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EverQuest 2 Bugbear Bones

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NameBugbear Bones
Recommended Level35
Gives Achievement?Yes
Related zone(s):
Related mob(s):
Items Required
Items Rewarded
DescriptionThis is a collection quest. It is initiated by examining any of the quest components. These items are ground spawn on Faydwer.

You must collect the following items:

- Ancient Bugbear Bone
- Bloody Bugbear Bone
- Cracked Bugbear Bone
- Decayed Bugbear Bone
- Dirty Bugbear Bone
- Diseased Bugbear Bone
- Fossilized Bugbear Bone
- Pristine Bugbear Bone
- Scratched Bugbear Bone
- Shattered Bugbear Bone

After you have all of the components you can turn them in to any collector. This includes Abnar the Bookbinder in the Tower of the Moon, Renny Parvat in East Freeport, Mervos Stadrin in North Qeynos, Venla Vaara in Kelethin or the collector in Haven.


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