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EverQuest 2 Planting and Plundering

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NamePlanting and Plundering
Starts at NPC:Captain T.B. Irontoe
Starts in Zone:Butcherblock Mountains
Recommended Level60
Gives Achievement?Yes
Related zone(s):Kaladim
Related mob(s):
Related ObjectsIrontoe Outpost West
Items Rewarded
Description1) Speak to Captain T.B. Irontoe at Irontoe Outpost West in Butcherblock Mountains.

2) Collect 6 Kobold Traps from the Arms House in Ironhold. This requires 150 gathering skill. (near -272, +215, -153)

3) Return to Captain T.B. Irontoe.

4) You must now complete the following tasks in Kaladim:

- Acquire 2 Whips from Frothbark Whipcrackers
- Obtain 10 Frothbark Fur Patches from Frothbark Gnolls
- Plant the traps in 6 marked locations

5) Return to Captain T.B. Irontoe.


Incomplete write-up <2007-01-07 20:31:35>
<Guest>The current, 3 step, quest write-up is incomplete. After harvesting the 6 kobold traps in one of the nearby buildings, you are tasked with entering Kaladim, and planting the traps in 6 seperate & marked locations, acquiring 10 Frothbark fur patches, and 2 whips from Frothbark whipcrackers.

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