2096781098:feyiron brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM 1306978860 -379125174:feyiron brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM -969453706 -1083072025:feyiron brigandine helm\/a
\aITEM -1804036143 -1123889759:feyiron brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM -1729267924 -1557299882:feyiron brigandine shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -891469258 1856505779:feyiron brigandine wristguards\/a

Feyiron Chainmail Set

\aITEM -910677744 822611851:feyiron chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM 157837239 1238386987:feyiron chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM -1841898261 1086205494:feyiron chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM -1453971541 2078201206:feyiron chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM -603782639 -1155073797:feyiron chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM 2037295512 -2137534759:feyiron chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM 455497941 2080612927:feyiron chainmail mantle\/a

Feysteel Brigandine Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 108053388 900495355:feysteel brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM -1179376779 279867139:feysteel brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM -740914711 2060240287:feysteel brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM -350614137 884187114:feysteel brigandine helm\/a
\aITEM -1136019161 -499436926:feysteel brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM 1736453073 -305090057:feysteel brigandine shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 558711914 -1736275409:feysteel brigandine wristguards\/a

Feysteel Chainmail Set (Treasured) (Same appearance as Enchanted Black Iron Chain Set)

\aITEM -459969567 -1161154170:feysteel chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM -1675773222 1025483023:feysteel chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM -1113874412 1010354540:feysteel chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM -2030347436 123220524:feysteel chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM 378858969 -988002696:feysteel chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM 1257816480 -1126111776:feysteel chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM -776882403 37297340:feysteel chainmail mantle\/a

Frozen Chain Set

\aITEM -1586256823 -73476048:Frozen Chain Boots\/a
\aITEM -250079492 1448522681:Frozen Chain Bracers\/a
\aITEM -2079818439 1823154119:Frozen Chain Coat\/a
\aITEM -1083668871 1472980103:Frozen Chain Coif\/a
\aITEM -824434484 -413203416:Frozen Chain Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1734852111 -1635141045:Frozen Chain Leggings\/a
\aITEM 167344648 544890604:Frozen Chain Mantle\/a

Fulginate Brigandine Set

\aITEM 512772491 334841105:fulginate brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM -1568022077 -2007296436:fulginate brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM -924103841 -499532592:fulginate brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM -1126728368 -1263412774:fulginate brigandine helm\/a
\aITEM -664781565 -1182147853:fulginate brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM 133648565 -1522745410:fulginate brigandine shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 55865105 2121868119:fulginate brigandine wristguards\/a

Fulginate Chainmail Set

\aITEM -1286071498 986216374:fulginate chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM 39964659 2112287579:fulginate chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM 408834656 1528378105:fulginate chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM 591309088 1618594233:fulginate chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM 242509790 -481987438:fulginate chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM 148121017 -794392225:fulginate chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM -917422822 610283094:fulginate chainmail mantle\/a

Gnoll Chain Set (Same appearance as Iron Chainmail Set)

\aITEM 1510785614 1388184921:gnoll chain boots\/a
\aITEM 445169449 436954142:gnoll chain bracers\/a
\aITEM -650609465 -295616100:gnoll chain chestguard\/a
\aITEM 339928102 -877076885:gnoll chain coif\/a
\aITEM 1346619913 -744948471:gnoll chain gloves\/a
\aITEM 215639930 207207501:gnoll chain greaves\/a
\aITEM 703933211 695660588:gnoll chain sleeves\/a

Iron Brigandine Set (Not Finished) (Same appearance as Perennial Brigandine Set & Pickbringer's Brigandine Set)

\aITEM 688800759 -1507895441:iron brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM 852395442 159105841:iron brigandine footpads\/a
\aITEM 1131211115 -864158221:iron brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM 1545691081 -1285763307:iron brigandine helm\/a
\aITEM 577444870 -600828316:iron brigandine wristguards\/a

Iron Chainmail Set (Same appearance as Gnoll Chain Set)

\aITEM 1403926959 1025859961:iron chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM 2005032882 -984577434:iron chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM 999675242 -607394563:iron chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM 16068138 -525656131:iron chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM -2025342436 -392608091:iron chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM 159037231 -2005503177:iron chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM 1080221912 800857185:iron chainmail mantle\/a

Lava Branded Brigandine Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1125732472 1814424631:lava branded brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM 1644023885 -745026962:lava branded brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM 195001041 -1175101198:lava branded brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM 1574276266 236274838:lava branded brigandine helm\/a
\aITEM 1619419723 2086614442:lava branded brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM 2104087659 564799971:lava branded brigandine shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 160937223 -1421693329:lava branded brigandine wristguards\/a
Magma Linked Chainmail Set (Treasured) (Same appearance as Poison Etched Set & Rubicite Chainmail Set & Spellbound Black Iron Chain Set)

\aITEM 658665897 1940288974:magma linked chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM -219848537 -1904148248:magma linked chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM 697290293 -1243481176:magma linked chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM -2091925779 1355656722:magma linked chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM -2059548760 -1083274914:magma linked chainmail mantle\/a

Manticore Scale Set (Same appearance as Carbonite Brigandine Set & Feyiron Brigandine Set & Rustic Brigandine Set & Snakeweave Banded Set)

\aITEM -1096394483 417099715:manticore scale boots\/a
\aITEM 1121441445 1619644811:manticore scale chestguard\/a
\aITEM 682982457 183204631:manticore scale handguards\/a
\aITEM -2145025104 1178872341:manticore scale helm\/a
\aITEM -1197417127 442331106:manticore scale leggings\/a
\aITEM 1467562752 -574960158:manticore scale shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -1486490293 2073142915:manticore scale wristguards\/a

Mist Grinnin Chain Set

\aITEM -1186078451 1172909827:mist grinnin chain boots\/a
\aITEM 1673212380 -2115760319:mist grinnin chain bracers\/a
\aITEM 218779374 273431733:mist grinnin chain coat\/a
\aITEM 912962990 724355061:mist grinnin chain coif\/a
\aITEM -1082811648 1479611081:mist grinnin chain gloves\/a
\aITEM -1553677794 758674137:mist grinnin chain leggings\/a
\aITEM 2018558404 -1626060787:mist grinnin chain mantle\/a

Nemesis Set (Legendary & Fabled) (Predator & Rouge) (Brigand & Predator for Hood)

\aITEM -811458332 104375761:Nemesis Bracers\/a
\aITEM -565426837 946241826:Nemesis Chain Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1755581150 779296101:Nemesis Footpads\/a
\aITEM -1324734790 -1962816025:Nemesis Hood\/a
\aITEM 2070955703 -575652553:Nemesis Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1613583300 -1704149789:Nemesis Shoulderguard\/a
\aITEM -140783879 -846191196:Nemesis Vest\/a

Nightchord Set (Legendary & Fabled) (Bard)

\aITEM 2046270419 755404246:Nightchord Boots\/a
\aITEM -1447576941 1165202480:Nightchord Bracers\/a
\aITEM -2057002366 -1422601282:Nightchord Cap\/a
\aITEM 154951409 -1360995536:Nightchord Gloves\/a
\aITEM -636022518 184460520:Nightchord Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1135269321 -181994768:Nightchord Shoulderpads\/a
\aITEM 1256872005 505105984:Nightchord Tunic\/a

Orc Centurion Chainmail Set

\aITEM 15458156 960742269:orc centurion chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM -566440137 -1713075776:orc centurion chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM -840948072 1716516219:orc centurion chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM -159326760 1563364923:orc centurion chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM -2055639824 -269425634:orc centurion chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM -1811841520 -1214266903:orc centurion chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM 1113339444 685096666:orc centurion chainmail mantle\/a

Orclord Brigandine Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1007506044 -1797143082:Orclord Brigandine Boots\/a
\aITEM 133635613 1031070837:Orclord Brigandine Bracers\/a
\aITEM 680126396 -1547626479:Orclord Brigandine Coat\/a
\aITEM -1728931303 -1369883528:Orclord Brigandine Gloves\/a
\aITEM 334044412 -1466774453:Orclord Brigandine Helm\/a
\aITEM 1331919895 204478087:Orclord Brigandine Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1607975133 1769760444:Orclord Brigandine Mantle\/a

Perennial Brigandine Set (Same appearance as Perennial Brigandine Set & Pickbringer's Brigandine Set)

\aITEM -1129645803 2027638586:perennial brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM -1022675225 -437873283:perennial brigandine footpads\/a
\aITEM -691514487 314172838:perennial brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM -856662433 -236015296:perennial brigandine helm\/a
\aITEM 818419381 371569967:perennial brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM -1366298622 1937886865:perennial brigandine shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1828338664 -940607737:perennial brigandine wristguards\/a

Pickbringer's Brigandine Set (Same appearance as Iron Brigandine Set & Perennial Brigandine Set)

\aITEM 1541940227 -16829214:pickbringer's brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM 372689096 1290059542:pickbringer's brigandine bracers\/a
\aITEM 1035974630 -1307839665:pickbringer's brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM 735424359 913319232:pickbringer's brigandine coif\/a
\aITEM 1988232286 -1487383934:pickbringer's brigandine gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1177838694 -654657986:pickbringer's brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM -1626715898 1218612472:pickbringer's brigandine mantle\/a

Poison Etched Set (Fabled) (Same appearance as Magma Linked Chainmail Set & Rubicite Chainmail Set & Spellbound Black Iron Chain Set)

\aITEM 496899250 936774852:Poison Etched Boots\/a
\aITEM -852418069 -1489482363:Poison Etched Bracers\/a
\aITEM 255564936 671645299:Poison Etched Coat\/a
\aITEM 878405576 325616947:Poison Etched Coif\/a
\aITEM -468719896 1564703481:Poison Etched Gloves\/a
\aITEM 460844289 -1323849678:Poison Etched Leggings\/a
\aITEM 590003244 -1704583107:Poison Etched Mantle\/a

Quellithulian Assassin Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1798889462 -1634347449:Quellithulian Assassin's Boots\/a
\aITEM 1435682420 -779086716:Quellithulian Assassin's Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1322365832 -333687329:Quellithulian Assassin's Coif\/a
\aITEM -1782004310 693889977:Quellithulian Assassin's Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1608356101 -966381315:Quellithulian Assassin's Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1391304558 -293686915:Quellithulian Assassin's Mantle\/a
\aITEM 1455617201 -1383590447:Quellithulian Assassin's Tunic\/a

Ringmail Set

\aITEM -866156561 -1300882666:Ringmail Boots\/a
\aITEM 407137251 -1746539905:Ringmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1966551084 -315657183:Ringmail Coat\/a
\aITEM 1314376556 -699429023:Ringmail Coif\/a
\aITEM -251393334 890988822:Ringmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM 908152846 -230804526:Ringmail Mantle\/a
\aITEM 929211913 1229701872:Ringmail Pants\/a

Reinforced Brigandine Set (Fabled)

\aITEM 682085059 -338050457:reinforced brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM -1646360066 1668635024:reinforced brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM -138665118 152564492:reinforced brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM -2011249670 -90651129:reinforced brigandine helm\/a
\aITEM 251301834 -1343247226:reinforced brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM 1936655281 -1969738492:reinforced brigandine shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1526953064 -235432985:reinforced brigandine wristguards\/a

Rubicite Chainmail Set (Fabled) (Same appearance as Magma Linked Chainmail Set & Poison Etched Set & Spellbound Black Iron Chain Set)

\aITEM -620251514 1338506939:rubicite chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM 1321457217 1546437533:rubicite chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM -1707074894 1043571515:rubicite chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM -1591680526 89348219:rubicite chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM -981627905 -1652488282:rubicite chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM 771183872 -1568660246:rubicite chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM 39375163 1520721250:rubicite chainmail mantle\/a

Rustic Brigandine Set (Same appearance as Carbonite Brigandine Set & Feyiron Brigandine Set & Manticore Scale Set & Snakeweave Banded Set)

\aITEM 1751273361 7313835:rustic brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM 1654081778 801471596:rustic brigandine chestguard\/a
\aITEM 150332014 1168627440:rustic brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM -1835993328 1123366338:rustic brigandine helm\/a
\aITEM -868733083 1276596591:rustic brigandine leggings\/a
\aITEM -1483414255 366265495:rustic brigandine shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1380610434 1169202677:rustic brigandine wristguards\/a

Set of Scattered Dusts (Legendary)

\aITEM 1746871704 -1785815480:Boots of the Scattered Dusts\/a
\aITEM 1826055162 -138726899:Chestguard of the Scattered Dusts\/a
\aITEM 1859175824 1093351896:Gloves of the Scattered Dusts\/a
\aITEM -566486579 1591841535:Leggings of the Scattered Dusts\/a
\aITEM 836644097 505794889:Mantle of the Scattered Dusts\/a

Snakeweave Banded Set (Same appearance as Carbonite Brigandine Set & Feyiron Brigandine Set & Manticore Scale Set & Rustic Brigandine Set)

\aITEM 177568706 1563097583:snakeweave banded boots\/a
\aITEM -2060583313 -1059841580:snakeweave banded chestguard\/a
\aITEM -280013581 -1430867128:snakeweave banded handguards\/a
\aITEM -1195803828 1871606584:snakeweave banded helm\/a
\aITEM 976300966 1490004630:snakeweave banded leggings\/a
\aITEM -881549831 -1398549312:snakeweave banded shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -602725171 -2132429010:snakeweave banded wristguards\/a

Sootfoot Banded Set

\aITEM -464814390 361130130:Sootfoot Banded Boots\/a
\aITEM -982940732 749263458:Sootfoot Banded Chestguard\/a
\aITEM -1358223016 1187672318:Sootfoot Banded Handguards\/a
\aITEM 1759338318 1898530207:Sootfoot Banded Helm\/a
\aITEM 675180902 -1277426363:Sootfoot Banded Leggings\/a
\aITEM -176575222 1948663850:Sootfoot Banded Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -1655235888 -1576280748:Sootfoot Banded Wristguards\/a

Spellbound Black Iron Chain Set (Fabled) (Same appearance as Poison Etched Set & Rubicite Chainmail Set)

\aITEM 502238935 1837979580:Spellbound Black Iron Chain Boots\/a
\aITEM -819621071 -332585384:Spellbound Black Iron Chain Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -609910716 -1307277600:Spellbound Black Iron Chain Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -751625103 -1439321073:Spellbound Black Iron Chain Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1978805714 2111818199:Spellbound Black Iron Chain Helm\/a
\aITEM 1406873886 -467702899:Spellbound Black Iron Chain Pauldron\/a
\aITEM 1771288187 2273503:Spellbound Black Iron Chain Vambraces\/a

Steel Brigandine Set (Treasured) (Not Finished)

\aITEM 1912801716 -1188252490:steel brigandine boots\/a
\aITEM 1184046647 -933964728:steel brigandine handguards\/a
\aITEM -668886340 -937710954:steel brigandine shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1085537838 -2138614455:steel brigandine wristguards\/a

Steel Forged Chainmail Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1640853899 -1558163296:steel forged chainmail boots\/a
\aITEM 1498454420 -999003633:steel forged chainmail bracers\/a
\aITEM 1881447583 -1167089926:steel forged chainmail coat\/a
\aITEM 1262774239 -2129697350:steel forged chainmail coif\/a
\aITEM -510911135 386410980:steel forged chainmail gloves\/a
\aITEM -614866924 -1139175893:steel forged chainmail leggings\/a
\aITEM 648628133 -802327776:steel forged chainmail mantle\/a

Stygian Chain Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1535078239 1200288074:Stygian Chain Boots\/a
\aITEM 988977494 1477882200:Stygian Chain Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1584669593 -1720509209:Stygian Chain Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1566805032 -1327237176:Stygian Chain Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 1751297225 1956066012:Stygian Chain Tunic\/a

Thexian Dragoon Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -872491927 201719914:Thexian Dragoon Boots\/a
\aITEM 882452975 -1643468007:Thexian Dragoon Bracers\/a
\aITEM -51949786 -785098084:Thexian Dragoon Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 2068465274 974801118:Thexian Dragoon Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 583791036 -2007469238:Thexian Dragoon Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1307870350 -1653093367:Thexian Dragoon Helm\/a
\aITEM 855496624 -1422688546:Thexian Dragoon Mantle\/a

Thulzite Ringmail Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1916354129 2146789728:thulzite ringmail boots\/a
\aITEM -991626252 1351346588:thulzite ringmail bracers\/a
\aITEM -386723705 -1185181228:thulzite ringmail coat\/a
\aITEM -745280569 -2110035308:thulzite ringmail coif\/a
\aITEM -2019962140 -1934606739:thulzite ringmail gloves\/a
\aITEM -1770638034 -712264874:thulzite ringmail leggings\/a
\aITEM 1086097440 1268081833:thulzite ringmail mantle\/a

< Leather Sets >

Animist Set (Legendary & Fabled) (Druid)

\aITEM -218634186 1903078840:Animist's Bracers\/a
\aITEM -1431764371 455984536:Animist's Cover\/a
\aITEM -1748965810 -587157671:Animist's Gloves\/a
\aITEM 885523961 -374754621:Animist's Leggings\/a
\aITEM -683444279 438695325:Animist's Mantle\/a
\aITEM 624627723 -396520865:Animist's Treads\/a
\aITEM -1812110542 578397383:Animist's Tunic\/a

Augmented Leather Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -863951867 -794979768:augmented leather boots\/a
\aITEM -1310990345 -1179976084:augmented leather gloves\/a
\aITEM 935132643 731925422:augmented leather pants\/a
\aITEM -1869080705 -886868572:augmented leather shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -1256758971 1808476859:augmented leather skullcap\/a
\aITEM -6494317 -478129698:augmented leather tunic\/a
\aITEM 551844065 55979732:augmented leather wristguards\/a

Awakened Scaleguard Leather Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 791515702 -725776990:Awakened Scaleguard leather boots\/a
\aITEM 453459929 345061596:Awakened Scaleguard leather breeches\/a
\aITEM 1314941201 297551229:Awakened Scaleguard leather cap\/a
\aITEM -834501182 902992470:Awakened Scaleguard leather hands\/a
\aITEM -1518797776 864472441:Awakened Scaleguard leather sleeves\/a
\aITEM -743553432 -408926668:Awakened Scaleguard leather tunic\/a

Bloodscale Hide Set (Treasured) (Priest Only)

\aITEM -43203907 171007690:Bloodscale Hide Boots\/a
\aITEM 622438967 -1126273740:Bloodscale Hide Bracers\/a
\aITEM -234483408 -1943381866:Bloodscale Hide Cap\/a
\aITEM 1951402415 -1161383764:Bloodscale Hide Gloves\/a
\aITEM 186702059 225103112:Bloodscale Hide Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1284156565 2112088680:Bloodscale Hide Mantle\/a
\aITEM 555988938 959225180:Bloodscale Hide Tunic\/a

Boiled Leather Set (Sake look as Renegade Diabolist Set)

\aITEM -73670299 -1976530981:boiled leather boots\/a
\aITEM -60906390 -789147257:boiled leather gloves\/a
\aITEM 10893443 1896701501:boiled leather pants\/a
\aITEM 1863991939 -1997823867:boiled leather shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -1238405085 189535497:boiled leather skullcap\/a
\aITEM -930733325 -1188215731:boiled leather tunic\/a
\aITEM 364598233 -292669323:boiled leather wristguards\/a

Boiled Woven Set (Same appearance as Steelhoof Tribal Set)

\aITEM -528256830 506210900:boiled woven bracers\/a
\aITEM 2088633141 -1195758644:boiled woven cap\/a
\aITEM 1508427580 1081761303:boiled woven leggings\/a
\aITEM 1755820006 -1777797776:boiled woven sandals\/a
\aITEM 525220991 -276493643:boiled woven shawl\/a
\aITEM -738269968 760331878:boiled woven sleeves\/a
\aITEM 1245991863 -1897800409:boiled woven vest\/a

Bone Chill Woven Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 713794074 -830029121:Bone Chill Woven Boots\/a
\aITEM -657786327 195818949:Bone Chill Woven Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 794907453 -341910712:Bone Chill Woven Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 772850155 -1569548710:Bone Chill Woven Wristguards\/a

Corvovan Set (Same appearance as Sturdy Leather Set)

\aITEM 497810324 -44728984:cordovan boots\/a
\aITEM 1046109459 -2105002679:cordovan bracers\/a
\aITEM 906123002 -2098653621:cordovan gloves\/a
\aITEM -426368398 107521166:cordovan pants\/a
\aITEM 1016832005 56079968:cordovan shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -1797414059 534759895:cordovan skullcap\/a
\aITEM 783693826 -834093314:cordovan tunic\/a

Cuirboilli Leather Set (Treasured) (Not Finished)

\aITEM 359880323 956232036:cuirboilli leather gloves\/a
\aITEM 1324475525 -1044803974:cuirboilli leather pants\/a
\aITEM -2033058059 161059850:cuirboilli leather tunic\/a
\aITEM -1578651030 577264165:cuirboilli leather wristguards\/a

D'Morte Kindred Leather Set

\aITEM 1810264355 1355870749:D'Morte kindred leather boots\/a
\aITEM 1668365663 -1574234505:D'Morte kindred leather gloves\/a
\aITEM -1864652603 -1410520069:D'Morte kindred leather pants\/a
\aITEM 161138394 1601400259:D'Morte kindred leather shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -1647507878 1814860010:D'Morte kindred leather skullcap\/a
\aITEM 1492890293 1674391947:D'Morte kindred leather tunic\/a
\aITEM 2065979950 1315724221:D'Morte kindred leather wristguards\/a

Dark Reflection Set (Legendary)

\aITEM -292907889 713359761:Boots of Dark Reflection\/a
\aITEM -1225728562 1521658632:Gloves of Dark Reflection\/a
\aITEM 434534242 224838201:Leggings of Dark Reflection\/a
\aITEM 2033127844 -1228102042:Shoulder Pads of Dark Reflection\/a
\aITEM -648348613 492136741:Tunic of Dark Reflection\/a

Desert Mercenary's Set (Same appearance as Earthen Woven Set & Farmer's Woven Set & Woven Cordovan Set)

\aITEM 2060245914 2097863917:desert mercenary's boots\/a
\aITEM -1682491598 1705855590:desert mercenary's bracers\/a
\aITEM -774038307 532364869:desert mercenary's gloves\/a
\aITEM -2114911620 -2043214581:desert mercenary's pants\/a
\aITEM -665903340 -1251020876:desert mercenary's shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -669950367 -1259744783:desert mercenary's skullcap\/a
\aITEM 1238439948 1310138235:desert mercenary's tunic\/a

Despised Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -329741956 -1974576656:Leather Boots of the Despised\/a
\aITEM 377340638 1930407526:Leather Gloves of the Despised\/a
\aITEM -1922936366 -344686242:Leather Pants of the Despised\/a
\aITEM 853486884 -1349490508:Leather Shoulder Pads of the Despised\/a
\aITEM -1771383087 -1420679852:Leather Skullcap of the Despised\/a
\aITEM -68608101 -1644179689:Leather Tunic of the Despised\/a
\aITEM 409581306 1224672261:Leather Wristguards of the Despised\/a

Earthen Woven Set (Same appearance as Desert Mercenary's Set & Farmer's Woven Set & Woven Cordovan Set)

\aITEM -1090942976 -614762967:earthen woven boots\/a
\aITEM -495218215 -63392629:earthen woven bracers\/a
\aITEM -1044163628 -2095814330:earthen woven gloves\/a
\aITEM 1170493926 543600591:earthen woven pants\/a
\aITEM 1007721474 -1863541955:earthen woven shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -273635017 1791744714:earthen woven skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1914418282 -398019137:earthen woven tunic\/a

Embalmed Leather Set

\aITEM -1502122155 407744826:embalmed leather boots\/a
\aITEM 467228573 -1730715364:embalmed leather bracers\/a
\aITEM -623216568 124337759:embalmed leather gloves\/a
\aITEM -1563963010 956001534:embalmed leather leggings\/a
\aITEM 972509505 -1546916671:embalmed leather overcoat\/a
\aITEM -373405613 -1438084978:embalmed leather shoulderpads\/a
\aITEM -1627877768 79967224:embalmed leather skullcap\/a

Enchanted Thicket Woven Set

\aITEM -167140114 340848267:enchanted thicket woven boots\/a
\aITEM 274623400 -1629634915:enchanted thicket woven bracers\/a
\aITEM -2043057017 -1157390310:enchanted thicket woven gloves\/a
\aITEM 221543688 -278055059:enchanted thicket woven pants\/a
\aITEM -548998616 -1524511650:enchanted thicket woven shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -935277209 -1635939695:enchanted thicket woven skullcap\/a
\aITEM -988518536 659369245:enchanted thicket woven tunic\/a

Engraved Leather Set (Treasured) (Not Finished)

\aITEM 2112530147 -1447224087:engraved leather boots\/a
\aITEM -133958856 402804124:engraved leather gloves\/a
\aITEM -2032697595 1384170767:engraved leather pants\/a
\aITEM -1263424485 1736567527:engraved leather wristpads\/a

Etched Leather Set (Same appearance as Waxed Set)

\aITEM 637182727 -1286839506:etched leather boots\/a
\aITEM 1597818204 488172528:etched leather gloves\/a
\aITEM -557352223 1215412936:etched leather pants\/a
\aITEM -1924922380 -1054530877:etched leather shoulderpads\/a
\aITEM 92673018 -605900812:etched leather skullcap\/a
\aITEM 384262289 -2142134088:etched leather tunic\/a
\aITEM -1005227256 594754227:etched leather wristpads\/a

Excarnate Set (Legendary & Fabled) (Brawlers)

\aITEM 423151232 -1931088476:Excarnate Cap\/a
\aITEM -1549018020 547183450:Excarnate Footwraps\/a
\aITEM -1874994332 1484037077:Excarnate Handwraps\/a
\aITEM 424285493 1725188411:Excarnate Leggings\/a
\aITEM -812489840 -215059802:Excarnate Shoulderguard\/a
\aITEM 1764674009 -1943271218:Excarnate Trapping\/a
\aITEM 277268487 -1368190752:Excarnate Wristguards\/a

Farmer's Woven Set (Same appearance as Desert Mercenary's Set & Earthen Woven Set & Woven Cordovan Set)

\aITEM 715726061 1642190749:farmer's woven boots\/a
\aITEM 703164418 1607338787:farmer's woven cap\/a
\aITEM 535600517 1336058994:farmer's woven gloves\/a
\aITEM 217295804 134939776:farmer's woven leggings\/a
\aITEM -421986752 1426656424:farmer's woven shoulderpads\/a
\aITEM 431284091 1392251915:farmer's woven tunic\/a
\aITEM -1292076929 -1650983849:farmer's woven wristpads\/a

Heavy Wool Threaded Set

\aITEM -440024678 1180640261:Heavy Wool Threaded Boots\/a
\aITEM -1213944158 -1954586478:Heavy Wool Threaded Cap\/a
\aITEM -784198201 -1320091145:Heavy Wool Threaded Gloves\/a
\aITEM 519575676 -1117585949:Heavy Wool Threaded Pants\/a
\aITEM 1874345373 -1739974093:Heavy Wool Threaded Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM -690486772 1967318931:Heavy Wool Threaded Tunic\/a
\aITEM 252323549 181217309:Heavy Wool Threaded Wristguards\/a

Icesteel Studded Leather Set

\aITEM 277873664 -1075482713:icesteel studded leather boots\/a
\aITEM -1049806248 -1989117576:icesteel studded leather gloves\/a
\aITEM -340927002 1155053121:icesteel studded leather pants\/a
\aITEM -1823841311 1751742016:icesteel studded leather shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1290315554 918150071:icesteel studded leather skullcap\/a
\aITEM 596494230 -1929860047:icesteel studded leather tunic\/a
\aITEM -572638472 -1176496383:icesteel studded leather wristguards\/a

Orclord Leather Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1352693568 -1575274439:Orclord Leather Boots\/a
\aITEM 696342321 664711949:Orclord Leather Bracers\/a
\aITEM -2065449073 -2014466570:Orclord Leather Cap\/a
\aITEM 1521891172 -1629865620:Orclord Leather Gloves\/a
\aITEM 2106943165 1391723998:Orclord Leather Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1651282528 1509909416:Orclord Leather Mantle\/a
\aITEM -1673376938 -1861813329:Orclord Leather Tunic\/a

Orclord Stalking Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1114054105 1607326155:Orclord Stalking Boots\/a
\aITEM 1997876146 -720473375:Orclord Stalking Coif\/a
\aITEM -257167239 -1284814872:Orclord Stalking Doublet\/a
\aITEM 1690994645 -845906755:Orclord Stalking Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1684882121 179381881:Orclord Stalking Mantle\/a
\aITEM 1185233857 -1527775187:Orclord Stalking Pants\/a
\aITEM 1962400725 -1791659291:Orclord Stalking Wristguards\/a

Patchwork Flesh Set

\aITEM -1391352180 -790704624:patchwork flesh gloves\/a
\aITEM -1851464526 1498597693:patchwork flesh pants\/a
\aITEM 260261326 -163097143:patchwork flesh sandals\/a
\aITEM -340731910 -1360185648:patchwork flesh shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1342510122 -828881511:patchwork flesh skullcap\/a
\aITEM 1501888194 -1854745779:patchwork flesh tunic\/a
\aITEM -1029830430 681102297:patchwork flesh wristguards\/a

Raw-hide Set

\aITEM 1617298394 508520227:Raw-hide Boots\/a
\aITEM -1491339371 1661244489:Raw-hide Gloves\/a
\aITEM -346650276 308344754:Raw-hide Leggings\/a
\aITEM -428862847 -1010648547:Raw-hide Shoulderpads\/a
\aITEM -680929702 778021044:Raw-hide Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 1400619084 760390837:Raw-hide Tunic\/a
\aITEM -1876025252 -412198093:Raw-hide Wristbands\/a

Reinforced Leather Set (Fabled)

\aITEM -1165048722 -1019650109:reinforced leather boots\/a
\aITEM 1808623815 -1009582071:reinforced leather gloves\/a
\aITEM 1102257544 939820581:reinforced leather pants\/a
\aITEM -1719817665 -847926071:reinforced leather shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1062513551 692326459:reinforced leather skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1986852872 -266036139:reinforced leather tunic\/a
\aITEM 1646019603 -1160940066:reinforced leather wristguards\/a

Reinforced Scale Set

\aITEM -274113074 477892072:Reinforced Scale Boots\/a
\aITEM -1118901066 1873853467:Reinforced Scale Gloves\/a
\aITEM 345277480 -415116274:Reinforced Scale Pants\/a
\aITEM -1556477079 485057761:Reinforced scale shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -475696510 -1821953236:Reinforced Scale Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -592142760 794939006:Reinforced Scale Tunic\/a
\aITEM -259757248 -1083521406:Reinforced Scale Wristguards\/a

Renegade Diabolist Set (Same appearance as Boilded Leather Set)

\aITEM -430250367 -1359886032:renegade diabolist boots\/a
\aITEM 1793666095 1021756964:renegade diabolist bracers\/a
\aITEM 1529103116 -418747591:renegade diabolist gloves\/a
\aITEM 493305703 1439437014:renegade diabolist pants\/a
\aITEM -270284364 -1399794877:renegade diabolist shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -1142526813 744667841:renegade diabolist skullcap\/a
\aITEM -716757737 -1645475162:renegade diabolist tunic\/a

Runed Glacial Chainmail Set (Treasure)

\aITEM 1458206353 -497676419:Runed Glacial Chainmail Boots\/a
\aITEM -802939510 188144718:Runed Glacial Chainmail Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1156383725 -215295983:Runed Glacial Chainmail Coif\/a
\aITEM 1176757240 -282332718:Runed Glacial Chainmail Gloves\/a
\aITEM -2130265796 672049942:Runed Glacial Chainmail Mantle\/a

Seared Leather Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -44090778 1844638687:seared leather gloves\/a
\aITEM -632737086 -929228083:seared leather pants\/a
\aITEM 221085805 -627933403:seared leather skullcap\/a
\aITEM 308881586 12386493:seared leather tunic\/a
\aITEM -1747749858 564198366:seared leather wristguards\/a

Steelhoof Tribal Set (Same appearance as Boiled Woven Set)

\aITEM -1276515461 779263025:steelhoof tribal boots\/a
\aITEM 102361859 -1869752070:steelhoof tribal gloves\/a
\aITEM -666084979 -1562184453:steelhoof tribal leggings\/a
\aITEM -1942847082 940950313:steelhoof tribal shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -462223733 -1629639683:steelhoof tribal skullcap\/a
\aITEM -2131482387 493838247:steelhoof tribal tunic\/a
\aITEM -608789541 -1592933624:steelhoof tribal wristguards\/a

Steppes Bear Set

\aITEM -329698018 664189796:steppes bear boots\/a
\aITEM 1000263178 -1954178650:steppes bear gloves\/a
\aITEM 1116343044 -1254650707:steppes bear leggings\/a
\aITEM 1330388030 -1358167428:steppes bear shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 2125812738 -1995910229:steppes bear skullcap\/a
\aITEM -549128568 344684786:steppes bear tunic\/a
\aITEM -807869667 -664582984:steppes bear wristguards\/a

Sturdy Leather Set (Same appearance as Cordovan Set)

\aITEM 1207108851 -1005613131:sturdy leather boots\/a
\aITEM 971249062 -441637775:sturdy leather bracers\/a
\aITEM -574638189 -1136515153:sturdy leather cap\/a
\aITEM 599611721 1646691494:sturdy leather chestguard\/a
\aITEM -443614466 2058543824:sturdy leather gloves\/a
\aITEM 334365976 193268574:sturdy leather leggings\/a
\aITEM 581673018 -1114130412:sturdy leather mantle\/a

Strengthened Leather Set

\aITEM 99292120 373548375:strengthened leather boots\/a
\aITEM 1232083881 878980590:strengthened leather gloves\/a
\aITEM -19477954 -310494031:strengthened leather pants\/a
\aITEM 758008312 152492194:strengthened leather shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 220655517 2107956946:strengthened leather skullcap\/a
\aITEM 922144846 626927297:strengthened leather tunic\/a
\aITEM 1470146862 -376601059:strengthened leather wristguards\/a

Sullon Mining Set

\aITEM 407252336 6042660:Sullon mining boots\/a
\aITEM -478415722 -77468222:Sullon mining pants\/a
\aITEM 1957353671 1823523219:Sullon mining shawl\/a
\aITEM 727445222 859961266:Sullon mining tunic\/a
\aITEM 385994161 -1065404528:Sullon mining wristguards\/a

Tanned Leather Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1863899816 1337605406:tanned leather boots\/a
\aITEM 947828686 -1926162362:tanned leather bracers\/a
\aITEM -1537370945 993864962:tanned leather gloves\/a
\aITEM -612223919 -1602836179:tanned leather shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1824074198 -1888522901:tanned leather skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1543838002 2091384456:tanned leather tunic\/a

Thulzite Woven Set (Treasured) (Same appearance as Woven Cuirboilli Set & Woven Etched Set)

\aITEM -1241476957 1324458394:thulzite woven boots\/a
\aITEM -1911269218 -773250649:thulzite woven gloves\/a
\aITEM 1295862085 -1244891012:thulzite woven pants\/a
\aITEM 1309584852 126938458:thulzite woven shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1928632551 1437172536:thulzite woven skullcap\/a
\aITEM -2061675723 2112643596:thulzite woven tunic\/a
\aITEM 107288606 1012698343:thulzite woven wristguards\/a

Traditional Halfling Set

\aITEM 2042376370 1018087978:traditional halfling boots\/a
\aITEM -462699316 452644160:traditional halfling gloves\/a
\aITEM -2105415340 -946662452:traditional halfling pants\/a
\aITEM -1074142453 639445615:traditional halfling shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 62919201 -315980973:traditional halfling skullcap\/a
\aITEM 1252127524 263391676:traditional halfling tunic\/a
\aITEM 1939830505 208632324:traditional halfling wristguards\/a

Tree Sap Encrusted Set

\aITEM 210652147 -143110309:tree sap encrusted boots\/a
\aITEM -440039503 1026775663:tree sap encrusted gloves\/a
\aITEM -139226603 205887165:tree sap encrusted pants\/a
\aITEM -870224720 -966043444:tree sap encrusted shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1988363294 -1856136688:tree sap encrusted skullcap\/a
\aITEM 1066633317 -999977779:tree sap encrusted tunic\/a
\aITEM 830596207 735183974:tree sap encrusted wristguards\/a

Vallon Miner Set (Same appearance as Thulzite Woven Set & Woven Cuirboilli Set & Woven Etched Set)

\aITEM -222804969 -569331766:Vallon miner boots\/a
\aITEM 1113364447 -1173188259:Vallon miner gloves\/a
\aITEM 159751665 623736364:Vallon miner pants\/a
\aITEM 416562510 244812534:Vallon miner shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -1873938998 1889227384:Vallon miner skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1046116479 -317887396:Vallon miner tunic\/a
\aITEM 1411306381 473081052:Vallon miner wristguards\/a

Watchman's Spidersilk Set (Legendary)

\aITEM 740893741 715891917:Watchman's Spidersilk Boots\/a
\aITEM -2071011571 612548597:Watchman's Spidersilk Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1736114721 -156456768:Watchman's Spidersilk Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1737505472 1809739008:Watchman's Spidersilk Shoulder Pads\/a
\aITEM 1531206951 -896272442:Watchman's Spidersilk Skullcap\/a
\aITEM 523560891 431384411:Watchman's Spidersilk Tunic\/a
\aITEM -366600464 240760802:Watchman's Spidersilk Wristguards\/a

Waxed Set (Treasured) (Same appearance as Etched Leather Set)

\aITEM -2107451780 -2041026764:waxed gloves\/a
\aITEM -1918332018 1816120840:waxed pants\/a
\aITEM -1026570859 2076999221:waxed shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 347909080 -1870992907:waxed skullcap\/a
\aITEM 1166576126 -1541417864:waxed tunic\/a
\aITEM -1522657721 635668850:waxed wristguards\/a

Woven Augmented Set

\aITEM -1363061279 -583209201:woven augmented boots\/a
\aITEM 383695335 1361021730:woven augmented gloves\/a
\aITEM 1442614279 637613801:woven augmented pants\/a
\aITEM 834128186 1326713153:woven augmented shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1526993020 626926902:woven augmented skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1646487945 -299815783:woven augmented tunic\/a
\aITEM -1178292359 -314122931:woven augmented wristguards\/a

Woven Cordovan Set (Same appearance as Desert Mercenary's Set & Earthen Woven Set & Farmer's Woven Set)

\aITEM -1725682366 -185091962:woven cordovan boots\/a
\aITEM -2037855004 -1451502410:woven cordovan bracers\/a
\aITEM 1496755917 -984450063:woven cordovan gloves\/a
\aITEM 1645868196 264921440:woven cordovan pants\/a
\aITEM -1619371586 1391256459:woven cordovan shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -1212410245 855037371:woven cordovan skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1439043884 -940934384:woven cordovan tunic\/a

Woven Cuirboilli Set (Treasured) (Same appearance as Thulzite Woven Set & Vallon Miner Set & Woven Etched Set)

\aITEM 1638705957 -1434249689:woven cuirboilli boots\/a
\aITEM -1978084688 1692245025:woven cuirboilli gloves\/a
\aITEM -1701743933 1371459521:woven cuirboilli pants\/a
\aITEM 607494909 873435863:woven cuirboilli shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM 1956577273 -1918843152:woven cuirboilli skullcap\/a
\aITEM 1387358387 -1717643855:woven cuirboilli tunic\/a
\aITEM -1761156284 1462913059:woven cuirboilli wristguards\/a

Woven Etched Set (Same appearance as Thulzite Woven Set & Vallon Miner Set & Woven Cuirboilli Set)

\aITEM 878389501 -1896887260:woven etched boots\/a
\aITEM 38109141 -34561727:woven etched gloves\/a
\aITEM -815337189 1976702402:woven etched pants\/a
\aITEM -999082221 -1338673045:woven etched skullcap\/a
\aITEM -1663105884 -1193731188:woven etched shoulderpads\/a
\aITEM 122088299 -1108209742:woven etched tunic\/a
\aITEM 486726896 1135109041:woven etched wristpads\/a

Woven Reinforced Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1005157968 -176501476:woven reinforced boots\/a
\aITEM -1439886634 -712405794:woven reinforced gloves\/a
\aITEM -1059805258 239539450:woven reinforced pants\/a
\aITEM 340286814 -843933048:woven reinforced shoulder pads\/a
\aITEM -597831331 53713586:woven reinforced skullcap\/a
\aITEM 150257094 -966324598:woven reinforced tunic\/a
\aITEM 1075678326 1529135525:woven reinforced wristguards\/a

< Plate Sets >

Ancient Dragoon Platemail Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 186747915 -2112346060:Ancient Dragoon Platemail Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 1056882460 1684414360:Ancient Dragoon Platemail Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 336365566 790249807:Ancient Dragoon Platemail Helm\/a
\aITEM 498806782 1193512826:Ancient Dragoon Platemail Legplates\/a
\aITEM -703858292 -1936500472:Ancient Dragoon Platemail Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -839620593 1612462474:Ancient Dragoon Platemail Tonlets\/a
\aITEM -1933014749 -699389529:Ancient Dragoon Platemail Vambraces\/a

Awakened Scaleguard Plate Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -440242123 1932940167:Awakened Scaleguard plate boots\/a
\aITEM -995386970 -1411698665:Awakened Scaleguard plate breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1949992980 1862867852:Awakened Scaleguard plate gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -444683735 -1846902379:Awakened Scaleguard plate greaves\/a
\aITEM 983737871 -953574843:Awakened Scaleguard plate helm\/a
\aITEM 972243411 -583062093:Awakened Scaleguard plate vambraces\/a

Awakened Scalelord Set (Legendary)

\aITEM -636826684 313588122:Awakened Scalelord Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1579316717 535253766:Awakened Scalelord Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1140289443 1931375627:Awakened Scalelord Helm\/a
\aITEM -2103960847 1017299940:Awakened Scalelord Legplates\/a
\aITEM 1227410563 -149809770:Awakened Scalelord Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 398263744 645136562:Awakened Scalelord Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 119063856 -811403410:Awakened Scalelord Wristguards\/a

Black Iron Plate Set

\aITEM -1727653128 1816451645:black iron plate boots\/a
\aITEM 1343363308 2049990333:black iron plate breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1131994980 1663271932:black iron plate gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 911079336 463790929:black iron plate greaves\/a
\aITEM 573037761 1864584854:black iron plate helm\/a
\aITEM -1406065275 1753056809:black iron plate pauldron\/a
\aITEM 246486691 -787106365:black iron plate vambraces\/a

Blackcoat Set (LEgendary & Fabled) (Inquisitor & Shadowknight)

\aITEM 498587229 22794949:Blackcoat Armguards\/a
\aITEM 768133413 -1003988329:Blackcoat Chestplate\/a
\aITEM 825959865 -25214593:Blackcoat Crown\/a
\aITEM 849706595 -1354765469:Blackcoat Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1488149019 -1112433908:Blackcoat Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1058676505 -556383548:Blackcoat Plate Boots\/a
\aITEM -1809845170 388592456:Blackcoat Spaulders\/a

Blighted Vanguard Set

\aITEM 1427966882 -2004555592:blighted vanguard barbute\/a
\aITEM -1933665875 1361541815:blighted vanguard cuirass\/a
\aITEM -645717008 1353561968:blighted vanguard gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -413558700 985693006:blighted vanguard greaves\/a
\aITEM -1571460125 2144110841:blighted vanguard gussets\/a
\aITEM 1323123848 -1285413871:blighted vanguard sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1589634921 678333463:blighted vanguard spaulders\/a

Bronze Set (Same appearance as Carbonite Platemail Set & Coral Coated Set & Sea Salt Encrusted Set)

\aITEM -744407481 694282559:Bronze Boots\/a
\aITEM 2134979578 -2146402893:Bronze Bracers\/a
\aITEM 578689314 818163143:Bronze Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1315106100 21132614:Bronze Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1762913193 -1774017056:Bronze Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1520837285 -1790166597:Bronze Helm\/a
\aITEM 1500009564 -373869610:Bronze Pauldrons\/a

Carbonite Platemail Set (Same appearance as Bronze Set & Coral Coated Set & Sea Salt Encrusted Set)

\aITEM 998924997 -980819409:carbonite platemail breastplate\/a
\aITEM 1620956112 -980819409:carbonite platemail breastplate\/a
\aITEM 1023607293 -1201320337:carbonite platemail gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1220449162 -2101626589:carbonite platemail helm\/a
\aITEM 507941151 -1692344691:carbonite platemail legplates\/a
\aITEM -705280147 1351616767:carbonite platemail pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -1781682902 1550185384:carbonite platemail tonlets\/a
\aITEM -1892337726 173242448:carbonite platemail vambraces\/a

Coral Coated Set (Same appearance as Bronze Set & Carbonite Platemail Set & Sea Salt Encrusted Set)

\aITEM -1208829310 959371129:coral coated breastplate\/a
\aITEM 1537359777 79527421:coral coated gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 639772736 -645718432:coral coated helm\/a
\aITEM 2028449603 670625055:coral coated legplates\/a
\aITEM -1286112975 -330810515:coral coated pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -416182120 -33831775:coral coated shackles\/a
\aITEM -142797106 -402828582:coral coated tonlets\/a

Crushbone Ceremonial Set

\aITEM 219249177 -1809479506:Crushbone Ceremonial Boots\/a
\aITEM 717756441 -755029406:Crushbone Ceremonial Bracers\/a
\aITEM 602724492 -1688464139:Crushbone Ceremonial Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1524952090 -259587781:Crushbone Ceremonial Gloves\/a
\aITEM 1210287880 -1895032690:Crushbone Ceremonial Leggings\/a
\aITEM -2138613574 -2070195920:Crushbone Ceremonial Pauldrons\/a

Crushbone Legionaire Set (Legendary)

\aITEM -552540410 -305073915:Crushbone Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM -631129316 -749580802:Crushbone Plate Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1168867773 1705880081:Crushbone Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1834251504 1603560179:Crushbone Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1611911531 114802489:Crushbone Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1030273756 493785462:Crushbone Plate Spaulders\/a

D'Morte Kindred Platemail Set

\aITEM -507703976 653510761:D'Morte kindred platemail breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1848412422 -184043527:D'Morte kindred platemail gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -79788847 1539733541:D'Morte kindred platemail helm\/a
\aITEM -1298733544 -700307685:D'Morte kindred platemail legplates\/a
\aITEM 2032545898 502460777:D'Morte kindred platemail pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 488598398 -1531091891:D'Morte kindred platemail tonlets\/a
\aITEM 602226885 1194426822:D'Morte kindred platemail vambraces\/a

Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Set (Mastercrafted)

\aITEM -1302596307 -1840197923:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1811441442 1274240210:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1067294505 -1708476485:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 2057947 538205483:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1158911340 1696116380:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Gussets\/a
\aITEM 859675847 -1902090784:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1197384782 -488010532:Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Spaulders\/a

Doomrage Set (Legendary & Fabled) (Warrior)

\aITEM 96122785 513740964:Doomrage Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -217128104 1171460267:Doomrage Faceguard\/a
\aITEM 923462320 -458219003:Doomrage Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1463484892 2102248081:Doomrage Greaves\/a
\aITEM 513255634 -1521916179:Doomrage Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 716106385 -1670178462:Doomrage Spaulders\/a
\aITEM -2059608945 1451627578:Doomrage Vambraces\/a

Draconic Forged Set

\aITEM -1178333345 -1455381928:Draconic Forged Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1824649760 -1701144168:Draconic Forged Legguards\/a
\aITEM 909857201 1067435465:Draconic Forged Pauldrons\/a

Dragoon Sentry Set (Same appearance as Gul'Thex Vanguard Set)

\aITEM 1800029296 1019440149:Dragoon Sentry Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 360173887 944288174:Dragoon Sentry Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 11355529 1462005228:Dragoon Sentry Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1168225854 304651867:Dragoon Sentry Gussets\/a
\aITEM -1705122815 1271804556:Dragoon Sentry Helm\/a
\aITEM -1235739076 -1948843325:Dragoon Sentry Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1840573016 1082886857:Dragoon Sentry Spaulders\/a

Ebon Platemail Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1688722508 1446353808:ebon platemail breastplate\/a
\aITEM 437428150 -293014830:ebon platemail gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -175402469 1494908354:ebon platemail helm\/a
\aITEM 962006868 -842178000:ebon platemail legplates\/a
\aITEM -219686618 108901442:ebon platemail pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -1473992311 1556006125:ebon platemail vambraces\/a

Ebon Vanguard Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -819884817 -1067310164:ebon vanguard barbute\/a
\aITEM 377626336 432124323:ebon vanguard cuirass\/a
\aITEM -276259321 1924477947:ebon vanguard gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 2103779097 1915138138:ebon vanguard greaves\/a
\aITEM 946465966 925516781:ebon vanguard gussets\/a
\aITEM 1177175330 -1443883353:ebon vanguard sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1756650144 175507612:ebon vanguard spaulders\/a

Enchanted Black Iron Plate Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1323385027 -270534717:enchanted black iron plate boots\/a
\aITEM -1889377572 -439677411:enchanted black iron plate breastplate\/a
\aITEM -217131514 -754207088:enchanted black iron plate gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -2126415971 -733679476:enchanted black iron plate greaves\/a
\aITEM -928052960 663451521:enchanted black iron plate helm\/a
\aITEM -97129178 -1865365421:enchanted black iron plate pauldron\/a
\aITEM 1094246457 1631420591:enchanted black iron plate vambraces\/a

Etched Icebound Platemail Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 28652792 -8174210:Etched Icebound Platemail Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 617359719 1749663270:Etched Icebound Platemail Helm\/a
\aITEM -381652376 393610222:Etched Icebound Platemail Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -1797867369 1180447838:Etched Icebound Platemail Tonlets\/a
\aITEM -1283259705 1303737153:Etched Icebound Platemail Vambraces\/a

Feyiron Platemail Set (Same appearance as Klakrok Elytra Set)

\aITEM -889149197 1418065957:feyiron platemail breastplate\/a
\aITEM 308900060 323745981:feyiron platemail gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -561182293 201718646:feyiron platemail helm\/a
\aITEM 825024574 806250591:feyiron platemail legplates\/a
\aITEM -90425780 -71385555:feyiron platemail pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -1740864787 -662393743:feyiron platemail tonlets\/a
\aITEM -1604368669 -1585590654:feyiron platemail vambraces\/a

Feysteel Vanguard Set

\aITEM -407673213 975865241:feysteel vanguard barbute\/a
\aITEM 1041298572 -477554794:feysteel vanguard cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1713346904 -281997864:feysteel vanguard gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1442313589 -2006051217:feysteel vanguard greaves\/a
\aITEM 284886722 -849156648:feysteel vanguard gussets\/a
\aITEM 34011835 -4613598:feysteel vanguard sabatons\/a
\aITEM 517775935 -1745733953:feysteel vanguard spaulders\/a

Firebrand Set (Legendary & Fabled) (Paladin & Templar) (Templar for Helmet & Pauldrons)

\aITEM 1244019103 1456094471:Firebrand Armbraces\/a
\aITEM 1477908906 2106665881:Firebrand Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1031465264 -563539384:Firebrand Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1349929649 -582904146:Firebrand Helmet\/a
\aITEM 279941007 -1818687351:Firebrand Legguards\/a
\aITEM -1247095842 916215000:Firebrand Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -853257208 -920066676:Firebrand Sabatons\/a

Fossilized Combine Set (Fabled) (Same appearance as Rubicite Platemail Set)

\aITEM 1238780615 -792200499:Fossilized Combine Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 1269586969 -369780762:Fossilized Combine Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1931803062 1562277661:Fossilized Combine Helm\/a
\aITEM -1673038893 -894433532:Fossilized Combine Legplates\/a
\aITEM 286402445 16830838:Fossilized Combine Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 898420774 -2125097398:Fossilized Combine Tonlets\/a
\aITEM 221566222 1539547609:Fossilized Combine Vambraces\/a

Frozen Halasian Set

\aITEM 1193915878 1615222858:Frozen Halasian Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 2092060098 223401943:Frozen Halasian Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -273401146 696777987:Frozen Halasian Helm\/a
\aITEM 1610079520 773146421:Frozen Halasian Legplates\/a
\aITEM -1282436939 139934:Frozen Halasian Mantle\/a
\aITEM 1935488919 -548256923:Frozen Halasian Tonlets\/a
\aITEM -830178307 -1083776536:Frozen Halasian Vambraces\/a

Fulginate Platemail Set

\aITEM -1541754343 -610431311:fulginate platemail bracers\/a
\aITEM 1309477248 1608206015:fulginate platemail breastplate\/a
\aITEM 1584519694 398520303:fulginate platemail gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1424328480 396552121:fulginate platemail helm\/a
\aITEM 2100579052 881164045:fulginate platemail legplates\/a
\aITEM -1232823138 -13260417:fulginate platemail pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -1825232215 -323873279:fulginate platemail tonlets\/a
\aITEM -330830799 -1510549040:fulginate platemail vambraces\/a

Goblin Crafted Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -212485766 1353244566:Goblin Crafted Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 463536106 -1201825530:Goblin Crafted Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 1097043781 -492901975:Goblin Crafted Vambraces\/a
Gul'Thex Vanguard Set (Same appearance as Dragoon Sentry Set)

\aITEM -1029463634 -267228290:Gul'Thex Vanguard Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -626227536 539318960:Gul'Thex Vanguard Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1455120297 -1678415225:Gul'Thex Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM -330804256 -554067664:Gul'Thex Vanguard Gussets\/a
\aITEM 891095011 -835851261:Gul'Thex Vanguard Helm\/a
\aITEM 1824678263 -1773421193:Gul'Thex Vanguard Sollerets\/a
\aITEM -1569735209 1491493335:Gul'Thex Vanguard Spaulders\/a

Hard Scale Set

\aITEM 2143941232 -458955429:Hard Scale Barbute\/a
\aITEM -1502977921 1023899476:Hard Scale Cuirass\/a
\aITEM -1360206847 1531905986:Hard Scale Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -846372474 1457551021:Hard Scale Greaves\/a
\aITEM -2004774351 334267674:Hard Scale Gussets\/a
\aITEM 640295817 -1978812450:Hard Scale Sabatons\/a
\aITEM -701505690 596393125:Hard Scale Spaulders\/a

Iridescent Scale Set (Fabled)

\aITEM 1047443768 -211773605:Iridescent Scale Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1043348599 2094872338:Iridescent Scale Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 494251157 1603839984:Iridescent Scale Legplates\/a
\aITEM -691701017 -1809288830:Iridescent Scale Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 796653432 -1174743487:Iridescent Scale Tonlets\/a
\aITEM -1945761208 -823459539:Iridescent Scale Vambraces\/a

Klakrok Elytra Set (Same appearance as Feyiron Platemail Set)

\aITEM -1198233148 950606852:klakrok elytra breastplate\/a
\aITEM 2011937915 229390406:klakrok elytra gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -724259900 -1595491398:klakrok elytra helm\/a
\aITEM 1420700825 787064996:klakrok elytra legplates\/a
\aITEM -1625359637 -447119658:klakrok elytra pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 1429289409 -1991557314:klakrok elytra tonlets\/a
\aITEM -975336892 -1080422791:klakrok elytra vambraces\/a

Magma Forged Set (Treasured) (Same appearance as Rubicite Vanguard Set & The Silvered Armor of Lord Everling)

\aITEM 344208071 1736128610:magma forged barbute\/a
\aITEM -853040952 -1093096851:magma forged cuirass\/a
\aITEM -1643350653 -1381390386:magma forged gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1497325263 -717247596:magma forged greaves\/a
\aITEM -473148794 -1875683293:magma forged gussets\/a
\aITEM 1933854822 -712253429:magma forged sabatons\/a
\aITEM -422621468 -714433367:magma forged spaulders\/a

Nightblood Set

\aITEM -384797019 1310333589:Nightblood Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 1836029573 -86337136:Nightblood Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -306936855 -1658256895:Nightblood Helm\/a
\aITEM 1311376999 -643888782:Nightblood Legplates\/a
\aITEM -2053451755 305127168:Nightblood Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 1967858617 2124211234:Nightblood Tonlets\/a
\aITEM -547774278 1223471023:Nightblood Vambraces\/a

Orc Marauder Set

\aITEM 1039440982 982227522:orc marauder barbute\/a
\aITEM -464056743 -483915699:orc marauder cuirass\/a
\aITEM -952604345 16063576:orc marauder gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1884287072 -1999697484:orc marauder greaves\/a
\aITEM -893584361 -842794493:orc marauder gussets\/a
\aITEM -194667750 -289918879:orc marauder sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1074048480 2016814911:orc marauder spaulders\/a

Orclord Battle Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -855372472 -1515577832:Orclord Battle Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1077535387 -1015526174:Orclord Battle Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1273909845 -1740542426:Orclord Battle Helm\/a
\aITEM -1669100153 -532816896:Orclord Battle Legplates\/a
\aITEM 1462983669 730663538:Orclord Battle Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -1433245473 -910198397:Orclord Battle Tonlets\/a
\aITEM 233843546 1900968669:Orclord Battle Vambraces\/a

Quellithulian Sentry Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1915099166 346067509:Quellithulian Sentry Bracers\/a
\aITEM 1073002151 1240443480:Quellithulian Sentry Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 657707011 1546527186:Quellithulian Sentry Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1477714757 49433190:Quellithulian Sentry Greaves\/a
\aITEM 712100878 391166829:Quellithulian Sentry Helm\/a
\aITEM -809068909 -1260689598:Quellithulian Sentry Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 708165904 -2031108390:Quellithulian Sentry Sabatons\/a

Rubicite Platemail Set (Fabled) (Same appearance as Fossilized Combine Set)

\aITEM 165332158 1441414511:rubicite platemail breastplate\/a
\aITEM -320212394 -1397125567:rubicite platemail gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -688140302 1921545851:rubicite platemail helm\/a
\aITEM -810786124 -1879302493:rubicite platemail legplates\/a
\aITEM 68990150 1145882833:rubicite platemail pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -543739109 -847763769:rubicite platemail tonlets\/a
\aITEM 1591723113 512735358:rubicite platemail vambraces\/a

Rubicite Vanguard Set (Treasured) (Same appearance as Magma Forged Set & The Silvered Armor of Lord Everling)

\aITEM -153561553 1656210503:rubicite vanguard barbute\/a
\aITEM 796607520 -1156295096:rubicite vanguard cuirass\/a
\aITEM -1345533862 -246297390:rubicite vanguard gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1151092185 -1201710196:Rubicite Vanguard Greaves\/a
\aITEM 26261102 -1778408442:rubicite vanguard gussets\/a
\aITEM -579371320 -1635059536:rubicite vanguard sabatons\/a
\aITEM -686820547 -355689588:Rubicite Vanguard Spaulders\/a

Sea Salt Encrusted Set (Same appearance as Bronze Set & Carbonite Platemail Set & Coral Coated Set)

\aITEM -727432659 -232145230:sea salt encrusted breastplate\/a
\aITEM -895148335 -658438361:sea salt encrusted gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1002985584 -1853060658:sea salt encrusted helm\/a
\aITEM -371159501 -75196475:sea salt encrusted legplates\/a
\aITEM 575690817 808731063:sea salt encrusted pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -1124695597 -1700518988:sea salt encrusted tonlets\/a
\aITEM 2022910190 1794584856:sea salt encrusted vambraces\/a

Silvril Vanguard Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1931783437 -1371923143:silvril vanguard barbute\/a
\aITEM 1433977084 2006552374:silvril vanguard cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1754562419 -1075691945:silvril vanguard gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1050657029 478056143:silvril vanguard greaves\/a
\aITEM 2073244338 1500675448:silvril vanguard gussets\/a
\aITEM 1382605747 704325970:silvril vanguard sabatons\/a
\aITEM 274154516 -954137296:silvril vanguard spaulders\/a

Sol Forged Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -2108792528 2031139251:sol forged breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1633272659 1871286198:sol forged gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 1234782553 874864731:sol forged helm\/a
\aITEM -1109152689 1288445780:sol forged legplates\/a
\aITEM 1985182269 -2021865178:sol forged pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -991969604 1103760099:sol forged tonlets\/a
\aITEM 747637394 -574637687:sol forged vambraces\/a

Sootfoot Forged Set

\aITEM 1344056820 -693486028:Sootfoot Forged Barbute\/a
\aITEM -1983954949 252292155:Sootfoot Forged Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 181918462 -1473558024:Sootfoot Forged Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -497533438 1693363650:Sootfoot Forged Greaves\/a
\aITEM -1487614539 568483445:Sootfoot Forged Gussets\/a
\aITEM -858738193 1462945228:Sootfoot Forged Sabatons\/a
\aITEM 1913971097 -790072673:Sootfoot Forged Spaulders\/a

Spellbound Black Iron Plate Set (Fabled)

\aITEM 1767829211 1247173554:Spellbound Black Iron Plate Breastplate\/a
\aITEM 645959999 1328650139:Spellbound Black Iron Plate Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1979876961 -251932191:Spellbound Black Iron Plate Greaves\/a
\aITEM -2008462344 -2140884995:Spellbound Black Iron Plate Helm\/a
\aITEM 338898948 -1544066409:Spellbound Black Iron Plate Pauldron\/a
\aITEM -1799969024 -49831516:Spellbound Black Iron Plate Vambraces\/a

Steel Platemail Set (Treasured) (Not Finished)

\aITEM -1066050328 1974873639:steel platemail breastplate\/a
\aITEM 1048400360 2091807454:steel platemail helm\/a
\aITEM -881039914 437948110:steel platemail legplates\/a

Steel Vanguard Set

\aITEM -1685628511 -1230354732:steel vanguard barbute\/a
\aITEM 1109707694 1862915291:steel vanguard cuirass\/a
\aITEM 2009828977 -1467276518:steel vanguard gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 700697175 82760994:steel vanguard greaves\/a
\aITEM 1825520096 1105340053:steel vanguard gussets\/a
\aITEM -686125216 -145217588:steel vanguard sabatons\/a
\aITEM 252228886 -800581507:steel vanguard spaulders\/a

The Silvered Armor of Lord Everling (Treasured) (Same appearance as Magma Forged Set & Rubicite Vanguard Set)

\aITEM 313732088 1038986433:The Silvered Boots of Lord Everling\/a
\aITEM 1188141675 -878638352:The Silvered Chestplate of Lord Everling\/a
\aITEM -2071138816 -382057625:The Silvered Gauntlets of Lord Everling\/a
\aITEM 1803200958 114033881:The Silvered Legplates of Lord Everling\/a
\aITEM -1678274370 377946149:The Silvered Vambracers of Lord Everling\/a
\aITEM -1446874094 1007834005:The Silvered Wristguards of Lord Everling\/a

Thulzite Vanguard Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 365458260 -2119737028:thulzite vanguard barbute\/a
\aITEM -865345189 1476719411:thulzite vanguard cuirass\/a
\aITEM -977544176 -1691953000:thulzite vanguard gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -1483939678 870576842:thulzite vanguard greaves\/a
\aITEM -494922987 1995374973:thulzite vanguard gussets\/a
\aITEM 440649433 1505640609:thulzite vanguard sabatons\/a
\aITEM -1116149897 -471473153:thulzite vanguard spaulders\/a

Thunderstone Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 170886302 -1848460523:Thunderstone Armguards\/a
\aITEM 949659325 1114308906:Thunderstone Chestplate\/a
\aITEM 305717699 -1949967869:Thunderstone Leggings\/a
\aITEM -635641936 1691585958:Thunderstone Mantle\/a

Vanguard Icebound Set (Treasured & Fabled)

\aITEM -1350761648 -260202294:Vanguard Icebound Cuirass\/a
\aITEM 1749804441 -1405474213:Vanguard Icebound Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -996539735 -1684365005:Vanguard Icebound Greaves\/a
\aITEM -2037770961 -1653116086:Vanguard Icebound Sabatons\/a

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Geo-Parser's Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1431553906 -398952948:Geo-Parser's Gloves\/a
\aITEM -1533914458 1858347191:Geo-Parser's Hood\/a
\aITEM -344827449 -781564774:Geo-Parser's Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1482101032 790441160:Geo-Parser's Mantle\/a
\aITEM -1223489811 -1815488105:Geo-Parser's Robe\/a
\aITEM 1254011355 -494997698:Geo-Parser's Sandals\/a
\aITEM -941309113 1495770152:Geo-Parser's Sleeves\/a

Mind's Eye Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -883857266 -404757361:Mind's Eye Hood\/a
\aITEM 1962758565 64417727:Mind's Eye Mitts\/a
\aITEM -1180002872 976315762:Mind's Eye Pantaloons\/a
\aITEM 912036270 449977775:Mind's Eye Robe\/a
\aITEM -900147116 1454164783:Mind's Eye Sleeves\/a
\aITEM 1181899687 -2126969088:Mind's Eye Slippers\/a

Nurgan Foe-blaster Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 571911534 827452698:Nurgan Foe-blaster's Cowl\/a
\aITEM -625842914 -415397061:Nurgan Foe-blaster's Gloves\/a
\aITEM 757090077 -2107546358:Nurgan Foe-blaster's Leggings\/a
\aITEM 496451546 538497535:Nurgan Foe-blaster's Mantle\/a
\aITEM -2066037980 -1751284912:Nurgan Foe-blaster's Robe\/a
\aITEM -1431543949 -510327590:Nurgan Foe-blaster's Sleeves\/a
\aITEM -484959669 1280915548:Nurgan Foe-blaster's Slippers\/a

Valekeeper Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1123999774 -193828138:Cap of the Valekeeper\/a
\aITEM -2101627331 85317337:Pantaloons of the Valekeeper\/a
\aITEM -1506667415 1913941460:Robe of the Valekeeper\/a
\aITEM -1692086117 -1318733558:Slippers of the Valekeeper\/a

<< Leather Sets >>

Devoured-hide Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -815257095 517361260:Devoured-hide Armguards\/a
\aITEM 836542520 -2063186603:Devoured-hide Boots\/a
\aITEM -2120892543 1638445605:Devoured-hide Cap\/a
\aITEM -2037111644 844022217:Devoured-hide Mitts\/a
\aITEM -674845747 1060301651:Devoured-hide Shoulderguards\/a

Leatherfoot Deputy Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -165453584 -1538266348:Leatherfoot Deputy Boots\/a
\aITEM 220117270 1601319666:Leatherfoot Deputy Pants\/a
\aITEM -1428842367 -1739748260:Leatherfoot Deputy Skullcap\/a
\aITEM -985750682 -1756223358:Leatherfoot Deputy Tunic\/a

Karana Willows Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 553169713 1249467780:Boots of the Karana Willows\/a
\aITEM 171573540 1424895975:Gloves of the Karana Willows\/a
\aITEM 74020752 1441862476:Hood of the Karana Willows\/a
\aITEM 1094836651 1153852980:Leggings of the Karana Willows\/a
\aITEM 22714397 1603188446:Mantle of the Karana Willows\/a
\aITEM -1197601301 1595450081:Sleeves of the Karana Willows\/a
Vest of tht Karana Willows

Misthide Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 676568752 1956635658:Misthide Boots\/a
\aITEM -362333431 -1865139387:Misthide Cap\/a
\aITEM 1011546006 -1283353621:Misthide Leggings\/a
\aITEM -854519670 -419854750:Misthide Mantle\/a
\aITEM 458120486 1199712156:Misthide Tunic\/a
\aITEM 1288888590 270441396:Misthide Wraps\/a
\aITEM 1769408757 1196215824:Misthide Wristpads\/a

Turf-hunter Set (Treasured) (Brawler)

\aITEM 992894025 1031449130:Feathered Turf-hunter Cap\/a
\aITEM -2058145631 -314817409:Turf-hunter Breeches\/a
\aITEM -1347182854 1087783758:Turf-hunter Shoulderpads\/a
\aITEM -770478846 268576791:Turf-hunter Tunic\/a

<< Chain Sets >>

Daredevil Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -791980730 -276151945:Daredevil Gloves\/a
\aITEM 2040244884 -1524873702:Daredevil Leggings\/a
\aITEM -1518749125 -1728403557:Daredevil Shoulderguards\/a
\aITEM -443127744 -623412111:Daredevil Treads\/a
\aITEM 2105669710 -1143468200:Daredevil Vest\/a

Elaborately Ornamented Chain Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -56749553 2061498592:Elaborately Ornamented Chain Armguards\/a
\aITEM -407043813 -2018380641:Elaborately Ornamented Chain Gloves\/a
\aITEM -2049461787 -1744489388:Elaborately Ornamented Chain Hood\/a
\aITEM 445131542 -2001727290:Elaborately Ornamented Chain Leggings\/a
\aITEM 361620033 -1815344978:Elaborately Ornamented Chain Shoulders\/a
\aITEM 360653612 -1459326285:Elaborately Ornamented Chain Shirt\/a
\aITEM -757056483 -1293104743:Elaborately Ornamented Chain Treads\/a

Manifested Terror Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -910912943 2016406473:Manifested Terror Boots\/a
\aITEM 1638139207 -1703063960:Manifested Terror Chestguard\/a
\aITEM -1511168341 897440400:Manifested Terror Coif\/a
\aITEM 112293175 1821447357:Manifested Terror Leggings\/a

Raptor-scaled Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -1625149206 -1975292726:Raptor-scaled Armguards\/a
\aITEM 1877891981 -598549312:Raptor-scaled Cowl\/a
\aITEM -1483767750 465010262:Raptor-scaled Leggings\/a
\aITEM 602365741 1666227332:Raptor-scaled Shoulders\/a
\aITEM 1809096934 -857264035:Raptor-scaled Tunic\/a

Regimental Chain Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -832578937 -1322507995:Regimental Chain Armguards\/a
\aITEM 1883518251 1098458404:Regimental Chain Boots\/a
\aITEM 1742781765 1251156919:Regimental Chain Cap\/a
\aITEM 1840322345 -46188632:Regimental Chain Gloves\/a
\aITEM 53231674 450517366:Regimental Chain Leggings\/a
\aITEM 1036553854 -1739038690:Regimental Chain Shoulderguards\/a
\aITEM -1391329980 1818544704:Regimental Chainmail Shirt\/a

Thievery Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 771038048 398026448:Armguards of Thievery\/a
\aITEM 663028251 1276873026:Boots of Thievery\/a
\aITEM 490862858 -1086441448:Cowl of Thievery\/a
\aITEM -1790992149 526799584:Gloves of Thievery\/a
\aITEM -1154364205 364437232:Leggings of Thievery\/a
\aITEM 694050865 -1559784902:Mantle of Thievery\/a

<< Plate Sets >>

Dracurion Militiaman's Set (Treasure)

\aITEM -1377395180 -1065053340:Dracurion Militiaman's Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM 857209143 183368196:Dracurion Militiaman's Greaves\/a
\aITEM 1158928516 678548980:Dracurion Militiaman's Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM 533768235 1924310363:Dracurion Militiaman's Vambraces\/a

Droag Slayer Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 479091226 2099346003:Droag Slayer's Chestplate\/a
\aITEM -304803235 758889161:Droag Slayer's Helm\/a
\aITEM -993976441 2000217:Droag Slayer's Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -997269757 536360561:Droag Slayer's Greaves\/a
\aITEM 741628183 -387202103:Droag Slayer's Pauldrons\/a
\aITEM -1812245006 757805835:Droag Slayer's Stompers\/a

Layered Scale Set (Treasured) (Crusader & Warrior)

\aITEM 811596527 474426328:Layered Scale Barbute\/a
\aITEM 1423776789 1942503947:Layered Scale Breastplate\/a
\aITEM -1441751830 926800670:Layered Scale Gauntlets\/a
\aITEM -294183 -1375487954:Layered Scale Greaves\/a
\aITEM 718592084 701019886:Layered Scale Mantle\/a
\aITEM -1750883573 -699497248:Layered Scale Stompers\/a

Tireless Set (Treasured)

\aITEM 1164436886 470947671:Breastplate of the Tireless\/a
\aITEM -916500249 -593917585:Gauntlets of the Tireless\/a
\aITEM -2103364884 -1754797212:Pauldrons of the Tireless\/a
\aITEM -1125091267 619737944:Tireless Barbute\/a
\aITEM 246737867 -1766530898:Tireless Greaves\/a
\aITEM 109978948 1003401368:Tireless Stompers\/a
\aITEM -861178516 -647123740:Vambraces of the Tireless\/a

Valewatcher Set (Treasured)

\aITEM -578235735 34751813:Cuirass of the Valewatcher\/a
\aITEM -1778303533 587584667:Helm of the Valewatcher\/a
\aITEM 320853592 1634355393:Legplates of the Valewatcher\/a
\aITEM -1556286132 2091279008:Tonlets of the Valewatcher\/a


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