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EverQuest 2 Fire and Ice

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NameFire and Ice
Starts at NPC:Lord Nagafen
Starts in Zone:Nagafen's Lair
Gives Access to
Recommended Level50
Related zone(s):
Related mob(s):
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DescriptionThis quest is given by speaking with Lord Nagafen in Nagafen's Lair after completing To Speak as a Dragon.

I spoke with the red dragon, Lord Nagafen within his lair. He denies having sent the Drakota to attack the Sage of Ages and even denied knowing who he was. However, after hearing that I defeated two Drakota to save the sage, Nagafen made me a deal that if I could resurrect Lady Voxfrom death I would recieve a large reward. Also, he would double the reward if I found and returned to him his lost Orb of Omnipotence.

1. I should speak to the Sage of Ages at the Tower of the Coldwind Oracles in Antonica and let him know what Nagafen said.
2. We need to resurrect the Lady Vox by recovering her essence shards from the Drakota assasins that hold them and perform the ritual within her crypt.

Ar'ticae, the Frost Maiden (Miragul's Minagerie instance)
Dythra, the Gloombringer (Trembling Lagoon instance)
Mjolni, the Bringer of Storms (The Cove of Decay instance)


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