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EverQuest 2 In Honor and Service

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NameIn Honor and Service
Starts at NPC:Captain R.K. Irontoe
Starts in Zone:Greater Faydark
Recommended Level10
Gives Status Points?Yes
Gives Achievement?Yes
Items Rewarded
DescriptionThis is the quest for the Dwarven Ringmail Tunic.

1) Speak to Captain R.K. Irontoe in the Greater Faydark. He is at the 2nd platform from the Old Kelethin Acorn Lift in Kelethin.

3) Click on the memorial to the east of the city (southeast of the newbie entrance). (+291, +60, -140)

4) Collect 10 Dwarven Artifacts. These are laying on the ground, scattered around the memorial.

5) Return to Captain R.K. Irontoe.

6) Examine a chest behind Twerg in the Echo Echo Caves in Greater Faydark. These are between the nursery and the main part of Greater Faydark. (+4.81, -43.20, -295.68)

7) Click a box in the left of the two northern tents on Orc Hill in Greater Faydark. (need loc)

8) Kill the spies. There will be a swirling trail to indicate their location. They are:

- Left hand side of road that leads to Butcherblock Mountains
- On a branch extending from teh right hand side of the Acorn Lift platform
- Head south along the path from the nursery. As you approach a large rock look up. He is on top of a branch behind you and to your left.

8) You now need to obtain Shrool Dust to get past the Strongbox Guardian. To do this you complete a quest for the Mushroom King. He asks you to:

- Collect some Brook Patch Toadstools
- Slay Fayflies over in Tunare's Grove

9) You must now collect a number of tuning discs and use them on the Gong to the west of the camp. This will spawn some spies. You must defeat them within 15 minutes.

[need more information]


Quest Info <2007-01-18 03:08:30>
Faren <Guest>Irontoe asks you to honor the fallen by goint to the memorial of one of the battles. The memorial is a stone plaque located east of the city (SE of newbie entrance). When you click on the memorial you them must collect 10 drarven artifacts. These will be laying all about the memorial and should take lesst than 2 mins to collect. 3) Return to Irontoe, he then sends you into the Echo Echo caves. Caves are located on path between Nursery and G Fay. There near the goblins you will find a chest. Chest is behind named orc ( Twergg?) that is talking to the Crushbone Emmissary. The chest has been emptied, so you are asked to find where they moved the contents. 4) Proceed to Orc Hill, where chest is in the far west tent. Click box then need to find notes (?). Note is in the left tent of the two tents to the north. ( still on orc hill ). 5) Kill the spies. Spy locations are marked by a stream of rising lights. 1) Left hand side of road into Butcher Block zone. 2) On branch extending from the right hand side of the Acorn Lift platform. 3) From nursery follow path south. As it approaches a large rock. Look ontop of a branch behind you and to your left. (more as I complete more ... for now couldnt spawn the spies, not sure why)

More quest info <2007-02-09 16:32:10>
Dayo <Guest>You'll then need shrool dust to get past the strongbox guardian -- you get this from the Mushroom King, underneath the river overhang. He wants you to collect some Brook Patch toadstools and kill some Fayflies over in Tunare's Grove. After that it's self-explanatory -- at least so far! I'll post more when I get farther.

stongbox loc <2007-02-14 07:01:21>
Lanei <Guest>loc: 291, 60, -140

Box <2007-02-23 04:37:34>
Gelor <Guest>The location of the box in step 6 is 4.81 -43.20 -295.68

spies? <2007-03-11 03:06:03>
neith <Guest>How do you spawn the spies? I'll probably figure it out before someone answers, but others might be curious.. what are these "tuning disks" i have to find?

spies! <2007-03-11 20:10:50>
Mormacil <Guest>you have to collect these tuning discs, and use them with this gong in west of the camp. When you use the gong, your Spies will spawn... but be carfull.. you have got 15 minutes to find and kill them, so better look if you can find the locations BEFORE you use the gong... WkR

Memorial <2008-10-29 02:50:18>
Bacchuss <Guest>Is actually at: -299, 18, -54

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