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EverQuest 2 Database News - Same Same

New Quests (5): Collecting Torpid Toxins, Obtaining Awakened Prophecies, Gathering Information of the Ritually Slain, Aquire Evileye Parts, Obtaining Awakened Ceremonial Items
Updated Quests (17): Aviak Reconnaissance, Dragon Scales!, Ravasect Chitin, Exploration for Riches, Document Recovery, Gather Droag Scrolls, Gather Icons of the Awakened, Elemental Stones, Gather Scaleborn Sentinel Parts, Gathering Biological Samples, Play Both Sides, Thin the Population, Militia Recruiting, Ethereal Tabard, Sentinel Reconnaissance, Gather Large Eye Parts, To Speak as a Dragon
New Items (45): Shimmering Judicious Clasp, Sparkling Judicious Clasp, Wristguards of Withered Grasp, Armguards of Ancient Rituals, Wristguards of Withered Grasp, Earring of the Lost Tribe, Ogham Stone, Clay Fired Shield, Nature's Bow of the Stalker, Boots of Echoed Whispers, Gaunlets of Energy, Crude Imbued Xegonite Scourge, Shaped Imbued Xegonite Leafblade, Crude Imbued Xegonite Great Mace, Luminous Gritty Straps, Lambent Gritty Straps, Lambent Honing Easyloader, Lambent Psychic Imprint, Lambent Righteous Easyloader, Lambent Septic Straps, Lambent Sharpening Easyloader, Lambent Silver Lining, Lambent Venom Laced Straps, Lambent Weighted Easyloader, Signal Gong Tuning Discs, Gloves Of Hidden Rituals, Lambent Finesse Of The Pontiff, Lambent Archimage's Ornament, Lambent Glacial Ornament, Lambent Molten Ornament, Clay Fired Bangle, Chaplain's Tonlets Of Piety, Lambent Occult Clasp, Crude Forged Xegonite Melodic Gloves, Imbued Xegonite Dirk, Boots Of Whispered Echoes, Lambent Molten Counterweight, Gloves Of Daring, McCabe's Double-Dealing Pants, Gauntlets Of Energy, Luminous Blessed Strut, Luminous Psychic Imprint, Luminous Septic Straps, Luminous Venom Laced Straps, Wristguards Of The Crushbone Brawler
Updated Items (6): Incandescent Mitts, Waistband Of The Aberrant, Necklace Of The Aberrant, Ring Of The Aberrant, Bracelet Of The Aberrant, Energized Clockwork Gear
New Skills (5): Fetter, Disease Cloud IX, Holy Smite X, Holy Smite IX, Shield of Fired Clay

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