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EverQuest 2 Items - C

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a cat maskHeadArmorSvCold:+2 SvDiv:+5 SvDis:+2 SvPoi:+2 SvHea:+2 SvMag:+2 West Freeport
a chipped dirkSecondaryWeaponDPS:+6 AGI:+6 HP:+25 Power:+5 SvDis:+150 West Freeport
a chunk of tentacle meatThe Barren Sky, the Sinking Sands, everfrost, sundered Splitpaw: Alone In The Dark
a chunk of timberRivervale, zek, The Orcish Wastes, the Enchanted Lands, the Greater Faydark, rivervale, butcherblock Mountains, darklight Wood, the Lesser Faydark, the Firemyst Gully: A Gallant Confrontation, nektulos Forest
a clump of fungusRivervale, butcherblock Mountains, darklight Wood, nektulos Forest, greater Faydark
a corrupted zombie brainMiscellaneousThe Down Below, the Cove Of Decay, crypt Of Betrayal, d'morte Burial Chambers: Acquisition, dire Hollow: Grim Tidings, nektropos Castle, nektropos Castle: The Return, nektulos Forest, stormhold, sunken City, the Commonlands, the Down Below, the Eternal Gorge, the Firemyst Gully, the Graveyard, the Obelisk Of Lost Souls, the Sanctorium, the Sinking Sands, the Thundering Steppes, tomb Of Valor, underrot Caverns: Moldy Crypt, valley Of The Rogue Magi, vermin's Snye, the Crypt Of Betrayal, fallen Gate, the Forbidden Sepulcher, the Source Of Evil, darklight Wood, a Decrepit Crypt, the Tomb Of Valor, queen's Colony, shard Of Fear, befallen: Cavern Of The Afflicted, befallen: Halls Of The Forsaken, befallen: Necrotic Asylum, antonica, the Estate Of Unrest, the Hollow Hedge
a courier costumeChestArmorThe Commonlands
a crumpled scrollThe Down Below
a cursed skeleton maskHeadArmorSvCold:+2 SvDis:+2 SvPoi:+2 SvHea:+2 SvMag:+2
a cyclops spineMiscellaneousThe Poets Palace: Return, bloodskull Valley: The Excavation Site, cazel's Mesa, the Ancient's Table, the Clefts Of Rujark, the Pillars Of Flame, the Poet's Palace, the Sinking Sands, azhar's Penitence
Ca'iluer's Flaming ChokerNeckJewelryHP:+130 Power:+130 STA:+34 WIS:+34 INT:+34 SvDis:+630 SvHea:+840 Melee Crit Chance +1,Spell Damage Crit Chance +1
Ca'iluer's Necklace of FireNeckJewelryHP:+115 Power:+115 STA:+30 WIS:+30 INT:+30 SvDis:+570 SvHea:+750
Ca'iluer's Necklace Of RoNajena's Hollow Tower
Cabasset of OmnushanHeadArmorAGI:+8 HP:+75 Power:+75 WIS:+28 SvPoi:+174 Heal Amount +20
Cabbage Fizzlepop
Cabbage KalishDrink
Cabbage OmeletFoodInventory
Cabbage StewFoodInventory
Cabbageleaf Teleportation CrystalInventoryRivervale
Cabilis Cocoa BarsInventory
cabilis cocoa beanTenebrous Tangle, kunzar Jungle, jarsath Wastes, kylong Plains, starcrest Commune, eternal Oblivion's Guild Hall, moors Of Ykesha, the Commonlands, Antonica
Cabilis Cocoa Birthday CakeInventory
Cabilis Cocoa MousseInventory
Cabilis Cocoa PastriesInventory
Cabilis Cocoa Sweet BreadInventory
Cabilisian Soul Key
Cacklegem BraceletWristJewelryHP:+40 Power:+20 WIS:+8 INT:+8 +6 Disruption,Disruption +6Loping Plains
Cackler Hide GlovesHandsArmorHP:+65 Power:+65 INT:+24 SvDis:+510 Spell Damage +20The Clefts Of Rujark
Cacophonic LeggingsLegsArmorHP:+50 Power:+20 STA:+15 Crushing +2,Disruption +2Nektropos Castle, South Freeport
Cacophonus Cuffs Of FireflameForearmsArmorHP:+23 Power:+21 INT:+5 SvPoi:+105
Cacophony of Blades (Adept I)ScrollTenebrous Tangle, new Tunaria, scornfeather Roost, Miragul's Phylactery: The Anathema
Cacophony Of Blades (Adept)ScrollThe Pillars Of Flame
Cacophony of Blades (Master I)Tenebrous Tangle
Cacophony Of Blades II (Adept)ScrollSebilis
Cacophony-Warped FatiguesLegsArmorAGI:+2 HP:+15 Power:+25 INT:+8 SvMag:+39 Darklight Wood
Cacophony-Warped FatiquesLegsArmorAGI:+2 HP:+5 Power:+10 INT:+2 SvMag:+39
Cadaverous CapHeadArmorHP:+70 Power:+70 STA:+12 INT:+25 SvDis:+550 SvPoi:+165
Caiman CasseroleFoodInventory
Caiman Claw ChokerNeckArmorHP:+20 Power:+23 STA:+9 WIS:+10 SvDis:+188 SvPoi:+188
Caiman JerkyFoodInventory
Caiman MeatThe Sinking Sands, the Lesser Faydark, the Pillars Of Flame, longshadow Alley, The Commonlands
Caiman PastaFoodInventory
Caiman PieFoodInventory
Caiman RibsFoodInventory
Caiman SandwichFoodInventory
Caiman Scale BootsFeetArmorAGI:+7 HP:+45 Power:+29 WIS:+4 SvCold:+225 Heal Amount +10
Caiman Skin BootsFeetArmorHP:+30 Power:+45 WIS:+9 SvMag:+265
Caiman SoupFoodInventory
Caiman SteakFoodInventory
Caiman Steak SandwichFoodInventory
Caiman Tooth TiaraHeadArmorHP:+50 Power:+65 STA:+10
Cajoling WhispersCharmInventory
Cala Lilies In A Heart-Shaped Vase
Cala Lilies In A Majestic Vase
Calamitous Shroud
Calamitous Shroud (Adept I)ScrollTenebrous Tangle, the Living Tombs, The Pillars Of Flame
Calcified Bone LanceSecondary, PrimaryWeaponHP:+10 Power:+10 STA:+4 WIS:+2 INT:+4
Calcified Bone of the TorturedVermin's Snye
Calcified Bone RingFingerJewelryAGI:+5 HP:+5 Power:+25 STA:+8 SvDis:+15 SvHea:+15
Calcified Bone SpauldersShouldersArmorHP:+150 Power:+150 STA:+30 INT:+30 SvDis:+1022 The Emerald Halls
Calcified BreastplateChestArmorPower:+10 STA:+1 WIS:+2 SvHea:+56 Darklight Wood
Calcified Dragon ScaleVeksar: The Sunken Theater
A Calcified Old RingKylong Plains
Calcified Timber LongbowRangedWeaponAGI:+36 HP:+65 Power:+70 INT:+16
Calcify (Adept I)ScrollTenebrous Tangle, new Tunaria, scornfeather Roost, The Silent City
Calcium BreastplateChestArmorPower:+10 STA:+1 WIS:+2 SvHea:+56
Calcium LegplatesLegsArmorPower:+15 WIS:+4 SvDiv:+56
Calculated Evasion (Adept I)ScrollRivervale, spirits Of The Lost, solusek's Eye, echoes Of Time: Epic, everfrost, klak'anon, lavastorm
Calculated Evasion (Apprentice II)Scroll
Calculated Evasion (Master I)Drayek's Chamber
Calebgrothiel's HopeCharmInventory
Calibrated Automated PickaxeInventoryReduces The Harvest Time For Mining
Calibrated Automated ShearsInventory
Calibrated Automated Watersafe NetInventory
Caliginous Corruption
Caliginous Corruption (Adept I)ScrollKaladim, Tenebrous Tangle, New Tunaria, Loping Plains
Caliginous FoldsChestArmorPower:+35 WIS:+4 INT:+14 SvCold:+123 SvHea:+105 SvMag:+70 Spell Damage +10Nektropos Castle
Caliginous Kite ShieldSecondaryShieldHP:+23 Power:+21 WIS:+6 INT:+6 the Enchanted Lands
Caliginous WaistbandCharmJewelryPower:+25 SvMag:+140 Disruption +1The Drowned Caverns: Outer Grotto
Call of Armament (Adept I)ScrollHalls of the Seeing, Kaladim, The Bonemire, the Barren Sky, stonestair Byway, palace Of The Awakened, halls Of The Seeing, kaladim, loping Plains, mistmoore Catacombs, nizara, City Of The Nayad, sanctum Of The Scaleborn, The Vaults Of El'Arad
Call Of Armament (Apprentice II)Scroll
Call Of Armament (Apprentice III)Scroll
Call Of Armament (Apprentice IV)Scroll
Call of Armament (Master I)ScrollThe Bonemire, Palace Of The Awakened, Mistmoore Catacombs, Nizara, City Of The Nayad
Call Of Command (Adept I)ScrollFallen Gate, the Thundering Steppes, stormhold, butcherblock Mountains, crushbone Keep, edgewater Drains, nektulos Forest, The Crypt Of Betrayal
Call Of Command (Adept III)Scroll
Call of Command (Master I)The Vault Of The Fallen
Call Of Defense
Call Of Defense (Adept I)ScrollThe Sinking Sands, the Pillars Of Flame, The Clefts Of Rujark, Klak'Anon, Maj'Dul
Call Of Defense (Master I)ScrollThe Vault Of Dust
Call Of Inspiration (Adept I)ScrollSunken City, Timorous Deep, Antonica, Darklight Wood, Greater Faydark, Oakmyst Forest, Queen's Colony
Call Of Inspiration (Apprentice II)Scroll
Call of Karana (Adept I)ScrollVeksar: The Sunken Theater, chelsith, charasis: Maiden's Chamber, charasis: Vault Of Eternal Sleep, jarsath Wastes, kunzar Jungle, moors Of Ykesha
Call of Karana (Master I)Veeshan's Peak
Call of Protection (Adept I)ScrollRivervale, deathfist Citadel
Call Of Protection (Adept III)The Dark Bargainers
Call Of Protection (Apprentice III)Scroll
Call Of Protection (Apprentice IV)Scroll
Call Of Protection (Master I)Deathfist Citadel
Call of Shielding (Adept I)ScrollVeksar: The Sunken Theater, chardok, charasis: Maiden's Chamber, charasis: Vault Of Eternal Sleep, jarsath Wastes, moors Of Ykesha
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