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EverQuest 2 Items - Y

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Y'Narme, The Cursed Thexian HammerPrimaryWeaponDPS:+54.93 AGI:+11 HP:+75 Power:+60 WIS:+12 INT:+11
Yallessul's Sampling SpoonPrimaryWeaponDPS:+39.89 HP:+25 Power:+45 INT:+16 +1 DisruptionDeathfist Citadel
YarrowSouth Qeynos, the Luminary Cache, sunken City, the Caves, oakmyst Forest, antonica, the Graveyard, south Freeport, north Qeynos, timorous Deep, the Nest Of The Great Egg, greater Faydark, The Sprawl
Ydal Talisman Of Ancient RitualsEvernight Abbey, mistmyr Manor, Ravenscale Repository
Ydal Talisman Of HateEvernight Abbey, mistmyr Manor, Ravenscale Repository
Ydal Talisman Of Innoruuk's BloodEvernight Abbey
Ydal Talisman Of MystmyrEvernight Abbey, mistmyr Manor, Ravenscale Repository
Ydal Talisman Of Ravenous HungerRavenscale Repository, Mistmyr Manor
Ydal Talisman Of Sul'DaeEvernight Abbey, mistmyr Manor, Ravenscale Repository
Ydal Talisman Of The Five ClansRavenscale Repository, evernight Abbey, Mistmyr Manor
Ydal Talisman Of The Pure BloodEvernight Abbey, Ravenscale Repository
Yeddahd's CaduceusPrimaryWeaponDPS:+70.93 AGI:+12 HP:+65 STA:+12 INT:+25 +5 FocusThe Living Tombs
Yellow Anemone ArmMoors Of Ykesha
Yellow Edible MushroomThe Lesser Faydark, loping Plains, New Tunaria
Yellow Feather LeafTenebrous Tangle, tenebrous Tangle, Stonestair Byway
A Yellow Fishman ScaleJarsath Wastes
Yellow Flower PetalEnchanted Fay Grotto
A Yellow Fuel CellThe Mines Of Meldrath
Yellow Glowing EggThe Qeynos Mage Tower
Yellow Mineral WaterSteamfont Mountains
yellow monitor-hide beltCharm, WaistJewelry
Yellow Mystical OrbThe Barren Sky
Yellow Nektulos Pine NeedleNektulos Forest
Yellow Poisonous MushroomMiscellaneousThe Lesser Faydark
Yellow Roses In An Oval Vase
Yellow Roses In A Vase
Yellow SandThe Sinking Sands, The Living Tombs
Yellow Stained Glass FragmentCastle Mistmoore
Yellow Tunarian VaseNew Tunaria
Yellow, Pink, And Red Roses
Yellow-blooded Mushroom
Yellow-saddled Dervish Destrier Horse WhistleCharmCharm
Yellow-saddled Rujarkian Destrier Horse WhistleCharmCharm
Yellowed Bone ShouldersThe Ruins of Guk: The Lower Corridors
Yellowed Crab EyeMoors Of Ykesha
A Yellowed MessageThe Forsaken City
Yellowfang GirdleCharmJewelryAGI:+6 HP:+90 Power:+75 STA:+17 WIS:+6 INT:+6 SvCold:+444 SvDis:+444 SvPoi:+444 SvHea:+444 SvMag:+259 Kunzar Jungle
Yellowfang Mantle RecipeKunzar Jungle
Yellowfang Pelt And FangsKunzar Jungle
Yellowfang SashCharmJewelryAGI:+10 HP:+75 Power:+90 STA:+7 WIS:+15 INT:+15 SvCold:+259 SvDis:+259 SvPoi:+259 SvHea:+259 SvMag:+518 Kunzar Jungle
Yeti HideKylong Plains
Yeti-Fur-Lined GlovesHandsArmorHP:+80 Power:+90 STA:+10 WIS:+25 INT:+10 SvDis:+568 SvPoi:+249 Ministration +3Kylong Plains
Yeti-Fur_Lined GlovesHandsArmorHP:+80 Power:+90 STA:+10 WIS:+25 INT:+10 SvDis:+568 SvPoi:+249
Yeti-Hide JerkinChestArmorAGI:+25 HP:+75 Power:+90 STA:+10 INT:+10 SvPoi:+249 SvMag:+568 In-Combat Power Regen +2
Yeti-Intestine Skin-Tight Finger-HuggersHandsArmorHP:+65 Power:+90 STA:+15 INT:+25 SvDis:+568 SvPoi:+249 Spell Damage +16,Disruption +3Kylong Plains
Yew Affixed AmuletEars, NeckArmor STA:+1 INT:+3 SvCold:+7 SvPoi:+22 SvHea:+15
Yew Glaze
Yha-lei Bone HoopsEarsJewelryHP:+135 Power:+140 STA:+30 WIS:+36 SvMag:+600 Jarsath Wastes
Yha-lei Briney PokerFens Of Nathsar, The Luminary Cache
Yha-lei Elder's DrapeCloakJewelryHP:+60 Power:+10 Fens Of Nathsar
Yha-lei EyeVeksar: The Sunken Theater, chelsith, jarsath Wastes, kylong Plains, fens Of Nathsar, veksar: The Sunken Theater
Yha-lei Ferocity
Yha-lei Fishy FlanksJarsath Wastes
Yha-lei FurDarklight Wood
Yha-lei hard candyVeksar: The Sunken Theater, Fens Of Nathsar
Yha-lei Mantle of HarpooningShouldersRanged Crit Chance +1,Melee Damage +40Chelsith
Yha-lei ScaleVeksar: The Sunken Theater, fens Of Nathsar, chelsith, jarsath Wastes, kylong Plains
Yha-lei Scale GlovesHandsArmorAGI:+30 HP:+105 Power:+115 STA:+15 SvDis:+710 SvPoi:+284 Melee Crit Chance +1
Yha-lei SkinVeksar: The Sunken Theater, chelsith, jarsath Wastes, fens Of Nathsar
Yha-lei Symbiotic ChokerNeckJewelryHP:+130 Power:+130 STA:+30 WIS:+38 SvCold:+984 SvMag:+615 Heal Crit Chance +2Chelsith
Yha-lei ToothVeksar: The Sunken Theater, jarsath Wastes, chelsith, kylong Plains, fens Of Nathsar
Yha-lei Tracker's BeltCharmJewelryAGI:+34 HP:+100 Power:+100 SvCold:+432 SvMag:+684 Melee Damage +20,Attack Speed +1,Slashing +5,Piercing +5Fens Of Nathsar
Yha-lei Trophy-laden NecklaceNeckJewelryAGI:+10 HP:+95 Power:+100 STA:+20 WIS:+15 SvCold:+760 SvPoi:+480 Jarsath Wastes
A Yha-Lei Webbed EyeFens of Nathsar
A Yha-Lei Webbed HandFens of Nathsar
Yha-lei Webbed HandVeksar: The Sunken Theater, chelsith, jarsath Wastes, fens Of Nathsar, kylong Plains
A Yha-Lei Webbed ScaleFens of Nathsar
A Yha-Lei Webbed SkinFens of Nathsar
A Yha-Lei Webbed ToothFens of Nathsar
Yha-lei Whale-hunting SpearKunzar Jungle
Yilantris The ShadowfangPrimaryWeaponDPS:+21.08 AGI:+5 HP:+25 Power:+24 WIS:+3 INT:+3
Yin's Ruby PendantNeckArmorAGI:+15 HP:+40 Power:+30 SvCold:+177 SvPoi:+177 SvHea:+177
Yitziks SkullCharmCharmDeathtoll
Ykesha's Spiritwalker BootsFeetArmorAGI:+28 HP:+80 Power:+80 WIS:+28 SvPoi:+720 +5 Focus,Focus +5The Obelisk Of Blight
Ykesha's Spiritwalker CuffsForearmsArmorHP:+100 Power:+100 WIS:+28 SvDiv:+720 SvHea:+360 SvMag:+720 Crypt Of Valdoon
Ykesha's Spiritwalker HandsHandsArmorHP:+80 Power:+80 WIS:+28 INT:+28 SvCold:+360 Focus +5
Ykesha's Spiritwalker LeggingsLegsArmorHP:+100 Power:+100 WIS:+28 INT:+28 SvDiv:+360 SvDis:+720 SvPoi:+720
Ykesha's Spiritwalker ShroudChestArmorHP:+110 Power:+110 STA:+28 WIS:+28 SvDiv:+720 SvMag:+360 +6 Defense,Defense +6castle Mistmoore
Ykesha's Spiritwalker SleevesShouldersArmorHP:+100 Power:+100 STA:+28 WIS:+28 SvCold:+720 SvDis:+360 SvHea:+720 mistmoore Catacombs
Ykeshan Aloe SalveMoors Of Ykesha
Ykeshan Bear CompanionStarcrest Commune
Ykeshan Hoops of DominanceThe Ruins of Guk: The Lower Corridors
Ykeshan Rustyback FlankMoors Of Ykesha
Ykeshan Snapper Crab MeatMoors Of Ykesha
Ykeshan War ClubPrimary, SecondaryWeaponDPS:+82.93 AGI:+28 HP:+115 Power:+55 STA:+35 +1 CrushingThe Crypt Of Agony
Yktrl's Slippers Of FateFeetArmorAGI:+10 HP:+49 Power:+46 STA:+10 INT:+10 SvMag:+203
Ynosii's GuardAnchor Of Bazzul
Ynosii's KeyAnchor Of Bazzul
Young ShrumblerGreater Faydark
A Young SokokarInventoryKylong Plains
Yreth's Bat Vexation
Ysa's HairbrushLoping Plains
Ysa's Jewelry BoxLoping Plains
Ysa's LocketLoping Plains
Ysa's ScarfLoping Plains
Ysanna's RevitalizationCharmCharm