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EverQuest 2 Items: Type - Quest Starter

A Crude BlueprintQuest StarterThe Enchanted Lands
A History Of The CentaurQuest StarterThe Thundering Steppes, The Luminary Cache
A Piece Of Ancient ParchmentQuest StarterThe Pillars Of Flame, the Sinking Sands
A Precious Fairy BookQuest StarterNektropos Castle
A Small Bronze Key With A Strange HandleQuest StarterAntonica
A Wax Sealed LetterQuest StarterMistmoore Catacombs
Ardathium, Vol. III, Page 1Quest StarterThe Forsaken City
Ardathium, Vol. III, Page 2Quest StarterThe Forsaken City
Ardathium, Vol. III, Page 3Quest StarterThe Forsaken City
Ardathium, Vol. III, Page 4Quest StarterThe Forsaken City
Ardathium, Vol. III, Page 5Quest StarterThe Forsaken City
Ardathium, Vol. III, Page 6Quest StarterThe Forsaken City
Ardathium, Vol. III, Page 7Quest StarterThe Forsaken City
Bone TabletQuest StarterBefallen: Halls Of The Forsaken, the Pillars Of Flame, theshimmering Citadel, the Sanctorium, the Silent City, the Sinking Sands, the Shimmering Citadel, the Poets Palace: Return, the Feerrott, loping Plains, a Maj'dul Residence, ancient's Table, blades' Arena, east Freeport, lockjaw's Lair, befallen: Halls Of The Forsaken, the Living Tombs, the Fountain Of Life, tomb Of The Mad Crusader
Bootstrutter's Field Guide To AntonicaQuest StarterAntonica
Borderland Bounty For Dervish CutthroatsQuest StarterThe Commonlands
Chirannite Threat TotemQuest Starter0, sundered Splitpaw: Trial Of Harclave, antonica, blackburrow, the Thundering Steppes, the Caves, sundered Splitpaw: Upper Tunnels, the Grounds Of The Mcquibble Farm. You Feel A Strange Sense Of Foreboding, the Peat Bog, sundered Splitpaw: Delving Into The Darkness, graystone Yard, sundered Splitpaw: Hideout, oakmyst Forest, the Forest Ruins, the Shattered Vale: A Bold Confrontation, a Secluded Valley, a Gnoll Cave, castle Mistmoore
Disk Of BlyzeQuest StarterTenebrous Tangle
DrakotaQuest StarterTenebrous Tangle, The Luminary Cache
Evil Eye MusingsQuest StarterRunnyeye, The Enchanted Lands, The Village Of Shin
Fabric PatchQuest StarterRivervale, the Thundering Steppes, tower Of The Drafling, zek, The Orcish Wastes, the Enchanted Lands, cavern Of Tangled Weeds, rivervale, the Maid For The Mist, tenebrous Tangle, the Tower Of The Drafling, the Pillars Of Flame, the Greater Faydark, butcherblock Mountains, the Peat Bog, darklight Wood, the Lesser Faydark, timorous Deep, oakmyst Forest, the Firemyst Gully: A Gallant Confrontation, nektulos Forest
Far Seas Trading Requisition Enc0457Quest StarterThe Enchanted Lands
Far Seas Trading Requisition Enc0679Quest StarterThe Enchanted Lands
Far Seas Trading Requisition Enc0699Quest StarterThe Enchanted Lands
First FlightQuest StarterThe Barren Sky, The Pillars Of Flame
Giant IdolQuest StarterEverfrost, icy Digs, lavastorm, nektulos Forest, permafrost, solusek's Eye, the Pillars Of Flam, the Sinking Sands, the Thundering Steppes, drayek's Chamber
Glass OrbQuest StarterThe Pillars Of Flame, the Shimmering Citadel, the Poets Palace, the Thundering Steppes, the Sinking Sands, a Maj'dul Residence, The Poets Palace: Return
Harpy Feather QuillQuest StarterThe Pillars Of Flame, the Sinking Sands, scornfeather Roost, steamfont Mountains
Into The HiveQuest StarterThe Bonemire, The Pillars Of Flame
Know Your BixiesQuest StarterTower Of The Drafling, The Tower Of The Drafling
Know Your GiantsQuest StarterThe Thundering Steppes, the Village Of Shin, the Stalwart Township, the Luminary Cache, zek, The Orcish Wastes, The Pillars Of Flame
Know Your GolemsQuest StarterRuins Of Varsoon, the Ruins Of Varsoon, miragul's Menagerie, qeynos Harbor, The Luminary Cache
Life Among The GoblinsQuest StarterThe Enchanted Lands, runnyeye, the Village Of Shin, permafrost, greater Faydark, Zek, The Orcish Wastes
Orc SocietyQuest StarterThe Commonlands, the Wailing Caves, west Freeport, the Clefts Of Rujark, crushbone Keep, the Luminary Cache, Zek, The Orcish Wastes
Scales In BalanceQuest StarterTenebrous Tangle, Sanctum Of The Scaleborn
SkeletonsQuest StarterStormhold, nektulos Forest, the Village Of Shin, the Commonlands, darklight Wood, qeynos Harbor, antonica, greater Faydark, timorous Deep, north Qeynos, The Luminary Cache
Summoning An ElementalQuest StarterNorth Freeport, south Qeynos, zek, The Orcish Wastes, the Sinking Sands, West Freeport
Tales Of The Alliz EwQuest StarterTemple Of Cazic-thule, the Temple Of Cazic-thule, the Village Of Shin, south Qeynos, East Freeport
The Barren Sky CatalogQuest StarterThe Barren Sky
The Bird Man Of MaraQuest StarterThe Village Of Shin
The Coming Of The True CreatorQuest StarterFens Of Nathsar, The Luminary Cache
The Efreeti's ScimitarQuest StarterLavastorm
The Eye Of The NightQuest StarterThe Sinking Sands
The First Wife's TaleQuest StarterThe Pillars Of Flame
The HauntingQuest StarterNektropos Castle, Solusek's Eye
The History Of The FaeQuest StarterGreater Faydark
The Minions Of The Mighty Creature CatalogQuest StarterGreater Faydark
The NightbloodQuest StarterRivervale, The Village Of Shin
The Siren's SongQuest StarterThe Enchanted Lands
The Treaty For TreasureQuest StarterThe Thundering Steppes, castle Mistmoore, the Cove Of Decay
The Weight Of The PastQuest StarterThe Pillars Of Flame
Transference DirectiveQuest StarterPalace Of Ferzhul, the Enchanted Lands, nektulos Forest, the Commonlands, the Obelisk Of Lost Souls, zek, The Orcish Wastes, the Lesser Faydark, the Obelisk Of Blight, the Thundering Steppes, maj'dul, anchor Of Bazzul, obelisk Of Ahkzul, lavastorm, kurn's Tower: Breaching The Void
TreacheryQuest StarterThe Enchanted Lands
TreantsQuest StarterNektulos Forest, Greater Faydark
Windsister's SongQuest StarterThe Tower Of The Moon
Zatirre's First ZombieQuest StarterFallen Gate, the Village Of Shin, the Thundering Steppes, Darklight Wood