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EverQuest 2 Quests: Type - City Task

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A Blade Through the Mist6City Task
A Desert's Knowledge for the Alliance6City Task
A Droag's Best Friend6City Task
A Place to Become6City Task
A Small Price to Pay6City Task
A Stunning Discovery6City Task
A Wonderland at Night6City Task
Aggressive Carrion Feeders6City Task
An Equal and Opposite Reaction6City Task
Aquatic Quarantine6City Task
Aquire Evileye Parts0City Task
Armor Improvements6City Task
Attack of the Arachnids6City Task
Attack the Zombies6City Task
Aviak Reconnaissance6City Task
Basilisk Spines6City Task
Bedlam0City Task
Betrayal From Within6City Task
Blood Cleansing6City Task
Build a Better Bug Trap6City Task
Castus Interuptus6City Task
Champion of the Refugees6City Task
Circling Overhead6City Task
Claustrophobia6City Task
Collecting Torpid Toxins0City Task
Columns of Steam6City Task
Curators of Bone6City Task
Dark Feeders0City Task
Dark Feeders0City Task
Dark Feeders0City Task
Dark Rituals6City Task
Darkpaw Defilers0City Task
Darkpaw Encroachment6City Task
Death to the Enemies of Lucan0City Task
Death to the Enemies of Lucan!0City Task
Defending the Cartographers0City Task
Destroying the Taint in the Sands0City Task
Destruction in the Desert6City Task
Didn't See It Coming6City Task
Dismemberment0City Task
Disturbing the Dead6City Task
Document Revoery6City Task
Dragon Scales!6City Task
Dust and Diamonds In Teak Chests6City Task
Echoes of the Tribunal6City Task
Elemental Stones6City Task
Emptiness is Loveliness6City Task
Enfeebler6City Task
Enforcement6City Task
Entanglement6City Task
Eternal Horizon6City Task
Exploration for Riches6City Task
Exterminate the Klakroks6City Task
Extinguisher6City Task
Eye Lash6City Task
Feathers for Faction6City Task
Fight It! Fight It! Fight It!6City Task
Fire and Feathers6City Task
First the Fin, Then the Head6City Task
Flying Artillery6City Task
Followers of the Fang6City Task
Forest Preserver6City Task
Forests of Faith6City Task
Gather Droag Scrolls6City Task
Gather Icons of the Awakened6City Task
Gather Large Eye Parts0City Task
Gather Scaleborn Sentinel Parts6City Task
Gathering Biological Samples6City Task
Gathering Information of the Ritually Slain0City Task
Gathering the Implements of War6City Task
Get the Balance Right6City Task
Gnashers and Gnawers6City Task
Gnawing Their Hearst Away Hungrily6City Task
Goblin Lurkers0City Task
Got the Stones6City Task
Green Greasy Guardians6City Task
Grip of the Siren6City Task
Hallowed Vengeance6City Task
Harvesting Fetidthorn Limbs6City Task
Hazardous Waters6City Task
Help the Helpless6City Task
Her Former Tooth6City Task
Hidden Information Recovery6City Task
Hiding Won't Save You6City Task
Hunting the Predators6City Task
Illuminate the Sootfoot6City Task
In Memorian6City Task
Isolation Through Immoliation6City Task
It Fell With a Crash6City Task
It is the Soldier6City Task
It's Just Your Imagination6City Task
Kill What We Don't Understand6City Task
Knight as a Feather6City Task
Large Eye Parts6City Task
Logjam0City Task
Looking For a Good Meal6City Task
Militia Recruiting6City Task
More of the Same6City Task
Natural Disaster6City Task
Need and Oppression6City Task