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EverQuest 2 Items - H

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a hatchet maskHeadArmorSvCold:+2 SvDiv:+5 SvDis:+2 SvPoi:+2 SvHea:+2 SvMag:+2
H'Dafa, the Cursed Thexian HelmetHeadArmorAGI:+30 HP:+45 Power:+105 STA:+18
HackPrimaryWeaponAGI:+8 HP:+24 Power:+24
Haddek's Dwarven AleAntonica
Haddek's Dwarven AleAntonica
Haddek's Dwarven AleAntonica
Haddek's Finest BrewAntonica
Hadil's Steel Talon WristguardsForearmsArmorHP:+75 Power:+75 WIS:+26 SvDiv:+280 SvPoi:+560 The Pillars Of Flame
Hag's Torture DeviceThe Estate Of Unrest
Hail of Steel (Adept I)ScrollTenebrous Tangle, ancient's Table, new Tunaria, scornfeather Roost
Hail Of Steel (Adept III)Scroll
Hail Of Steel (Master I)ScrollScornfeather Roost
Hailstorm, the Ice SpikeRangedWeaponAGI:+52 HP:+200 Power:+200 STA:+30 INT:+16 Ranged Double Attack +5,Ministration +5,Piercing +10
Hair Of The Dog
Hair Ribbon
Halas Crafted AxeTimorous Deep
Halas Crafted DaggerMiscellaneousSouth Freeport
Halasian Draft Horse WhistleCharmCharm
Halasian IcebrewWest Freeport
Halasian Love CharmShard Of Fear
Halasian MedallionNeckArmorHP:+35 Power:+25 STA:+15 SvCold:+247
Halasian PorterDrink
A Halasian Rug
Halasian Story Woven BeltCharmJewelryHP:+5 STA:+2 SvCold:+7 Graystone Yard
Halasian Style Ceremonial BeltWaistJewelryHP:+45 Power:+90 STA:+20 INT:+25 SvDis:+468 SvMag:+792
Halasian Style Ceremonian BeltCharmJewelryHP:+45 Power:+90 STA:+20 INT:+25 SvDis:+468 SvMag:+792 Disruption +4Kylong Plains
Halasian WhiskeyThe Estate Of Unrest
Halasian-Seasoned Beef JerkyFoodFoodScale Yard
Halberd Of The Undead WatchmanPrimaryWeaponDPS:+16 HP:+5 WIS:+1 INT:+2
Halcyon Blessing (Adept I)ScrollRivervale, spirits Of The Lost, lavastorm, maj'dul, miragul's Menagerie, permafrost, the Obelisk Of Lost Souls, klak'anon, Everfrost
Halcyon Blessing (Adept III)Scroll
Halcyon Blessing (Apprentice II)Scroll
Halcyon Blessing (Apprentice III)Scroll
Halcyon Blessing (Apprentice IV)Scroll
Halcyon Blessing (Master I)Miragul's Menagerie, The Commonlands
Haldorak's RejuvenationCharmCharm
A Half Eaten Order SlipAntonica
Half Elf Love NoteThe Commonlands, The Sinking Sands, Antonica, Loping Plains
Half-burned Ceremonial CandleThe Sprawl, queen's Colony, antonica, oakmyst Forest, darklight Wood, greater Faydark, the Source Of Evil, outpost Of The Overlord
Half-Digested CaneQueen's Colony, South Freeport
Half-Digested ChopperQueen's Colony
Half-Digested DirkPrimaryWeaponAGI:+3 Queen's Colony
Half-Digested MacePrimaryWeaponWIS:+3 INT:+1 Queen's Colony, South Freeport
A Halfing Drum
Halfling Blood VialMistmoore Catacombs, Crypt Of Valdoon
halfling love noteKaladim, Rivervale, Loping Plains
Halfling PicklesFoodFood
halfling private rank ringFingerJewelryAGI:+12 HP:+5 Power:+35 STA:+2 WIS:+2 SvDis:+150 SvHea:+25
Halfling Trickster's RingFingerJewelryAGI:+2 Power:+5 INT:+2 SvMag:+7
halfling war bladePrimaryRivervale
Haliphryn Hide BeltCharmArmorAGI:+4 HP:+10 Power:+35 WIS:+14 SvDiv:+91 SvPoi:+117 Butcherblock Mountains
Haliphryn Hide ShoulderpadsShouldersArmorAGI:+4 HP:+10 Power:+35 WIS:+12 SvMag:+182 Heal Amount +5Butcherblock Mountains
Hallasian Battlepriest's BootsFeet
Hallasian Battlepriest's BucklerEverfrost
Hallasian Battlepriest's HammerEverfrost
Hallasian Battlepriest's HelmHeadArmorHP:+55 Power:+30 WIS:+15 INT:+10 SvCold:+286 Heal Amount +10
Hallasian Champion's PauldronsShouldersArmorAGI:+20 HP:+60 STA:+20 SvCold:+276 Everfrost
Hallasian Quickening RingFingerJewelryAGI:+15 HP:+35 Power:+40 STA:+10 SvCold:+264 Attack Speed +1Everfrost
Hallgloom's Bow of HobblingRangedWeaponAGI:+24 HP:+45 Power:+65 Ranged Double Attack +1Karnor's Castle
Hallowed Aura (Adept I)Everfrost, Lavastorm, Miragul's Menagerie, Permafrost
Hallowed Aura (Adept III)Scroll
Hallowed Judgement (Adept I)ScrollHalls of the Seeing, Kaladim, The Bonemire, the Obelisk Of Blight, ascent Of The Awakened: Audience With The Guardian, castle Mistmoore, halls Of The Seeing, kaladim, kylong Plains, loping Plains, mistmoore Catacombs, nizara, City Of The Nayad, palace Of The Awakened
Hallowed Judgement (Apprentice II)Scroll
Hallowed Judgement (Master I)ScrollHalls of the Seeing, Deathtoll, Halls Of The Seeing, Loping Plains, Mistmoore Catacombs, Nizara, City Of The Nayad, Palace Of The Awakened
Hallucinatory Wand of MasteryPrimaryWeaponAGI:+12 HP:+38 Power:+50 INT:+11 Disruption +4
Halo of the EnlightenedHeadArmorHP:+50 Power:+100 STA:+10 WIS:+20 INT:+20 SvDis:+584 SvPoi:+584 Shard Of Fear
Halo of the ManawielderHeadArmorHP:+65 Power:+80 STA:+12 SvMag:+473 In-Combat Power Regen +4
Halo of the ScalebornHeadArmorHP:+25 Power:+40 WIS:+21 SvDiv:+189 SvMag:+158 Focus +4,Ministration +5
Hammer (Adept I)ScrollVeksar: The Sunken Theater, karnor's Castle, kylong Plains, Fens Of Nathsar
Hammer (Master I)ScrollRunnyeye: The Gathering, karnor's Castle, Evernight Abbey
Hammer Fist (Adept I)ScrollThe Bastion Of Flames, the Forbidden Sepulcher, a Maj'dul Residence, miragul's Menagerie, permafrost, Rivervale
Hammer Fist (Adept III)The Dark Bargainers, Longshadow Alley
Hammer Fist (Apprentice II)Scroll
Hammer Fist (Master I)Permafrost
Hammer Of Ancient EnergyPrimaryWeaponDPS:+84.57 HP:+115 STA:+24
Hammer of Divine RetributionPrimaryWeaponHP:+90 Power:+100 STA:+36 WIS:+25 Ministration +5The Bonemire
Hammer of Divine TruthPrimaryWeaponHP:+48 Power:+62 WIS:+15
Hammer of FaithPrimaryWeaponDPS:+3.2
Hammer of FormationPrimary, SecondaryWeaponDPS:+44 AGI:+12 Crushing +4Sanctum Of The Scaleborn
Hammer of FortuityPrimaryWeaponDPS:+69.72 HP:+45 Power:+65 STA:+15 WIS:+15 INT:+18
Hammer of PainPrimaryWeaponAGI:+14 HP:+55 Power:+46 STA:+10 WIS:+10 INT:+18 Halls of the Seeing
Hammer of PestilencePrimaryWeaponHP:+25 Power:+40 WIS:+15 In-Combat Power Regen +5,Ministration +5
Hammer of Ringing BlowsPrimaryWeaponAGI:+24 HP:+47 Power:+44 SvDis:+247 Permafrost, The Feerrott
hammer of smolderingPrimaryWeaponDPS:+3.41 Power:+3 INT:+1
Hammer of SoundingPrimaryWeaponAGI:+4 HP:+23 Power:+31 WIS:+5 INT:+3 Lavastorm
Hammer of StrikingPrimaryWeaponDPS:+16.64 AGI:+3 HP:+14 Power:+14 WIS:+3 INT:+2 The Thundering Steppes
Hammer of Swirling ConstellationsPrimaryWeaponAGI:+46 HP:+200 Power:+225 STA:+46 Crushing +7,Defense +5Veeshan's Peak
Hammer of Tenacious MightPrimaryWeaponHP:+125 Power:+125 STA:+12 WIS:+32 INT:+12 Cavern Of The Crustaceans
Hammer of the DragonbornHalls of the Seeing, Halls Of The Seeing
Hammer of the ForgemasterPrimaryWeaponAGI:+9 HP:+48 Power:+42 WIS:+7 INT:+10
Hammer of the Quiescence GuardianPrimaryWeaponDPS:+42.56 HP:+30 Power:+56 WIS:+11
Hammer Of The ShakenThe Forsaken City
Hammer Of The Tribunal's JudgmentSecondaryWeaponDPS:+86.73 HP:+100 STA:+20 WIS:+45 Nizara, City Of The Nayad
Hammer of the Undead PrincePrimaryWeaponDPS:+12.8 AGI:+3 HP:+20 Power:+16 WIS:+1 INT:+4
Hammer Of The Valkyrie PriestessEverfrost
Hammer of the Wastes HunterPrimaryWeaponHP:+150 Power:+175 WIS:+40 Heal Amount +35
Hammer of the WildbeardPrimaryWeaponDPS:+18.43 HP:+10 Power:+10 WIS:+5 Crushing +1butcherblock Mountains
Hammer Of WastePrimaryWeaponDPS:+32.93 AGI:+2 HP:+29 WIS:+3 INT:+5
Hammer Pounded GirdleCharmJewelryAGI:+2 HP:+5 Power:+5 STA:+2 SvPoi:+68 butcherblock Mountains
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