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EverQuest 2 Database News - Faydwer Keeps Rolling

New Items (60): Orb of the Chosen, Ruined Caitiff Blade, Ring of Swirling Darkness, Viswin's Hunting Chaps, , Bile Drenched Slippers, Jester's Leggings, Nightshade Bracers, Greaves of Frenzied Wrath, Spaulders of Frenzied Wrath, Shoulder Pads of Maligned Intention, Electrified Greaves, Wind-Shaped Bow, Coiled Vines, Tunare's Earthwalkers, Gnomish Hovering Device, Tribal Spiritist's Coat, Consul's Ring, Runed Caitiff Blade, Lambent Savvy Fastening, Lambent Telekinetic Ornament, Lambent Serpentine Ornament, Lambent Runic Ornament, Lambent Righteous Ornament, Lambent Reinforced Fastening, Lambent Noxious Ornament, Immovable Mountain Tunic, Infiltrator Gloves, Wristguards Of Primeval, Crude Forged Ebon Reverent Coif, Slab Forged Defender, Wristguards Of Totemic Etchings, Glimmering Noxious Ornament, Gloves Of The Wayward, Bracers Of The Requiem, Promotion From The Sylvan Hunters, Dark Bangle, Luminous Occult Ornament, Luminous Telekinetic Ornament, Lambent Sharpening Whetstone, Lambent Weighted Counterweight, Lambent Honed Crossguard, Ykesha's Spiritwalker Shroud, Lambent Tactical Strut, Interlopers Bracers, Diabolic Cap, Gloves Of Maligned Intention, Boots Of Maligned Intention, Wristguards Of Maligned Intention, Skullcap Of Maligned Intention, Crude Forged Xegonite Devout Spaulders, Shaped Forged Xegonite Devout Spaulders, Crude Forged Xegonite Devout Greaves, Ancient Girdle Of Battle, Gussets Of The Malicious, Skullcap Of The Indomitable, Luminous Enchanted Sinew, Luminous Strengthened Sinew, Luminous Finesse Of The Magi, Band Of Perpetuity
Updated Items (7): Skullcap of Maligned Intentions, Gloves of Maligned Intentions, Boots of Maligned Intentions, Wristguards of Maligned Intentions, Incandescent Slippers, Nightshade Bracers, Gloves of Maligned Intentions
New Skills (8): Mind Shatter X, Darkness, Shackles, Regeneration XI, Focus: Perfect Shrill, Focus: Demolish, Infuriating Shout IV, Wind Scar

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