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EverQuest 2 Database News - Equipment

Updated Quests (1): "More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy"
Updated Bestiary (9): The Keeper of the City Keys, Ghost Of Dusk, The Black Queen, Maestra of Dissonance, The Great Gardener, Sunchild, The Purple Piper, Brius Lakado, Wolan Lakado
New Items (70): Shaped Forged Steel Halberd, Nightshade Gloves, Gloves of Withered Grasp, NIghtshade Gloves, Ferox's Stony Wing, Blessed Direwood Buckler, Cowl of Temporal Foresight, Interlopers Boots, Infiltrator Boots, Lambent Holy Backing, Lambent Mystic Backing, Lambent Psychic Backing, Lambent Septic Backing, Lambent Venom Laced Backing, Lambent Spry Clasp, Lambent Consecrated Clasp, Luminous Weighted Counterweight, Luminous Viral Crossguard, Luminous Intercepting Strut, Luminous Rugged Straps, Luminous Intellectual Fastening, Luminous Honed Crossguard, Lambent Spiked Strut, Clockiron Stompers, Lambent Spiked Straps, Crude Forged Ebon Brigandine Coif, Crude Forged Ebon Chainmail Bracers, Luminous Gritty Fastening, Verdant Hinterclub, Luminous Phantom Easyloader, Luminous Archimage's Ornament, Luminous Molten Ornament, Luminous Viral Ornament, Luminous Glacial Ornament, Luminous Runic Ornament, Kithicor's Nighthunter Leggings, Lambent Restorative Stitching, Lambent Phantom Easyloader, Luminous Judicious Easyloader, Luminous Savvy Fastening, Glimmering Telekinetic Ornament, Glimmering Serpentine Ornament, Glimmering Molten Ornament, Glimmering Runic Ornament, Luminous Righteous Ornament, Gleaming Emerald Arrow, Slippers Of Spirit Siphoning, Lambent Blessed Imprint, Lambent Fast Action Stitching, Lambent Magi's Second Sight, Dark Pendant, Promotion From The Protectors Of Growth, Nature's Gloves Of The Stalker, Glimmering Brawny Straps, Glimmering Honing Easyloader, Glimmering Intellectual Fastening, Glimmering Psychic Imprint, Glimmering Venom Laced Straps, Glimmering Weighted Easyloader, Glimmering Septic Straps, Glimmering Righteous Easyloader, Glimmering Sharpening Easyloader, Magnetized Generator, Luminous Weighted Easyloader, Luminous Serpentine Crossguard, Luminous Sharpening Whetstone, Luminous Viral Counterweight, Scintillating Tactical Clasp, Lambent Reinforced Strut, Luminous Serpentine Ornament
Updated Items (1): Rhodium Cluster
New Skills (2): Direwood Thorns, Critical Ranged Hit Boost

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