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EverQuest 2 Items - U

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Ugbar's MantleShoulders
Ugly Feyiron Pendant
Ugly Feyiron Tumbler
Ul'Alarum Oracle StoneMiscellaneous
Ullkorruuk's Treacherous BucklerCharasis: Maiden's Chamber
Ulteran DisplacerZek, The Orcish Wastes, everfrost, Loping Plains
Ulteran Powderthe Coalition Crafter's Association, stonestair Byway, nepeta Cataria, the Commonlands, a Decrepit Crypt, scale Yard, darklight Wood, east Freeport, the Luminary Cache, the Stalwart Township, oakmyst Forest, timorous Deep, kylong Plains, neriak, City Of Hate, west Freeport, the Wailing Caves, south Freeport, nektulos Forest, greater Faydark, sunken City, the Ruins, the Obelisk Of Lost Souls, the Caves, blackburrow, antonica, kunzar Jungle, The Sprawl
Ulteran Spires Replica
Ultraviolet Beam (Adept I)ScrollBefallen: Necrotic Asylum, karnor's Castle, kylong Plains
Ultraviolet Beam (Master I)Veeshan's Peak
Ultraviolet Beam IV (Adept)ScrollThe Thundering Steppes
Ultraviolet Beam IV (Master)ScrollFallen Gate
Ultraviolet Beam VI (Master)ScrollSteamfont Mountains
Ultraviolet Beam VII (Adept)ScrollTenebrous Tangle
Ultraviolet Storm
Ultraviolet Storm (Adept I)ScrollKaladim, The Barren Sky, loping Plains, mistmoore Catacombs, new Tunaria, Fens Of Nathsar
Ultraviolet Storm (Adept III)Scroll
Ultraviolet Storm (Apprentice II)Scroll
Ultraviolet Storm (Apprentice IV)Scroll
Ultraviolet Storm (Master I)ScrollKaladim, The Barren Sky
Umar's Fine Silken SashCharm, WaistJewelryHP:+30 Power:+41 WIS:+7 SvMag:+192 Heal Amount +20
Umbrae Blood Mail BootsFeetArmorHP:+45 Power:+45 WIS:+10 INT:+10 SvDis:+260
Umbrae Blood Mail CoifHeadArmorHP:+45 Power:+45 STA:+8 WIS:+8 INT:+8 SvHea:+260
Umbrae Blood Mail GlovesHandsArmorHP:+45 Power:+45 STA:+10 INT:+10 SvDiv:+260
Umbrae Blood Mail HauberkChestArmorHP:+45 Power:+45 STA:+12 INT:+12 SvPoi:+260
Umbrae Blood Mail LeggingsLegsArmorHP:+45 Power:+45 STA:+12 WIS:+12 SvCold:+260
Umbrae Blood Mail MantleShouldersArmorHP:+45 Power:+45 WIS:+12 INT:+12 SvMag:+260
Umbral Attendant (Adept I)Tenebrous Tangle, New Tunaria
Umbral Attendant (Apprentice III)Scroll
Umbral Cabalist ArmguardForearmsArmorHP:+60 Power:+80 STA:+22 INT:+26 SvCold:+420 SvMag:+700 The Bonemire
Umbral CircletThe Bonemire
Umbral DarknessAmmoAmmo
Umbral Fortitude (Adept I)ScrollThe Ruins Of Varsoon, butcherblock Mountains, chamber Of Immortality, crushbone Keep, runnyeye, zek, The Orcish Wastes, nektropos Castle, nektulos Forest
Umbral Fortitude (Apprentice II)Scroll
Umbral Fortitude (Master I)ScrollChamber Of Immortality, Runnyeye
Umbral Liturgy (Adept I)ScrollKaladim, Palace Of The Awakened, kylong Plains, crypt Of Valdoon, fens Of Nathsar, mistmoore Catacombs, nektropos Castle: Tribulation
Umbral Liturgy (Apprentice II)Scroll
Umbral Liturgy (Master I)ScrollZek, The Orcish Wastes, castle Mistmoore, crypt Of Valdoon, deathtoll, nektropos Castle: Tribulation, Shard Of Fear
Umbral Mettle (Adept I)ScrollTenebrous Tangle, maj'dul, scornfeather Roost, The Silent City
Umbral Mettle (Master I)ScrollScornfeather Roost
Umbral Platemail BreastplateChestArmorHP:+80 Power:+80 STA:+10 WIS:+10 INT:+10 Shard Of Fear, jarsath Wastes, Steamfont Mountains
Umbral Ritual
Umbral Ritual (Adept I)ScrollRivervale, everfrost, The Feerrott, Lavastorm, Permafrost
Umbral Ritual (Adept III)Scroll
Umbral Ritual (Apprentice III)Scroll
Umbral Ritual (Master I)ScrollThe Bastion of Flames
Umbral Sacrament (Adept I)ScrollTenebrous Tangle, Scornfeather Roost
Umbral Sacrament (Master I)ScrollThe Nest Of The Great Egg, scornfeather Roost
Umbral Savior (Adept I)ScrollTenebrous Tangle, New Tunaria
Umbral Trap (Adept I)Scroll
Umbral Trap (Adept)ScrollSteamfont Mountains
Umbral Warding (Adept I)ScrollBefallen: Necrotic Asylum, chelsith, charasis: Vault Of Eternal Sleep, jarsath Wastes, Moors Of Ykesha
Umbral Warding (Master I)Veeshan's Peak
Umbral Warding III (Adept)ScrollEverfrost
Umbral Warding V (Master)ScrollMistmoore's Inner Sanctum
Umbral Warding VI (Adept)ScrollJarsath Wastes
Unabashed Edge Of MisgivingsPrimaryWeaponDPS:+20.14 HP:+20 STA:+5
Unadorned SilkFrostfell Wonderland Village
Unailing Shoulderpads of Zeng'TchoShouldersMelee Damage +30,Melee Crit Chance +2,Attack Speed +2
Unargin's Smithy ApronCharmJewelryHP:+35 Power:+30 STA:+10 SvPoi:+135 SvMag:+225 Heal Amount +10Nektropos Castle: The Return
Unargin's Smithy GlovesHandsArmorHP:+20 Power:+25 STA:+8 SvDis:+135 SvHea:+135
Unargin's Smithy HammerNektropos Castle: The Return
Unblemished Bitter Nutmeg Compound
Unblemished Bitter Nutmeg Emulsion
Unblemished Bitter Nutmeg Mixture
Unblemished Bitter Nutmeg Oil
Unblemished Bitter Nutmeg Resin
Unblemished Bitter Nutmeg Solvent
Unblemished Bitter Nutmeg Wash
Unblemished Black Oak Mixture
Unblemished Black Oak Solvent
Unblemished Cinchweed Compound
Unblemished Cinchweed Emulsion
Unblemished Cinchweed Mixture
Unblemished Cinchweed Oil
Unblemished Cinchweed Resin
Unblemished Cinchweed Solvent
Unblemished Cinchweed Wash
Unblemished Cypress Compound
Unblemished Cypress Emulsion
Unblemished Cypress Mixture
Unblemished Cypress Oil
Unblemished Cypress Resin
Unblemished Cypress Solvent
Unblemished Cypress Wash
Unblemished Dragon Scale FragmentTenebrous Tangle
Unblemished Exceptional Poison Vial
Unblemished Exquisite Poison Vial
Unblemished Field Maple Mixture
Unblemished Field Maple Oil
Unblemished Field Maple Solvent
Unblemished Flawless Poison Vial
Unblemished Ginseng Compound
Unblemished Ginseng Emulsion
Unblemished Ginseng Mixture
Unblemished Ginseng Oil
Unblemished Ginseng Resin
Unblemished Ginseng Solvent
Unblemished Ginseng Wash
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