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EverQuest 2 Database News - Some Equipment

New Items (67): Crude Imbued Feysteel Vanguard Greaves, Shaped Imbued Cloth Pantaloons, Shaped Forged Ebon Dagger, Jester's Bracers, Infiltrator Coif, Diabolic Mitts, Shaped Imbued Cobalt Vanguard Greaves, Hunter's Steelweave Leggings, Interlopers Mantle, Illuminating Pantaloons, Cherista's Immortality, Strap of the Lost Chief, Gauntlets of Grim Reproach, Band of Braided Veins, Symbol of the Tactician, Bile Drenched Pantaloons, Bracers of Harmonious Auruas, Fine Mistmoore Silk Pants, D'Morte Ancestral Gloves, Werewolf Hide Cuff, Rutzkil's Body Armor, Cloak of Magical Energy, Blood-Crusted Band, Boots of Divine Courage, Boots of the Ringleader, Void-Dwelling Chestguard, Shaped Imbued Cloth Pantaloons, Jester's Gloves, Greaves of Grim Reproach, Gussets of the Ardent Blessing, Stoic Pride Wristguards, Illuminating Mitts, Bile Drenched Mitts, Gloves of Echoed Whispers, Coif of Harmonious Auras, Cuirass of Grim Reproach, Bile Drenched Blouse, Jester's Mantle, Veil Scarf, Al'Kabor's Spellborn Pants, Boots Of The Raging Storm, Crude Imbued Cobalt Vanguard Greaves, Shaped Imbued Ebon Tower Shield, Darkbriar's Masquerade Robe, Shaped Forged Steel Chainmail Gloves, Shaped Forged Ebon Devout Barbute, Bracelet Of Questions, Vhalen's Thunderous Vest, Kyle Bayle's Dogmatic Breastplate, Vhalen's Thunderous Leggings, Tonlets Of Divination, Bracers Of Harmonious Auras, Wu's Fighting Shirt, Strongbear's Steelskin Chest, Cap Of Silent Incantations, Void-Dweller Chestguard, Luminous Righteous Easyloader, Sumptuous Wolf-Furred Boots, Enchanted Gloves Of The Grove, Sarik's Fang, Block Of Acrylia Ore, Shaped Forged Feysteel Tomahawk, Wulfsteel Shortblade, Crude Imbued Xegonite Bastard Sword, Crude Imbued Xegonite Battle Hammer, Gloves Of Whispered Echoes, Kithicor's Nighthunter Chestguard
Updated Items (3): Incandescent Cuffs, Incandescent Blouse, Incandescent Blouse
New Skills (14): Jester's Retort, Distracting Blow, Focus: Forsake Will, Cherista's Domination, Focus: Undead Tide, Hindering Swipe, Focus: Ice Nova, Absorption Shield, Focus: Abominable Wrath, Calming Ward, Wu's Intercession, Focus: Drain Vitae, Focus: Abate Life, Veiled Subtlety

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