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EverQuest 2 Ethereal Tabard

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NameEthereal Tabard
Starts in Zone:The Enchanted Lands
Recommended Level30
Related mob(s):
DescriptionThis quest is started by examining 'a faded shirt' that drops off mobs in The Enchanted Lands.

I found an odd object - a faded shirt. I think there is more to this object than meets the eye.

1. I feel the need to kill siren then look at the shirt when I'm done. (25)
2. I should look at the shirt now.
3. I need to now travel to the Fae Isle.
4. I should look at the shirt now.
5. I need to kill Briarclaw, the bear, here in the Enchanted Lands.
6. I should look at the shirt now.


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