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EverQuest 2 Items - M

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a metal stinger capRivervale
a minotaur handKaladim, the Ruins Of Guk: The Lower Corridors, runnyeye, klak'anon, kaladim, runnyeye: The Gathering, nektropos Castle, the Mines Of Meldrath, the Crypt Of Betrayal, miragul's Phylactery: Scion Of Ice, steamfont Mountains
a minotaur horn fragmentKaladim, the Ruins Of Guk: The Lower Corridors, the Crypt Of Betrayal, runnyeye, the Overlord's Throne Room, invasion Of The Vale, kaladim, klak'anon, runnyeye: The Gathering, the Poets Palace, the Poets Palace: Return, miragul's Phylactery: Scion Of Ice
a minotaur ribcageKaladim, the Ruins Of Guk: The Lower Corridors, runnyeye, the Poets Palace, the Crypt Of Betrayal, klak'anon, kaladim, runnyeye: The Gathering, steamfont Mountains
a minotaur stomachKaladim, the Ruins Of Guk: The Lower Corridors, the Crypt Of Betrayal, runnyeye, the Overlord's Throne Room, kaladim, klak'anon, miragul's Phylactery: Scion Of Ice, the Poets Palace, steamfont Mountains, the Poets Palace: Return, the Mines Of Meldrath, invasion Of The Vale
a minotaur toothKaladim, the Ruins Of Guk: The Lower Corridors, runnyeye, the Crypt Of Betrayal, kaladim, runnyeye: The Gathering, klak'anon, invasion Of The Vale, miragul's Phylactery: Scion Of Ice, steamfont Mountains
a mucous encrusted tendrilThe Down Below, nektropos Castle, the Barren Sky, the Forbidden Sepulcher, lavastorm, the Wailing Caves, the Temple Of Cazic-thule, the Ruins Of Varsoon, the Halls Of Fate, the Oratorium Of Thyr, the Peat Bog, the Thieves' Way, sundered Splitpaw: Upper Tunnels, the Living Tombs, deathtoll, the Down Below, edgewater Drains, butcherblock Mountains, ascent Of The Awakened, ascent Of The Awakened: Audience With The Guardian, the Crypt Of Betrayal, greater Faydark, nektulos Forest, palace Of The Awakened, permafrost, queen's Colony, the Obelisk Of Lost Souls, the Deserted Mine, Stormhold
a mucus encrusted tendrilBefallen: Necrotic Asylum
a muddy lumpRivervale
a mystic stoneHalls of the Seeing, The Barren Sky, sanctum Of The Scaleborn, miragul's Menagerie, steamfont Mountains, mistmoore Catacombs, the Acadechism, lavastorm, trials Of The Awakened, the Poets Palace, the D'vinnian Throne, castle Mistmoore, crushbone Keep, a Maj'dul Residence, shard Of Hate, east Freeport, greater Faydark, halls Of The Seeing, loping Plains, nektropos Castle: Tribulation, nektulos Forest, mistmyr Manor, the Estate Of Unrest, Najena's Hollow Tower
Maarita's Rosehip TeaDrinkGreater Faydark
Mabel's BellNeckArmor STA:+3 Outpost Of The Overlord
Macabre LegguardsBefallen: Halls of the Forsaken
Macadamia FudgeFoodFood
Macadamia PieFoodFood
Mace Hilt
Mace of BrutalityPrimaryWeaponAGI:+9 HP:+26 Power:+23
Mace of ConvictionPrimaryWeaponAGI:+1 HP:+6 Power:+5 Blackburrow
Mace of DespairPrimaryWeaponWIS:+5 Bloodskull Valley: The Excavation Site, east Freeport, Timorous Deep
Mace of DestructionPrimaryWeaponDPS:+60.4 HP:+65 Power:+65 WIS:+18 Crushing +5The Poets Palace: Return
Mace of Holy VaporsPrimaryWeaponHP:+10 Power:+5
Mace of Red ScalesPrimaryWeaponHP:+65 Power:+70 STA:+20 WIS:+27 Ascent Of The Awakened, Ascent Of The Awakened: Audience With The Guardian
Mace of RedemptionPrimaryWeaponHP:+40 Power:+30
Mace of RendingPrimaryWeaponHP:+40 Power:+46 WIS:+15
Mace of Swift DeathPrimaryWeaponAGI:+8 HP:+45 Power:+25 SvPoi:+193
Mace of the EludedPrimary, SecondaryWeaponDPS:+27.2 AGI:+12 HP:+45 Power:+35 The Pillars Of Flame
Mace of the Endless StormPrimary, SecondaryWeaponDPS:+32.96 AGI:+9 HP:+28 Power:+32 Permafrost
Mace of the EverlastingPrimaryWeaponHP:+195 Power:+195 STA:+32 WIS:+52 INT:+52 Focus +7
Mace of the FlamelordPrimaryWeaponHP:+45 Power:+45 STA:+15 WIS:+20 INT:+20 The Vaults Of El'Arad
Mace of the Hooluk Spirit CallersPrimaryWeaponDPS:+53.12 HP:+25 Power:+30 STA:+13 WIS:+19 Focus +3The Barren Sky
Mace of the ImprisonedPrimaryWeaponHP:+125 Power:+125 STA:+40 WIS:+40 INT:+25 Heal Amount +35,Ministration +8
Mace of the LifebringerPrimaryWeaponAGI:+11 HP:+38 Power:+34 Zek, The Orcish Wastes, The Thundering Steppes
Mace of the Shadowed SoulPrimaryWeaponHP:+80 Power:+115 STA:+30 WIS:+36 Heal Crit Chance +2Kunzar Jungle
Mace of the Undead SavagePrimaryWeaponAGI:+3 HP:+13 Power:+15
Mace of Tsu'MaPrimaryWeaponHP:+53 Power:+20
Mace of TwilightPrimary, SecondaryWeaponDPS:+12.48 AGI:+3 HP:+10 Power:+18 Vermin's Snye, vermin's Snye, south Freeport
Mace PommelKunzar Jungle
Macehoof SandalsFeetArmorHP:+70 Power:+50 STA:+15 SvHea:+310 SvMag:+403 Loping Plains
Machine KeyVeeshan's Peak
Machine Parts
machinist's bloomersLegsArmor
machinist's capHeadArmorAGI:+2 HP:+15 Power:+5 WIS:+2 INT:+2 The Peat Bog, south Freeport
machinist's capeShouldersArmorAGI:+2 HP:+15 Power:+5 STA:+2 WIS:+2 The Peat Bog
Machinist's GlovesHandsArmorPower:+5 INT:+3 The Peat Bog, oakmyst Forest
machinist's shoesFeetArmorINT:+2 the Peat Bog
Machinist's SleevesForearmsArmor
Machinist's VestChestArmorHP:+5 INT:+3 The Peat Bog
Machinist's WristguardsForearmsArmor STA:+2 INT:+2 The Peat Bog
Mackerel StewFoodFood
Mad Crusader's ShouldersTomb Of The Mad Crusader
Mad Cry
Mad Cry (Adept I)ScrollZek, The Orcish Wastes, the Enchanted Lands, zek, The Orcish Wastes, chamber Of Immortality, fight Club, Butcherblock Mountains
Mad Cry (Adept III)Scroll
Mad Cry (Apprentice II)Scroll
Mad Cry (Apprentice III)Scroll
Mad Cry (Master I)Chamber Of Immortality, Nektropos Castle
Madcap CuirassChestArmorHP:+50 Power:+70 STA:+18 WIS:+22 SvPoi:+497 SvHea:+426 In-Combat Power Regen +3,Ministration +6The Bonemire
Maddening Defense
Maddening Defense (Adept I)ScrollRivervale, Drayek's Chamber, Everfrost, Lavastorm
Maddening Defense (Adept III)ScrollWest Freeport
Maddening Defense (Apprentice III)Scroll
Maddening Defense (Master I)Drayek's Chamber
Maddening Swarm (Adept I)ScrollKaladim, The Acadechism, Loping Plains, Mistmoore Catacombs, New Tunaria
Maddening Swarm (Apprentice II)Scroll
Maddening Swarm (Apprentice III)Scroll
Maddening Swarm (Apprentice IV)Scroll
Maddening Swarm (Master I)ScrollKaladim, Tenebrous Tangle, Mistmoore Catacombs
Maddening Swarm III (Adept)ScrollSebilis
Maddening Throw (Adept I)ScrollZek, The Orcish Wastes, chamber Of Immortality, runnyeye, nektropos Castle
Maddening Throw (Apprentice II)Scroll
Maddening Throw (Master I)ScrollButcherblock Mountains, Chamber Of Immortality
Maelin's Mystical ProtectionCharmCharm
Maelstrom (Adept I)ScrollKaladim, the Obelisk Of Blight, crypt Of Valdoon, kylong Plains, kaladim, palace Of The Awakened, nektropos Castle: Tribulation, shard Of Fear, the Den Of The Devourer, Loping Plains
Maelstrom (Master I)Castle Mistmoore, Crypt Of Valdoon, Deathtoll, Lavastorm, Nektropos Castle: Tribulation, Nektulos Forest
Maelstrom Boots of EspionageFeetArmorAGI:+12 HP:+110 Power:+110 STA:+15 WIS:+12 SvCold:+630 SvHea:+630 vs Crushing +105
Maelstrom Bracers Of EspionageForearmsArmorAGI:+27 HP:+120 Power:+120 STA:+22 SvPoi:+630 SvHea:+630
Maelstrom Coat Of EspionageChestArmorAGI:+10 HP:+110 Power:+110 STA:+10 WIS:+25 SvCold:+630 SvMag:+630
Maelstrom Gloves Of EspionageHandsArmorAGI:+25 HP:+110 Power:+110 STA:+20 Parry +8
Maelstrom Hat of EspionageHeadArmorAGI:+22 HP:+110 Power:+110 SvCold:+350 SvDis:+350 SvPoi:+350 SvHea:+350 SvMag:+350 Piercing +5
Maelstrom II (Adept)ScrollShard Of Fear
Maelstrom III (Adept)ScrollSebilis
Maelstrom Leggings of EspionageLegsArmorAGI:+25 HP:+110 Power:+110 STA:+15 SvDis:+630 vs Piercing +105
Maelstrom Mantle of EspionageShouldersArmorAGI:+22 HP:+110 Power:+110 STA:+22 WIS:+20 SvDis:+630 vs Slashing +105
Maelstrom Of Dismay (Adept I)ScrollThe Sanctorium, the Shimmering Citadel, klak'anon, lavastorm, permafrost, the Sinking Sands, miragul's Phylactery: The Anathema, The Clefts Of Rujark
Maelstrom Of Dismay (Master I)ScrollThe Sinking Sands
Magam Worm SkinLavastorm
Mage's BaneCharmCharm
Mage's Pact (Adept I)ScrollCharasis: Vault Of Eternal Sleep, charasis: Maiden's Chamber, jarsath Wastes, moors Of Ykesha, sebilis
Maggot Infested CapHeadArmorPower:+45 WIS:+10 INT:+10
Maggot-Infested ShawlShouldersArmorHP:+50 Power:+105 STA:+15 WIS:+30 SvCold:+180 SvHea:+518
Magic Carpet SummonerCharmMount
magic imbued ash wandPrimaryWeaponDPS:+13.87 HP:+15 Power:+15 WIS:+8 INT:+8
magic imbued bone wandPrimaryWeaponDPS:+11.33 HP:+12 Power:+12 WIS:+6 INT:+6
magic imbued briarwood wandPrimaryWeaponDPS:+20.27 AGI:+4 HP:+22 Power:+22 WIS:+13 INT:+13
magic imbued cedar wandPrimaryWeaponDPS:+38.45 AGI:+4 HP:+42 Power:+42 WIS:+22 INT:+22
magic imbued ebony wandPrimaryWeaponHP:+75 Power:+75 WIS:+38 INT:+38 Starcrest Commune
magic imbued fir wandPrimaryWeaponHP:+22 Power:+22 WIS:+10 INT:+10
magic imbued ironwood wandPrimaryWeaponDPS:+48.19 HP:+55 Power:+55 WIS:+29 INT:+29
magic imbued mahogany wandPrimaryWeaponHP:+90 Power:+90 WIS:+50 INT:+50
magic imbued maple wandPrimaryWeaponHP:+9 Power:+9 WIS:+4 INT:+4
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