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EverQuest 2 Objects: Givesachievement - 1

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A Strange RockPortalThe Village Of Shin
Alchemic AlcovePoint of InterestThe Forsaken City
Alliz Ew BasinPoint of InterestThe Feerrott
Anchorite GeyserPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
Antonican RoadPoint of InterestThe Thundering Steppes
Arcanis AthenaeumPoint of InterestThe Forsaken City
Arkelek's GashPoint of InterestLoping Plains
Bitterwind TrenchPoint of InterestEverfrost
Blackburrow BreweryPoint of InterestBlackburrow
Blackscale SepulcherPoint of InterestThe Bonemire
Blood Ore ValleyPoint of InterestZek, The Orcish Wastes
Bloodforge GatePoint of InterestButcherblock Mountains
Bramblefoot HillsPoint of InterestThe Enchanted Lands
Brell's BrewPoint of InterestKaladim
Brell's MarchPoint of InterestKaladim
Bridge KeepPoint of InterestThe Thundering Steppes
Brushfoot's General StorePoint of InterestRivervale
Brute HillPoint of InterestThe Lesser Faydark
Butcherblock BayPoint of InterestButcherblock Mountains
Cacotoxic StainPoint of InterestThe Bonemire
Camp CobaltPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
Camp of the Legendary WuPoint of InterestThe Lesser Faydark
Camp RedcapPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
Camp RiridusPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
Camp VinkPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
Camp YarpsnarlPoint of InterestButcherblock Mountains
Carrion BriarPoint of InterestThe Bonemire
Cask's General StorePoint of InterestRivervale
Castle MistmoorePoint of InterestLoping Plains
Cave Of FearPoint of InterestThe Feerrott
Challenge RockPoint of InterestKylong Plains
Chamber of TacticsPoint of InterestThe Forsaken City
Chamber of the Vault KeeperPoint of InterestThe Vaults of El'Arad
Chamber of ValorPoint of InterestThe Forsaken City
Circle WayPoint of InterestRivervale
Citadel of Gul'thexPoint of InterestNektulos Forest
Citadel RoadPoint of InterestZek, The Orcish Wastes
Clerical ConclavePoint of InterestThe Forsaken City
Clockwork Menace FactoryPoint of InterestThe Clockwork Menace Factory
Coldwind PointPoint of InterestAntonica
Corpse of the AhrounPoint of InterestLoping Plains
Crater MinePoint of InterestThe Thundering Steppes
Crater PondPoint of InterestAntonica
Crested LowlandsPoint of InterestThe Thundering Steppes
Crestrider's Trading PostPoint of InterestQueen's Colony
Crown PointPoint of InterestThe Lesser Faydark
Crush's ChamberPoint of InterestCrushbone Keep
Crushbone ArmoryPoint of InterestCrushbone Keep
Crushbone JailPoint of InterestCrushbone Keep
Crushbone KitchenPoint of InterestCrushbone Keep
D'Venhz RectoryPoint of InterestLoping Plains
Dagger Spires PassPoint of InterestLavastorm
Damaged WindmillPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
Dead CanyonPoint of InterestQueen's Colony
Dead River BasinPoint of InterestThe Thundering Steppes
Death's MawPoint of InterestNektulos Forest
Defiled ForestPoint of InterestZek, The Orcish Wastes
Deliberation ChamberPoint of InterestPalace of the Awakened
Den of the Widow MistressPoint of InterestKylong Plains
Direvine WoodPoint of InterestThe Mystic Lake
Doomwing RookeryPoint of InterestThe Laboratory of Lord Vyemm
Dragonscale HillsPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
Dread BasinPoint of InterestThe Feerrott
Drednever Crash SitePoint of InterestThe Bonemire
East RivervalePoint of InterestRivervale
Elite Training PostPoint of InterestCrushbone Keep
Ember HivePoint of InterestKylong Plains
Entrance to the Mistmoore CatacombsPoint of InterestLoping Plains
Esoteric LibraryPoint of InterestThe Forsaken City
Estate Of UnrestPoint of InterestThe Vaults Of El'Arad
Everhot MinePoint of InterestKaladim
Factory FloorPoint of InterestThe Clockwork Menace Factory
Fae Court TunnelPoint of InterestThe Lesser Faydark
Fallow FarmlandsPoint of InterestThe Thundering Steppes
Fear Tainted IslePoint of InterestTenebrous Tangle
Felderham's FollyPoint of InterestButcherblock Mountains
Fennin's PassPoint of InterestLavastorm
Filrek's EyePoint of InterestKylong Plains
Firiona's VistaPoint of InterestKylong Plains
Frugrin ObservatoryPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
Gash of T'ThelinPoint of InterestKylong Plains
Gate to the Village of ShinPortalThe Mystic Lake
Gazer IslePoint of InterestTenebrous Tangle
Giant's ForgePoint of InterestThe Thundering Steppes
Glade of the UnicornsPoint of InterestThe Lesser Faydark
Gnomeland Security HeadquartersPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
Goblet of RoPoint of InterestLavastorm
Goldsteam GeyserPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
GorowynPoint of InterestTimorous Deep
Gorowyn BeachPoint of InterestTimorous Deep
Gra'al Shul TemplePoint of InterestKylong Plains
Greybloom FarmPoint of InterestKaladim
Grikbar CraterPoint of InterestSteamfont Mountains
Ground of the Crypt SleeperPoint of InterestCrypt of Valdoon
Grubbin's Fishing RetreatPoint of InterestRivervale
Guardian's GulchPoint of InterestEverfrost
Gulch of ThulePoint of InterestThe Feerrott
Gunthak Pirate CampPoint of InterestThe Mystic Lake
Hall of DiscoursePoint of InterestThe Forsaken City
Hall of the HammerPoint of InterestKaladim