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EverQuest 2 Database News - More of the Same

New Items (1935): Emperor's Tunic Of Light, Frilly Rainbow Robe, Cuirass Of The Ruinous, A Zombie Rotted Flesh, A Damaged Medium Quality Wolf Pelt, A Damaged High Quality Bear Pelt, Forged Ebon Chainmail Coat, Crude Imbued Blackened Iron Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Tailored Architect's Vest, Imbued Feysteel Chainmail Coat, Imbued Producer's Vest, Crude Tailored Cloth Blouse, Crude Imbued Cambric Blouse, Crude Imbued Stonehide Leather Tunic, Crude Forged Feysteel Chainmail Coat, Restitution (Master I), Cuirass Of Shadowfire, Crude Imbued Rough Linen Blouse, Crude Imbued Blackened Iron Chainmail Coat, Crude Imbued Strengthened Leather Tunic, Crude Imbued Engraved Leather Vest, Crude Imbued Architect's Vest, Imbued Cobalt Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Imbued Augmented Leather Tunic, Imbued Architect's Vest, Crude Imbued Constructor's Vest, Enkindled Tunic, Crude Tailored Linen Blouse, Crude Imbued Linen Blouse, Imbued Ebon Chainmail Coat, Druidic Tunic Of The Dismal Rage, Advanced Outfitter Chain Armor Volume 17, Issued Cloth Shirt, Advanced Scholar Scrolls Volume 14, Iron Broadsword, Niksel's Robe Of Enchantment, Crude Forged Adamantine Melodic Coat, Forged Adamantine Melodic Coat, Forged Feysteel Melodic Coat, Forged Cobalt Melodic Coat, Crude Imbued Fabricator's Vest, Advanced Outfitter Refining Volume 11, Crystalline Mineral Cluster, Dragoon Sentry Cuirass, Enchanted Grove Chestguard, Crude Forged Steel Reverent Coat, Forged Ebon Brigandine Coat, Crude Imbued Cloth Blouse, Pendant Of Windstalker, Imbued Augmented Tunic, Imbued Boiled Tunic, Bone Round Shield, Iron Hatchet, Crude Imbued Ruckas Blouse, Crude Imbued Cuirboilli Leather Tunic, Crude Imbued Merchantine's Vest, Crude Imbued Roughspun Blouse, Crude Imbued Craftsman's Vest, Crude Tailored Constructor's Vest, Imbued Cured Tunic, Forged Ebon Melodic Coat, Blackened Iron Knuckles, Imbued Feyiron Chainmail Coat, Crude Imbued Feyiron Chainmail Coat, Imbued Feyiron Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Imbued Carbonite Chainmail Coat, Crude Imbued Carbonite Vanguard Cuirass, Imbued Roughspun Blouse, Crude Imbued Etched Tunic, Crude Imbued Tradesman's Vest, Staff Of Pestilence, Crude Tailored Sackcloth Blouse, Gnawed Mail, Contract Of Shadows (Adept I), Cracked Iksar Bone Fragment, Vicious Rake (Adept I), Bewildering Cascade (Adept I), Heat Stroke (Master I), Lardnelg's Blackened Breastplate, Solemn Embrace (Adept I), Iron Cutlass, Burlap Scarf, Elephant Hide Tunic, Discretionary Flow (Adept I), Antonican Ficus Red Leaf, Leather Tunic Of The Despised, Gawar's Cuirass, Misthide Tunic, Enchanted Black Iron Plate Breastplate, Neeklub's Robe Of Efficiency, Laborer's Vest, Iron Brigandine Chestguard, Crude Tailored Scaled Leather Tunic, Crude Imbued Scaled Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Tranquil Cambric Blouse, Crude Tailored Boiled Tunic, Crude Forged Fulginate Reverent Coat, Crude Tailored Boiled Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Woven Boiled Vest, Crude Forged Ebon Devout Cuirass, Foreboding (Adept I), Tie Up (Adept I), Crude Imbued Xegonite Vanguard Cuirass, Landsman Of The Harvest Foliage, Maid Of The Harvest Foliage, Embered Chestguard, Jesters Coat, Moss Covered Tunic, Militia Crusader Chainmail, Niksel's Robe Of Sorcery, Miasmic Coat, Crude Tailored Producer's Vest, Cursed Caress (Adept I), Crude Tailored Woven Scaled Tunic, Granite Tulwar, Feerrott Ringmail Coat, Alliz Evol Ew - Page 12, Imbued Cloth Blouse, Crude Forged Steel Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Feysteel Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Imbued Iron Chainmail Coat, Crude Imbued Burlap Blouse, Crude Tailored Dexterous Scaled Tunic, Light Robe Of Incineration, Irradiated Chestguard Of The Black Knight, Keeper's Robe Of Quiescence, Crude Tailored Scaled Tunic, Crude Forged Cobalt Chainmail Coat, Crude Forged Steel Plate Cuirass, Forged Ebon Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Steel Brigandine Coat, Crude Forged Indium Reverent Coat, Ebon Chainmail Coat, Maddening Throw (Master I), Crude Tailored Fabricator's Vest, Dark Robe Of The Magistrate, Coat Of The Forbidden Lyricist, Advanced Scholar Scrolls Volume 19, Fulginate Brigandine Chestguard, Merciful Coat Of Shadows, Ensorcelled Robes Of The Adept, Deceitful Coat Of Phantasma, Gi Of The Dreadnaught, Novice Shadowbinder's Coat, Defiled Sanguine Robe, Crude Tailored Tanned Leather Tunic, Crude Forged Indium Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Feyiron Chainmail Coat, Imbued Fulginate Chainmail Coat, Crude Forged Carbonite Chainmail Coat, Ettin Platemail Breastplate, Crude Tailored Cordovan Tunic, Essence-Dabbed Blouse Of Charm, Dustforged Chainmail Vest, Crude Forged Ebon Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Cobalt Melodic Coat, Forged Cobalt Plate Cuirass, Crude Tailored Tradesman's Vest, Forged Steel Vanguard Cuirass, Flame-tested Mail, Dreadnaught Chest Wraps, Crude Forged Steel Chainmail Coat, Suppuration (Master I), Highland Stalker's Coat, Dagorel's Warrior Chainmail, Forged Tin Chainmail Coat, Lambent Halberd, Blackened Iron Coat, Merchantine Gloves, Blackened Iron Coif, Leetar's Blood Robe, Dagorel's Brawler Tunic, Iron Morning Star, Dagorel's Crusader Chainmail, Militia Warrior Chainmail, Dark Heart (Adept I), Forged Steel Chainmail Coat, Crude Forged Blackened Iron Chainmail Coat, Forged Blackened Iron Vanguard Cuirass, Forged Rubicite Vanguard Cuirass, Imbued Tradesman's Vest, Imbued Broadcloth Blouse, Imbued Linen Blouse, Talisman Of The Risen, Crude Imbued Feysteel Chainmail Coat, Staggering Slam (Adept I), Magma Linked Chainmail Coat, Blackened Iron Halberd, Crude Tailored Threadbare Blouse, Blackened Iron War Axe, Sullied Average Quality Badger Pelt, Round Shield Of Reckoning, Cured Leather Belt, Silver Onyx Earring, Flowing Robe Of Sewage, Flowing Red Gown, Crude Tailored Cuirboilli Tunic, Garb Of The Orclord, Crude Forged Cobalt Devout Cuirass, Eidolonic Raiment, Niksel's Robe Of Summoning, Iron Rapier, Advanced Outfitter Cloth Armor Volume 13, Dupione Silkworm Gi, Fortified Ironweave Gi, Crude Imbued Ebon Chainmail Coat, Enspelled Arcanist's Robes, Leafwrapped Cuirie Of Tranquility, Consecrated Cuirass Of Serenity, Crude Tailored Woven Cured Tunic, Crude Forged Feyiron Reverent Coat, Crude Forged Fulginate Chainmail Coat, Crude Forged Indium Chainmail Coat, Crude Forged Feysteel Plate Cuirass, Enspelled Thaumaturgist's Robes, Crude Forged Feyiron Melodic Coat, Mysticguard Breastplate, Glistening Scale Tunic Of The Nightwalker, Glistening Scale Coat Of The Nightwalker, Imbued Fabricator's Vest, Ebon Eye Breastplate, Mess Hall Tunic, Dig In (Adept I), 1st Lieutenant Danarg, 313 AS - Page 10, Antonican Ficus Yellow Leaf, Fulginate Platemail Breastplate, Lonetusk Robes, Falconer's Tunic, Iron Scimitar, Issued Leather Jerkin, Forged Cobalt Brigandine Coat, Hardened Militia Breastplate, Crude Forged Feysteel Devout Cuirass, Forged Carbonite Reverent Coat, Crude Forged Indium Plate Cuirass, Crude Forged Indium Devout Cuirass, Imbued Boiled Leather Tunic, Flawless Mithril Links Of The Mistress, Survival Instincts (Master I), Gi Of The Infernal, Provoke (Adept I), Elephant Hide Brigandine, Hearth Forged Breastplate, Militia Breastplate, Hardened Guard's Breastplate, Crude Imbued Feysteel Vanguard Cuirass, Iron Crescent Axe, Nightshade Woven Tunic, Sky Essence, Advanced Outfitter Cloth Armor Volume 18, Bone Short Bow, Blackened Iron Maul, Barbute Of Bravery, Ok'Mar's Dusty Tunic, Corpus Duskrobe, Embroidered Woven Vest, Crude Forged Feysteel Melodic Coat, Cuirass Of Undaunted Glory, Featherlord's Chestplate, Spider Silk Leggings, Decrepit Brigandine Boots, Crude Tailored Waxed Tunic, Advanced Armorer Volume 28, Rallying Cry (Master I), Merchantine Shoes, Exquisite Woven Tunic, Guardian Chitin Robe, Guardian Chitin Breastplate, Blade Frenzy (Adept I), Cuirass Of The Gazer, Blackened Iron Leggings, Lurid Chestguard, Iron Bardiche, Desecrated Cuirass Of Rage, Forged Iron Chainmail Coat, Ironweave Gi, Belt Of Higher Knowledge, Pumpkin Slicer, Straw Adorned Potato Sack Slippers, Lustrous Needle, Studs Of Amassed Fortitude, Curtail Clumsiness Wristbands, Embroidered Black Tunic, Advanced Scholar Refining Volume 11, Cuirass Of Serenity, Advanced Scholar Accessories Volume 16, Iron Ornate Spear, Advanced Scholar Scrolls Volume 18, Blackened Iron Brigandine Footpads, Agonizing Wound (Adept I), Rat Hide Skullcap, Gown Of Woven Grass, Alliz Tae Ew - Page 6, Crude Tailored Augmented Tunic, Crippling Arrow (Master I), Gnoll Fur Tunic, Crude Tailored Strengthened Tunic, Forged Cobalt Reverent Coat, Daunting Gaze (Adept I), Darkwood Quarterstaff, Embers (Master I), Devigorating Chant (Master I), Intensity (Adept I), 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 263 AS - Page 9, Crude Forged Ebon Chainmail Coat, Enigma Of The Alchemist Volume 1, Mercury Flecked Robe, Gomphum's Praise, Goblin Crafted Vambraces, Advanced Sage Volume 28, Blessed Granite Gavel, Haliphryn Hide Shoulderpads, Excavated Soil, Bloodied Yarpsnarl Bracers, Crystal Covered Tunic, Goblin Crafted Gauntlets, Paldrons Of The Quarrymaster, Sleeves Of The Geomancer, Woven Bracelet Of The Soothsayer, Goblin Crafted Girdle, Goblin Crafted Pauldrons, Fine Steel Breastplate, Haliphryn Hide Belt, Brine-Soaked Great Axe, Hardened Ash Shortbow, Goblin Crafted Necklace, Robe Of The Geomancer, Slate Forged Shoulder Pads, Goblin Crafted Ring, Pantaloons Of The Geomancer, Worn Pugilist Cap, Shield Slam (Master I), Crimson Bracers Of The Fanglord, Legplates Of The Hunter, Iron Kukri, Blackened Iron Harpoon, Blightfang Venom Cestus, Mossy Agate Ring, Charred Tonlets Of The Crusader, Darkmetal Breastplate, Granite-Gripped Gloves, Strixian Stinger, Blueprint: Magnetized Generator, Blueprint: Gnomish Luclin Boots, Amulet Of The Wildbeard, Rune-Streaked Ash Staff, Blade Of The Yarpsnarl, Glintsticker, Clot Eyed Charm, Boots Of The Quarrymaster, Crescent Steel Cuirass, Brine-Soaked Helm, Assail (Adept I), Flying Kick (Adept I), One Hundred Hand Slap (Adept I), Verve (Adept I), Lizardscale Tunic, Hardened Metallic Tunic, Foresthunters Tunic, Nightshade Coat, Agate Encrusted Orb, Blessed Carbonite Bracer, Cuirass Of Perpetuity, Chipped Bone Necklace, Silver Onyx Neckguard, Coat Of Thix, Granite Forged Cudgel, Merchantine Sleeves, Heroic Clay Breastplate, Earth Eroded Coat, Belt Of The Wildbeard, Slab Forged Defender, Darkbriar's Masquerade Robe, Kyle Bayle's Dogmatic Breastplate, Ethereal Tabard, Murkwater Cuirass, Najena's Voidcaller Vestment, Ebon Platemail Breastplate, Necrotic Tunic, Dark Chitin Torque, Raging Strike (Adept I), Cuirass Of The Banished, Enspelled Archmagus Vest, Enspelled Doomweave Robes, Hardened Overseer Breastplate, Fortified Rageweave Gi, Druidic Cuirie of Tranquility, Holy Cuirass of Fortitude, Hardened Defender's Breastplate, Grifter's Birnie, Doomweave Robes, Discordmail Coat, Greyruin Hauberk, Placate (Adept I), Ratonga Love Note, Cuirass Of Fortitude, Fragment Of The Chime, Earring Of Unkempt Power, Dupione Stoneweave Gi, Lorica Segmentata, Reinforced Slippers of Balance, Druidic Cuirie, Restore Servant (Master I), McCabe's Double-Dealing Vest, Harbingers Hauberk, Defender's Breastplate, Recovery Of The Untamed (Master I), Viscerate (Adept I), Stinging Swarm (Master I), Remnant of the Chime, Lonetusk Gi, Ebon Eye Robe, Dusty Grave Robber's Tunic, Cuirass Of The Valewatcher, Elephant Hide Vest, Charm (Adept I), Ignore Wounds (Adept I), Soothe Servant (Adept I), Quick Flurry (Adept I), Tap Mind (Master I), Nettlecoat (Adept I), Corrosive Bolt (Adept I), Silence (Adept I), Avoid Attention (Adept I), Crude Tailored Rough Linen Blouse, Grisly Brace (Master I), Studded Onyx Collar, Blackened Iron Brigandine Chestguard, Freewater Grouper, Blackened Iron Brigandine Handguards, Bladed Fist Wraps, Darkpaw Tome, Umbral Fortitude (Adept I), Will Of The Serpent (Adept I), Cuirboilli Leather Tunic, Advanced Woodworker Volume 27, Pouncing Leopard (Master I), Trap (Adept I), Feysteel Brigandine Chestguard, Advanced Jeweler Volume 27, Griffawn Feathered Tunic, Fabricator's Vest, Haymaker (Adept I), Heavy Elephant Hide Vanguard Breastplate, Liandrin's Oracle Robe, False Blade (Adept I), Stone Hammer Of Crushing, Blackened Iron Scourge, Provoking Defense (Adept I), Emperor's Robe Of The Sun, Emperor's Breastplate Of The Soldier, Emperor's Tunic Of Clouds, Frozen Halasian Breastplate, Personae Split (Adept I), Frosted Tunic, Sleeves Of Flickering Flame, Ice Threaded Vest, Taunting Challenge (Master I), Obsidian Adamantium Cuirass, Heavy Wool Threaded Tunic, Frozen Enchanted Breastplate, Emperor's Breastplate Of The Gambler, Swooping Eagle (Adept I), Emperor's Tunic Of Knowledge, Manticore Scale Chestguard, Emperor's Robe Of Elements, Crown Of The Scarecrow King, Emperor's Robe Of Clouds, Emperor's Vest Of Fangs, Pirahna Fang Claws, Intrepid Chestguard, Abject Blessing (Adept I), Focused Strike (Master I), Provocation (Adept I), Ethereal Tunic, Staggering Stance (Adept I), Draconic Breastplate Of The Gambler, Deafening Missile (Adept I), Emperor's Breastplate Of The Deep, Bramblewood Round Shield, Merchantine Vest, Emperor's Tunic Of The Soldier, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Oceans, Blessing Of The Prism (Adept I), Offensive Presence (Adept I), Page, Number 12, Of 1st Lieutenant Danarg, 291 AS, Feyiron Brigandine Chestguard, Emperor's Vest Of Storms, Emperor's Vest Of The Deep, Emperor's Vest Of The Nimble, Emperor's Tunic Of Storms, Emperor's Breastplate Of The Iron-heart, Emperor's Breastplate Of The Stoic, Emperor's Vest Of The Knight, Draconic Vest Of The Soldier, Dark Bargainers Ceremonial Smithing Vest, Opulent Breastplate Of The Tempest, Opulent Robe Of Fangs, Dismantler's Chain Shirt, Nomad's Breastplate Of Clouds, Nomad's Vest Of Concentration, Explorer's Breastplate Of Prophets, Emperor's Vest Of Battle, Exalted Tunic Of Prophets, Exalted Robe Of Grace, Nurgan Foe-blaster's Robe, Emperor's Tunic Of Mirrors, Grandmaster's Robe Of Knowledge, Draconic Tunic Of Prophets, Signet Of Insight (Adept I), Layered Scale Breastplate, Opulent Robe Of Grace, Emperor's Robe Of Fangs, Nightwatch Chainmail Shirt, Droag Slayer's Chestplate, Steel Forged Chainmail Bracers, Short Bow Of Swiftness, Gnillaw's Fear-drenched Training Tunic, Cold Flame (Adept I), Journeyman's Robe Of Knowledge, Nomad's Robe Of Fangs, Emperor's Vest Of Beasts, Journeyman's Robe Of The Gambler, Tendrils Of Fear (Adept I), Elaborately Ornamented Chain Shirt, Magma Forged Cuirass, Bouncer (Adept I), Decrepit Woven Leggings, Boots Of The Zombie Monarch, Nomad's Tunic Of Grace, Draconic Tunic Of Clouds, Draconic Vest Of The Iron-heart, Exalted Robe Of Devotion, Leviathan Sealed Robe, Beckon (Adept I), Faux-Halasian Chestplate, Exalted Robe Of The Guardian, Dogmatic Healing (Adept I), Nemesis Vest, Emperor's Tunic Of The Gambler, Draconic Breastplate Of Prophets, Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire Tunic, Draconic Tunic Of The Knight, Mind's Eye Robe, Aegis Of Hope (Adept I), Emperor's Vest Of The Sun, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Deep, Draconic Breastplate Of The Guardian, 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 279 AS - Page 4, 1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 290 AS - Page 6, Gnomish Elemental Suit, D'Morte Kindred Platemail Breastplate, Vigor (Master I), Relentless Tune (Master I), Cuirass Of Echoing Pain, Flame-etched Chestguard Of K'hazid, Deadly Shot (Adept I), Darkness-etched Breastplate, Draconic Tunic Of Knowledge, Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Robe, Lucans Pact (Adept I), Gul'Thex Vanguard Cuirass, Elaborate Chainmail Coat, Feigned Bravado (Adept I), Neonate Silk Robe, Dustdevil Jerkin, Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Cuirass, Gladiator's Breastplate, Lock Mind (Adept I), Thuris Sapping Shot (Adept I), Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Beasts, Guardian Breastplate Of The Vigilant, Despiteful Breastplate, Opulent Tunic Of Mirrors, Never Surrender (Adept I), Cookie's Washtub Breastplate, Flame Forged Hauberk, Burlap Sash, Legends Of Norrath Forsworn Booster Pack, Dark Coven Boots, Bewilderment (Adept I), Gown Of The Spurned, Draconic Robe Of The Stoic, Draconic Vest Of Vision, Draconic Breastplate Of Battle, Draconic Tunic Of Beasts, Draconic Robe Of The Guardian, Draconic Breastplate Of Beasts, Emperor's Robe Of The Gambler, Defibrillating Shozoku, Danak Crested Chainmail Coat, Emperor's Robe Of Beasts, Emissary's Robe, Gwalnax Brigade Breastplate, Insidious Robe, Singing Thrust (Adept I), Bloodsaber Signet Band, Chipped Bone Tunic, Pack Lord Hide Gloves, Rain Kissed Flamberge, Helm Of The Packleader, Minister Wounds (Adept I), Jagged Crystalline Dagger, Blessing Of The Grove (Adept I), Melancholy (Adept I), Maim (Adept I), Profane Accretion (Adept I), Iron Will (Adept I), Grisly Mark (Adept I), Bury (Adept I), Freeze (Master I), Infernal Pact (Adept I), Vicious Blow (Adept I), Barracuda Tooth, Green Snake Skin Bracelet, Howling Bangle, Girdle Of The Grudgebearer, Roughspun Sash, Braided Reed Necklace, Glowing Fire Charred Breastplate, Cryptic Metallic Coat, Cryptic Metallic Robe, Enchanted Rubicite Cuirass, Dark Chitin Shawl, Merchantine Cape, Qeynosian Chain Mantle, A Damaged Low Quality Rat Pelt, Concordium Ceremonial Officer Robe, Concordium Officer Robe, Concordium Student's Ceremonial Robe, Concordium Student's Robe, Concubine's Flowing Gown, Conjuror's Robe, Constructor's Vest, Cookie's Apron, Coral Coated Breastplate, Coterie Leather Tunic, Craftsman Vest, Crawler Chitin Chestplate, Crescent Moon Tunic, Crimson Robe Of Alendine, Crippling Link Shirt, Crude Forged Adamantine Brigandine Coat, Crude Forged Adamantine Chainmail Coat, Crude Forged Adamantine Devout Cuirass, Crude Forged Adamantine Plate Cuirass, Crude Forged Adamantine Reverent Coat, Crude Forged Adamantine Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Blackened Iron Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Bronze Chainmail Coat, Crude Forged Bronze Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Carbonite Brigandine Coat, Crude Forged Carbonite Devout Cuirass, Crude Forged Carbonite Plate Cuirass, Crude Forged Carbonite Reverent Coat, Crude Forged Carbonite Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Cobalt Brigandine Coat, Crude Forged Cobalt Plate Cuirass, Crude Forged Cobalt Reverent Coat, Crude Forged Cobalt Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Ebon Brigandine Coat, Crude Forged Ebon Melodic Coat, Crude Forged Ebon Plate Cuirass, Crude Forged Feyiron Brigandine Coat, Crude Forged Feyiron Devout Cuirass, Crude Forged Feyiron Plate Cuirass, Crude Forged Feyiron Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Fulginate Brigandine Coat, Crude Forged Fulginate Devout Cuirass, Crude Forged Fulginate Melodic Coat, Crude Forged Fulginate Plate Cuirass, Crude Forged Fulginate Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Indium Brigandine Coat, Crude Forged Indium Melodic Coat, Crude Forged Iron Chainmail Coat, Crude Forged Iron Reverent Coat, Crude Forged Iron Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Rubicite Chainmail Coat, Crude Forged Rubicite Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Steel Devout Cuirass, Crude Forged Tin Chainmail Coat, Crude Forged Tin Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Forged Xegonite Chainmail Coat, Crude Forged Xegonite Devout Cuirass, Crude Forged Xegonite Melodic Coat, Crude Forged Xegonite Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Imbued Adamantine Chainmail Coat, Crude Imbued Adamantine Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Imbued Augmented Tunic, Crude Imbued Bargainer's Vest, Crude Imbued Boiled Leather Tunic, Crude Imbued Boiled Tunic, Crude Imbued Canvas Blouse, Crude Imbued Craftsman Vest, Crude Imbued Cuirboilli Tunic, Crude Imbued Cured Leather Tunic, Crude Imbued Cured Tunic, Crude Imbued Dragon's Breath Blouse, Crude Imbued Dragonhide Tunic, Crude Imbued Ebon Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Imbued Engraved Tunic, Crude Imbued Etched Leather Vest, Crude Imbued Fulginate Chainmail Coat, Crude Imbued Fulginate Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Imbued Horned Leather Tunic, Crude Imbued Indium Chainmail Coat, Crude Imbued Indium Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Imbued Inventor's Vest, Crude Imbued Iron Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Imbued Merchantine Vest, Crude Imbued Sandcloth Blouse, Crude Imbued Scaled Tunic, Crude Imbued Specialist Vest, Crude Imbued Specialist's Vest, Crude Imbued Steel Vanguard Cuirass, Crude Imbued Stonehide Tunic, Crude Imbued Strengthened Tunic, Crude Imbued Tanned Leather Tunic, Crude Imbued Tanned Tunic, Crude Imbued Windcloth Blouse, Crude Imbued Xegonite Chainmail Coat, Crude Iron Breastplate, Crude Tailored Augmented Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Bargainer's Vest, Crude Tailored Broadcloth Blouse, Crude Tailored Burlap Blouse, Crude Tailored Canvas Blouse, Crude Tailored Craftsman Vest, Crude Tailored Craftsman's Vest, Crude Tailored Cuirboilli Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Cured Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Cured Tunic, Crude Tailored Dexterous Augmented Tunic, Crude Tailored Dexterous Boiled Vest, Crude Tailored Dexterous Cuirboilli Vest, Crude Tailored Dexterous Cured Tunic, Crude Tailored Dexterous Dragonhide Tunic, Crude Tailored Dexterous Engraved Vest, Crude Tailored Dexterous Etched Vest, Crude Tailored Dexterous Horned Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Dexterous Stonehide Tunic, Crude Tailored Dexterous Strengthened Tunic, Crude Tailored Dexterous Tanned Tunic, Crude Tailored Dilettante's Vest, Crude Tailored Dragon's Breath Blouse, Crude Tailored Dragonhide Tunic, Crude Tailored Engraved Leather Vest, Crude Tailored Engraved Tunic, Crude Tailored Etched Leather Vest, Crude Tailored Etched Tunic, Crude Tailored Fleece Robe, Crude Tailored Horned Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Inventor's Vest, Crude Tailored Laborer's Vest, Crude Tailored Machinist's Vest, Crude Tailored Merchantine Vest, Crude Tailored Merchantine's Vest, Crude Tailored Rawhide Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Rawhide Tunic, Crude Tailored Roughspun Blouse, Crude Tailored Ruckas Blouse, Crude Tailored Sandcloth Blouse, Crude Tailored Savant's Vest, Crude Tailored Specialist Vest, Crude Tailored Specialist's Vest, Crude Tailored Stonehide Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Stonehide Tunic, Crude Tailored Strengthened Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Tanned Tunic, Crude Tailored Tranquil Broadcloth Blouse, Crude Tailored Tranquil Canvas Blouse, Crude Tailored Tranquil Cloth Blouse, Crude Tailored Tranquil Dragon's Breath Blouse, Crude Tailored Tranquil Linen Blouse, Crude Tailored Tranquil Rough Linen Blouse, Crude Tailored Tranquil Ruckas Blouse, Crude Tailored Tranquil Sandcloth Blouse, Crude Tailored Tranquil Windcloth Blouse, Crude Tailored Tussanen Robe, Crude Tailored Twillcloth Robe, Crude Tailored Waxed Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Windcloth Blouse, Crude Tailored Woven Augmented Tunic, Crude Tailored Woven Cuirboilli Vest, Crude Tailored Woven Dragonhide Tunic, Crude Tailored Woven Engraved Tunic, Crude Tailored Woven Etched Tunic, Crude Tailored Woven Horned Leather Tunic, Crude Tailored Woven Rawhide Tunic, Crude Tailored Woven Stonehide Tunic, Crude Tailored Woven Strengthened Tunic, Crude Tailored Woven Tanned Tunic, Crude Tailored Woven Waxed Tunic, Cryptic Metallic Cuirass, Cryptic Reinforced Tunic, Crysta Everling's Breastplate Of Inquisition, Crysta Everling's Breastplate Of Inquisiton, Crystalized Aqueous Blouse, Cuirass Of Confrontation, Cuirass Of Protection, Cuirass Of The Connoisseur, Cuirass Of The Cuisinier, Cuirass Of The Daywalker, Cuirass Of The Djinn, Cuirass Of The Doomguard, Cuirass Of The Enforcer, Cuirass Of The High Priestess, Cuirass Of The Jarsath, Cuirass Of The Matriarch, Cuirass Of The Mazewalker, Cuirass Of The Overguard, Cuirass Of The Saracen, Cuirass Of The Vanquisher, Curate's Breastplate, Cured Leather Vest, Cured Tunic, Cursed Knight's Breastplate Of Nektropos, D'Morte Kindred Chainmail Coat, D'Morte Kindred Leather Tunic, D'Morte Kindred Silk Blouse, Danak Crested Tunic, Dark League Coat, Dark Malevolent Breastplate, Darkcoil's Hide, Death Bringer's Breastplate, Deathcaster Vest, Defiler Chestguard Of Prophetic Reliance, Defiler's Chestguard, Demolition Robes, Demonguard's Breastplate, Dented Blackguard Chestplate, Depurated Butler's Breastplate Of Nektropos, Desert Chitin Cuirass, Dierdra Everling's Robes Of Illumination, Digested Ancient Tunic, Dirge Coat Of Lamenting Ballads, Dirge's Chestpiece, Dismal Ceremonial Officer Breastplate, Dismal Officer Breastplate, Dismal Rage Ceremonial Coat, Dismal Rage Chainmail Coat, Divine Rhapsody Breastplate, Doomrage Breastplate, Doomseer Tunic, Double Studded Breastplate, Dracomancer Vestment, Draconic Boneweave Breastplate, Draconic Breastplate Of Clouds, Draconic Breastplate Of Concentration, Draconic Breastplate Of Devotion, Draconic Breastplate Of Elements, Draconic Breastplate Of Fangs, Draconic Breastplate Of Grace, Draconic Breastplate Of Knowledge, Draconic Breastplate Of Light, Draconic Breastplate Of Mirrors, Draconic Breastplate Of Storms, Draconic Breastplate Of Survival, Draconic Breastplate Of The Deep, Draconic Breastplate Of The Iron-heart, Draconic Breastplate Of The Knight, Draconic Breastplate Of The Nimble, Draconic Breastplate Of The Oceans, Draconic Breastplate Of The Stoic, Draconic Breastplate Of The Sun, Draconic Breastplate Of The Tempest, Draconic Breastplate Of The Tree, Draconic Breastplate Of Vision, Draconic Robe Of Battle, Draconic Robe Of Beasts, Draconic Robe Of Clouds, Draconic Robe Of Concentration, Draconic Robe Of Devotion, Draconic Robe Of Elements, Draconic Robe Of Fangs, Draconic Robe Of Grace, Draconic Robe Of Knowledge, Draconic Robe Of Light, Draconic Robe Of Mirrors, Draconic Robe Of Prophets, Draconic Robe Of Storms, Draconic Robe Of Survival, Draconic Robe Of The Deep, Draconic Robe Of The Gambler, Draconic Robe Of The Iron-heart, Draconic Robe Of The Knight, Draconic Robe Of The Nimble, Draconic Robe Of The Oceans, Draconic Robe Of The Soldier, Draconic Robe Of The Sun, Draconic Robe Of The Tempest, Draconic Robe Of The Tree, Draconic Robe Of Vision, Draconic Tunic Of Battle, Draconic Tunic Of Concentration, Draconic Tunic Of Devotion, Draconic Tunic Of Elements, Draconic Tunic Of Fangs, Draconic Tunic Of Grace, Draconic Tunic Of Light, Draconic Tunic Of Mirrors, Draconic Tunic Of Storms, Draconic Tunic Of The Deep, Draconic Tunic Of The Gambler, Draconic Tunic Of The Guardian, Draconic Tunic Of The Iron-heart, Draconic Tunic Of The Nimble, Draconic Tunic Of The Oceans, Draconic Tunic Of The Soldier, Draconic Tunic Of The Stoic, Draconic Tunic Of The Sun, Draconic Tunic Of The Tempest, Draconic Tunic Of The Tree, Draconic Tunic Of Vision, Draconic Vest Of Battle, Draconic Vest Of Beasts, Draconic Vest Of Clouds, Draconic Vest Of Concentration, Draconic Vest Of Devotion, Draconic Vest Of Elements, Draconic Vest Of Fangs, Draconic Vest Of Grace, Draconic Vest Of Knowledge, Draconic Vest Of Light, Draconic Vest Of Mirrors, Draconic Vest Of Prophets, Draconic Vest Of Storms, Draconic Vest Of Survival, Draconic Vest Of The Deep, Draconic Vest Of The Gambler, Draconic Vest Of The Guardian, Draconic Vest Of The Knight, Draconic Vest Of The Nimble, Draconic Vest Of The Oceans, Draconic Vest Of The Stoic, Draconic Vest Of The Sun, Draconic Vest Of The Tempest, Dragon Fastened Robe, Dragonscale Tunic, Drake Hide Tunic, Dreamweave Robe, Dusty Bear Hide Jerkin, Earthen Woven Tunic, Ebon Brigandine Chestguard, Elaborate Velvet Blouse, Elaborate Woven Vest, Elder's Tunic Of Nature, Elite Coin Guard Breastplate, Embalmed Leather Overcoat, Embercrest Tunic, Emblazoned Freeport Chestguard, Emblazoned Plate Of Fraxz, Embossed Platemail Breastplate, Emperor's Breastplate Of Battle, Emperor's Breastplate Of Beasts, Emperor's Breastplate Of Concentration, Emperor's Breastplate Of Devotion, Emperor's Breastplate Of Fangs, Emperor's Breastplate Of Grace, Emperor's Breastplate Of Knowledge, Emperor's Breastplate Of Light, Emperor's Breastplate Of Mirrors, Emperor's Breastplate Of Prophets, Emperor's Breastplate Of Storms, Emperor's Breastplate Of Survival, Emperor's Breastplate Of The Guardian, Emperor's Breastplate Of The Knight, Emperor's Breastplate Of The Nimble, Emperor's Breastplate Of The Oceans, Emperor's Breastplate Of The Sun, Emperor's Breastplate Of The Tree, Emperor's Breastplate Of Vision, Emperor's Robe Of Battle, Emperor's Robe Of Concentration, Emperor's Robe Of Devotion, Emperor's Robe Of Grace, Emperor's Robe Of Knowledge, Emperor's Robe Of Light, Emperor's Robe Of Mirrors, Emperor's Robe Of Prophets, Emperor's Robe Of Storms, Emperor's Robe Of Survival, Emperor's Robe Of The Deep, Emperor's Robe Of The Guardian, Emperor's Robe Of The Iron-heart, Emperor's Robe Of The Knight, Emperor's Robe Of The Nimble, Emperor's Robe Of The Oceans, Emperor's Robe Of The Soldier, Emperor's Robe Of The Stoic, Emperor's Robe Of The Tempest, Emperor's Robe Of The Tree, Emperor's Robe Of Vision, Emperor's Tunic Of Battle, Emperor's Tunic Of Beasts, Emperor's Tunic Of Concentration, Emperor's Tunic Of Devotion, Emperor's Tunic Of Elements, Emperor's Tunic Of Fangs, Emperor's Tunic Of Grace, Emperor's Tunic Of Prophets, Emperor's Tunic Of Survival, Emperor's Tunic Of The Deep, Emperor's Tunic Of The Guardian, Emperor's Tunic Of The Iron-heart, Emperor's Tunic Of The Knight, Emperor's Tunic Of The Nimble, Emperor's Tunic Of The Oceans, Emperor's Tunic Of The Stoic, Emperor's Tunic Of The Tempest, Emperor's Tunic Of The Tree, Emperor's Tunic Of Vision, Emperor's Vest Of Clouds, Emperor's Vest Of Concentration, Emperor's Vest Of Devotion, Emperor's Vest Of Elements, Emperor's Vest Of Grace, Emperor's Vest Of Knowledge, Emperor's Vest Of Light, Emperor's Vest Of Mirrors, Emperor's Vest Of Prophets, Emperor's Vest Of Survival, Emperor's Vest Of The Gambler, Emperor's Vest Of The Guardian, Emperor's Vest Of The Iron-heart, Emperor's Vest Of The Oceans, Emperor's Vest Of The Stoic, Emperor's Vest Of The Tempest, Emperor's Vest Of The Tree, Emperor's Vest Of Vision, Enchanted Banded Bramble Chestguard, Enchanted Black Iron Chain Breastplate, Enchanted Black Iron Mail, Enchanted Leather Tunic, Enigmatic Chestguard, Enigmatic Undead Brigandine Chestguard, Ephemeral Drape, Er'aithe's Hide, Ess Li's Resplendent Gi, Et'sipe Breastplate Of Undeath, Et'sipe's Haubergeon Of Undeath, Etched Leather Tunic, Eternal Thirst Tunic, Eventide Silk Gown, Everling's Etched Breastplate, Everling's Rotten Tunic, Exalted Breastplate Of Battle, Exalted Breastplate Of Beasts, Exalted Breastplate Of Devotion, Exalted Breastplate Of Elements, Exalted Breastplate Of Fangs, Exalted Breastplate Of Grace, Exalted Breastplate Of Light, Exalted Breastplate Of Mirrors, Exalted Breastplate Of Prophets, Exalted Breastplate Of Survival, Exalted Breastplate Of The Gambler, Exalted Breastplate Of The Iron-heart, Exalted Breastplate Of The Knight, Exalted Breastplate Of The Nimble, Exalted Breastplate Of The Oceans, Exalted Breastplate Of The Soldier, Exalted Breastplate Of Vision, Exalted Robe Of Battle, Exalted Robe Of Beasts, Exalted Robe Of Clouds, Exalted Robe Of Concentration, Exalted Robe Of Elements, Exalted Robe Of Fangs, Exalted Robe Of Knowledge, Exalted Robe Of Light, Exalted Robe Of Storms, Exalted Robe Of The Deep, Exalted Robe Of The Iron-heart, Exalted Robe Of The Nimble, Exalted Robe Of The Oceans, Exalted Robe Of The Soldier, Exalted Robe Of The Sun, Exalted Robe Of Vision, Exalted Tunic Of Battle, Exalted Tunic Of Beasts, Exalted Tunic Of Elements, Exalted Tunic Of Fangs, Exalted Tunic Of Light, Exalted Tunic Of Mirrors, Exalted Tunic Of The Gambler, Exalted Tunic Of The Nimble, Exalted Tunic Of The Oceans, Exalted Tunic Of The Sun, Exalted Tunic Of The Tempest, Exalted Tunic Of The Tree, Exalted Tunic Of Vision, Exalted Vest Of Beasts, Exalted Vest Of Clouds, Exalted Vest Of Devotion, Exalted Vest Of Elements, Exalted Vest Of Fangs, Exalted Vest Of Light, Exalted Vest Of Mirrors, Exalted Vest Of The Deep, Exalted Vest Of The Nimble, Exalted Vest Of The Oceans, Exalted Vest Of The Soldier, Exalted Vest Of The Stoic, Exalted Vest Of The Tree, Exalted Vest Of Vision, Excarnate Trapping, Exorcist's Breastplate, Explorer's Breastplate Of Concentration, Explorer's Breastplate Of The Iron-heart, Explorer's Breastplate Of The Oceans, Explorer's Robe Of Knowledge, Explorer's Robe Of Survival, Explorer's Robe Of The Guardian, Explorer's Robe Of The Tree, Explorer's Tunic Of Concentration, Explorer's Tunic Of The Knight, Explorer's Tunic Of The Oceans, Explorer's Tunic Of The Soldier, Explorer's Tunic Of The Sun, Explorer's Vest Of Battle, Explorer's Vest Of Fangs, Explorer's Vest Of The Guardian, Explorer's Vest Of The Sun, Explorer's Vest Of The Tempest, Explorer's Vest Of Vision, Exquisitely Stitched Robe, Faded Silk Twine Robe, Farmer's Woven Tunic, Fearling-skin Robe, Feather Woven Chestguard, Feather-Woven Tunic, Female Formal Ensemble, Female Tradesman Tunic, Fencer's Coat, Fetid Breastplate Of The Malignant, Feysteel Chainmail Coat, Firebrand Breastplate, Firebrand's Scorched Pelt, Firesilk Blouse Of Tenacity, Flame Etched Battle Platemail, Flayed Gnoll Hide Robe, Flesh-Woven Tunic, Fleshgoyle Hide Tunic, Flowing Everliving Tunic, Flowing Frost Robes Of Rygia, Flowing Robes Of D'Lyle, Flowmaster's Coat, Focused Mind Robe, Foreman's Vest, Forged Adamantine Brigandine Coat, Forged Adamantine Chainmail Coat, Forged Adamantine Devout Cuirass, Forged Adamantine Plate Cuirass, Forged Adamantine Reverent Coat, Forged Adamantine Vanguard Cuirass, Forged Blackened Iron Chainmail Coat, Forged Blackened Iron Reverent Coat, Forged Bronze Chainmail Coat, Forged Bronze Vanguard Cuirass, Forged Carbonite Brigandine Coat, Forged Carbonite Chainmail Coat, Forged Carbonite Devout Cuirass, Forged Carbonite Plate Cuirass, Forged Carbonite Vanguard Cuirass, Forged Cobalt Chainmail Coat, Forged Cobalt Devout Cuirass, Forged Cobalt Vanguard Cuirass, Forged Ebon Devout Cuirass, Forged Ebon Plate Cuirass, Forged Ebon Reverent Coat, Forged Feyiron Brigandine Coat, Forged Feyiron Chainmail Coat, Forged Feyiron Devout Cuirass, Forged Feyiron Melodic Coat, Forged Feyiron Plate Cuirass, Forged Feyiron Reverent Coat, Forged Feyiron Vanguard Cuirass, Forged Feysteel Brigandine Coat, Forged Feysteel Chainmail Coat, Forged Feysteel Devout Cuirass, Forged Feysteel Reverent Coat, Forged Feysteel Vanguard Cuirass, Forged Fulginate Brigandine Coat, Forged Fulginate Chainmail Coat, Forged Fulginate Devout Cuirass, Forged Fulginate Melodic Coat, Forged Fulginate Plate Cuirass, Forged Fulginate Reverent Coat, Forged Fulginate Vanguard Cuirass, Forged Indium Brigandine Coat, Forged Indium Chainmail Coat, Forged Indium Devout Cuirass, Forged Indium Melodic Coat, Forged Indium Plate Cuirass, Forged Indium Reverent Coat, Forged Indium Vanguard Cuirass, Forged Iron Reverent Coat, Forged Iron Vanguard Cuirass, Forged Rubicite Chainmail Coat, Forged Steel Brigandine Coat, Forged Steel Devout Cuirass, Forged Steel Plate Cuirass, Forged Steel Reverent Coat, Forged Xegonite Brigandine Coat, Forged Xegonite Chainmail Coat, Forged Xegonite Devout Cuirass, Forged Xegonite Melodic Coat, Forged Xegonite Plate Cuirass, Forged Xegonite Reverent Coat, Forged Xegonite Vanguard Cuirass, Fossilized Combine Breastplate, Freeport Militia Ceremonial Chestguard, Freeport Militia Chestguard, Froglok Bonecaster's Robe, Frontiersman Leather Tunic, Fulgent Hauberk Of Sagacity, Fungus Covered Scaled Tunic, Fury Dark Tempest Tunic, Fury's Tunic, Gantder's Blackened Ring Tunic, Garatch Mot Gi, Garment Of The Varsoon, Geo-Parser's Robe, Ghist, The Ancient Chestplate Of Blitzed, Gi Of Madness, Gi Of Swirling Lava, Gi Of The Ashen Disciple, Gi Of The Dark Disciple, Gi Of The Disciple, Gi Of The Jarsath Swiftail, Gi Of The Saracen, Giantslayer's Brigandine Chestguard, Glowing Combobulated Robes, Gnarth's Instructor Shirt, Gnawler Fur Blouse, Gorowyn Champion's Chain Shirt, Gorowyn Elder's Breastplate, Gown Of Undead Protection, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Battle, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Clouds, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Concentration, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Devotion, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Fangs, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Grace, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Knowledge, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Light, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Mirrors, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Prophets, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Storms, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Survival, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Deep, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Gambler, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Guardian, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Iron-heart, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Knight, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Nimble, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Oceans, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Soldier, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Stoic, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Sun, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Tempest, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of The Tree, Grandmaster's Breastplate Of Vision, Grandmaster's Robe Of Battle, Grandmaster's Robe Of Beasts, Grandmaster's Robe Of Clouds, Grandmaster's Robe Of Concentration, Grandmaster's Robe Of Devotion, Grandmaster's Robe Of Elements, Grandmaster's Robe Of Fangs, Grandmaster's Robe Of Grace, Grandmaster's Robe Of Light, Grandmaster's Robe Of Mirrors, Grandmaster's Robe Of Prophets, Grandmaster's Robe Of Storms, Grandmaster's Robe Of Survival, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Deep, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Gambler, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Guardian, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Iron-heart, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Knight, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Nimble, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Oceans, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Soldier, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Stoic, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Sun, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Tempest, Grandmaster's Robe Of The Tree, Grandmaster's Robe Of Vision, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Battle, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Beasts, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Clouds, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Concentration, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Devotion, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Elements, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Fangs, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Grace, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Knowledge, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Light, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Mirrors, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Prophets, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Storms, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Survival, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Deep, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Gambler, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Guardian, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Iron-heart, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Knight, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Nimble, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Soldier, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Stoic, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Sun, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Tempest, Grandmaster's Tunic Of The Tree, Grandmaster's Tunic Of Vision, Grandmaster's Vest Of Battle, Grandmaster's Vest Of Beasts, Grandmaster's Vest Of Clouds, Grandmaster's Vest Of Concentration, Grandmaster's Vest Of Devotion, Grandmaster's Vest Of Elements, Grandmaster's Vest Of Fangs, Grandmaster's Vest Of Grace, Grandmaster's Vest Of Knowledge, Grandmaster's Vest Of Light, Grandmaster's Vest Of Mirrors, Grandmaster's Vest Of Prophets, Grandmaster's Vest Of Storms, Grandmaster's Vest Of Survival, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Gambler, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Guardian, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Iron-heart, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Knight, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Nimble, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Oceans, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Soldier, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Stoic, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Sun, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Tempest, Grandmaster's Vest Of The Tree, Grandmaster's Vest Of Vision, Guardian Chitin Reinforced Tunic, Guardian's Chestplate, Hard Scale Cuirass, Her Faded Festive Mood, Her Faded Frostfell Finest, Her Festive Clothes, Her Festive Mood, Her Frostfell Clothes, Her Frostfell Finest, Her Night Of The Dead, Her Overdyed Festive Mood, Her Overdyed Frostfell Finest, Her Vibrant Festive Mood, Her Vibrant Frostfell Finest, High-pressure Forged Breastplate, His Faded Festive Mood, His Faded Frostfell Finest, His Festive Clothes, His Festive Mood, His Frostfell Clothes, His Frostfell Finest, His Overdyed Festive Mood, His Overdyed Frostfell Finest, His Twilight Of The Dead, His Vibrant Festive Mood, His Vibrant Frostfell Finest, Honorary Chestguard Of The Brethren, Honorary Chestplate Of Marr, Honorary Hauberk Of Marr, Honorary Hauberk Of The Brethren, Honorary Robe Of Marr, Honorary Robe Of The Brethren, Honorary Tunic Of Marr, Honorary Tunic Of The Brethren, Horned Leather Tunic, Howling Star Tunic, Hunter's Coat, Hunter's Tunic, Hurricane Forged Coat, Ice Dusted Gown, Ice Prism Chestplate, Iceloom Blouse, Icy Cuirass Of The Enforcer, Illuminating Blouse, Illusionist's Gown, Illusionist's Robe, Imbued Adamantine Chainmail Coat, Imbued Adamantine Vanguard Cuirass, Imbued Augmented Leather Tunic, Imbued Bargainer's Vest, Imbued Blackened Iron Chainmail Coat, Imbued Blackened Iron Vanguard Cuirass, Imbued Burlap Blouse, Imbued Cambric Blouse, Imbued Canvas Blouse, Imbued Carbonite Chainmail Coat, Imbued Carbonite Vanguard Cuirass, Imbued Cobalt Chainmail Coat, Imbued Constructor's Vest, Imbued Craftsman Vest, Imbued Craftsman's Vest, Imbued Cuirboilli Leather Tunic, Imbued Cuirboilli Tunic, Imbued Cured Leather Tunic, Imbued Dragon's Breath Blouse, Imbued Dragonhide Tunic, Imbued Ebon Vanguard Cuirass, Imbued Engraved Leather Vest, Imbued Engraved Tunic, Imbued Etched Leather Vest, Imbued Etched Tunic, Imbued Feysteel Vanguard Cuirass, Imbued Fulginate Vanguard Cuirass, Imbued Horned Leather Tunic, Imbued Indium Chainmail Coat, Imbued Indium Vanguard Cuirass, Imbued Inventor's Vest, Imbued Iron Chainmail Coat, Imbued Iron Vanguard Cuirass, Imbued Merchantine Vest, Imbued Merchantine's Vest, Imbued Rough Linen Blouse, Imbued Ruckas Blouse, Imbued Sandcloth Blouse, Imbued Scaled Leather Tunic, Imbued Scaled Tunic, Imbued Specialist Vest, Imbued Specialist's Vest, Imbued Steel Chainmail Coat, Imbued Steel Vanguard Cuirass, Imbued Stonehide Leather Tunic, Imbued Stonehide Tunic, Imbued Strengthened Leather Tunic, Imbued Strengthened Tunic, Imbued Tanned Leather Tunic, Imbued Tanned Tunic, Imbued Windcloth Blouse, Imbued Xegonite Chainmail Coat, Imbued Xegonite Vanguard Cuirass, Impaler's Conundrum, Imperial Breastplate Of The Soldier, Imperial Robe Of Mirrors, Imperial Robe Of The Tempest, Imperial Tunic Of The Oceans, Imperial Tunic Of The Stoic, Imperial Vest Of Concentration, Imperial Vest Of Devotion, Imperial Vest Of Grace, Imperial Vest Of The Iron-heart, Indium Brigandine Chestguard, Indium Chainmail Coat, Indium Platemail Breastplate, Indium Vanguard Cuirass, Infused Seersilk Robe, Inkstained Coldwind Robe, Inquisitor Breastplate Of Judgement, Inquisitor's Breastplate, Intrepid Soul Cuirass, Invoker's Robe, Iridescent Scale Cuirass, Iron Platemail Chestguard, Iron Wrought Shirt, Ironforge Bargainer Shirt, Ironforge Ceremonial Bargainer Shirt, Ironforge Ceremonial Smithing Vest, Issued Chainmail Coat, Jailer's Darkened Tunic, Jailer's Dusty Tunic, Jarsath Robe Of Royalty, Jaundiced Bone Breastplate, Jenni Everling's Tunic Of Argil, Jester's Coat, Ji'Lum's Robe Of Darkness, Journeyman's Breastplate Of Clouds, Journeyman's Breastplate Of Concentration, Journeyman's Breastplate Of Devotion, Journeyman's Breastplate Of Elements, Journeyman's Breastplate Of Fangs, Journeyman's Breastplate Of Grace, Journeyman's Breastplate Of Knowledge, Journeyman's Breastplate Of Storms, Journeyman's Breastplate Of The Deep, Journeyman's Breastplate Of The Gambler, Journeyman's Breastplate Of The Iron-heart, Journeyman's Breastplate Of The Knight, Journeyman's Breastplate Of The Oceans, Journeyman's Breastplate Of The Soldier, Journeyman's Breastplate Of The Stoic, Journeyman's Breastplate Of The Tree, Journeyman's Robe Of Clouds, Journeyman's Robe Of Concentration, Journeyman's Robe Of Devotion, Journeyman's Robe Of Elements, Journeyman's Robe Of Fangs, Journeyman's Robe Of Grace, Journeyman's Robe Of Storms, Journeyman's Robe Of The Deep, Journeyman's Robe Of The Iron-heart, Journeyman's Robe Of The Knight, Journeyman's Robe Of The Oceans, Journeyman's Robe Of The Soldier, Journeyman's Robe Of The Stoic, Journeyman's Robe Of The Tree, Journeyman's Tunic Of Clouds, Journeyman's Tunic Of Concentration, Journeyman's Tunic Of Devotion, Journeyman's Tunic Of Elements, Journeyman's Tunic Of Fangs, Journeyman's Tunic Of Grace, Journeyman's Tunic Of Knowledge, Journeyman's Tunic Of Storms, Journeyman's Tunic Of The Deep, Journeyman's Tunic Of The Gambler, Journeyman's Tunic Of The Iron-heart, Journeyman's Tunic Of The Knight, Journeyman's Tunic Of The Oceans, Journeyman's Tunic Of The Soldier, Journeyman's Tunic Of The Stoic, Journeyman's Tunic Of The Tree, Journeyman's Vest Of Clouds, Journeyman's Vest Of Concentration, Journeyman's Vest Of Devotion, Journeyman's Vest Of Elements, Journeyman's Vest Of Fangs, Journeyman's Vest Of Grace, Journeyman's Vest Of Knowledge, Journeyman's Vest Of Storms, Journeyman's Vest Of The Deep, Journeyman's Vest Of The Gambler, Journeyman's Vest Of The Iron-heart, Journeyman's Vest Of The Knight, Journeyman's Vest Of The Oceans, Journeyman's Vest Of The Soldier, Journeyman's Vest Of The Tree, Juggernaut Tunic, Jungle Camouflage Tunic, Keelo's Chain Hauberk, Knight's Breastplate, Knotted Mesh Shirt, Knotted Turtlebone Chestguard, Kodiak Hide Cuirass, Kromtarr Magi's Blouse, Kulcath's Searing Breastplate, Laensteel Vanguard Cuirass, Lamented Coat, Languid Cloud Chestguard, Lava Branded Brigandine Chestguard, Lava-forged Chainmail, Leatherfoot Deputy Tunic, Lich's Robe, Light Robe Of The Plainsman, Light's Hope Breastplate, Lion-Hide Chestguard, Lizardskin Cazecite Robe, Lizardskin Chestguard, Lockjaw Hide Vest, Lonetusk Breastplate, Lonetusk Woven Tunic, Looted Torisian Chain Vest, Lunarspun Vest, Madcap Cuirass, Maelstrom Coat Of Espionage, Magma Linked Chailmail Coat, Maid's Black Dress, Maid's Blood Stained Dress, Mail Coat Of The Umbra, Mailcoat Of Militia Loyalty, Male Formal Wear, Male Tradesman Tunic, Mangeclaw's Carapace, Manifested Terror Chestguard, Mariner Stitched Gown, Mariner Waxcloth Robe, Meathook's Hide Robe, Melanie Everling's Tunic Of Song, Militia Ceremonial Officer Cuirass, Militia Crusader Tunic, Militia Officer Cuirass, Mindbending Robe, Minotaur Hide Aegis, Minstrel's Coat, Mist Covered Chestguard, Mist Grinnin Chain Coat, Mithrian Breastplate Of The Veteran, Mithril Chestguard, Mithril Lined Vanguard Cuirass, Monk Tunic Of Intuitive Grace, Monk's Harness, Moonbreak Chainmail, Moss-covered Cloth Robe, Myhtara's Silent Chainmail, Mystic Soothsayer's Chestguard, Mystic's Chestguard, Mystical Aura Chainmail, Nagrat's Furor, Nak'azar Brigade Breastplate, Naturewalkers Chestguard, Necromancer's Robe, Neriph's Dinner Coat, Neriph's Riding Tunic, Netherwordly Brigandine Chestpiece, Netherworld Robe, Netilz's Blessed Cuirass, Nightblood Breastplate, Nightchord Tunic, Nightfall Coat, Nightfall Coat Of The Scoundrel, Nomad's Breastplate Of Concentration, Nomad's Breastplate Of Devotion, Nomad's Breastplate Of Elements, Nomad's Breastplate Of Fangs, Nomad's Breastplate Of Grace, Nomad's Breastplate Of Knowledge, Nomad's Breastplate Of Storms, Nomad's Breastplate Of The Deep, Nomad's Breastplate Of The Gambler, Nomad's Breastplate Of The Iron-heart, Nomad's Breastplate Of The Knight, Nomad's Breastplate Of The Oceans, Nomad's Breastplate Of The Soldier, Nomad's Breastplate Of The Stoic, Nomad's Breastplate Of The Tree, Nomad's Robe Of Clouds, Nomad's Robe Of Concentration, Nomad's Robe Of Devotion, Nomad's Robe Of Elements, Nomad's Robe Of Grace, Nomad's Robe Of Knowledge, Nomad's Robe Of Storms, Nomad's Robe Of The Deep, Nomad's Robe Of The Gambler, Nomad's Robe Of The Iron-heart, Nomad's Robe Of The Knight, Nomad's Robe Of The Oceans, Nomad's Robe Of The Soldier, Nomad's Robe Of The Stoic, Nomad's Robe Of The Tree, Nomad's Tunic Of Clouds, Nomad's Tunic Of Devotion, Nomad's Tunic Of Elements, Nomad's Tunic Of Fangs, Nomad's Tunic Of Knowledge, Nomad's Tunic Of Storms, Nomad's Tunic Of The Deep, Nomad's Tunic Of The Gambler, Nomad's Tunic Of The Iron-heart, Nomad's Tunic Of The Oceans, Nomad's Tunic Of The Soldier, Nomad's Tunic Of The Stoic, Nomad's Tunic Of The Tree, Nomad's Vest Of Clouds, Nomad's Vest Of Devotion, Nomad's Vest Of Fangs, Nomad's Vest Of Grace, Nomad's Vest Of Storms, Nomad's Vest Of The Deep, Nomad's Vest Of The Gambler, Nomad's Vest Of The Iron-heart, Nomad's Vest Of The Knight, Nomad's Vest Of The Oceans, Nomad's Vest Of The Stoic, Nomad's Vest Of The Tree, Nymph Glyphed Blouse, Opulent Breastplate Of Battle, Opulent Breastplate Of Beasts, Opulent Breastplate Of Clouds, Opulent Breastplate Of Concentration, Opulent Breastplate Of Devotion, Opulent Breastplate Of Elements, Opulent Breastplate Of Fangs, Opulent Breastplate Of Grace, Opulent Breastplate Of Knowledge, Opulent Breastplate Of Light, Opulent Breastplate Of Mirrors, Opulent Breastplate Of Prophets, Opulent Breastplate Of Storms, Opulent Breastplate Of Survival, Opulent Breastplate Of The Deep, Opulent Breastplate Of The Gambler, Opulent Breastplate Of The Guardian, Opulent Breastplate Of The Iron-heart, Opulent Breastplate Of The Knight, Opulent Breastplate Of The Nimble, Opulent Breastplate Of The Oceans, Opulent Breastplate Of The Soldier, Opulent Breastplate Of The Stoic, Opulent Breastplate Of The Sun, Opulent Breastplate Of The Tree, Opulent Breastplate Of Vision, Opulent Female Gold Blouse, Opulent Male Gold Shirt, Opulent Robe Of Battle, Opulent Robe Of Beasts, Opulent Robe Of Clouds, Opulent Robe Of Concentration, Opulent Robe Of Devotion, Opulent Robe Of Elements, Opulent Robe Of Knowledge, Opulent Robe Of Light, Opulent Robe Of Mirrors, Opulent Robe Of Prophets, Opulent Robe Of Storms, Opulent Robe Of Survival, Opulent Robe Of The Deep, Opulent Robe Of The Gambler, Opulent Robe Of The Guardian, Opulent Robe Of The Iron-heart, Opulent Robe Of The Knight, Opulent Robe Of The Nimble, Opulent Robe Of The Oceans, Opulent Robe Of The Soldier, Opulent Robe Of The Stoic, Opulent Robe Of The Sun, Opulent Robe Of The Tempest, Opulent Robe Of The Tree, Opulent Robe Of Vision, Opulent Tunic Of Battle, Opulent Tunic Of Beasts, Opulent Tunic Of Clouds, Opulent Tunic Of Concentration, Opulent Tunic Of Devotion, Opulent Tunic Of Elements, Opulent Tunic Of Fangs, Opulent Tunic Of Grace, Opulent Tunic Of Light, Opulent Tunic Of Prophets, Opulent Tunic Of Storms, Opulent Tunic Of Survival, Opulent Tunic Of The Deep, Opulent Tunic Of The Gambler, Opulent Tunic Of The Guardian, Opulent Tunic Of The Iron-heart, Opulent Tunic Of The Knight, Opulent Tunic Of The Nimble, Opulent Tunic Of The Oceans, Opulent Tunic Of The Soldier, Opulent Tunic Of The Stoic, Opulent Tunic Of The Sun, Opulent Tunic Of The Tempest, Opulent Tunic Of The Tree, Opulent Tunic Of Vision, Opulent Vest Of Battle, Opulent Vest Of Beasts, Opulent Vest Of Clouds, Opulent Vest Of Concentration, Opulent Vest Of Elements, Opulent Vest Of Fangs, Opulent Vest Of Grace, Opulent Vest Of Knowledge, Opulent Vest Of Light, Opulent Vest Of Mirrors, Opulent Vest Of Prophets, Opulent Vest Of Survival, Opulent Vest Of The Deep, Opulent Vest Of The Gambler, Opulent Vest Of The Guardian, Opulent Vest Of The Iron-heart, Opulent Vest Of The Knight, Opulent Vest Of The Nimble, Opulent Vest Of The Oceans, Opulent Vest Of The Soldier, Burning Radiance (Master I), Crimson Ring Of Vitality, Faithful Strike (Master I), Knee Bash (Master I), Laensteel Powder, Lost Skullcap Of The Graverobber, Obsidian Glyph, Obsidian Rune, Shoulder Pads Of Strength, Stonewashed Sceptre, Sylvafir Glaze, Sylvafir Priming, Taunting Blow (Master I), Triple Shot (Master I), Blackened Iron Rapier, A Zombie Corrupted Brain, A Zombie Decomposing Innards, A Zombie Flesh Covered Bones, A Zombie Necrotic Skin, Accretion (Adept I), Black Bark Round Shield, Blackened Iron Bardiche, Blackened Iron Broadsword, Blackened Iron Cutlass, Blackened Iron Foil, Bone Crafted Wand, Cured Leather Pouch, Dexterity (Adept I), Flurry (Adept I), Gloves Of Regression, Glowing Fish Scale, Greater Imprecation (Adept I), Instant Vim (Adept I), Insult (Adept I), Klicnick Claw Knuckles, Klicnik Shell Bracers, Knotted Treant Root Staff, Merchantine Hat, Pouncing Leopard (Adept I), Putrscent Tissue Sample, Scintillation (Adept I), Shell Studded Cap, Skew (Adept I), Spirit Of The Badger (Adept I), Stamp (Adept I), Volatile Brace (Adept I), Walts Singing Blade (Adept I), Advanced Apothecary Volume 1, Briarwood Harvest Box, Golden Cichlid, Raw Crab Meat, "Remembrances - DyzAz", "Remembrances - Norrath", "Remembrances - Prime", A Damaged Average Quality Badger Pelt, A Damaged Average Quality Beaver Pelt, A Damaged Average Quality Wolf Pelt, A Piece Of Garbage, Antonica Oaken Longbow, Electrum Hoop, Healing Ritual (Master I), Iron Harpoon, Iron Sceptre, Iron Scourge, Legends Of Norrath Rare Card: Woodelf Shaman, Qeynos Embroidered Cap, Qeynosian Chain Chestguard, Qeynosian Chain Coif, Quick Flurry (Master I), Signet Of Intuition (Adept I), Carrion Bulwark (Master I), Dauntless (Master I), Dire Intercession (Master I), Solid Shark Cartilage Wristband, Evasive Maneuvers (Master I), Fierce Chlorostorm (Master I), Grim Spellbinder (Master I), Ignore Pain (Master I), Sturdy Leather Bracers, Intercept (Master I), Litany Of Agony (Master I), Malevolent Diatribe (Master I), Null Absolution (Master I), Peerless Predator (Master I), Rip (Master I), Safe Guard (Master I), Solemn Embrace (Master I), Spring (Master I), Tainted Caress (Master I), Tellurian Soldier (Master I), Terror (Master I), Ursine Oracle (Master I), Berserker: Bloodlust (Adept I), Blinding Bash (Adept I), Cruel Intent (Adept I), Flashfreeze (Adept I), Frozen By Time (Adept I), Karmic Focus (Adept I), Press (Adept I), Pyre (Adept I), Rakish Swathe (Adept I), Rune Of Understanding (Adept I), Shank (Adept I), Sorrow (Adept I), Sparkling Fish Scale, Symbol Of Ryltan (Adept I), Tether (Adept I), Seafury Mackerel, Thicket Crayfish, 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 289 AS - Page 2, 1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 289 AS - Page 12, 1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 290 AS - Page 8, 3rd Lieutenant Gerrog - Logbook - Page 11, Assassin: Slaughter (Adept I), Bull Saltfin, Chrykori Saltfin, Legends Of Norrath Raid Card: Armory, Legends Of Norrath Raid Card: Crypt, Legends Of Norrath Raid Card: Deadly Chill, Legends Of Norrath Raid Card: Deadly Lifetap, Legends Of Norrath Raid Card: Entry Room, Legends Of Norrath Raid Card: Imperial Crypt Guardian, Legends Of Norrath Raid Card: Krup Knight, Legends Of Norrath Raid Card: Krup Wizard, Legends Of Norrath: Blackburow Troublemaker, Legends Of Norrath: Icewell Commander, Legends Of Norrath: Inquisitor Booster Pack, Vethka The Gorger, Bleeding Ritual (Master I), Boot (Master I), Brace (Master I), Breath Of Spirits (Master I), Cruel Aura (Master I), Daunting Gaze (Master I), Dodge And Strike (Master I), Grasp (Master I), Greater Balm (Master I), Greater Burn (Master I), Greater Curse (Master I), Greater Migraine (Master I), Infernal Blessing (Master I), Knee Break (Master I), Lobotomy (Master I), Lunge (Master I), Mercenary Stance (Master I), Mind Jolt (Master I), Nettlecoat (Master I), Offering Of Armament (Master I), Paranoia (Master I), Rune Of Thought (Master I), Sadness (Master I), Shadow Shot (Master I), Spiked Boots, Stalk (Master I), Suffocate (Master I), Taunting Slap (Master I), Viperous Scourge, Wailing Haze (Master I), Withering Coil (Master I), Bloody Pawsplitter, Carved Gnollhead Cudgel, Skull Of The Sabertooth Shaman, Mace Of Conviction, Runed Short Bow, Snake Scale Shield, Spider Carapace Shield, Spiked Sleeves, An Unfinished Breastplate, Flying Kick (Master I), Legends Of Norrath Rare Card: Fetid Goo, Rock Blast (Master I), Wild Spirit (Master I)
Updated Items (952): Small Meaty Bone, Ethereal Vestment, A Fragment Of Terrain, Hurricane Forged Cuirass, Ghostly Wraps Of Torment, Small Bag Of Muriate Of Potash, Small Bag Of Diatomaceous Earth, Transference Directive, A Ghost Remnant Memory, A Goblin Ear, A Goblin Tooth, A Golem Motive Prism, A Golem Corporeal Shell, A Golem Sentience Leash, A Golem Obedience Chain, An Orc Ear, An Orc Spine, An Orc Tooth, Orc Smuggler Requisition, A Siren Scale, A Siren Song, A Siren Wail, A Skeleton Leg, A Treant Branch, A Treant Eye, Everburning Blaze (Adept I), A Drake Scale, A Damaged Low Quality Snake Skin, Gel Sealed Document, Ash Harvest Box, An Arachnid Leg, Small Polished Bone, Ancient Gold Coin, A Sharp Spine, Large Polished Bone, Star Sapphire Scrying Stone, Feysteel Relic, A Vocal Nerve, Demonstration Of Faith (Adept I), Advanced Jeweler Volume 23, Bristleskin (Adept I), Protectorate (Adept I), Rash Advance (Adept I), Pride Of The Hunt (Adept I), Tarnished Caress (Adept I), Summon Servant (Adept I), Bag Of Bone Dust, Peerless Predator (Adept I), Rough Jasper, Advanced Tailor Volume 28, Veiled Agate, Decrepit Slam (Adept I), Torn Boiled Cover, Shredded Canvas Quilt, Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 25, Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 27, Advanced Woodworker Volume 26, Advanced Alchemist Volume 29, Essence Harvest (Adept I), Smashed Ash Shield, Advanced Woodworker Volume 28, A Mucous Encrusted Tendril, A Damaged Average Quality Snake Skin, Gnollish Torque, Bruising Strike (Adept I), Advanced Carpenter Volume 28, Advanced Woodworker Volume 33, Arrow Flurry (Adept I), Advanced Tailor Volume 21, Advanced Armorer Volume 23, Worn Carbonite Canteen, Slice Throat (Adept I), Advanced Jeweler Volume 34, Opal Scrying Stone, Advanced Carpenter Volume 32, Hunters Tunic, Footman Tunic, Frog Leg, A Damaged Average Quality Rat Pelt, Stalk (Adept I), Hesitation (Adept I), Guardians Call (Adept I), Cold Snap (Adept I), Lion Meat, Steel Cluster, A Bat Eye, A Piece Rotted Zombie Flesh, Seared Boiled Gloves, Silver Torque, Flask Of Fresh Water, Crude Imbued Steel Chainmail Coat, Crude Tailored Cambric Blouse, Forged Feysteel Plate Cuirass, Blood Of The Wolf, Crude Imbued Producer's Vest, Palladium Cluster, Elephant Meat, Vulrich Meat, Pig Meat, Cuirboilli Leather Pelt, Black Face Paint, Lifetap (Adept I), Advanced Woodworker Volume 35, Advanced Jeweler Volume 33, Iron Leafblade, Gloom (Adept I), Crude Forged Blackened Iron Reverent Coat, Gnoll Chain Chestguard, Shell Studded Boots, Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 23, Litany Of Agony (Adept I), Feysteel Vanguard Cuirass, Vehemence (Adept I), A Ground Stone, A Damaged Low Quality Bear Pelt, Black Stone, Ink Sack, Advanced Outfitter One Handed Weapons Volume 12, Backstab (Adept I), Infection (Adept I), Thrust Kick (Adept I), Cordovan Tunic, Advanced Craftsman Volume 14, Silver Cluster, Glowing Tooth, Forced Submission (Adept I), A Damaged Medium Quality Bear Pelt, Advanced Alchemist Volume 21, A Damaged Medium Quality Snake Skin, Strike Of Thunder (Adept I), Circular Strike (Adept I), Cleansing Fire (Adept I), Advanced Jeweler Volume 28, Foggy Globe, Shiny Mineral Cluster, Blackened Iron Cluster, Advanced Tailor Volume 25, Undying Adherent (Adept I), An Opaque Hand, Boon Of The Shadowed (Adept I), Savage Mask (Adept I), Advanced Tailor Volume 31, Starburst (Adept I), Sliver Of Essence (Adept I), Advanced Armorer Volume 34, Grim Coil (Adept I), Flowing Robe Of Radiant Hues, A Vial Of Drake Blood, Indicolite Relic, Star Sapphire Amulet, Advanced Craftsman Volume 10, Reconnoiter (Adept I), Mangle (Adept I), Tanned Leather Skullcap, Spidersilk Gown, Advanced Craftsman Volume 17, Advanced Scholar Volume 11, Bear Claw, Advanced Armorer Volume 20, Advanced Carpenter Volume 20, Hand Clap (Adept I), Advanced Sage Volume 25, Ruse (Adept I), Fire Seed (Adept I), Rough House (Adept I), Alacrity (Adept I), Risky Advance (Adept I), Harm Touch (Adept I), Cry Of The Departed (Adept I), Retaliation (Adept I), Bestowal Of Vitae (Adept I), Advanced Craftsman Volume 11, Play Dead (Adept I), Chilling Wind (Adept I), Steady Aim (Adept I), Graven Embrace (Adept I), Cured Leather Cap, Cordovan Shoulder Pads, Advanced Sage Volume 27, Advanced Sage Volume 24, Roughspun Pantaloons, Silver Bangle, Snake Fang Bangle, Pristine Shard Of Evocation, Blackened Iron Sceptre, Blackened Iron Stiletto, Pristine Shard Of Alteration, Pristine Shard Of Divination, Volatile Refuge (Adept I), Cracked Halfling Bone Fragment, Strange Dark Powder, Advanced Alchemist Volume 26, Ignore Pain (Adept I), Cracked Dark Elf Bone Fragment, Advanced Woodworker Volume 29, Dandelion Fiber, Frost (Adept I), Advanced Woodworker Volume 25, Flametongue (Adept I), Cracked Troll Bone Fragment, Noxious Chorus (Adept I), Advanced Armorer Volume 29, Entrance (Adept I), Leaping Cut (Adept I), Shatter (Adept I), Flaming Agony (Adept I), Cracked Ogre Bone Fragment, Infuriation (Adept I), Advanced Alchemist Volume 33, Kidney Blow (Adept I), Intromission (Adept I), Stomp (Adept I), Pristine Shard Of Conjuration, Advanced Sage Volume 34, Advanced Jeweler Volume 31, Noble Tone (Adept I), Forced Acquiescence (Adept I), Pristine Shard Of Abjuration, Offering (Adept I), Advanced Jeweler Volume 32, Dauntless (Adept I), Swooping Hawk (Adept I), Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 33, Advanced Sage Volume 33, Advanced Woodworker Volume 34, Do Or Die (Adept I), Mark Of The Hunt (Adept I), Advanced Tailor Volume 35, Strength Of Void (Adept I), Dire Shroud (Adept I), Insidious Tunic, Grim Sword (Adept I), Salvaged Arrows (Adept I), Fulginate Chainmail Coat, Enchanted Thicket Woven Tunic, Sundered Obsidian, Chill (Adept I), Twirl (Adept I), Shattered Iksar Bone Fragment, Winds Of Renewal (Adept I), Lucid (Adept I), Shattered Ogre Bone Fragment, Totemic Aid (Adept I), Distracting Blade (Adept I), Advanced Woodworker Volume 20, Plasma Strike (Adept I), Shrouded Strike (Adept I), Scuffed Shard Of Divination, Ursine Elder (Adept I), Advanced Alchemist Volume 20, Advanced Woodworker Volume 23, Advanced Sage Volume 21, Lay On Hands (Adept I), Grim Spellbinder (Adept I), Advanced Carpenter Volume 23, Advanced Tailor Volume 22, Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 24, Tanned Leather Bracers, Amplification (Adept I), Celestial Strike (Adept I), Breath Of The Untamed (Adept I), Lightning Flash (Adept I), Advanced Tailor Volume 24, Advanced Jeweler Volume 25, Delusion (Adept I), Breath Of The Tyrant (Adept I), Advanced Alchemist Volume 22, A Shadowman Void Kernel, Advanced Alchemist Volume 24, Advanced Woodworker Volume 24, Ebon Blade (Adept I), Fulgent Blade (Adept I), Mesmerize (Adept I), Severed Fir, Friendly Shadows (Adept I), Keening Haze (Adept I), Allay (Adept I), Advanced Jeweler Volume 29, Quelling Spirits (Adept I), Protector Of The Forest (Adept I), Steal Breath (Adept I), Predatory Salve (Adept I), Advanced Sage Volume 29, Advanced Carpenter Volume 31, Strong Bear Claw, Discomfiting Gaze (Adept I), Desperate Flurry (Adept I), Freezing Wind (Adept I), Medal Of Valor, Untamed Spirit (Adept I), Bum Rush (Adept I), Sacrificial Aid (Adept I), Advanced Alchemist Volume 32, Batter (Adept I), Advanced Tailor Volume 32, Paralyzing Fear (Adept I), Entrench (Adept I), Flowing Robe Of Immortality, Spirit Of The Rhino (Adept I), Lucky Boon (Adept I), Aery Outrider (Adept I), Advanced Alchemist Volume 28, Advanced Carpenter Volume 21, Detestable Flamberge, Advanced Sage Volume 26, Iron Short Sword, Safe Guard (Adept I), Feyiron Chainmail Coat, Disarming Grin (Adept I), Etched Medicine Bag, Advanced Outfitter Volume 10, Strangling Throw (Adept I), Tellurian Soldier (Adept I), Divine Strike (Adept I), Fierce Punch (Adept I), Tainted Caress (Adept I), Hidden Shot (Adept I), Burlap Slippers, Advanced Artisan Volume 7, Advanced Artisan Volume 8, A Fish Eye, Shattered Froglok Bone Fragment, Shattered Erudite Bone Fragment, Advanced Scholar Volume 10, Boiled Medicine Bag, Worn Silver Bracelet, Piercing Shrill (Adept I), Advanced Outfitter Volume 13, Shadows (Adept I), A Damaged Average Quality Deer Hide, Cruel Aura (Adept I), Crumble (Adept I), Advanced Outfitter Volume 11, Woven Cordovan Pants, Advanced Craftsman Volume 15, Embers (Adept I), Bull Rush (Adept I), Ebon Battlehammer, Rapid Swings (Adept I), Soothing Sermon (Adept I), Conflagration (Adept I), Brace (Adept I), A Bird Skull, Iron Chainmail Coat, Advanced Craftsman Volume 19, Advanced Scholar Volume 18, Advanced Outfitter Volume 18, Desert Mercenary's Tunic, Advanced Craftsman Volume 18, Advanced Scholar Volume 15, Dagger Of The Living Dead, Curse Of Darkness (Adept I), Baleful Countenance (Adept I), Indomitable Will (Adept I), Swarthy Distraction (Adept I), Advanced Outfitter Volume 16, Iron Spear, Advanced Outfitter Volume 17, Complacent (Adept I), Heated Shot (Adept I), Darkpaw Symbol, Advanced Outfitter Volume 19, Blackened Iron Boots, Feign Death (Adept I), Provoking Swarm (Adept I), Advanced Outfitter Volume 14, Greater Salve (Adept I), Advanced Outfitter Volume 15, 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 263 AS - Page 11, Quotes Of General Urduuk - Page 3, Battle Worn Trinket, Iron Girdle, Inventor's Vest, A Venom Gland, A Flame Licked Stone, Lava Forged Cuirass, Infernal Breastplate Of The Squire, A Turtle Shell, Soft Fur Belt, Advanced Carpenter Volume 63, Discouraging Discante (Adept I), Grim Thulian (Adept I), Dustcovered Vest, Tremor (Adept I), Warden Of The Forest (Adept I), Advanced Armorer Volume 31, Tanned Leather Boots, Spirit Of The Bull (Adept I), Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 20, Makeshift Arrows (Adept I), Advanced Jeweler Volume 24, Advanced Jeweler Volume 26, Gi Of The Silent Fist Initiate, Ancient Note Of Runes, Golden Emblem, Quotes Of General Urduuk - Page 12, A Glowing Lightstone, Legionnaire War Breastplate, Advanced Jeweler Volume 62, Malificous Breastplate, Golden Feathered Mail, Blackened Iron Javelin, Advanced Armorer Volume 25, Coral Orb, Advanced Armorer Volume 22, Advanced Sage Volume 22, Dismal Long Sword, Weighted Leafblade, Bloody Ritual (Adept I), Savagery (Adept I), Grasping Bones (Adept I), Coup De Grace (Adept I), Suffocating Cloud (Adept I), Stifled Rage (Adept I), Rallying Cry (Adept I), Ashenbone Axe, Emerald Hide Tunic, Combative Faith (Adept I), Advanced Jeweler Volume 20, Advanced Scholar Volume 17, Crippling Arrow (Adept I), Snap Of The Wrist (Adept I), Unfriendly Reminder (Adept I), Battle Tactics (Adept I), Coral Beaded Necklace, Advanced Armorer Volume 27, Advanced Jeweler Volume 22, Darkwood Fighting Batons, Severed Bone, Granite Hex Idol, Overwhelming Silence (Adept I), Gnoll Fur Boots, Rapier Of Impalement, Piranha Fang Necklace, Runed Granite Symbol, Spider Silk Boots, Call To Arms (Adept I), Concussion (Adept I), Blackened Iron Mantle, Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 22, Advanced Woodworker Volume 21, Advanced Jeweler Volume 21, Advanced Carpenter Volume 25, Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 28, Splinter Of Essence (Adept I), Advanced Tailor Volume 23, Advanced Alchemist Volume 23, Cerebral Lash (Adept I), Advanced Tailor Volume 30, Frozen Chain Coat, Sisal Root, Sparkling Blade (Adept I), Greater Smite (Adept I), Wounding Arrow (Adept I), Lethargy (Adept I), Boast (Adept I), 3rd Lieutenant Gerrog - Logbook - Page 10, Quotes Of General Urduuk - Page 9, Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 42, Advanced Carpenter Volume 41, Everliving Tunic, Fanatical Reverence (Master I), Shadowflame (Adept I), Taunting Challenge (Adept I), Swarm Of Rats (Adept I), Advanced Alchemist Volume 31, Advanced Armorer Volume 32, Advanced Woodworker Volume 30, Advanced Alchemist Volume 30, Fog Grimmin Cloth Vest, Breath Of The Unearthed (Adept I), Advanced Jeweler Volume 30, Rip (Adept I), Slip (Adept I), 1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 291 AS - Page 9, Noxious Symphony (Adept I), Redemptive Fate (Adept I), Defensive Circle (Adept I), Advanced Scholar Volume 16, Painful Strike (Adept I), Ebon Relic, Fancy Footwork (Adept I), Advanced Scholar Volume 14, Advanced Scholar Volume 19, Symbol Of Transal (Adept I), Focus Rage (Adept I), Coerce (Adept I), Flame (Adept I), Manacles (Adept I), Vigor (Adept I), Divine Vengeance (Adept I), Power Cleave (Adept I), Tanned Leather Shoulder Pads, Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 32, Advanced Woodworker Volume 31, Storm Of Lightning (Adept I), Maple Fighting Batons, Advanced Tailor Volume 63, Oppress (Adept I), Engraved Leather Tunic, Grim Coil (Master I), Grappling Bear (Adept I), Recklessness (Adept I), Advanced Woodworker Volume 22, Cold Wind (Adept I), Divert (Adept I), Jeer (Adept I), Advanced Carpenter Volume 22, Caltrops (Adept I), 1st Lieutenant Danarg, 315 AS - Page 8, Feyiron Platemail Breastplate, Burning Agony (Adept I), Ensnare (Adept I), Antonican Ficus Green Leaf, Antonican Ficus Purple Leaf, Iron Foil, Roughspun Slippers, Igneous Apprentice (Adept I), Intimidate (Adept I), Flamboyant Swathe (Adept I), Blessed Weapon (Adept I), Grand Master's Robe Of Enlightenment, Buckler Of The Klicnick King, Fiery Fists (Adept I), Martial Order (Adept I), Firemist Amulet, Runic Shield (Adept I), Natural Instinct (Adept I), Beryllium Relic, Emerald Scrying Stone, Faywax Sealed Document, An Accumulation Of Plasma, A Sphinx Eye Amulet, Advanced Armorer Volume 33, Coral Earring, Advanced Tailor Volume 27, Advanced Carpenter Volume 29, Advanced Tailor Volume 26, Iron Javelin, Shell Studded Gloves, Advanced Sage Volume 31, Advanced Alchemist Volume 35, Ego Shock (Master I), Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 31, Flurry Of Arms (Adept I), Sibyllant (Adept I), Droag Egg Fragment, Garb Of Souls, Advanced Carpenter Volume 58, Shadow Lunge (Adept I), Divine Inspiration (Adept I), Blackened Iron Dagger, Hunker Down (Adept I), Cured Leather Sheath, Crow Smasher, Scarecrow Support Stave, Chipped Ivory Mask, Shadow Blade (Adept I), Blackened Iron Bracers, Cured Leather Wraps, Reckless Aide (Adept I), Advanced Sage Volume 32, Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 30, Fearsome Carved Wooden Mask, Shout (Adept I), Seism (Adept I), Redoubt (Adept I), Devigorating Chant (Adept I), Rescue (Adept I), Enrage (Adept I), Rake (Adept I), Curse Of Shielding (Adept I), Blinding Light (Adept I), Havoc (Adept I), Spider Silk Cap, Advanced Sage Volume 20, Undercut (Adept I), 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 279 AS - Page 10, Ebon Vanguard Cuirass, Fanatical Reverence (Adept I), Piercing Shriek (Adept I), Iron Stiletto, Antonican Ficus Dark Brown Leaf, Healing Touch (Adept I), Faithful Zeal (Adept I), Advanced Artisan Volume 9, Elixir (Adept I), Plasma Burst (Adept I), Infernal Blessing (Adept I), Vivid Seal (Adept I), Will Of The Void (Adept I), Decayed Fae Bone, Azure Charm, Miasma (Adept I), Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 35, 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 279 AS - Page 5, Lunging Thrust (Adept I), Snuffing The Fireknight - Page 11, Enigma Of The Alchemist Volume 3, Enigma Of The Jeweler Volume 7, Enigma Of The Armorer Volume 3, Enigma Of The Sage Volume 3, Squishy Blood Sack, Enigma Of The Woodworker Volume 3, Enigma Of The Weaponsmith Volume 3, Enigma Of The Woodworker Volume 4, Enigma Of The Armorer Volume 4, Enigma Of The Armorer Volume 2, Enigma Of The Tailor Volume 4, Charging Tiger (Adept I), Advanced Carpenter Volume 30, D'Vinnian Court Robe, A Treant Root, Cuirass Of The Trueblood, Enigma Of The Carpenter Volume 4, Enigma Of The Jeweler Volume 4, Enigma Of The Alchemist Volume 4, Earthen Roots (Adept I), Crushbone Emissary Garment, Enigma Of Transmuting Advanced Volume 1, Enigma Of Transmuting Advanced Volume 3, Nightstalker's Robe, Incinerate (Adept I), Advanced Craftsman Volume 16, Greater Curse (Adept I), Disorder (Adept I), Bleed (Adept I), Sacrificial Heal (Adept I), Freezing Whorl (Adept I), Greater Healing (Adept I), Intimidating Defense (Adept I), Boon Of The Dark (Adept I), Shadowy Emanations (Adept I), Greater Bloom (Adept I), Cleave Flesh (Adept I), Anger (Adept I), Staring Threat (Adept I), Focused Strike (Adept I), Pierce (Adept I), Sadness (Adept I), Freeze (Adept I), Bleeding Ritual (Adept I), Healing Ritual (Adept I), Evasive Tactics (Adept I), Offering Of Armament (Adept I), Back Shot (Adept I), Dazzling Seal (Adept I), Knockaround (Adept I), Grey Wind (Adept I), Deft Defense (Adept I), White Satin Glove, Hold The Fort (Adept I), Fearful Bind (Adept I), Greater Recovery (Adept I), Wall Of Flesh (Adept I), Shanghai (Adept I), Dark Distortion (Adept I), Dodge And Strike (Adept I), Dark Coil (Adept I), Pounce (Adept I), Advanced Carpenter Volume 24, Worn Acrylia Earring, Mark Of The Dead (Adept I), Vine Hemmed Robe, Shield Rush (Adept I), Wards Of Spirit (Adept I), Speechless (Adept I), Favor Of The Fallen (Adept I), Greater Invocation (Adept I), Knuckle (Adept I), Crescent Star Tunic, Cuirass Of The Metallica Supreme, Moonstrain Tunic, Mark Of Pawns (Adept I), Vicious Cut (Adept I), Flame Chamber (Adept I), Tellurian Follower (Adept I), Midnight Blade (Adept I), Decree (Adept I), Bone Cudgel, Venomous Grasp (Adept I), Combat Healing (Adept I), Conviction (Adept I), Diseased Threat (Adept I), Dissonance (Adept I), Sickening Imprecation (Adept I), Avoid Notice (Adept I), Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 21, Divine Wrath (Adept I), Surround (Adept I), Singing Shot (Adept I), Thundering Hand (Adept I), Wild Strike (Adept I), Grisly Defense (Adept I), Suffocation (Adept I), Sentinel (Adept I), Arch Healing (Adept I), Spellbinding Pact (Adept I), Shattered Ground (Adept I), A Chipped Barracuda Fang, Putrid Cloud (Adept I), Firwood Short Bow, Application For Citizenship, Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 34, Draw Life (Adept I), 1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 290 AS - Page 7, Alliz Evol Ew - Page 11, Alliz Onu - Page 9, Alliz Tae Ew - Page 5, True Strike (Adept I), Transfer Life (Adept I), Raven Embers (Adept I), Advanced Jeweler Volume 35, Ancestral Ward (Adept I), Advanced Tailor Volume 20, Spectral Ward (Adept I), Auspice (Adept I), Granite Morning Star, Devour Vitae (Adept I), Kithicor's Nighthunter Chestguard, 1st Lieutenant Danarg, 313 AS - Page 6, Reckless Stance (Adept I), Implacable Wrath (Adept I), Linen Blouse, Tranquil Blessing (Adept I), Beeswax Sealed Document, Alliz Tae Ew - Page 12, Immobilize (Adept I), Advanced Armorer Volume 26, Hidden Shiv (Adept I), Flight Of Foot (Adept I), Enigma Of The Alchemist Volume 2, Enigma Of The Provisioner Volume 2, Treant Hard Candy, Neutralize (Adept I), Advanced Armorer Volume 30, Skeleton Love Note, Human Love Note, Half Elf Love Note, Crab Meat, A Crab Claw, Emerald Amulet, Moonstone Amulet, A Ghost Vile Plasm, Large Meaty Bone, Xegonite Relic, Flask Of Enchanted Water, Moonstone Scrying Stone, Small Bag Of Compost, Deafening Thrust (Adept I), Fetid Strike (Adept I), Burning Radiance (Adept I), Suffocate (Adept I), Aggression (Adept I), Personae Twin (Adept I), Puncture (Adept I), Consume Ego (Adept I), Phantasmal Jolt (Adept I), A Bugbear Eye, Burn Through (Adept I), Sickness (Adept I), Cerebral Spasm (Adept I), Recovery Of The Untamed (Adept I), Greater Sacrificial Heal (Adept I), Favor Of The Wild (Adept I), Mantis Jabs (Adept I), Complacent (Master I), Locking Light (Adept I), Ego Shock (Adept I), Repair Bones (Adept I), Tongue Twist (Adept I), Sparking Cobra (Adept I), Precision Shortbow, Bash (Adept I), Shield Slam (Adept I), Villainy (Adept I), Silver Band, Inflame (Adept I), Thundering Fists (Adept I), Mind Jolt (Adept I), Phantasmal Spirits (Adept I), Breath Of Spirits (Adept I), Bestowal Of Vitality (Adept I), Rock Blast (Adept I), Scorn (Adept I), Trance (Adept I), Lunge (Adept I), Wild Spirit (Adept I), Martial Focus (Adept I), Shoulder Charge (Adept I), Necromantic Mark (Adept I), Greater Burn (Adept I), Tap Void (Adept I), Fascinate (Adept I), Guilt (Adept I), Fearful Chant (Adept I), Machinist's Vest, Shadow Shot (Adept I), Efflux (Adept I), Prayer Of Mending (Adept I), Splintered Heart (Adept I), Coldshield (Adept I), Dragon Stance (Adept I), Wisp (Adept I), Berserker Barrage (Adept I), Advanced Armorer Volume 35, Surge Of Flames (Adept I), Boot (Adept I), Shocking Strike (Adept I), Vehement (Adept I), Shadow Leap (Adept I), Roughspun Mitts, Sylvan Wind (Adept I), Greater Shroud (Adept I), Greater Regrowth (Adept I), Impale (Adept I), Brambles (Adept I), Sapping Shot (Adept I), Focus Hate (Adept I), Accord (Adept I), Breeze (Adept I), Blade Flurry (Adept I), Greater Elixir (Adept I), Gut Slice (Adept I), Luckblade (Adept I), Shorten Breath (Adept I), Street Smarts (Adept I), Fuliginous Sphere (Adept I), Rushing Bear (Master I), Courageous Wrath (Adept I), Palladium Band, Break Through (Adept I), Boon Of The Void (Adept I), Ignore Hurt (Adept I), Heat Stroke (Adept I), Grisly Brace (Adept I), Compress (Adept I), Evasive Maneuvers (Adept I), Shadowfire (Adept I), Daring (Adept I), Glorious Weapon (Adept I), Pious Redoubt (Adept I), Wisdom Of Zephyl (Adept I), Degeneration (Adept I), Ebon Eye Hide Vest, Icesteel Studded Leather Tunic, Fetid Grasp (Master I), Fury (Adept I), Oppression (Adept I), Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 26, Healing Word (Adept I), Arcane Chorus (Adept I), Shouting Cry (Adept I), Consuming Thoughts (Adept I), Spiritual Seal (Adept I), Mark Of The Miasmic (Adept I), Firwood Kite Shield, Makeshift Weapon (Adept I), Intimidating Orders (Adept I), Call Of Inspiration (Adept I), Impose (Adept I), Corner (Adept I), Oak Handled Parrying Blade, Contamination (Adept I), Unyielding Vigilance (Adept I), Advanced Carpenter Volume 26, Consume Vitae (Adept I), Roundhouse Kick (Adept I), Klakrok Elytra Breastplate, Sparkling Material, Advanced Alchemist Volume 27, Glowing Material, Intercede (Adept I), Ego Strike (Adept I), Petrify (Adept I), Pestilential Blast (Adept I), Boreal (Adept I), Blood Rage (Adept I), Legends Of Norrath Booster Pack, Advanced Armorer Volume 21, Furious Onslaught (Adept I), Crash (Adept I), Psychic Assailant (Adept I), Runed Bramblewood Rod, Luclinite Banded Round Shield, Plodding Tortoise (Adept I), Seething Rot (Adept I), Faithful Strike (Adept I), Sign Of Weakness (Adept I), Ritual (Master I), Disease Cloud (Adept I), Spiked Earth (Adept I), Call Of Command (Adept I), Battle Chant (Adept I), Stare (Adept I), Emperor's Tunic Of The Sun, Elegant Praetor's Robes, Advanced Carpenter Volume 34, Aria Of Excitement (Adept I), Stand Firm (Adept I), Draconic Tunic Of Survival, Impure Chunk Of Arcane Stone, Suffocating Breath (Adept I), Emperor's Breastplate Of The Tempest, Glimmering Stone Fragment, Legends Of Norrath Starter Deck, Sickening Decay (Adept I), Ancient Pledge (Adept I), Benumb (Adept I), Gibe (Adept I), Greater Balm (Adept I), Grasp (Adept I), Edged Swipe (Adept I), Open Shot (Adept I), Blazing Intimidation (Adept I), Essence Fluctuation (Adept I), Stumbling Boar (Adept I), Cut Throat (Adept I), Fleshweave (Adept I), Dark Pact (Adept I), Firemist Sash, Ancient Stone War Axe, Fireshield (Adept I), Cry Of The Ancients (Adept I), Iniquity (Adept I), Ensnaring Roots (Adept I), Grim Harbinger (Adept I), Mend (Adept I), Burning Will (Adept I), Feysteel Platemail Breastplate, Slam (Adept I), Mail Of The Trials, Vile Imprecation (Adept I), Celerity (Adept I), Spring (Adept I), Tackle (Adept I), Blackened Iron Battle Hammer, Ribbon Of Chants, Tangling Strike (Adept I), Flashy Trick (Adept I), Wards Of Shadow (Adept I), Runic Symbol (Adept I), Impede (Master I), Snarl (Adept I), Lightning Strike (Adept I), Amelioration (Adept I), Knee Bash (Adept I), Decree Of Decay (Adept I), Restitution (Adept I), Boon Of The Lifeless (Adept I), Power Of Suggestion (Adept I), Fleeting Thoughts (Adept I)

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