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EverQuest 2 Items - J

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a jute piece of clothRivervale, nektropos Castle, rivervale, the Enchanted Lands, nektropos Castle: The Return
J'Narus Insignia PatchNektropos Castle: Tribulation
Jab (Adept I)ScrollOutpost Of The Overlord, Darklight Wood, Greater Faydark
Jabberdine BootsFeetArmorHP:+25 Power:+25 STA:+5 WIS:+8 INT:+5 SvCold:+158 SvHea:+158 Heal Amount +10
Jack In The Box
Jackscrew RapierPrimary, SecondaryWeaponDPS:+24.79 AGI:+17 HP:+40 Power:+20 Steamfont Mountains
Jade AmuletNeckJewelryAGI:+3 HP:+11 Power:+11 STA:+2 INT:+3
Jade Chokidai BatonPrimaryWeaponAGI:+12 HP:+67 Power:+82 STA:+18 In-Combat Power Regen +3,Crushing +3,Deflection +5Halls of the Seeing, Halls Of The Seeing
Jade Conqueror's StudEarsJewelryHP:+175 Power:+195 STA:+28 WIS:+30 INT:+30 The Temple Of Kor-Sha
Jade Earring of the WishbringerEarsJewelryHP:+35 Power:+45 WIS:+17 SvDis:+220 SvMag:+220 Heal Amount +20
Jade Golem ShardFens Of Nathsar, Chardok
Jade Golem Shrinking RayKunzar Jungle
Jade Inlaid Crescent AxeHalls of the Seeing, Halls Of The Seeing
Jade ReaverPrimary, SecondaryWeaponDPS:+86.43 HP:+125 Power:+125 WIS:+30 INT:+38 Melee Crit Chance +2,Spell Damage Crit Chance +2Kunzar Jungle
Jade Restoration PauldronsShouldersArmorHP:+175 Power:+195 STA:+32 WIS:+46 INT:+48 SvCold:+1260 SvHea:+1260 Spell Damage Crit Chance +2Venril Sathir's Lair
Jade Ring of TorsisFingerJewelryHP:+90 Power:+100 WIS:+30 INT:+32 SvDis:+674 Spell Damage +25,In-Combat Power Regen +6Fens Of Nathsar
Jade TreadersFeetArmorHP:+5 Power:+3 STA:+1 INT:+1
Jade-inlaid BarbuteHeadArmorHP:+100 Power:+95 STA:+25 WIS:+32 SvCold:+432
Jade-inlaid BootsFeetArmorAGI:+10 HP:+90 Power:+95 STA:+25 WIS:+30 SvDis:+444 SvPoi:+703 Fens Of Nathsar
Jade-inlaid GauntletsHandsArmorHP:+100 Power:+100 STA:+25 WIS:+30 SvDis:+750 SvHea:+474 Jarsath Wastes
Jade-inlaid GreavesLegsArmorHP:+100 Power:+95 STA:+25 WIS:+30 Defense +2
Jade-Plated WrapsHandsArmorHP:+3 Power:+5 SvDis:+22 SvHea:+15
Jael's Dreadful Deprivation (Adept I)RangedScrollNew Tunaria
Jael's Dreadful Deprivation II (Adept)ScrollThe Tombs Of Night, Nektropos Castle
Jael's Elusion (Adept I)ScrollThe Wailing Caves, the Caves, antonica, stormhold
Jael's Elusion (Apprentice II)Scroll
Jael's Mysterious Mettle
Jael's Mysterious Mettle (Adept I)ScrollRunnyeye
Jael's Mysterious Mettle (Apprentice II)Scroll
Jael's Mysterious Mettle (Master I)ScrollThe Halls Of Fate
Jael's Mysterious Mettle II (Master)ScrollRunnyeye
Jaels Dreadful Depletion (Adept I)ScrollRivervale, Lavastorm, Permafrost
Jaels Dreadful Depletion (Apprentice II)Scroll
Jagged Band of the CursedFingerJewelryHP:+80 STA:+28 SvCold:+518 SvHea:+518 SvMag:+518 Defense +5,vs Slashing +148,vs Crushing +148,vs Piercing +148The Estate Of Unrest
Jagged Band of the SabertoothFingerJewelryHP:+70 Power:+70 WIS:+10 SvHea:+550 Heal Amount +20Maj'Dul
jagged battle axePrimaryWeaponDPS:+3.2
Jagged Befouled BattleaxePrimaryWeaponHP:+32 Power:+28 STA:+10
Jagged Blade (Adept I)ScrollEmperor Atrebe's Laboratory: The Fabled City Of Kor-sha, karnor's Castle, kylong Plains, fens Of Nathsar, Sebilis
Jagged Blade (Master I)Veksar: The Sunken Theater
Jagged Bone KukriPrimaryWeaponHP:+9
Jagged Broadsword of the LaceratorPrimaryWeaponAGI:+8 HP:+40 Power:+30 The Sinking Sands
Jagged Crystaline DaggerPrimaryWeaponAGI:+8 HP:+23 Power:+25
Jagged Crystalline DaggerPrimaryWeaponAGI:+8 HP:+23 Power:+25 Stormhold, Antonica
Jagged Devourer ToothJarsath Wastes
Jagged Ebony ShardPrimaryWeaponAGI:+18 HP:+75 Power:+60
Jagged Gear FragmentPrimaryWeaponAGI:+12 HP:+40 Power:+30 STA:+8
Jagged Ice SabrePrimary, SecondaryWeaponDPS:+32.96 AGI:+11 HP:+30 Power:+30
jagged iron foilPrimaryWeaponHP:+5 Power:+4 Antonica
Jagged Jailer KeyKarnor's Castle
Jagged KrisPrimaryWeaponHP:+12 Power:+19 STA:+4 INT:+6
A Jagged Metal ClusterThe Thundering Steppes
Jagged Obsidian BandEarsJewelryHP:+45 Power:+35 STA:+10 SvMag:+230 The Sinking Sands
Jagged Platemail BarbuteHandsArmorAGI:+9 HP:+11 Power:+9 SvDis:+37
Jagged Platemail PauldronsShouldersArmorHP:+12 Power:+15 STA:+8 SvHea:+75
Jagged Scimitar of the ScalePrimary, SecondaryWeaponDPS:+81.6 HP:+90 Power:+90 WIS:+38 INT:+24 Sebilis
jagged shining daggerPrimary
Jagged Sokokar Scale BandFingerJewelryAGI:+20 HP:+100 Power:+100 STA:+20 WIS:+20 SvCold:+487 SvPoi:+975 SvMag:+975 Jarsath Wastes
Jagged Sokokar TalonFens Of Nathsar
Jaggedpine Elder's CapHeadArmorHP:+200 Power:+200 STA:+28 WIS:+52 INT:+34 SvDis:+1260 Disruption +7Veeshan's Peak
Jaid Inlaid Crescent AxeHalls of the Seeing, Halls Of The Seeing
Jailer's Darkend CapHeadArmorHP:+60 Power:+35 WIS:+22 INT:+10 Melee Damage +15
Jailer's Darkened ClubPrimaryWeaponAGI:+5 HP:+30 Power:+35 WIS:+2 INT:+4
Jailer's Darkened TunicChestArmorAGI:+7 HP:+20 Power:+25 SvDis:+113 SvMag:+158
jailer's dusty capHeadArmor
jailer's dusty clubPrimaryWeapon
Jailer's Dusty GlovesHandsArmor
jailer's dusty leggingsLegsArmor
Jailer's Dusty TunicChestArmor
Jailer's Rope BeltCharmJewelryAGI:+15 HP:+115 Power:+125 STA:+20 INT:+25 SvMag:+975 Melee Crit Chance +2,Attack Speed +1Karnor's Castle
Jailor's Helm of IntimidationHeadArmorHP:+40 Power:+40 WIS:+12 SvMag:+196 Solusek's Eye
Jaldaran Golden BraceletWristJewelryHP:+20 Power:+40 WIS:+10 SvCold:+92 Maj'Dul
Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire BootsFeetArmorHP:+80 Power:+80 WIS:+28 INT:+28 SvCold:+360 Focus +5The Obelisk Of Blight
Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire BracersForearmsArmorHP:+100 Power:+100 STA:+28 WIS:+28 SvCold:+720 SvDiv:+720 SvPoi:+360 Crypt of Valdoon
Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire GlovesHandsArmorHP:+100 Power:+100 WIS:+28 INT:+28 SvDis:+720 SvMag:+720
Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire HoodHeadArmorHP:+100 Power:+100 STA:+28 WIS:+28 SvCold:+720 SvPoi:+360
Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire LeggingsLegsArmorAGI:+28 HP:+80 Power:+80 WIS:+28 SvHea:+720 SvMag:+360 Focus +5Castle Mistmoore
Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire SleevesShouldersArmorHP:+100 Power:+100 STA:+28 WIS:+28 SvCold:+720 SvDiv:+360 SvPoi:+720 Mistmoore Catacombs
Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire TunicChestArmorHP:+110 Power:+110 WIS:+28 INT:+28 SvDis:+360 SvHea:+720 Defense +6The Estate Of Unrest
Jambiya of the BladesPrimaryWeaponHP:+40 Power:+30 INT:+14
Janitor BootsFeetArmorAGI:+8 HP:+25 Power:+29 STA:+7 SvMag:+140 Heal Amount +5
A JarZek, The Orcish Wastes
A Jar Of SolventThe Lesser Faydark
Jar Of Spiders
Jarol's Melancholy Requiem (Adept I)ScrollLavastorm
Jarol's Melancholy Requiem (Apprentice II)Scroll
Jarol's Melancholy Requiem (Master I)ScrollSteamfont Mountains
Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem (Adept I)Scrollscornfeather Roost
Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem (Master I)ScrollScornfeather Roost
Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem III (Master)ScrollEverfrost
Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem IV (Adept)ScrollTenebrous Tangle
Jarsath Robe Of RoyaltyChestArmorHP:+50 Power:+200 STA:+25 INT:+50 Spell Damage +100,Spell Damage Crit Chance +4,Disruption +5Charasis: Maiden's Chamber
Jarsath WristguardsForearmsArmorAGI:+40 HP:+110 Power:+120 STA:+10 SvPoi:+615 SvHea:+984 Jarsath Wastes
Jasmine IncenseNepeta Cataria
Jasper AmuletSpreading The Truth, the Dismal Den, the Lair Of The Necromancer, nektulos Forest, bloodskull Valley: The Excavation Site, butcherblock Mountains, the Thundering Steppes, zek, The Orcish Wastes, crushbone Keep, east Freeport, stonestair Byway, north Freeport, antonica, bloodskull Valley: Maulic's Stronghold, stormhold, the Ruins Of Varsoon, fight Club, the Crypt Of Betrayal, the Cove Of Decay, the Cove Of Decay: A Treaty For Treasure, darklight Wood, edgewater Drains, the Serpent Sewer, timorous Deep, the Condemned Catacomb, sundered Splitpaw: Upper Tunnels, south Freeport, a Buried Hideout, a Gnoll Cave, a Pirate's Hidden Stash, blumble's Halfling Hole, bloodskull Valley: The Training Grounds, castle Mistmoore, chamber Of The Unavailing, the Sepulcher Of Jhanda, everfrost, garanel's Resting Place, gobblerock's Hideout, grand Inquisitor's Chamber, greater Faydark, invasion Of The Vale, kunark Expedition, the Vault Of The Fallen, the Grounds Of The Mcquibble Farm. You Feel A Strange Sense Of Foreboding, neriak, City Of Hate, fallen Gate, the Commonlands, the Crypt Of T'haen, the Hollow Hedge
Jasper Bloom PendantNeckJewelryAGI:+15 HP:+155 Power:+153 STA:+20 WIS:+15 INT:+15 SvDis:+1120 SvPoi:+1120
Jasper BraceletWristJewelryAGI:+3 HP:+12 Power:+16 STA:+2 SvCold:+50 Stormhold, the Enchanted Lands, Scale Yard, Nektulos Forest
jasper earringEarsJewelryHP:+13 Power:+15 STA:+2 WIS:+2 INT:+4 SvDiv:+25 SvDis:+63 SvMag:+25 the Commonlands, Stormhold, Bloodskull Valley: Maulic's Stronghold
Jasper Fragmentstonestair Byway, fallen Gate, butcherblock Mountains, greater Faydark, nepeta Cataria, east Freeport, longshadow Alley, antonica, west Freeport, nektulos Forest, the Thundering Steppes, nektropos Castle, the Commonlands, crushbone Keep, the Lesser Faydark, the Enchanted Lands, stormhold, qeynos Harbor, the Luminary Cache, the Dark Bargainers, the Ruins Of Varsoon, runnyeye, maj'dul, the Court Of The Coin, north Qeynos, kylong Plains, edgewater Drains, the Village Of Shin, timorous Deep, sebilis, scale Yard, south Freeport, jarsath Wastes, neriak, City Of Hate, the Deductive Directory, vermin's Snye, the Crypt Of Betrayal, the Vault Of The Fallen, north Freeport, the Grounds Of The Mcquibble Farm. You Feel A Strange Sense Of Foreboding, the Barren Sky, eternal Oblivion's Guild Hall, the Overlord's Throne Room, the Tombs Of Night, kunzar Jungle, the Firemyst Gully, the Cove Of Decay, the Cove Of Decay: A Treaty For Treasure, the Hollow Hedge, the Murkwater Nook, the Serpent's Lair, valley Of The Rogue Magi, bloodskull Valley: The Training Grounds, the Condemned Catacomb, gobblerock's Hideout, The Deathly Scarab Hive
Jasper NecklaceNeckArmorHP:+15 Power:+13 STA:+2 INT:+4 SvCold:+37 SvPoi:+50 SvHea:+25 Gobblerock's Hideout, nektulos Forest, The Thundering Steppes
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