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EverQuest 2 A Thorn of Old

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NameA Thorn of Old
Starts at NPC:Fuzzmin the Lost
Starts in Zone:Barren Sky
Recommended Level70
DescriptionThis is the quest for The Wurmslayer and is given by Fuzzmin the Lost in Barren Sky.

I've been given the task of searching for three drake scales for a young halfling squire. It seems his knight is quite the loafer, and can't be bothered to find the drakes and kill them on his own.

1. Squire Fuzzmin would like me to find several trophies so he can get back to drinking jumjum instead of watching after Sir Hobble.
a. Seek out the wyrm Azdalin in the Tenebrous Tangle and take its head as a trophy.
b. Find Gylton deep in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn and take his head as a trophy.
c. Find Lord Xyfl and take a trophy from him.

2. Take the three trophies back to Fuzzmin the Lost in the Barren Sky. (Sol Ro Temple in Lavastorm)
3. Fuzzmin mentioned an old weaponsmith that might help to restore the Wurmslayer to its original glory. (Speak to 'an old man' in Hidden Refuge in Tenebrous Tangle.)

4. The old weaponsmith would like me to find a haft for the Wurmslayer, and attach the new haft to the weapon. If the process is failed a new oak shaft will have to be retrieved from Cyenadros's lair.
aa. Find the shaft that the old weaponsmith mentioned. Perhaps he was right about the location, and it's near Cyenadros. (Harvest 'an ancient chest')
ab. Take the shaft and the rusted Wurslayer to the dragonic forge in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn and combine them.


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