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EverQuest 2 Database News - Vanguard MMODB Launches

We have an important announcement for those who have all-access pass or are planning to move to Vanguard when it launches next month. Vanguard MMODB has opened its doors. This is the Vanguard version of our web site. We hope you find it useful if you decide to play the game.

Updated Quests (3): Prince Agtak's Hit List, "More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy", "Even More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy"
New Items (24): An Oasis In The Desert - Page 16, Lambent Agile Spurs, Belt Of The Wildbeard, Scintillating Arcane Ornament, Scintillating Elemental Ornament, Scintillating Noxious Ornament, Scintillating Runic Ornament, Scintillating Spellbound Ornament, Glimmering Finesse Of The Pontiff, Lambent Brawny Fastening, Lambent Fiery Fastening, Lambent Hygenic Lining, Lambent Metaphysical Lining, Luminous Reinforced Fastening, Luminous Noxious Ornament, Blessed Altar Of Innoruuk, Lambent Reinforced Splint, Lambent Gritty Spurs, Lambent Gritty Brace, Lambent Savvy Splint, Lambent Arctic Spurs, Lambent Brawny Brace, Lambent Venom Laced Brace, Lambent Arctic Splint
Updated Items (22): Blossom Of Mara, Pearl Of Mara, Chirannite Threat Totem, A Gnoll Tail, Paraffin Sealed Document, Flask Of Rancid Water, Coral Amulet, Pouch Of Peat, Tanned Leather Pelt, A Foul Wind, Far Seas Requisition Form, Inventor's Sleeves, Old Silver Coin, An Oasis In The Desert - Page 15, Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0235, Woven Cordovan Shoulder Pads, Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0437, Advanced Scholar Volume 15, Burlap Shawl, Relentless Tune (Adept I), Cloak Of Vigor, Tanara's Dizzying Straps

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