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EverQuest 2 A Missing Mask

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NameA Missing Mask
Starts in Zone:Nektropos Castle
Recommended Level35
Gives Status Points?Yes
Gives Achievement?Yes
Related mob(s):
Related Quests
  • The Everling Lockets
  • The Boar's Head
  • The Red Marble
Items Rewarded
DescriptionThis is the quest for the Guise of the Deceiver. It requires that you have completed the Everling Lockets quest and have access to the basement.

1) Obtain the quest by clicking a crate in the basement of Nektropos Castle. (-15, -13, -32).

TIP: Try not to kill any of the Dolls if possible. You will need them later in the quest.

2) Go to the basement under Elise Everling's bedroom. Billy will spawn. Kill him.

3) Go to the Gameroom and Billy will spawn again. Kill him.

4) Go to the Chapel, and kill Billy, who will spawn again.

5) Read a book in the secret area behind the bookcase in the library, (-23, +13, +30)

6) Head to the entrance and Billy will spawn, yet again. Speak to him this time by hailing him, and then give him 5 gold pieces.

7) Speak with the Froglok Ghoul Assassin in the jail (turn right from entrance). He has three tasks:

a) Slay 21 Dolls of Nyth
b) Slay Archfiend Ivariai (in the Library)
c) Slay the Swine Lord

8) Return to the Froglok Ghoul Assassin after you have completed these tasks. He will despawn after this, so if you have multiple players doing the quest, try to hail and speak at the same time.

9) Slay Maltus Everling in Nektropos Castle to complete the quest. (+225, -15, +30)


Don't forget <2006-10-26 05:37:19>
Kofia <Guest>Try not to kill ANY of the dolls throughout the castle as you are running around to kill Billy, because you will need almost all of them for the Frog's part

Billy spawning <2006-11-02 03:40:49>
rahtimusIf you are having trouble getting Billy to spawn in the correct location for an update, try zoning out and back in until he does. As long as you don't lock yourself out of the zone, you can keep zoning out and back in until he is in the needed spot.

General Strategy <2006-11-15 03:05:50>
Aris Labrianidis <Guest>Try to assemble a group that has at least one member who has had previous experience with the quest, it'll be MUCH easier to get through the specifics as they can be somewhat baffling. Instructions may seem simple but theory always makes things look easier than they probably are :)

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