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EverQuest 2 Items - X

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X'haviz's Gown Of GloryChestArmorHP:+50 Power:+75 WIS:+15 INT:+20 SvCold:+168 SvHea:+168 SvMag:+201 Disruption +4The Nest Of The Great Egg
X'Lottl's Dragoon DirkPrimaryWeaponDPS:+32.43 AGI:+5 HP:+26 WIS:+3 INT:+7
Xalgoz's Powerful Paralyzing Pachydermic PestilenceMiragul's Phylactery: The Anathema, miragul's Phylactery: Scion Of Ice, Miragul's Phylactery: The Crucible
Xaliran's RenewalCharmCharm
Xanne's CarcanetMistmyr Manor
XegonberryThe Barren Sky, the Bonemire, tenebrous Tangle, loping Plains, eternal Oblivion's Guild Hall, the Village Of Shin, everfrost, the Commonlands, the Chamber Of Destiny, Antonica
Xegonberry Brandy
Xegonberry CobblerFoodFood
Xegonberry CookieFoodFood
Xegonberry JuiceSanctum Of The Scaleborn
Xegonberry PieFoodFood
Xegonberry SorbetFoodFood
Xegonberry Sparkling Juicebutcherblock Mountains, The Estate Of Unrest
Xegonberry Wine
xegonite clusterThe Bonemire, the Bonemire, the Nest Of The Great Egg, sanctum Of The Scaleborn, tenebrous Tangle, east Freeport, the Halls Of Fate, north Qeynos, antonica, palace Of The Awakened, nektropos Castle: Tribulation, greater Faydark, the Barren Sky, The Den Of The Devourer
Xegonite Heavy MacePrimaryWeaponDPS:+53.12 STA:+18 WIS:+22 The Bonemire
Xegonite RelicKaladim, spreading The Truth, befallen: Necrotic Asylum, the Barren Sky, the Bonemire, trials Of The Awakened, the Blackscale Sepulcher, the Halls Of Fate, loping Plains, the Lesser Faydark, sanctum Of The Scaleborn, mistmoore Catacombs, kaladim, the Obelisk Of Blight, the Vaults Of El'arad, tenebrous Tangle, maj'dul, stonestair Byway, the Gates Of Ahket Aken, the Acadechism, east Freeport, the Poets Palace, new Tunaria, a Maj'dul Residence, palace Of The Awakened, the Mystic Lake, cazel's Mesa, kylong Plains, kunark Expedition, timorous Deep, the Laboratory Of Lord Vyemm, the Poets Palace: Return, the Nest Of The Great Egg, ancient's Table, butcherblock Mountains, ascent Of The Awakened, ascent Of The Awakened: Audience With The Guardian, blades' Arena, south Freeport, deathtoll, fens Of Nathsar, grand Inquisitor's Chamber, imperiled Druid Ring, lockjaw's Lair, nepeta Cataria, neriak, City Of Hate, nektropos Castle: Tribulation, nektulos Forest, the Pillars Of Flame, miragul's Phylactery: The Anathema, the Fountain Of Life, the Deep Forge, the Den Of The Devourer, the Hollow Hedge, an Ethereal Rift
Xegony's InsightCharmCharm
Xilania's Altar Of InnoruukGreater Faydark
Xin Hao's Crushing SabatonsFeetArmorHP:+57 Power:+40 SvMag:+348
Xobcisum Gnicudni Ytinasni S'narrisCharmCharmAGI:+5 HP:+25 Power:+25 STA:+5 WIS:+5 INT:+5
Xobcisum Gnicudni Ytisnasni S'narrisCharmMiscellaneousAGI:+5 HP:+25 Power:+25 STA:+5 WIS:+5 INT:+5
Xoltis' Weary FeetFeetArmorHP:+40 Power:+80 WIS:+23 SvPoi:+402 Crushing +5
Xon's Pulverizing PandemicMiragul's Phylactery: The Crucible, miragul's Phylactery: Scion Of Ice, Miragul's Phylactery: The Anathema
Xorb's lens earringEarsJewelryHP:+4 Power:+1 STA:+2
Xuun'vok's Protective CuirassChestArmorAGI:+23 HP:+50 Power:+80 Defense +4