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EverQuest 2 The Screaming Mace

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NameThe Screaming Mace
Starts in Zone:The Feerrott
Recommended Level50
Related zone(s):The Chamber of the Keeper
Related mob(s):
DescriptionI obtained a very old journal from a creature in the Feerrott. t appears to be the journal of an explorer or pilgrim that was seeking a mace within the Temple of Cazic-Thule. The Screaming Mace may very well still be inside the temple. A scrap of old paper tucked into the journal described the steps to enter the chamber where the mace is kept.

1. I need to obtain the blood of the Four. They will be found in the Lost Temple.

Obtain the blood of "the Despoiler". (Hukulan the Despoiler)
Obtain the blood of "the Cenobite". (Kaxon the Cenobite)
Obtain the blood of "the Champion". (Xilarga the Tae Ew Champion)
Obtain the blood of "the Tourturer". (Tzugaax the Torturer)
Obtain the blood of from a number of lizardmen. (40)

2. I need to obtain water from the Fountain of Fear. (6, 27, -230)
3. I need to quickly pour the blood and the water into the Basin of Bara'Kur before the water spoils. (67.56, 0.0, 2.25) (1 hour timer)
4. I need to slay a Thulian terrorfiend and take his key to the mace's chamber.
5. I need to enter the chamber and call the Keeper by touching an idol. The purpose of the Blood Sphere is to show me the correct idol to touch.


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