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EverQuest 2 Objects

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'King's Tomb Tavern' PaintingInteractive ObjectMaj'dul, The Tower Of The Moon, The Sinking Sands
12 Man Raid TerraporterSundered Splitpaw: Splitpaw Den, The Drowned Caverns: Outer Grotto
24 Man RaidThe Drowned Caverns: Outer Grotto
The Ruins, the Thieves' Way, South Qeynos
An Abandoned WagonThe Thundering Steppes
Abundant PatchThe Lesser Faydark
Academy Of Arcane Science Library Book On TableNorth Freeport
Acrid RootsJarsath Wastes
An Actual Particle Of Fire In A CampsiteThe Pillars Of Flame, the Commonlands, nektulos Forest, the Bonemire, the Sinking Sands, the Forbidden Sepulcher, antonica, the Hidden Cache: Heroic, The Barren Sky
Aerating Root CordKunzar Jungle
Aged ArborResourceThe Forest Ruins
An Aggravation Of QuickfinSunken City
AlarmglobeFallen Gate
AlarmglobetableFallen Gate
Alchemic AlcovePoint of InterestThe Forsaken City
Alliz Ew BasinPoint of InterestThe Feerrott
Alluvium OreResourceThe Feerrott
AltarTomb Of Celsar Vestagon
An Altered EggThe Barren Sky
Amethyst PondPoint of InterestGreater Faydark
An Anaz'Mal Incense BurnerThe Sinking Sands
Anchorite GeyserPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
Ancient CaryatidThe Sinking Sands
An Ancient ChaliceInteractive ObjectThe Living Tombs
An Ancient Draconic ForgeSanctum Of The Scaleborn
Ancient RingsPoint of InterestGreater Faydark
An Ancient ScrollSouth Qeynos
Ancient TabletThe Sinking Sands
Animal DenRivervale, steamfont Mountains, the Feerrott, zek, The Orcish Wastes, the Enchanted Lands, the Cove Of Decay, Everfrost
Animating PowderPalace Of The Awakened
Antheel Hydeeng HolTenebrous Tangle
Antonican RoadPoint of InterestThe Thundering Steppes
Aoi, Birdman EntranceThe Mystic Lake
An Apparition Chest, PriestSanctum Of The Scaleborn
Aquamarine PondPoint of InterestGreater Faydark
Arbos, the Elddar TreePoint of InterestThe Elddar Grove
Arcanis AthenaeumPoint of InterestThe Forsaken City
An Archaic DoorHalls Of The Seeing
An Arialla SorcererZek, The Orcish Wastes
Arid RootsResourceThe Barren Sky, :3430a34629885931:the Barren Sky
Arid TimberResourceThe Sinking Sands
Arkelek's GashPoint of InterestLoping Plains
Array Of FishResourceThe Forest Ruins
Artifact Adder 1Nektulos Forest, everfrost, zek, The Orcish Wastes, the Feerrott, the Enchanted Lands, antonica, the Thundering Steppes, Rivervale
Artifact Adder 2Nektulos Forest, Everfrost, The Thundering Steppes, The Feerrott, The Enchanted Lands, Rivervale, Antonica
Artifact Adder 3Nektulos Forest, the Thundering Steppes, zek, The Orcish Wastes, everfrost, the Enchanted Lands, antonica, Rivervale
Artifact Adder 4Nektulos Forest, zek, The Orcish Wastes, everfrost, the Thundering Steppes, antonica, rivervale, The Feerrott
An Artifact CrateTenebrous Tangle
Ascent Of The AwakenedThe Barren Sky
An Ashengaze BasiliskThe Bonemire
Assortment Of FishResourceThe Peat Bog
Assortment Of FungiResourceNektulos Forest
Atrium Flame, An'oaThe Halls Of Fate
Atrium Flame, Na'arThe Halls Of Fate
Atrium Flame, OnaThe Halls Of Fate
Atrium Flame, YarnaThe Halls Of Fate
An Aviak StatuePalace Of The Awakened
Badlands DenJarsath Wastes
Band Of FishResourceThe Commonlands
Banner Of Ancient MinesLavastorm
Banner Of FlameLavastorm
Banner Of KrombralLavastorm
Banner Of NagafenLavastorm
Banner Of NajenaLavastorm
A Banner Of The Flock, FivePalace Of The Awakened
A Banner Of The Flock, FourPalace Of The Awakened
A Banner Of The Flock, OnePalace Of The Awakened
A Banner Of The Flock, SixPalace Of The Awakened
A Banner Of The Flock, ThreePalace Of The Awakened
A Banner Of The Flock, TwoPalace Of The Awakened
Banner Of WarLavastorm
Banners Of The PalacePalace Of The Awakened
A Barbed SwordfishThe Sinking Sands
A Barnacled ChestThe Enchanted Lands
A Barrel Of Lendel's Grand LagerThe Enchanted Lands
Barren StoneResourceThe Barren Sky, :3430a34629885931:the Barren Sky
Base Of East Spiroc WingPalace Of The Awakened, The Barren Sky
Base Of West Spiroc WingPalace Of The Awakened, The Barren Sky
Basic Chandelier
Basic Mirror
Basic Table
Bathezid's WatchPoint of InterestFens of Nathsar
A Battered RockA Musty Dungeon
A Bear CorpseObjectThe Mystic Lake
Beast DenResourceThe Sinking Sands, the Thundering Steppes, nektulos Forest, loping Plains, the Eternal Gorge, the Pillars Of Flame, The Firemyst Gully
Bedded OreJarsath Wastes
Bedlam Of FishResourceRivervale
BeehiveThe Baubbleshire
Beehive01Outpost Of The Overlord
Beehive02Tenebrous Tangle
Beehive03Outpost Of The Overlord
Before The FallThe Vaults Of El'Arad
Berdkaij Hydeeng HolTenebrous Tangle
Betrayal AcademyNorth Freeport
Betrayal CelestialNorth Qeynos, Antonica
Betrayal IronforgeNorth Qeynos, Antonica
Betrayal MilitiaSouth Freeport
Betrayal TunarbosThe Elddar Grove