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EverQuest 2 Draco Mortuus Vos Liberatio

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NameDraco Mortuus Vos Liberatio
Starts at NPC:Sinephobis
Starts in Zone:Tenebrous Tangle
Recommended Level70
Gives Status Points?Yes
Gives Achievement?Yes
Related zone(s):
Related mob(s):
Related QuestsFearful Words
Items Rewarded
DescriptionThis quest requires you to speak the Thulian language to obtain it. You can learn this language by doing the Fearful Words quest.

1) Speak to Sinephobis on Fear Tainted Isle in the Tenebrous Tangle (-105, +265, +870).

2) Sinephobis asks you to recover a collection of bones from the Bonemire. These boens spawn in random locations within certain geographic areas. They are:

Large Dragon Skull: Isle of the Ravasect
Large Dragon-Bone Tail: Carcotoxic Stain
Set of Dragon Limbs: Drednever Crash Site
Set of Dragon Ribs: Halls of Fate
Set of Dragon-Bone Wings: Shattered Weir

3) After obtaining the bones return to Sinephobis. He then asks you to collect four rare mined objects from the Kingdom of Sky. These can also be found on brokers commonly:

Blue-Silver Sheet: Mining
Perfectly Cut Purple Geode: Mining
Perfect Osseus Lumber: Lumberjacking
Strip of Supple Leather: Trapping

4) Once you have all of these items you need to head to the forge near the Hall of Rites in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn (-115, +65, -33) and combine them. It is a level 60 combine.

5) Slay Do'Ellin the Young who spawns at the bottom of the waterfall on the Isle of the Ravasect in the Bonemire. He has an AE knockback attack, so be careful. When he gets to 10% he will become subdued. Use the Phylatercy on him at that point.

6) Return to Sinephobis. This will start a timer of 6 minutes. You must place rods on Bixie Isle, Fear Tainte Isle and Gazer Isle within that time limit.

7) Return to Sinephobis and the Spirit of Do'Ellin will spawn. He isn't too happy about you killing him the first time, and he is now level 70 ^^^. Kill him to collect your reward.


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