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EverQuest 2 Items - I

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an illegible pageKaladim, Deathtoll, Nektropos Castle: Tribulation, Palace Of The Awakened
an insect antennaThe Down Below, the Peat Bog, the Forest Ruins, antonica, the Feerrott, tenebrous Tangle, greater Faydark, stormhold, blackburrow, butcherblock Mountains, solusek's Eye, nektropos Castle, the Grounds Of The Mcquibble Farm. You Feel A Strange Sense Of Foreboding, lavastorm, oakmyst Forest, the Deathly Scarab Hive, darklight Wood, fens Of Nathsar, kunzar Jungle, the Down Below, chardok, dire Hollow: Grim Tidings, the Commonlands, nektulos Forest, the Enchanted Lands, befallen: Cavern Of The Afflicted, the Thundering Steppes, shard Of Love: A Moment Of Valor, The Crypt Of Betrayal
an insect shellThe Down Below, the Enchanted Lands, antonica, the Thundering Steppes, the Commonlands, the Crypt Of Betrayal, the Deathly Scarab Hive, nektropos Castle, the Forest Ruins, nektulos Forest, the Greater Faydark, butcherblock Mountains, the Peat Bog, darklight Wood, the Thieves' Way, into Combat By Casting Decree On Kuhioc, the Down Below, Oakmyst Forest
an insect stingerRivervale, tenebrous Tangle, greater Faydark, maj'dul, outpost Of The Overlord, the Enchanted Lands, the Lesser Faydark, nektulos Forest
an insect wingMiscellaneousRivervale, outpost Of The Overlord, nektulos Forest, the Feerrott, the Forest Ruins, tenebrous Tangle, the Commonlands, scale Yard, the Greater Faydark, the Lesser Faydark, darklight Wood, kunzar Jungle, fens Of Nathsar, the Tombs Of Night: A Search For Answers, maj'dul, the Enchanted Lands, the Tower Of The Drafling, the Underrot Caverns: Fetid Halls, the Tombs Of Night: Retribution, shard Of Love: A Moment Of Valor
Iaensteel Vanguard GreavesLegsArmorHP:+14 Power:+14 INT:+3 SvCold:+160 SvPoi:+20
Ice Age (Adept I)ScrollRunnyeye: The Gathering, kunzar Jungle, the Crypt Of Agony, charasis: Vault Of Eternal Sleep, chardok, chelsith, charasis: Maiden's Chamber, sebilis, eternal Oblivion's Guild Hall, moors Of Ykesha
Ice Age (Master I)Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken, Court Of Korucust, Charasis: Maiden's Chamber, Charasis: Vault Of Eternal Sleep, Kunzar Jungle
Ice Axe Of Vivid HuesFrostfell Wonderland Village
Ice Blast (Adept III)Scroll
Ice Blast (Apprentice II)Scroll
Ice Blast (Master I)Scroll
Ice Chipped BucklerEverfrost
Ice ClawPrimaryWeaponAGI:+4 HP:+21 Power:+27 WIS:+5 INT:+3 Everfrost
Ice CoffeeDrink
Ice CometDrink
Ice Comet (Adept I)Klak'Anon, Maj'Dul
Ice Comet (Master I)Scroll
Ice Comet II (Adept)ScrollPalace Of The Awakened
Ice Comet II (Master)ScrollMistmoore's Inner Sanctum
An Ice Crystal Egg
Ice CubeFrostfell Wonderland Village
Ice Dusted AmuletNeckArmorHP:+25 Power:+35 STA:+4 INT:+5 SvCold:+90 SvPoi:+158 SvHea:+90 Everfrost
Ice Dusted GownChestArmorAGI:+6 HP:+24 Power:+20 SvDis:+158 SvMag:+113 Everfrost
Ice Dusted QuarterstaffPrimaryWeaponAGI:+6 HP:+28 Power:+25 Everfrost
Ice Dusted TalismanRangedAmmoHP:+27 Power:+23 WIS:+10 INT:+4 Everfrost
Ice Encrusted HeadbandHeadArmorHP:+60 Power:+35 WIS:+8 INT:+22 Heal Amount +10
Ice Etched StoneCharmCharmTenebrous Tangle
Ice Flame (Adept I)ScrollSteamfont Mountains
Ice Flame (Adept III)The Luminary Cache
Ice Forged GussetsForearmsArmorAGI:+15 HP:+28 Power:+60 WIS:+18 SvMag:+270 Vs Crushing +22
Ice Forged HelmHeadArmorAGI:+8 HP:+25 Power:+39 WIS:+10 SvDis:+247
Ice Forged PauldronsShouldersArmorAGI:+5 HP:+50 Power:+46 WIS:+18 SvMag:+225 vs Crushing +22
Ice Nova (Adept I)ScrollKaladim, The Bonemire, kylong Plains, crypt Of Valdoon, kaladim, loping Plains, mistmoore Catacombs, nektropos Castle: Tribulation, palace Of The Awakened, fens Of Nathsar, Eternal Oblivion's Guild Hall
Ice Nova (Master I)The Antechamber Of Fate, Castle Mistmoore, Cavern Of The Crustaceans, Deathtoll, Lavastorm, Nektropos Castle: Tribulation
Ice Prism ChestplateChestArmorAGI:+12 HP:+37 Power:+35 SvDis:+180 SvMag:+225 Heal Amount +20
Ice Prism NeckguardNeckArmorHP:+49 Power:+41 STA:+9 INT:+12 SvCold:+180 SvPoi:+158 SvHea:+135
Ice Prism TalismanRangedAmmoHP:+46 Power:+42 WIS:+17 INT:+12
Ice Spears (Adept I)ScrollBefallen: Necrotic Asylum, sebilis, chardok, chelsith, court Of Korucust, charasis: Maiden's Chamber, jarsath Wastes, Charasis: Vault Of Eternal Sleep
Ice Spears (Master I)ScrollVeksar: The Sunken Theater, charasis: Vault Of Eternal Sleep, The Crypt Of Agony
Ice Spears VI (Adept)ScrollThe Lyceum Of Abhorrence
Ice Spears VII (Adept)ScrollJarsath Wastes, Evernight Abbey
Ice Storm III (Adept)ScrollFallen Gate
Ice Storm IV (Adept)ScrollRunnyeye, Steamfont Mountains
Ice Storm V (Adept)ScrollThe Lesser Faydark
Ice Storm VII (Adept)ScrollKunzar Jungle
ice threaded bloomersLegsArmorHP:+15 Power:+51 SvCold:+203 The Forbidden Sepulcher
ice threaded capHeadArmorHP:+14 Power:+52 SvCold:+203 The Forbidden Sepulcher, everfrost
ice threaded capeShouldersArmorHP:+19 Power:+47 SvCold:+203 The Forbidden Sepulcher, Everfrost
Ice Threaded GlovesHandsArmorHP:+17 Power:+49 SvCold:+203 The Forbidden Sepulcher, Everfrost
ice threaded shoesFeetArmorHP:+16 Power:+50 SvCold:+203 The Forbidden Sepulcher, Everfrost
Ice Threaded SleevesForearmsArmorHP:+13 Power:+53 SvCold:+203 The Forbidden Sepulcher, Everfrost
ice threaded vestChestArmorHP:+18 Power:+48 SvCold:+203 The Forbidden Sepulcher, everfrost
Ice Woven SkullcapHeadArmorHP:+52 Power:+36 STA:+12 WIS:+14 SvDis:+225 SvHea:+270 vs Slashing +22
Ice-crusted bandFingerJewelryHP:+60 Power:+75 STA:+6 INT:+22 Spell Damage +16
Ice-Etched Bone LeggingsLegsArmorHP:+22 Power:+22 INT:+7 SvCold:+123 SvPoi:+88
Iceborn HoopEarsJewelryHP:+80 Power:+100 STA:+18 WIS:+12 INT:+20 SvCold:+888 SvPoi:+497 SvMag:+497 The Bonemire
Icebound Gift (Adept I)ScrollRivervale, maj'dul, permafrost, everfrost
Icebound Gift (Adept III)Scroll
Icebound Gift (Master I)ScrollRivervale
Icebound Luminary SpearPrimaryWeaponHP:+32 Power:+40 WIS:+10
IcebreakerPrimary, SecondaryWeaponDPS:+15.1 HP:+20 Power:+20 STA:+7 WIS:+4
Icebrew BeltCharm, WaistJewelry STA:+1 Scale Yard
Iced Darjeeling Tea
Iced Everfrost CoffeeQeynos Harbor
Iced Green Tearunnyeye, the Feerrott, The Thundering Steppes
Iced Lavastorm Robusta CoffeeThe Feerrott
Iced Majdul Coffee
Iced Pu-erh TeaThe Feerrott, longshadow Alley, The Barren Sky
IcedusterPrimaryWeaponAGI:+18 HP:+42 Power:+48 SvCold:+67 Permafrost
Icefall (Adept I)ScrollBefallen: Necrotic Asylum, chelsith, charasis: Maiden's Chamber, charasis: Vault Of Eternal Sleep, jarsath Wastes, kunzar Jungle, moors Of Ykesha, sebilis, Chardok
Icefall (Master I)Runnyeye: The Gathering
Icefall III (Adept)ScrollFallen Gate
Icefall IV (Adept)ScrollRunnyeye
Icefall V (Adept)ScrollThe Lesser Faydark
Icefall VI (Adept)ScrollMistmoore Catacombs, Nizara, City Of The Nayad
Icefall VII (Adept)ScrollJarsath Wastes
Iceforged GirdleCharmJewelryAGI:+4 HP:+29 Power:+31 WIS:+7 SvCold:+158 SvMag:+180 Melee Damage +10Permafrost
Iceforged SaiPrimaryWeaponAGI:+14 HP:+46 Power:+44 SvCold:+45 Permafrost
Iceforged WarhammerPermafrost
Icegill FishFoodFood
Iceglint EarringsEarsJewelryAGI:+10 HP:+80 Power:+90 STA:+20 SvPoi:+468 Ministration +1Kylong Plains
Iceloom BlouseChestArmorAGI:+16 HP:+36 Power:+50 INT:+16 SvMag:+247 Permafrost
Iceloom CapHeadArmorHP:+45 Power:+54 WIS:+15 INT:+17 SvCold:+203 Permafrost
Iceloom CowlShouldersArmorHP:+40 Power:+53 STA:+17 INT:+10 SvCold:+225 SvHea:+270 Permafrost
Iceloom CuffsForearmsArmorAGI:+12 HP:+48 Power:+52 INT:+15 SvCold:+90 SvPoi:+225 SvMag:+225 Permafrost
Iceloom MittsHandsArmorAGI:+17 HP:+44 Power:+50 INT:+12 SvCold:+315 SvHea:+180 Permafrost
Iceloom NeckguardNeckArmorHP:+42 Power:+58 STA:+5 INT:+14 SvCold:+315 SvPoi:+225 Permafrost
Iceloom PantaloonsLegsArmorHP:+44 Power:+52 STA:+9 INT:+18 SvCold:+225 SvDis:+270 Permafrost
Iceloom SlippersFeetArmorAGI:+12 HP:+40 Power:+53 STA:+12 INT:+6 SvMag:+203 Permafrost
Icemaul Tooth DaggerPrimaryWeaponHP:+33 Power:+35 STA:+10
Icen Guard LangseaxPrimaryWeaponAGI:+5 HP:+31 Power:+25 WIS:+4 INT:+3 Everfrost
Iceshield (Adept I)ScrollKaladim, The Barren Sky, loping Plains, mistmoore Catacombs, new Tunaria, Sanctum Of The Scaleborn
Iceshield (Apprentice II)Scroll
Iceshield (Apprentice IV)Scroll
Iceshield (Master I)ScrollKaladim, The Barren Sky
Iceshield II (Adept)ScrollZek, The Orcish Wastes
Iceshield V (Adept)ScrollKunzar Jungle
icesteel studded leather bootsFeetArmorHP:+19 Power:+47 SvCold:+203 The Forbidden Sepulcher, everfrost
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